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AIDS-Ridden degenerates.

gay people still can’t donate blood because society is fucked. a good cartoon

“gay” means “happy,” and some of the most miserable people you will ever meet are those who choose to mimic procreation with other sexual degenerates.

so your plan is to make people more miserable by being horrible to them? really?

so your derp is to make derp more derp by being derp? derp?

Many beautiful women feeling reborn on my dick: the kind of memories I have tucked up my sleeve if ever the words of some sassy online nothing pierce even to a tiny percentage of what is imagined by the scowling, moping nothing, about whom I subtly smirk to myself–confident in the knowledge that, if I gave a shit, I could easily cure her bitchiness…with my dick.

It’s medical.

it isn’t. that’s the excuse society gives, but there’s no legitimate medical reason gay people aren’t allowed to donate blood.

Who want to get donation from poisoned (or any unhealthy) donators?

This isn’t only applied to gay people, but drug addicts too. The point is clarification.

Your argument is really idiotic. First, the facts:

Can straight people have AIDS? YES.
Can gay people be AIDS-free? YES.

Now let’s break it down, cause and effect:

Straight person with healthy blood: GOOD
Straight person with AIDS blood: BAD
Gay person with healthy blood: GOOD
Gay person with AIDS blood: BAD

So we have deduced that the problem is not “gay blood” but “AIDS blood”.
And FYI, they test EVERY SINGLE blood sample before it is used for transfusion, so turning gay people away is idiotic. If it has AIDS, then they they will see that during the blood test. And if it doesn’t have AIDS, then why turn him away? It’s perfectly good blood for transfusion.

You people claim you love your logic and facts… well this is the part where you got taken to the cleaners by 100% mathematical logic, cause and effect style.

Yea here come the autistic “schlomo shill for shekels” comeback because your brain breaks down. Truth is, I’m right and you know that. And FYI, I’m also a “white nationalist” (though you won’t believe that), but I call out bullshit on my side whenever I can. With that said, I don’t really want idiots like you on my side. You’re the kind of ape that would rather get AIDS-ridden blood from a straight guy than healthy blood from a gay guy.

Here is what the Red Cross says about the issue:

The FDA guidance “Revised Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission by Blood and Blood Products” states, “Defer for 12 months from the most recent sexual contact, a man who has had sex with another man during the past 12 months.” All U.S. blood collection organizations must follow this federal requirement.

Based on several years of research and recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the FDA’s decision to change the blood donation policy for men who have had sex with other men (MSM) from a lifetime deferral to 12-month deferral is consistent with other selection criteria that are used to safeguard the blood supply from equivalent risks. At present, there are insufficient scientific data available to determine whether it is safe to rely only on individual behavioral risk factors when determining donation eligibility. The Red Cross continues to work with the FDA and our blood industry partners to gather additional scientific risk data to assist the FDA in determining if further changes are warranted in the future.

A first time donor, whose last MSM contact was greater than 12 months ago, may be eligible to donate blood. The Red Cross encourages individuals to learn more about MSM blood donation criteria and blood donation eligibility.

So you can be gay. You just have to avoid sex with men for twelve months before donating. If saving lives is more important than getting your rocks off, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Observably false.

wait what’s the punchline????? i’m????

The fact that gays have disproportionately high HIV infection rates, to the point that it’s not an acceptable risk to transfuse blood from them. By which I mean, I wouldn’t accept this risk, but young doctors these days just might give you AIDS so they can brag on twitter how progressive they are.

There are more straights with aids than gays

There are far more straight people by a large margin, you halfwit.
Per capita queers are massively more likely to have HIV.

sure, but it still true what I said.
You know what else is true?
Straight are therefore much more likely to cause massive pandemic of HIV, like in Africa for example. Epidemiology doesn’t care about per capita, snowflake
Nowadays, the LGBTQ+ community is also much more likely to use protection and practice safe sex and to test themselves than…
Traditional straight couples.
That one must sting.
Finally, we shouldn’t in good conscience ignore the fact that ostracized and marginalized groups are more likely to be poorer, less educated, and suffer more from about all aspects of life, catching STDs included.
Per capita, of course :*

Nope. Gays spread HIV at vastly higher rates per capita than straights.
Most new infections are still gay men. That one must sting, snowflake.

simply untrue:

Extract relevant to your ignorance:
“The results showed that for the straight US population to experience an epidemic of HIV infection as great as that of gay men, they would need to average almost five unprotected sexual partners every year.

This is a rate almost three times that of gay men.”

1. Not even really true per capita, and even though, like I said,
2. it doesn’t matter, because viruses don’t care about “per capita” and neither do pandemic and epidemic. What’s important is large group habits, and it turns out straights not being careful have spread and continue spreading HIV to more people, exponentially too, than gays.
Have a good one

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