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  • Boaty


  • Seth Apex

    even taking the numbers Yang gives on his website, he would still be short at least 800 billion dollars a year. even cutting our entire military and foreign aid budget would not cover that.

    • katakanBR

      i am fine with cutting military budget… but not for gibs

      • Seth Apex

        I agree that we should cut it somewhat, even in half. But we do need to maintain something to keep China and Russia in check.

    • White Makes Right

      You don’t get it at all. Here’s the #YangGang mentality: the country is fucked, the rules don’t matter (they never seem to have before – we’ve been printing money and running huge deficits for years, and none of the economists’ predictions have come true), and every other group is already getting gibs (Social Security is literally UBI for seniors), so why don’t White men get some gibs too?

      Every other candidate = the country goes to shit

      Yang = the country goes to shit and we each get $1000/month

      By opposing Yang, you’re basically choosing to get kicked in the balls for free, when you could be getting paid $1000/month.

  • 12judges

    The Yang Gang constantly Banging Yang across the net were recently revealed as massive-closet shills. It’s so mistake it went into high-gear right after Schultz announced he might enter the race as an independent. UBI is hipster-welfare, not real, and a failure everywhere it’s been tried.

  • quickshooter

    Yangfags already disavowed “white supremacy” and “anti-semtism”
    it’s another Jew psyop

    • Stiffy Weiner


  • obju

    As if you actually used ‘society’ in your comic, that’s some creativity right there

  • Stiffy Weiner

    So the mermaid was a trap?
    Worth it, yar matey, go ahead and plunder that sissy laddie-lass bootyhole fer any treasure ye might shoot into his poopdeck!

  • Albionic American

    $1,000 a month would give white nationalists some financial protection from doxxing and job loss. Just live frugally, use the money to pay off debts and then start to save up an F-U Fund, say, enough cash for a year’s living expenses.

    Of course this scheme would draw attention to the different time preferences between the races. White men would more likely save and invest this money, or else buy tangible goods which keep their value, like real estate, firearms and gold coins. Whereas blacks and Hispanics would more likely buy useless flashy crap which becomes immediately worthless.

    • Seth Apex

      it’ll also cause hyperinflation that will collapse society.

      • Albionic American

        The U.S. Government can regulate inflation through taxation and through fixing the prices for the things it buys from the market.

        The propaganda about hyperinflation basically serves the same purpose as the propaganda about the climate change apocalypse. Fear impairs good judgement, and both scenarios act as hubris myths to try to frighten the population into going along with radical political and social agendas that people would reject if they thought about them less emotionally.

        • Seth Apex

          you’ve never taken an econ course have you?
          price ceilings cause shortages.

          • Albionic American

            The businesses which sell to the U.S. Government need dollars to pay their taxes, so they will adjust their prices accordingly, and not accelerate inflation.

      • White Makes Right

        Just like Quantitative Easing did, right? Oh, wait, no it didn’t. Does it bother you that collapsitarian economic predictions never come true?


    I would let you toss my stones any day baby

  • KrugalSvylse

    UBI works –> everyone gets $1000 –> /pol/ wins.

    UBI causes hyperinflation –> society collapses –> /pol/ wins.

  • Richard Brofirst

    Amazing how many NEETs jumped on the “yang-gang” trashfire, as soon as they heard the sound of coins.

  • the us needs to cut its defense budget completely to pay for reparations and hormone therapy

  • Julian Schultz

    our next comic just because it’s a bit edgy.

  • Chaos Prodigy

    Can’t believe some people are falling for this obvious Chinese government interference. The one president who exposed the communist Chinese ripping off the world and military threat. All of a sudden this Yang guy comes out of nowhere, enticing the Trump base and people are falling for it. Other candidates support UBI. So why this guy? This is such a psyOp.

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