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  • Bandit Keith


  • Indra Kaw

    Subjective Justices.

    • TRVTH

      There is no justice and no law. It’s Calvinball masquerading as a legal system, and rule one is, “conservatives always lose.”

  • NPC the Clown

    Sorry kid but self defense was more of concept rather than an option.

    So did anyone notice the sympathy card for retards being shot, died down when it turned out that one of them was a sex offender.

    Imagine my shock.

    • TRVTH

      One was a wifebeater, the angry midget with the skateboard was a kiddie diddler, and the one who had the handgun and survived has a violent felony record–it looks like that one’s new prison nickname will be “Stumpy” when he goes back.

      Antifa’s noble cause has drawn only the finest “peaceful protestors,” ladies and gents. Why, they’re all superheroes, just like Captain America!

      Is the wifebeater’s GoFundMe account still up? They took Kyle’s down, of course.

      • Dr. Congo Ebola

        Antifa really does seem to attract the best of the best.

      • SuperSeal

        I didnt know the punishment for being a wifebeater was execution

        • No, but attacking a young man with a rifle did win him a Darwin award.
          Oh, and in addition to spousal abuse, add assault with a deadly weapon. Most people know that as a failed attempt at murder.

          • TRVTH

            Some reports are saying that the one who survived, the felon illegally in possession of a handgun, also had felony burglary convictions, but I am still trying to find primary sources for that.

        • Mystikar

          I didn’t know that self defense against a deadly unprovoked attack is now considered “execution”.

        • Lushtree

          No. The punishment for attacking an armed man is death.

          Don’t pick fights with boys with guns unless you want to be shot.

        • Ender Einstein

          So cops don’t deserve execution?

      • AMD_Afficionado

        These days, I am hesitant to believe any charge of “wife beating”.

        • TRVTH

          You’re not wrong. But since the Left tells us that it is one of the most horrible sins imaginable, and an individual accused must surely be guilty and surely be an individual of poor moral character–why not hold them to the standards they demand of all the world? Alinsky Rules #4 and #13.

  • ImaMeatPopsicle

    As has been seen elsewhere on the internet, the powers that be are absolutely determined to do anything to keep white people from learning to resist or cohesively resist this b.s. or the authorities as a group. Why? Because they know that once it got started it would shake the world and they would A) quickly lose control of it and then B) lose power.

    13% of the population is actively holding the other 87% hostage, but it’s the 87% that are routinely having the hammer dropped on them, despite their ability to crush utterly for a generation the other 13%. Now ask yourself, why is that? Who’s really in control here?

    • TRVTH

      I think you’re not wrong, but I have to wonder why they’re letting their shambling Frankenstein Monster burn down cities and organize riots that go on for months.

      As an amateur student of history, I offer the observation that when organized violence on a large scale is allowed to go on and on and on like this, a government that permits it–whether it is due to lack of will, lack of means, or treasonous conspiracy by politicians and figures in the legal system who sympathize with the violent mobs is intellectually interesting but irrelevant–loses legitimacy in the eyes of the people.

      And, likewise, when people see that their government has lost control and either can’t or won’t maintain public order and safety–the absolute minimum of its duties under the social contract–historically it has tended to happen that people have found this intolerable and organized on their own to do what the State cannot or will not do.

      And when they restore order, public opinion and public support has a tendency to shift from the state to them.

      For one historical example,

      It is unfortunate when a government is so corrupt, inept, and sympathetic with street criminals and terrorists that it either can’t or won’t do its job. Historically speaking, this tends to go places that the meek, the tender-hearted, and the squeamish don’t like a bit. Historically speaking, that is.

    • Mystikar

      Boy, it sure would be a shame if we murdered the 2% of the population that is causing all the problems… in Minecraft of course.

      • Jon Carey

        Organized resistance died at Waco.

        • Mystikar

          And succeeded in many other situations:

          When things become bad enough, to the point that normal people are suffering, then they will rise up. But as long as they are comfortable, they won’t.

          • Jon Carey

            Tell that to the people in Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, or any other number of places that are very much UNcomfortable.

          • Mystikar

            You seem to assume that it will be a bunch of redneck hicks vs the full might of the US military, but that is incorrect. The people within the US military are ultimately just normal people, and when things get really bad, they will split into multiple factions, as has happened many times in history. Successful revolutions and coups have always had the backing of at least part of the military.

          • TRVTH

            This. Most of the US military ARE those “redneck hicks” who mistrust the government. And when their tours are up and they get out, they don’t vanish in a puff of sparkly fairy dust–they go back to their families, back to their hardscrabble little West Virginia mining towns and Midwestern farm towns and dying Rust Belt factory towns, their knowledge and skills 100% intact, even if they didn’t bring a machine gun or a bazooka home in the duffle bag like half the WWII draftees did.

            It’s kind of funny how that works. Army combat arms troops are almost all white men, and the closer you get to the sharp end, the whiter everyone gets. Marine riflemen are almost exclusively white. And when you start talking about combat pilots, Rangers, or SEALs, they’re all so white it looks like a Mormon high school marching band from Utah.

            Yes, there are a lot of “wonderful diversities” in the US armed forces, who mainly joined up because the bennies are even better than El Güelfare. Most are women. All but a negligible handful of them drive trucks or empty bedpans or stack folded blankets in the supply bunker.

            When the day comes–and soon it must–what will the generals say? What orders will they hand down? Which side will they choose?
            Most of the flag-rank officers are sniveling yes-men promoted by the Clintons and Obamas, after they used the Tailhook “scandal” as a pretext to purge the officer corps of real warriors. But even mediocrities know, and one of the first things they tell every ROTC cadet is: “never give an order unless you know it will be obeyed.”

          • Mystikar

            Bingo. People seem to assume that the the military will just blindly take the government’s side. But looking at history, most coups have come *from* the military, precisely because the normal people within the military were very upset with the government. The military is actually the biggest threat to the government.

    • White people could end this pretty quickly but, for some ducking reason they absolutely refuse to! Why are you having street battles with the ducking minions when ONE **** in the heads of like 3 people in each of these cities could end this!? They’re not even hiding! They’re walking the streets WITH the protesters.

  • Maxim Sukharev
    • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

      “Bro have you heard of pepe? He is so kek! Such a based trad groyper if I do say so myself! Honk Honk! Honk Honk! We live in a (((CLOWNWORLD)))!!! Guys, literal murderers are such heroes, and if you disagree, you’re a jew! Cope! Cope! Seethe harder! Dilaaaaate! What are you T R I G G E R E D ? ? ?”
      Oh, but us leftists are the NPCs for saying that nazis might be bloodthirsty psychos

      • Fus

        “Violence to the left is like a knob, to be adjusted in slight inclinations as the situation requires.
        Meanwhile violence to the right is like a switch, either none at all, or shoot on sight.”

        Now, guess who violated the NAP this summer over some recidivist’s death?

      • Maxim Sukharev

        Found a recording of you while you’re saying all this irl.

        • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

          aaaand, ableism. Kill yourself.

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Are you rеtаrdеd? I mean, you’re already confirmed it several times, but showing out the raw footage of you talking garbage isn’t something that can be considered as “ableism”, you rеtаrd.

  • QuickshooterMk4
  • Shadow Dancer
    • TRVTH

      As they say at a certain forum I sometimes read, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

  • Black Spruce

    Government worshipper gets a taste of the government he’s been worshipping. Can’t say I have any sympathy for him.

    • Gobr

      Government worship is good and healthy for your body

      • I think that was sarcasm, if so I agree

  • Alberto Soares
    • Alistair Grove

      It’s not his city, though. Just to be accurate.

      • TRVTH

        No, though he lived only twenty minutes away. If nothing had been done to stop the mob in Kenosha then, he might well have found Antioch, Illinois in flames the next day.

        Maintaining public order and safety is the absolute bare minimum of the State’s duties under the social contract. Possibly I am stupid, but I do not grasp how letting armies of terrorist lunatics run wild and burn down cities is supposed to improve these Governors’ and mayors’ election chances this fall.

        There are other possible interpretations and educated guesses at their motivations, all of them extremely disturbing.

        • Notice that our side isn’t “protesting” for Cannon. And we haven’t protested outside the office or home of the DA bringing charges.

        • Alistair Grove

          True, though I didn’t know that when I made my first comment.

          As for your other points, the Democrats have given up on democracy, ironically enough. They know they can’t win there so are resorting to force and threats.

          • TRVTH

            The Democrats only like democracy when they get the results they want. When they don’t, it’s time for Judge Jewberg to declare that new law “unconstitutional.” Neener neener neener, no self-determination for you.

      • Bad guys bring busloads of rioters in from outside all the time. And how about out those people from Seattle (“Riot Kitchen”) who went to Kenosha to “protest” with Molotov cocktails?

        • Alistair Grove

          Very true. I was just being a pedant.

  • Alberto Soares
  • Albionic American

    You know, we wouldn’t have this problem if white nationalists ran the country. Only white nationalists offer to look out for the interests of normal white people.

    • Why are the young men drawn toward the Nazis?
      1) They were the only ones to seriously fight against the enemies of their people, the Jews and Communists.
      2) Our enemies say they are the worst form of evil, which means they must be good.

      • Albionic American

        The original Nazis did operate from a model of a wholesome white society. You can’t base a civilization on feminists, gays, transgenders, furries and other fundamentally dysfunctional people.

        • Some books deserve to be burned. As do some people.

          • What the shitte. No, it is never okay to burn ANY literature no matter how offensive or upsetting it may be. And certainly human people, even if they are communists who I very much don’t get along well with they still deserve to live and be free, or else we are just as bad as the communists who want to do that to us.

          • This ^^^ is how to surrender your culture and your nation.
            I prefer to fight, survive, and win.

          • kill yourself censorshup lover

          • Commie pedophiles need to pose against the wall and wait for the flash.

          • Communist just mean someone who doesn’t believe in private property rights and pedophile just means someone who is sexually and romantically attracted to pre-pubescent children so no crime in either as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

          • You can stand with them. The picture will look better that way.

        • citation needed for gays and furries being dysfunctional. Feminists are wrong and transgenders are essentially neurologically disabled but also you have to understand that Nazism was a kosher project.

          • Albionic American

            Apply the Mars Colonization Test. If you wanted to build a functional human civilization on Mars, would you send gays and furries there, especially with all the stupid drama that gay men tend to bring with them? Or would you instead send competent, healthy, conservative, emotionally stable white* people with normal sexuality who would pair up and breed?

            *You would have to restrict the colonists to one race to remove racial strife as a potential cause of the colony’s failure.

          • > Conservative
            opinion Immediately disregarded.
            When has a gay person actually interfered with something in your life? I have a few bisexial male friends and they’re all very nice people and some of the best friends I have ever had. Not every gay person is very open about it.I would agree thought there is certain gay people that I hate with a fervent passion. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you should put someone in a cage because they disagree. I think you should seriously reevaluate your outlook on the world. No one is saying you have to like furries or gays but you are just as bad as antifa wanting to kill everyone right of Stalin if you want to send furries and gays to someone else. Funny you ‘conservatives’ always call liberals ‘snowflakes’ but can’t tolerate when people provide empirical data that you’re wrong about basically everything.

    • Bidewfus

      You just admit you only work in the interest of white people. And not the american people.
      Therefore you have lost the right to be mad when other races do stuff that benefits themself and not others.
      Everyone should work in their best interest right?

      • TRVTH

        Everyone else has been playing the ethnic solidarity card for sixty years. It’s a highly effective weapon and it’s well past time White men picked it up.

        America was a White nation. I was born there. It was a wonderful place to live, until several tens of millions of uninvited guests showed up and wore out their welcome. Ameri-Kwa can burn for all I care. It’s not my country.

      • Albionic American

        White people have every right to work for their own interests. Jews have just constructed a system to keep that from happening. The ideology which defines “racism” as the most horrible thing in the world didn’t arise organically through the evolution of man’s moral conscience or any similar Pinkerish Enlightenment nonsense. Our elites constructed this arbitrary belief and imposed it on the white population through central planning and at gunpoint as a tool for subjugating us. Without this violent enforcement mechanism, white nationalism as a way of life to promote the flourishing of normal white people would become the mainstream white world view.

        • Bidewfus

          Yes by doing that jews work in their best interest. So since you don’t want to work as a unit in america, everyone has the right to be selfish by race and your complaints are not valid.

  • Major Matt Mason

    In the town of old Kenosha marched some troubled rogues one day
    Held hammers high above their heads, and looking for affray
    No one dared to ask their business, no one dared to make a din
    Save for one young man among them with an AR on a sling
    AR on a sling

    In this town there were some outlaws bound to teachings of the Red,
    Many soi bois were among them as were trannies overfed,
    They were vicious, prone to violence, burning gas stations and more,
    And their leader rode a skateboard rolling swiftly on the floor,
    Swiftly on the floor.

    Now young man started talkin’, made it plain to folks around
    He was there to stop the mob from burnin’ businesses to ground.
    Didn’t look like much the tough guy ‘cept for one important thing,
    And that thing of course an AR riding tautly on a sling
    Tautly on a sling

    Now the night was passing quickly as the mob moved wielding flame
    And the youth called out to halt them when they spotted him as game
    He was running down the pavement when a lout caused him to trip
    And tempted the soy leader with with the skateboard on his hip
    Skateboard on his hip

    It was over in a moment as the folks had gathered round,
    The skater sought the rifle as the youth lay on the ground,
    Oh he might have went on livin’ but forgot one major thing
    And he fell down shot dead by the kid with AR on a sling
    AR on a sling

    A RRR
    A RRR
    He fell down shot dead by the kid with AR on a sling

  • Albionic American

    This young man resisted all the propaganda, shaming, gaslighting, indoctrination, humiliation, bullying and threats of death to make him believe in Opposite World. His example says something encouraging about the integrity of man’s mind. Think of him as the hero in a real-life YA dystopian story not of his choosing.

    • Albionic American

      Damn, I just thought of a title: Diversitigent.

  • Albionic American

    So when will some hillbilly archer girl from Appalachia show up at one of these anarchist assaults on civilization and start shooting arrows into the rioters?

  • LetsPlayPC

    Democrat mayor and a Democrat governor in Wisconsin. Thank God for cell phone videos or else this kid would be right fucked.

  • Ion forbes

    Sorry what? Rioters who burn down buildings or shoot others (at least the ones who are caught) are not let free.

    • Bigfatdane

      They are in cities run by democrats.

      • TRVTH

        exactly. “Bail, $0.”

  • Alistair Grove

    Trouble is they can get Kyle for being under age.

    • TRVTH

      I’m not a lawyer and I’ve heard different things. When this has come up in other forums it’s been stated that in Wisconsin persons from 15 to 17 are allowed to possess and carry long guns but not handguns. This law–supposedly–was written to keep bored Fish & Wildlife cops and other officious busybodies from being able to harass teenagers who were out hunting, but did not specify the circumstances or locations in which they may carry.

      Again, I am not a lawyer. I’ll let someone else make the jokes about the Antifa hunting permits and the bag limits.

      Also, ironically enough, in the US you can join the Army at seventeen, and get shipped out to Godforsaken Third World countries to shoot at people who aren’t even our enemies. That’s perfectly fine, perfectly legal–to the extent that laws or rights mean anything at all here in Clown World.

      • Alistair Grove

        Let’s hope you’re right.

    • AMD_Afficionado

      When they do that, and establish that the Second Amendment has age limits, would it be too much to ask that the judicial system also establish and publish the age limits for all of our other rights?

      I’d really like to know at which birthday my Freedom of Speech right will finally be unlocked.

      • Alistair Grove

        TBF, there is a difference between speech and guns. Because despite what the left says, words can’t kill people.

        • AMD_Afficionado

          Words can do worse than kill people, they can ruin a person’s life forever. Words take away your job, your friends, your family, your bank account, your credit etc.

          Which too often culminates with that person taking his own life.

          Though words can kill people. Spike Lee tried to do that by posting the address of George Zimmerman’s family (why no jail time for Lee?), and the New York lefties seem to be trying that shtick again with our pal Tucker Carlson.

          • Alistair Grove

            No. It’s not the words that are causing the damage. It’s the actions of the communists and their enabling cowards that are. If we lived in a sane and healthy society such words would have no power at all. But a gun is always a gun.

            Incidentally, said guns may be a way to get a sane and healthy society, if you get what I mean.

  • Bidewfus

    This guys intentions don’t matter. We shouldn’t encourage vigilantes even if they are fighting terrorism

    • TRVTH

      If not him, who?

      If not now, when?

      • Bidewfus

        Nobody and never.

        We take back control of the police.

        • TRVTH

          It’s sixty years too late for that. Wake up and smell the ashes.

          • Bidewfus

            sixty years too late? Now is better than ever, almost everyone hates the police now, right and left. (for differing reasons) so now is a great opportunity for us the people to advocate for reform.

          • TRVTH

            The problem is “multiculturalism,” not cops.

            If you want Sheriff Andy and Barney Fife to be able to maintain public safety and order, that requires a high-trust society, the necessary preexisting condition for which is an ethnic monoculture. For examples we need merely look to Switzerland, or Finland, or Japan.

            If you want the “beautiful cultural mosaic” with tens of millions of ultraviolent, fast-breeding IQ-55 Africans-in-America, Mexicans-in-America, and other incompatible violent foreign colonists who hate us and wish to exterminate us, the only way to maintain any semblance of public order is EITHER law enforcement organized along military lines, using military vehicles, military weapons, and military methods of counterinsurgency tactics, OR a social majority who are willing to engage in extrajudicial action on a regular basis to deal with the most egregious cases, plus a judicial system willing to wink at this. As a society we decided that the latter was barbaric before anyone reading this was born, so we got the former instead. The experiment has been done and the results are in. If a time machine were available, any sane White man would much prefer to go back a hundred or a hundred and fifty years. Too bad that doesn’t exist, and we’re stuck here in Ameri-Kwa.

            It’s been too late since Brown vs. Board of Education. Maybe since Skinner vs. Oklahoma. Maybe since John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln before he could ship Africans back to Africa en masse, as he said he intended to.

          • Bidewfus

            You guys are non functional racist, your mass exportation of blacks back to America wouldn’t work and cause more issues like an immigration problem with Ice with all the hiding blacks. try thinking of more functional racist solutions

          • TRVTH

            “Integration” has failed. Giving them $trillions in gibsmedats has failed. Africans are incapable of civilization, no matter how long they stand on the Magic Dirt. Their instinctive reaction to civilization is to tear it down and dance in the burning rubble. They are not like us. They cannot live among us. It is not a moral failing–it is not a choice they make. They are incapable of better.

            This leaves us a short list of choices:

            1. returning them whence they originally came

            2. putting them on reservations–essentially, segregation

            3. extermination, whether all at once or in stages by mass sterilization

            I see you’re too squeamish for #1. I don’t think you’ll like #2 or #3 any better, nor are you able to offer anything better.

          • Bidewfus

            Try judging people as individuals.

          • TRVTH

            Because that works so well on a scale of tens of millions.

            When dealing with large numbers, one must necessarily think in terms of the aggregate.

          • Bidewfus

            What sloppy thinking, you want people to suffer for the crimes their brothers have done, I thought you were based man.

          • TRVTH

            I want my people to flourish. What is good for my people is good, what is bad for my people is bad. Those who are not my people are irrelevant and unimportant, as is what happens to them.

          • Bidewfus

            My people? Just say white. Your making it sound like your connected by some other bond other than race. Does your people include every crackhead and drug seller. But you’re probably going to cherry pick everything out then say your people are perfect.

            And if those who are not your people are irrelevant how come you want to deport them.

          • pscherer

            The connection goes way beyond. We are united by a common ancestral land of Europe, by the Iliad as the foundational writing of all our nations, and a unique worldview, in which there is sacredness in the individual, in which virtue is the measure of man, and in which beauty matters as much as reason. We are a vigorous, freedom-loving people that built modern civilization with unparalelled courage, skill and aesthetics.

            No matter how much we fought among us in the past, we now wake up to the fact that we are more equal among us then we are to those who wish us ill, that as the receivers of such hatred, we have common cause. A hatred that goes beyond our appearance, but extends to everything we built, wrote, composed, wrote, discovered, painted, sculpted, engineered… A hatred against our existence anywhere from memory to aspirations.

            We are a uniquely altruistic people. All peoples have a right to live their life in their own way, in their own land. We respect – not only that, we wish – that others will have the opportunity to do the same. There’s nothing wrong in giving, to all these unsatisfied individuals, an opportunity to go back to their land and model their societies to their will. We do not wish them harm. In our altruism, we wish them only the best. In our courage and love of freedom, we will not tolerate their agression.

          • TRVTH

            Because this is our land, and no two cultures can coexist sharing even a square inch of land. Multiculturalism destroys every nation that attempts it, without exception, in all of recorded history. It is an iron law. As recently as a century ago the Left recognized this. The right of national self-determination is one of Wilson’s Fourteen Points.

            More to the point: human beings are tribal and territorial. It is our nature. It is grotesque to pretend otherwise.

          • Bidewfus

            What about Singapore and most of the US? Diversity isn’t a strength, but too dread it so much is retarded.


    Why WOULDN’T he?

  • Chris Redfield

    What I want to know is why Kyle Rittenhouse separated from the rest of the group and got chased by scum.

    FYI – the first one shot was saying “shoot me nigga” on video.

    • TRVTH

      From what I have read–and you may have noticed how often the Official Truth changes these days–the business he was guarding got rushed by a mob and he got separated from the group. The shootings took place only a block or so away. He didn’t run far.

  • Alberto Soares

    They are banning the Kyle memes in Know your Meme.

    • Bidewfus

      Know your Meme is the most normie site ever, take that as a badge of honor.

  • Pink Axolotl

    Hi guys, I wanted to tell you something.
    I am not American, although my life has been mostly influenced by the United States, I live right on the border, yet I think I have something to say.

    Do you think that in a moment of persecution the boy will analyze the exact point where the shot would go? He just fired and that’s it.
    And what if he killed them, what was he supposed to have done? Talk peacefully with them? As if they didn’t give a damn about having a rational talk.
    They have already shown that they don’t give a damn about the lives of the black community and this community in turn has shown many times that they don’t give a damn about the laws of the United States. and I think you don’t have to be an Einstein to know that breaking windows, burning businesses and robbing houses are not in the catalog of things that could be called “correct” and even less useful.

    If they had taken him down, they would have killed him too, or do you think a pedophile and a domestic abuser would have had the moral considerations not to murder him in a moment of pure rage.

    I wonder if all the chaos they are making was really worth it, did it really help the cause? Did it really show that black lives matter? really the “motivation” (and I put it in quotes because it is not) of the Protestants is to show the world that violence is wrong?
    No, they didn’t, all of this just let them see what a buch of hypocrites they are.

    I also have a question for those who comment here, I hope some of you will answer me:
    If they can get the government to “do something”, if the police stop killing unjustifiably (which is a rare thing to happen but they let their judgment be overshadowed by a few rotten apples) if people finally understand that racism is wrong and blah blah blah (everyone already knows but well …)
    – Will something really change?
    -Isn’t that the point of being a racist and a criminal?, if they are criminals is it because they don’t mind breaking the law and ignoring their conscience?
    -What, now the criminals, murderers and rapists are supposed to stop and think “wait a minute, what the protesters say is correct, I shouldn’t do this … hell, what have I done”.

    For a moment forget that most Protestants like Steven Universe and watch “Saturday Night Shows” while saying “amen” to what Oprah says, watch hentai, masturbate with furries and futas on Rule 34 while drinking soy milk.

    Like I said, I’m Mexican and I really don’t understand how the hell no one has done what Kyle has done. Kyle is a hero and all Americans should follow his example. Knock out those who burn your businesses and destroy their cars. Kill them if they want to kill you. It is self defense, not murder, you are defending your property and your life, it is justified. Since when are criminals served with a silver platter? Since when are they pampered like a baby. In my country we cannot legally buy weapons, which is a shame. Assaults and murders are the daily bread. But you can buy weapons, USE THEM IF NECESSARY. Stand in front of your houses and defend them; Get together with friends and watch your cars and if someone wants to attack you, BANG BANG, done.
    They will not pay the repair costs, they will just go home very proud of having served “The Cause” and continue to watch iCarly while singing to the rhythm of Miku Chan, so do something. Immobilize them and if absolutely necessary, if they try to attack you, end their lives, or do you want to join the club of the dead whose last thing they saw was a bunch of stupid postmodern kids pointing their phones at their faces?.
    You might think “Wouldn’t that be very rude?” It’s like a snowball, stop it now before it gets bigger and BIGGER to the point where you can’t stop it anymore.

    It may already be too late.

    The problem is that they continue to believe that these people are going to learn by reasoning, has it not been clear to them that most only think with their penis?

    I think it boils down to this:
    They released a lion that they can no longer control. Now they are paying the consequences.

    One last question comes, why?
    Why the human race has this tendency to degrade?.
    Why day after day the values ​​and principles are being lost, not only in the black community, but in the WHOLE WORLD?.
    It all boils down to the human heart.
    We are rotten to the root because of our sin committed willfully and consciously. All this chaos that is seen now is just a sample of what happens as a product of our own internal evil.
    That is why, even if Trump wins, even if everyone become a conservative, even if America takes action, even if everyone changes, the only thing they will have achieved is to make-up a corpse, they only fixed the surface, not the core of the problem.

    Please take the time to watch the following video, have a good day, see you later in the comments section (and sorry if I made any grammar mistakes, I had to use google translator mostly):

  • Gobr


    • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)


  • stroketoss

    sorry, where in your first amendment right does it say you can kill people? and before you say “pRoPerTY DaMAgE” remember that our founding fathers threw millions of dollars worth of tea into the Boston harbor to protest TAXES a 3 penny per pound tax to be exact

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