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  • NickNack

    So they get big black cock AND health insurance? You’ve certainly mastered the self-own.

  • themann235

    I wish I were in Dixie, hooray hooray, in Dixie’s land I’ll take my stand to live and die in Dixie. Away, away, away down south in dixie.

  • Андрей Скиовин

    One of your greatest jokes.

  • rdococ

    I don’t get this and I’m a brit.

    • Heckington

      Sure you wanna know?

    • DēesseFortuna

      Oh, described the last 6 jokes just fine but now you’re confused, huh…

    • Dr.Weird

      it’s talking about how you lefties in the uk will happily suck off any minority that drops trow, because you’re fags.

    • diogovk

      Big Black Cock, it’s a porn search term.

  • An Cat Dubh

    It’s funny because BBC is pretty awesome.

    • Blarg Blarg

      Figures you are a dirty coal burner.

      At least the black dude won’t stay around long after you get seeded.

  • Pedro


  • Crayven

    He seems to have a fascination with BBC. If you want it so bad mate just go for it

  • the skin is too thin

    Some of your comics are spot on, but ones like this are pretty lame since the BBC legend is only true when comparing shrimpy white geeks and giant basketball/football players or watching porn which plays on stereotypes and the insecurities of its audience. Your average joe chubby black dude and average joe chubby white dude are both going to have relatively small peckers compared to their body size.

  • Whats a nhs? National Health Service?

    • Zero

      Nice hot semen

  • Stiffy Weiner

    This is fucking gay. Stop propagating Jewish porn terms.

  • Tristan Wintle

    I mean, the British aren’t exactly the ones suffering from huge amounts of black crime.

  • Tytti Lehtomäki

    Reminds me of awkward times in online mmos back in 2010, when random strangers would talk about their BBC.
    My innocence was ruined in those times.

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