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barber meme comic


Hah, Ouch?…….
I am not shure how to feel about it, if it was a joke then it’s freaking hilarious. But if not well. I don’t know what to say.

Oh look what I found, the malevolent kaafir piece of dogshit ”free-thinking” social club -> put targets on people’s backs by framing them into something they’re not, but would never accept being targeted directly themselves because that’s ”terrowrizm for muh freedumbz yew kant kill me come on now”.

Here, I have another ”joke” for all the animals here :

You: ”muh terrorizz mozlomzz refiewgees are really dangerous zey beheadz peepo n shiett”
Your grandchildren: *get cooked alive in a nuclear holocaust from the Civilized West ™ a few decades later*

Figure it out!

Are you laughing? Hope you’re not.

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