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  • Zaki Ali


    • Elastic Probe


  • Fox Carson

    Lmfao, love it

  • nerealitaate


  • micky debarge

    So good.

  • Burp.


  • Eric Daggerfall

    this is beautiful, like most of your comics. keep up the good work, do not stop!

  • Jesher


  • made me laugh very nice

  • Ahmed Muawia Mohammad Daf’Allh

    Hah, Ouch?…….
    I am not shure how to feel about it, if it was a joke then it’s freaking hilarious. But if not well. I don’t know what to say.

    • Adriaan

      If its satire its funny, if its not its hilarious.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Its not, trust me. StoneToss is an actual Nazi.

  • Vi Leash Mi Peechu


  • babygirlbrea

    This is so messed up lol

  • Abdullah Khan

    You rascist MF

    • Hugh Janus

      Racist and true.

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