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  • Fantaman

    Yeah, how homophobic of you not to want my feces stuffed blood

  • John Doe

    >not homogoblin
    Missed opportunity tbh.

  • Sage Sazuri

    Took a few minutes to get this one. Nice.

    • Zero

      You’re not redpilled enough yet

      • Stargazer Sazuri

        I’m too arrogant to play gender wars.

        • Zero

          gender wars sounds like a porn game tbh

  • Nicholas Blackman

    I mean all he has to do is prove that he’s that 4/5 who haven’t “received or given the gift”

  • xn0

    AIDS-Ridden degenerates.

  • gay people still can’t donate blood because society is fucked. a good cartoon

    • Russ Lindquist

      “gay” means “happy,” and some of the most miserable people you will ever meet are those who choose to mimic procreation with other sexual degenerates.

      • so your plan is to make people more miserable by being horrible to them? really?

        • Russ Lindquist

          so your derp is to make derp more derp by being derp? derp?

          • it must really suck to be so utterly poisoned by cryptofascism. my condolences to you, friend.

          • Russ Lindquist

            At times, the women I have sex with are so overwhelmed by my sexual prowess that they tearfully thank me for giving them such an amazing sexual experience.

          • again, my deepest condolences. i’m really sorry you have to live like this.

          • Russ Lindquist

            Again, the women I have sex with are, at times, so overwhelmed by my manly sexual prowess that they tearfully thank me for giving them such an amazing sexual experience.

          • if blatant lies help you feel better about your garbage life decisions then go off i guess

          • Russ Lindquist

            Many beautiful women feeling reborn on my dick: the kind of memories I have tucked up my sleeve if ever the words of some sassy online nothing pierce even to a tiny percentage of what is imagined by the scowling, moping nothing, about whom I subtly smirk to myself–confident in the knowledge that, if I gave a shit, I could easily cure her bitchiness…with my dick.

  • Berri

    wait what’s the punchline????? i’m????

    • Raidho Coaxil

      The fact that gays have disproportionately high HIV infection rates, to the point that it’s not an acceptable risk to transfuse blood from them. By which I mean, I wouldn’t accept this risk, but young doctors these days just might give you AIDS so they can brag on twitter how progressive they are.

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