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  • Indra Kaw

    EPIC Gamer Movement!

  • ImaMeatPopsicle

    They just can’t get it through their heads. Solzhenitsyn even alluded to it in “The Gulag Archipelago”. Socialism and Marxist-Leninism ALWAYS devolves into single-source authoritarianism based on a cult-of-personality involving one person or their ideological point of view. Whether it’s Stalinism in the form of Stalin, Kim-ism in N. Korea, or socialist machismo in Castro, or worse in the form of ‘Mao Ze Dong Thought’ or Pol Pot’s killing fields ordered from sequestered isolation, it always ends up the same way.

    It’s because the ideas themselves are almost comically simple in their ability to get buy in from people, while completely ignoring the nonsensical impossibility of their execution. Read my lips, socialist ideas in their purest form cannot be executed among homo-sapiens. So what happens? A purity spiral. The economic law of diminishing returns and the natural law of entropy begin to slow and bog-down the implementation of the next phases, all the while everyone (especially the leadership…) keeps looking around asking, ‘why hasn’t paradise happened yet? I KNOW…we weren’t practicing it’s purest form!!!’

    So two camps are created. The first camp is the die-hard socialists that delve ever deeper down the rabbit hole which eventually leads to Mao’s disastrous Cultural Revolution where 20 million people die and Pol Pot’s Killing Fields. The second camp is the anarchists – realizing that further delving deeper down the rabbit hole is useless and the system needs to be destroyed so you can start over – eventually leading ever single time to a strong man, whether that be Napoleon or Franco, and the ultimate antithesis of the very concept of anarchism itself.

    They just can’t get it through their heads. We’ve been here before. Thousands of times before. It. Just. Doesn’t. Work.

    • slither16

      I compare these people to Revolutionary Catalonia the most..

    • Albionic American

      Our fantasy lives tell us what we really want: We really want to live in a traditional, hierarchical society ruled by a monarch: Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dune, etc. We just can’t flourish in our current, dysfunctional state of atomized individuals in an egalitarian society.

      And as I’ve pointed out before, Wonder Woman comes from about the least Woke society in popular culture, apart from its feminist aspect: A traditional, hierarchical society ruled by a queen, where the women emphasize chastity, physical fitness and martial skills. In other words, a society which rejects democracy, equality, sexual freedom, fat acceptance and nonviolence.

    • Alistair Grove

      Why can’t we get beyond Thunderdome?

    • Herman the German

      Well, socialism only works in its national form.
      And it worked pretty great, my grandparents would tell me this all the time when I got older.
      They painted a different picture to the history books and the lying teachers.

  • Fabian gamboa

    Look at this coward. If you’re going to put in the first 3 letters, you may as well put in the hard R and make it full throated. We all know what you’re about Stone. We all know you want to do it. Why not indulge? You’re in your own forum, you have free speech and it would only make your message bolder! Hell your audience would praise it. Do it, you coward, do it.

    • SuperSeal
      • slither16

        “They just want to say the N-word”.

      • Fabian gamboa

        sick comeback dude.

    • slither16

      Because it’s only a background feature and not the core part of the message here.

      • Fabian gamboa

        Nah, it is, if you’re going to use that word as part of the ‘flaws of an anarchic community’, which is what the comic is about, you may as well use the full word. Why would you put it there otherwise?

        Stone is a coward.

    • Maxim Sukharev

      Darn niggles.

    • John Scruggins

      lmao dude you’re insane

      • Fabian gamboa

        Hah, you think sanity is a valid metric, what a loser.

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  • Maxim Sukharev

    Lmao they are out of food and they are now trying to make a “farm” with 1-2 inches of soil garden. And some rapper ape captured their communa. Maximum communism achieved.

    By the way, check this out.
    by “ice”, they mean meth.
    To them, “ice” is an absolute survival necessity.

    • Allison Kaas

      who tf are you talking about

    • Katsu Hiko

      Damn, I had no idea this is about meth, lol
      Thanks for pointing out, bratan

  • Sex haver

    This is very funny Stonetoss. Good job!

  • alexg4711

    stonetoss even knows of 2b2t.
    greatest artist out there

  • Albionic American

    I seriously doubt that most of these “anarchists” have studied the theoretical literature on the philosophy, much less read the 19th Century Russian novels which criticized anarchism.

    Nor have these poseurs read many books in general. By contrast, early communism attracted men who grew up well educated or else read voraciously to compensate for the gaps in their educations.

    • Marco el Campeador

      They don’t know how to read, it’s too hard, these books do not have pictures, sad.

    • Bigfatdane

      They don’t care, all they want is an excuse to act like animals.

  • So when is the official Stonetoss Minecraft server gonna be a thing?

  • d0xter

    Impact Client gonna save us all

  • OffAndSphere

    “the oldest anarchy server in minecraft”

  • OccidentalThoughts

    FitMC crashes through wall


  • Black Spruce
  • lol

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