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  • Antisemitism Isavirtue

    Well, it’s more like a 6 than an L , but, good effort.

    In fact, I would love to see more L’s in media again. Too many 6es these days. Not even 30 to 20 years ago, the 6es that WERE used in hollywood, at least for the males, looked a bit less 6. (That’s why we get people who are surprised that Harrison Ford is a jew)
    But now? The nose tips go down, down, down, downnnn.

    An L would be great, a nosetip that goes up, even greater.
    No pig noses, though.

  • eat the rich etc etc
    you nazis have even infiltrated the dating pool
    I went on a date and politics came up and now she blocked me
    people like you are why I can’t connect with normal people

    • Lesbian

      “when i tell people i’m a bad person and they ditch me its your fault bc you make fun of me” – smart person 2019

    • Antisemitism Isavirtue

      Loathsome parasite. Draining comment sections with your unceasing retardation. Scum like you is not happy otherwise.
      What a wretched existence. To be a drain on what is good and virtuous, ever working toward debasing language, culture and tradition, to portrai right as wrong and wrong as right.

      The subhuman/underman paper truly nailed filth like you a 100%, complete with 100% accuracy about being an eternal foe.
      If it weren’t you, then it would be entropy in some other form, but, you will still be overcome. In the end, evil will never triumph over good.
      Humanity is ancient, your kind is young and new, and our immunity is growing steadily.

      Still, that does not make you any less repulsive, you utter filth beneath our collective nails.

      • Antisemitism Isavirtue

        >the subhuman paper

        Let me copypaste a translation.

        “As long as there are humans living on earth, will the battle between the subhuman and the human be a historical recurrance.
        No matter how far we can see back in the past, this battle against the nations, led by the jew, is a natural part of living on this planet.
        One can be reassured to come to the conclusion that this battle of life and death is a law of nature, just as the battle of the plague bacterium against a healthy body is one.”
        -Reichsf├╝hrer SS, Heinrich Himmler 1935

        Just like the night that rises against the day, how light and shadow are eternal foes, the worst enemy of man, ruler of earth, is man, himself.

        The subhuman, this apparently biologically similar creation of nature, with hands and feet, a kind of brain, with eyes and mouth, is something fundamentally different.
        A brood with humanoid facial features, but mentally and spiritually lower than any animal.

        Inside this creature there is a gruesome chaos of wild, unbridled passions: nameless desire of destruction, primitive covetousness, the most unveiled form of baseness.

        Subhuman — nothing more!

        “Because not everything that bears the countenance of a human is the same.”
        Woe be him who forgets about this!

        All that this earth possesses, great works, thoughts and arts – the human has thought it up, created it, and completed it.
        He devised and invented, for him, there was only one goal: Work his way up to a higher state of being, to redesign the inadequate, to replace the unsatisfactory with something better.

        From this, culture grew.
        From this sprang forth the plow, the tool, the house.
        From this, man became social, came family, came folk, came the state.
        From this, man became virtuous and great.
        From this, he rose above far above all other creatures.
        From this, he became next to god!

        But the subhuman also lived.
        He hated the works of others. He raged against it, secretly as the thief, openly as the detractor – the murderer.
        He consorted with his own kind.

        The beast summoned the beast.
        Never did the subhuman keep the peace, never was he placid.
        This is because he needs the twilight, the chaos.
        He dreaded the light of cultural progress.

        To preserve himself, he required the swamp, the pits of hell, but never the sun.
        And this underworld of the subhuman found its leader: – The enternal jew!

        He understood them, he knew what they wanted. He nurtured their most vulgar desires and passions, he let loose a horror upon mankind.

        It started in historical times,with the extermination of the Persians, the celebration of Purim, the first glorification of organized mass murder.
        75 000 aryan persians fell victim to jewish hatred. Even today, the jewry celebrates this deed of horror as their greatest “religious feast”.

        Eternal is the hatred of the subhuman toward the radiant figures, the bearers of light.
        Eternally the demise of the western world is looming from the deserts.

        Eternally, in distant steppes, the powers of desctruction congregate.
        Eternally Attila and Genghis Kahn collect their hordes of huns, to race through Europa, a living apocalypse, leaving fire and death, rape, murder and consternation in their wake.
        So that the world of light, and knowledge of thousandfolds, the powers of progress and human excellence shall sink back into the abyss of the primal state.

        Eternally is this the will of the subhuman:
        That, when there shall be desert again, where, just now, the radiance of sublime enlightenment inventively illuminated the darkness, then his final goal would be achieved.

        Thus, there has been the struggle between those opposing poles that raged for millennia, under terrible, unpredictable laws.
        Forever will be there a Genghis Kahn, a new Attila who tears open the gates of Europa, who only knows one thing: The complete annihilation of everything beautiful!

        Today, the embodiment of this will of destruction is known as Bolshevism!
        But this Bolshevism is not a modern phenomenon! It is neither a product of our current day, nor is it an innovation in the context of human history.
        It is as old as the existence of the jew himself.

        Its forerunners are named Lenin – Stalin.

        “There will be the bloody decapitations of the leaders of a people, who then are cast into the statist, into the economic, the cultural, the mental, the spiritual and the corporeal slavery.
        The rest of the people, through countless acts of miscegenation robbed of their values, degenerated – and in the historically short passing of centuries one will only merely remember if these people once existed.”
        -Reichsf├╝hrer SS, Heinrich Himmler 1935

        A splendid, and absolutely accurate assessment of our enemy.

      • Cody Jones

        Hey friendo Pride month is coming to a close so I thought I’d recommend one last song to you to celebrate our time together

        • Antisemitism Isavirtue

          >you need to calm down
          Let me translate:
          “Go easier on me so I can spread my degeneracy, be an agent of decay. Make it less stressful for me to debase language and culture. Relieve pressure from me so I can continue to pervert truth into untruth and untruth into truth. Self censor yourself so I don’t have to chant shut up shut up shut up anymore”
          Et cetera.

          You have to be higher than a kite to even begin to believe that I will ever let you scumbags just roam around and spread your filth.

          • Cody Jones

            Fuck yes. Nothing gets me harder than spreading my degeneracy. Get ready to drown in my gay-ness straightey. Nothing can stop the power of RAINBOWS.

            Speaking of which, did you check out Grant Mcdonald like I requested?

          • Cody Jones

            I ain’t gonna stop until the entire world’s gay my dude. You gotta deal with it.

          • Cody Jones

            oh hey i think you meant to say something but Disqus blocked it because they don’t want to deal with your homophobic assfuckery. Try again friendo I think you just need to reword it a bit better

          • Cody Jones

            oof marked as spam again lel

          • Antisemitism Isavirtue

            >Fuck yes. Nothing gets me harder than spreading my degeneracy.

            Otherwise you would not write what you write, act how you act, conduct yourself as you conduct yourself.
            You truly are degenerate, utterly and completely.

            It is what you are and you are unwilling to change.
            That is also the reason for the post you did I am replying to, it is the reason why you chose those words, and what you expressed with them.

            You have the mental faculties to not say something like this, but, ultimately, what you, in the end, wrote, is what you wrote.
            You could theoretically have conducted yourself better, but you did not.

            Why? Because you truly are degenerated, a mere caricature of a human.
            Where sensibility should be, abberant behavior is found.

            You revel in it. It is you. It defines you.
            You are the embodiment of filth, and your post contents are self evidence for it.
            After all, why else would ultimately your post have contained the things it did?

            Exactly. It did contain the things you expressed, because they. ultimately, were the things you wanted to say the most, otherwise you would have expressed something else.

            Once again, calling you a wretched, debased degenerate is a fully accurate assessment, and no pain inflicted to you is in any way, shape or form harmful or detrimental to anyone else.

            It literally is okay to do pretty much anything to you.

            What kind of person would we lose, after all? Nobody who matters.
            Nobody good.

          • Cody Jones

            Goddamn right. Fucking being a homo is amazing. I won’t stop until the entire world is filled with gays.

          • I hope you kill yourself like all your other pedophile sodomite pals

          • Cody Jones

            And uh, fyi, my queerness doesn’t define me my dude. Never has. It’s simply part of my identity. Your ridiculous level of hatred and butthurt over where other men put their dicks does define you however. I think you need to relax and take some time off your 9 to five job and contemplate life. Get a nice herbal bath, some scented candles, smoke some weed idk.

          • Zon Kuthon

            Die faggot die. You should be thrown into a bog from a rooftop. Allah demands it.

          • Cody Jones

            And you know what dude? I think you’re a homophobic assfuck of a human, but I still respect you as a person. No matter what beliefs you hold you have the right to be free from harm, harassment, or a threat on your life. Because that’s what humans, all of us, deserve. I’m sorry that you’re too filled with hate to see that.

            Or to detect irony you fucking retard.

          • Cody Jones

            Also my dude have you heard of the show Steven Universe? I think it’d be right up your ally. Just sayin’

        • co

          | 6 replies from Cody Jones
          grug moment

    • Bernard cornwell
      • QuickshooterMk2

        what is that vile (((abomination)))?

    • Dr.Weird

      Why would someone want to date you if they find out that you hate them for their race, are gay as fuck, and have no morals? Fuck, you’re lucky you weren’t chucked out of a helicopter you fucking degenerate.

    • ssgtnelson

      No, its because you’re a loser that women can’t stand.

  • Renata Huezande


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