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  • Blueberry_McPhuckerson

    “Be Yourself” is arguably one of the worst pieces of advice of all time.

    • CMK

      It’s probably based on the assumption that most people are a part of mainstream culture and thus aren’t much different from each other.

    • T4M3R


    • Maxwell Macdonald

      In fairness, would you want to be in a relationship where you’re pretending to be someone you’re not?

      • Archmage Desmond Tutu

        What if “myself” is a pathological people pleaser that seeks to act just like how I think people want me to act? You can’t discount that from “be yourself.” It really is a meaningless phrase.

        • Maxwell Macdonald

          Yes you are correct, I didn’t think of it that way.

        • Jesher

          Yeah, you can’t be anything but yourself. But it’s not TOTALLY meaningless. I could try to be more like you, which is definitively not being myself, because I wouldn’t do that. But since I wouldn’t do that, that’s meaningless in my case. XD

          My more loathed phrase is “live your life.” You literally can’t do anything BUT live your life. Otherwise you don’t exist anymore.

    • TCC

      I think it’s better to say “be your best self”.

      • What if your best self sucks too?

        • Petar Armbruster

          Be better than your best

    • Albionic American

      In a normal world, a healthy, able-bodied and employable man already has 90 percent of what he needs for success in life. I don’t see what “self-improvement” he could need to attract women.

      And as I’ve pointed out before, traditionally racist white American men, and not just white Southerners, usually had no trouble finding white women who wanted to marry them and bear their children. The trend towards white male sexual eviction seems to have started around the same time that our elites imposed on us at gunpoint their arbitrary ideology which demonizes racism. I think they did this on purpose to demoralize the white population, suppress our fertility and make us easier to dispossess with the dumb brown servant class they want to replace us with. White nationalists by default seem to have become the only white men around now who show our traditional zest for living.

    • You are Not a Victim

      Different women don’t really desire different men. Every woman from a fat repulsive feminist to an attractive, successful businesswoman to an introverted shut-in girl likes a dominant, extroverted, attractive man with a lot of resources. It’s simple human nature, and what gives her and her (potential) offspring the best chances of surviving.

      The reason “be yourself” is retarded advice is because of the egalitarian leftist assumption that men and women are the same (minus what’s between their legs), and that women think just like men do- ie: A woman will be attracted to a fat weeb ranting about video games or anime in the same way many guys fantasize about that kind of girl.

      • Jesher

        And yet MANY women prefer gangly sickly androgynous looking twinks.

        • Zon Kuthon

          You mistyped that. You were supposed to say “many women lie about what they want and always cheat on anything that isn’t the most top %1 of Chads.”

    • Jesher

      Failure is the sculpture of great men. Being yourself is correct. Eat your failures and you will overcome them. Otherwise you’re little more than a skinwalker who wears personas instead of flesh .

      • Blueberry_McPhuckerson

        I feel like we essentially agree on the same thing, but you don’t understand what I am saying.

      • Zon Kuthon

        You. Can’t. If you fail once, you fail forever. The more that hit you; the more that will.

    • Fringe Wizard

      Be godly is better advice. Be conformed to perfection. Grow in perfection.

  • And this is the reason why aspies don’t reproduce more.

    • Jakaze

      Is that such a bad thing?

    • damn it, I’m a sperg. I hate my life.

  • NPC the Clown

    Pretty sure he’s been setup for the Chad to swoop in.

  • You are Not a Victim

    Biology is a social construct, women aren’t *all* attracted to masculine, dominant men that provide resources and take care of everything for them!

    What? Even feminists prefer those traditional toxic men to emasculated feminist “men”? I’m sure that’s a coincidence.

    • mynameiscat

      Biology is not a social construct. That is correct. What is false here is that women are better off with traditional, toxic men. That is factually not true, economies have grown as women have been given more rights because they are actually just as competent as men in almost all regards, and even superior in some! No, as a woman, it isn’t attractive to see a man tell me to do housework and take care of children when I could be following my passion and being happy. There is no coincidence. It’s true that there is a biological attraction to men who are strong, because that’s what made sense in cave days. Male superiority however is not at all something that women find biologically attractive.
      But yes, strong men who contribute positively to a woman’s standard of living by helping with work and providing affection and being nice are attractive to most.
      What is however a social construct is tradition. Tradition has no relation to biology, nor is it innately attractive. Try not to falsely portray women so that you can more easily make them look bad. That is toxic, and not innately attractive.

      • Ups1dedomn

        “No, as a woman, it isn’t attractive to see a man tell me to do housework and take care of children when I could be following my passion and being happy.”
        So he won’t get any use out of you that he wouldn’t get from going to the club? Children and keeping a home doesn’t make you happy? Absolutely useless. I’d rather live alone than have a fuckbuddy live-in.

        “But yes, strong men who contribute positively to a woman’s standard of living by helping with work and providing affection and being nice are attractive to most.”
        Ah I see. You prefer taking, not giving. And you are the one talking of toxicity. Hah.

        • mynameiscat

          Housework and childcare should be tackled by both partners. By following a passion, I mean a job of which you are passionate. That’s better than being locked into the housework job by an overbearing partner.
          Helping out your partner and loving them is what I’m advocating, as a balance. Putting all the work on men is just as bad as putting all the work on women. That’s how a relationship works, both partners help each other be happy and successful.
          As I said: Being told to do all the work is not desirable. Being helped with work and mutually loved is, both parties taking and giving equally. I stand by what I said, because not once in it did I imply that women deserve more than men. That would ruin the point of equality and feminism in the first place.

          • Ups1dedomn

            “By following a passion, I mean a job of which you are passionate. That’s better than being locked into the housework job by an overbearing partner.”
            You think men follow their passions? They follow the money. They follow the money because their children is their passion. Why are your children not your passion? If you make more money than your man sure, switch roles. If not, why are you depriving your kids of living standards? If you insist on putting them in daycare 10 hours a day so that you can act single, why did you have them to begin with? They are not toys or accessories.

            You probably don’t have a man and children yet. If you do, I feel sorry for them. If you don’t, your attitudes will change.

            Equality is a false god. Feminism will only make you bitter because it is unnatural. You are already equal in the eyes of the law, if not preferentially treated there. You have a uterus with an expiration date. Men don’t. It defines relationships. Not to mention only slightly more than half of men get children, and our variation in IQ means the men with whom you get children are most often smarter and earn more money than you. Women doesn’t trade down. Life isn’t fair. Get over it.

          • mynameiscat

            Women actually have higher IQ on average, but the evidence is limited and within at most 1 IQ point, so its safer to say that there’s no practical difference instead.
            Daycare is actually beneficial to children if both parents work. It’s perfectly fine for both parents to work, whether they’re following their passions or not. I didn’t say that only women should be allowed to follow their passion. Men can do so just the same. And not all people have incredibly strong passions, which is often a reason to just do a job for money.
            Children are not toys are accessories, obviously. But neither is a wife. You talk about the woman like a good that every man is supposed to acquire. No, what a man should do is work with a woman to build a positive relationship and provide a good environment for raising a family. Whether that good environment means a stay at home mom or dad, both parents working and daycare, part time jobs or whatever kind of system you have, its up to the individuals.
            And by the way, I’m actually a man. I don’t like being locked to a role by gender norms either, which is why I’d rather people like you don’t encourage them.
            Equality only advocates for you to find your ideal situation for both partners. And not everyone will have kids, that’s perfectly okay too. It’s up the the couple to decide, not for someone online to tell them that this is the woman’s job and this is the man’s job.

          • Ups1dedomn

            I didn’t say men in general have higher IQ. Men deviate more from the average than do women. Read the section again. And I highly doubt women have higher average IQ. Men originally tested higher because tests were math- and object manipulation heavy, so they changed the tests.

            Daycare is beneficial? Allow me to laugh. If your kid doesn’t doubt his/her gender as a result, it is being neglected.

            Okay, so you follow your passion. Do. Not. Complain. When. You. Earn. Less. Than. Men.

            Wifes may not be toys, but they are chosen and have a choice. Children don’t get a choice. I will choose a woman who does not think like you do, because your thoughts are flawed and selfish.

            Besides, what is a positive relationship to begin with? How do you build it? You just toss out platitudes, and most probably have entirely flawed logic if you actually explain it. You should read “The Rational Male”.

            “And by the way, I’m actually a man. I don’t like being locked to a role by gender norms either, which is why I’d rather people like you don’t encourage them.”

            Oh WOW! I’m actually surprised. So you are just a white-knight cuck who can’t compete with real men, so you attempt to subvert the norms to benefit you?

            “And not everyone will have kids, that’s perfectly okay too. It’s up the the couple to decide, not for someone online to tell them that this is the woman’s job”

            Dude. Your low testosterone makes you think this. Women will almost always want children. And they will get them, because it’s not hard for them. You’re just a weak beta, trying to cope. Not sure if I’m showing tough love or total disregard to your emotions at this point.

          • mynameiscat

            Sorry, I assumed that your implication was men have higher IQs. That is a genuine mistake on my part, I’ll admit it.

            And yes, I do have lowered testosterone levels. Hasn’t impeded me this far, I prefer the kind of women it attracts. But that’s a personal opinion. And maybe I think not wanting children is relatively common is because I talk to those kinds of women. Either way, as I said, it’s up to the individuals to decide. Not for an outside party to tell them, regardless of if it is on average correct.

            Daycare isn’t the best option, I won’t deny it. Studies show that during early development of the baby, real parenting is better. That’s why maternity and paternity leave exist, because that’s a formative time.

            Also nice is that jobs are limited in hours, so only very specific circumstances can completely stop parents from spending time with their children. But if both parents work moderate hours, then they still have more than enough time to spend with their kids than parents without jobs usually do. That’s because not every waking hour at home counts towards parenting, only time somewhat-actively engaged with your children. Bad parenting happens everywhere, unfortunately.

            I completely agree that you shouldn’t complain about earnings if you’ve chosen your passion. That is completely valid.

            A positive relationship is one where both parties help out the other. This could be materially, emotionally, or ideally both. Respect and communication certainly help build positive relationships. A good environment for raising a family includes stability, love, and tolerance. Tolerance of people who don’t think the same, because children aren’t always the same as their parents.

            I’m not going to counter your personal attacks on me, because 1. it doesn’t bother me and 2. they aren’t based in fact so I can’t

            Either way, this discussion has actually yielded some interesting ideas, it’s been legitimately enjoyable to discuss this with you!

          • Jesher

            This desu. All I wanted was a family. At least my ex hit the wall fast after leaving me. Kek!

        • Jesher

          Yeah a live-in fuck-buddy sounds like exponentially more trouble than they’re worth. The novelty of getting laid after a long time wears off quick.

  • Simon Rose

    Can you go back to bitching about jews and gays instead of this weebshit

    • Quixotes

      I think he feels obligated to keep it low for awhile after some of the stuff he’s been making these last 2 months.

      Thing is, most of the people in his cabal know what he’s doing, what’s the point?

  • jtoe

    People still go to clubs?

  • Quixotes
  • Crafting Junk

    bruh, who is that? steven steel?
    anyone know how to change my pfp so i dont look like i have high functioning autism?

  • Cosby Bebop
    • QuickshooterMk2

      hol up… she was 13?

      • CMK

        No, she wasn’t.

      • Stormwatch

        By the customs of that time, it’s plausible.

      • Cosby Bebop

        While we don’t have a precise age, there are apocryphal writings that place her between 12 and 14. Considering that it was commonplace for a girl to be married at around 12 back then, chances are very good that she was in fact a loli.

        • Jesher

          Eh I’d say the loli cut-off is ~10-11. By 14 a girl is effectively a woman, perhaps at their peak even. God what I would do to relive my highschool relationship… DIAMONDS.

          • Jack Thompson

            Please stay far FAR away from children.

    • Jack Thompson

      This is months old, so I gotta reply to someone if I want any discussion. HOLY SHIT, is the anti-Japan slant in the comic disgustingly dishonest. “Outside of specific province specific local laws, Japan’s AoC starts at 13”. This is like saying that outside of the state specific US laws, America has no age of consent and would allow you to fuck toddlers. Every prefecture in Japan sets the age of consent from 16-18 just like the rest first world.

    • Zon Kuthon

      I support this banning of both loli and christcuckery!

  • Albionic American

    The traditional practice of marrying a girl in your community, sometimes literally the girl next door, has much to commend it. When you grow up with the girl, you can get a good read on her personality and character, and you can tell from the way your elders speak of her family if she comes from respectable people or not. The girl comes to you effectively curated, in other words.

    Contrast this with our atomized, deracinated, alienated world. When a young man meets a young woman now, he has no way of knowing any of this context about her. Have you just met a slut? a spendthrift? a woman with a childish or weak mind and poor emotional control? a woman on her way to becoming an alcoholic? a woman with a personality disorder, like Dominique Francon in The Fountainhead? You run the risk of getting involved with damaged goods, and not knowing that until you have wasted considerable time and money on her.

    • Jesher

      This. MGTOW shit is tasteless to me, but this is just trufax.

    • Taha Ghassemi

      Haven’t read The Fountainhead, what’s her disorder?

    • Tytti Lehtomäki

      Oddly enough I could relate to this very well as a woman. How many times I’ve seen such fragile men among my time of getting to know them?
      First one was fine, but platonic, since we were just teens.
      second one who was two-timing with my best friend, who was also a perv.
      third who was in drugs, didn’t last a week until I dropped the whole idea.
      fourth blackmailed private information about my life to others.
      fifth took 3 years from me, wasting my money, time, and also, my virginity, almost my life.
      I wish to say I am WGTOW, but contributing children for my nation is more important than my selfless solo life, though it would be ideal if you wanted to focus in studies.

      • Ursa

        “I wish to say I am WGTOW, but contributing children for my nation is more important than my selfless solo life, though it would be ideal if you wanted to focus in studies.”

        Male, but I kinda feel the same way. I don’t think the issue is even with women as such, more family law and society’s treatment of marriage.

      • Zon Kuthon

        It’s almost like you were a slut and should have been killed for your poor mate choice.

    • Zon Kuthon

      You. Can’t. If you attempt to try this, ZOG will gun you down.

      Good Things Don’t Happen. Ever.

  • Albionic American

    The Japanese have a funny way of living “20 minutes into the future,” in that trends in developed countries often start there before showing up in other places. For example, the number of adult male virgins in Japan has gotten ridiculous, and this happened before the trend towards increasing male sexual eviction in the United States became noticeable to give us incels, “forever alones” (FA’s) and MGTOW’s. .

  • LOL! Epic neon genesis evangelion discussion

  • CMK

    It looks like that girl is thirteen herself.

  • Mister Twister

    People who want to lower the consent age should go back in time and start fucking earlier. You know, practice what you preach.

  • I’ve been myself for over 30 years and I have no girlfriend or boyfriend to show for it, sometimes I lie on discord about being sexually active when I was a teenager

    • Lesbian

      youll die a virgin no one wants to fuck trannies

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    There is nothing wrong with lynching criminals.

  • Jacob Graw

    Misato is hot and people shouldn’t act like they wouldn’t have fucked her when they were 14.

    • Clawfoot King

      I didn’t really understand who MISATO was when this comic referenced it. Anyone have any insights? Is it related to NGE in any way? When I searched Misato+14 year old, Google gave me these quotes:

      Misato Katsuragi:
      But he’s only 14 years old. Making him bear the burden of the future of mankind seems so cruel.

      Ritsuko Akagi:
      But we have to use 14 year old children to pilot the Eva’s.

      Is THIS was StoneToss is referencing, or some OTHER person named Misato who is not a Katsuragi?

      • Jacob Graw

        Yes he is referencing Misato from NGE, mainly the part where Misato subtly offers him sexual intercourse after a traumatic event. What he’s saying is that people arguing that its wrong for age reasons are WRONG, which they are.

        • Zon Kuthon

          Die Pedo Die.

        • That’s a really shitty non-argument.
          The age reasons are wrong because…? Ok, but Misato is still wrong for another reason, which is…?

    • Zon Kuthon


  • Spooky boi

    Gasp it’s the Chad hair

  • Jonathan McClain

    Evangelion fan I see

  • Maxim Sukharev

    Picture illustrates exactly why anime is a degeneracy, and promote pedophile.

  • Zon Kuthon

    Or you can just understand that All Women Are Like That.


  • I don’t get it. Why would fans of Misato ignore Japan’s age of consent laws? Wouldn’t they use them as an argument?

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