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Wisdom from our ancestors:
The nigger is at your feet or at your throat.
The queer is in the closet or in your face.

There is no way to deny it anymore. The problem with the generations that came after the silent one is that we thought things would be different now that we had science at our side. The problem is that science today has been hijacked to be used against those who gave more credibility than it should have.

Modified for use in hostile territory (For posting without getting banned on borderline sites like Youtube’s comment section)

Wisdom from the past:
The queer is in the closet or in your face (obvious meaning)
The machine is at your service or at your throat (A warning about the dangers of AI)

It was precisely that phrase that they used to get out of their bedrooms and into everyone else’s, and libraries, and congress, and universities, and everywhere.

Apparently sucking each other’s non-dicks in private just wasn’t doing it for them.

One more thing that is important to keep in mind. The “privacy of their own bedrooms” prevents their ideology from getting out and into the minds of the young, which – except in rare cases – is the only way they can reproduce. Otherwise their kinkster lifestyle dies with them. Keeping it private means their artificially boosted lifestyle goes back the way it’s been for thousands of years. Small. Silent. And fringe.

These people reproduce by spreading this to children. If that weren’t the case, why the need for ‘Drag-queen story hour’ at libraries.

They are absolutely after them. They’re attracted to low self-esteem like flies-on-shit because that’s how someone once got them. Pure vampirism.

These people reproduce by spreading this to children. If that weren’t the case, why the need for ‘Drag-queen story hour’ at libraries.

They know, deep down, that their lifestyles are unnatural. If they didn’t, they would be satisfied with going the way of the dodo. Instead, they insist on emulating every aspect of straight people’s lives: Monogamy and having children.

Their desire to emulate these things, demand adoption, or try to infect children with the gay shows that the biological drive to reproduce is still there, but since that’s not possible, they have to do so via indoctrination. If homosexuality was truly “just as natural”, then they’d not exhibit these behaviors.

This is why I argue that bisexuals don’t actually exist. Every bisexual man or woman I knew wound up in a heterosexual relationship in the end, when they realized that whatever meaning they squeezed out of their gay relationships couldn’t hold a candle to monogamy and procreation. But, because they’re “bisexual” they still get to keep their gay Costco card even though they’ve actually checked out of the game.

“Desire to emulate things…”

I like to joke and call legbutt people ‘sexual vegans’ because just like vegans they want to avoid eating animals and animal products while turning everything they eat into a poor copy of the very thing they just gave up.

It’s not a beef burger…it’s a top and bottom burger
It’s not cheese…it’s trans-cheese

These people hate the binary so much they work obsessively to copy it in every aspect of their public and private life. The tranny isn’t a tranny if they don’t have breasts and can ‘pass’. The ftm doesn’t feel masculine without a beard. Etc. Etc. Etc. They can’t be binary, so they just copy it.

Legbutts are so fucked in the head they can’t even see how their sexual liberation strategy fails before it even begins. Like drag queens everything they do is an over-the-top copy of something that already exists.

So are you saying they’re willfully making children gay out of vengeance to something that was once done to them?
I’m not implying this is implausible but it seems a bit to simple. But who knows, maybe the simplicity is really the reasoning, instead of coping with what had been done to them, they’ll just continue the cycle.

That’s sort of what I was getting at. Not necessarily vengeance but more a recognition of weakness on the both the part of the child and the parents. They use this ‘weakness’ to reproduce and convince that child that they might be gay or a different sex, but it is definitely predatory.

Some parents – like that mother in Texas – even try to exploit the weaknesses in their own children.

But what’s the point of this “reproduction”, do you really think the gays think they’re something other than human and have self-preservation for themselves? I really think it’s more of an attention thing, or an arrogance thing, ie “I am right, my ideas are correct and I shall teach them to those around me by force”. But maybe I’m wrong, I can only really conjecture.

Never underestimate the motivating power of spite. Self-hating people who want to die project that death-urge onto the society in which they were born. They hate, Hate, HATE the “normies” who pay taxes so that they can get a million dollars a year worth of free AIDS drugs to postpone their deaths another year or two, so that they can recruit and groom more kids into their sick death-cult.

Let’s suppose what you’re saying is true. What’s the solution? Do we kill or concentrate all the gays? Do we reduce the amount of rights they have? I can’t really think of a solution from where I stand so I’d like to hear what you think might be.

People eventually come to conclusions just by rambling you know. I’m not trying to be derogatory, but there is no truth to be found outside of the censored spaces. Right here, this is where truth happens and it is all organic, just people talking to other people and this is why they don’t want to leave us alone.

I used to be tolerant, borderline left.
Now I not only say “islam is right about women” but also “islam is right about faggets”

Faggots, yes. But not gays.

Faggots being the ones that are overly open about their sexuality and acting in an, for a lack of a better term, infectious way.
And gays being the ones that just happen to be gay and never talk about it unless they have a real reason too.
Is this about right?

Yes. It’s the forcing it down everyones throat that’s the problem.

That being said, I do promote “phallocentrism”, for want of a better word, as a cure for society. This doesn’t necessarily mean homosexuality though. Just bringing back the “Bros before Hoes” mentality should be enough. Which luckily is on the rise among the Zoomers.

Why was this censored?

Read the new Twitter’s ToS, you dip.

you didnt answer the question.

It’s strange being the gay outsider looking in, both strange and enraging really. The LGBT agenda is horrific and beyond the pale, those of us who live relatively normal, independent lives and keep to ourselves, look in disgust at this utter filth and garbage with utter disdain and even hatred. It’s bad enough to share the same sexuality as some of these people, but they shove their utter degenerate behavior in everyone’s faces. It’s vile.

Ah yes, I remember when The Gays™ would read stories about gay sex to me and wag around with a dildo. A totally real thing that happened.

Oh and I know that people with your ideology would still gas gays if they totally assimilated to straight culture outside of their bedroom. Don’t claim they’ve gone “too far” if even their existence is too far for you.

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