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  • jax

    crass simplification of statistics there.
    I mean, I presently represent 100% of your fan base on this page but you’re smarter than taking that stat as face value, right? Be smarter than this please. Sociology stats and demographics is fucking hard sociology and you’re fucking it up and being a twat.

    • An0n

      “This is wrong.” Great argument there. Why don’t you try to actually refute these numbers if you’re so sure they’re wrong?

      • jax

        I’m not making the assertion, OP is.
        Where I live the majority of crime is done by white people but I’d be an idiot to draw a bold statement off that simple correlation, wouldn’t I? Yet you think you’re suddenly clever if you introduce just one extra statistic (% of that ethnic demography).
        Sociology is hard to get right and just going one step further _still_ isn’t enough, it remains bad sociology.

        • Loco

          “Where I come from…” is apparently greater than actual stats
          Again why don’t you fucking give us the corrections instead of crying about how simple and wrong OP is?

          • jax

            You run the stats again but instead of ethnicity substitute in address or parental marital status. You’ll find equivalent correlations.

            In practice, I find most people on this subject are not actually interested in stats though. That, or perhaps you’ll be disappointed that I didn’t find a sufficiently spoonfeeding article or one where the author’s credibility couldn’t be attacked…

          • Rockwell

            >where I live the majority of crime is done by white people
            so where do you live? in a white majority town/city? if so then that would be a good reason why.
            a lot of this is just you saying that they’re wrong but never actually proving why they’re wrong
            >You run the stats again but instead of ethnicity substitute in address or parental marital status. You’ll find equivalent correlations that have nothing to do with ethnicity which is why nobody talks about them.
            source for this as well? if you’re going to make a claim you better be prepared to back it up

          • jax

            White Majority yea. But that’s my point. If I said “white people commit most of the crime” you’d logically follow with: “ye but what % of people from that town are white”?
            So my question is, why the fuck do you stop there? Life is fucking complicated but just that one extra statistic and you’re done with statistics. It doesn’t end there, sociology is full of difficult detail.

            Are you seriously telling me you don’t believe that children without parents or with single parents are not more likely to enter crime than those with both? Are you seriously telling me you don’t believe that children from poorer neighbourhoods are not more likely to enter crime that those that are not?
            Why on earth do you think you need a source for those claims?

          • Loco

            “Why on earth do you think we need a source for those claims” So people like you can’t say that these things don’t exist.

            The fact that you assume that anyone is correlating means you already lost.

          • jax

            So you’re hoping on that chance that kids from two parent stable families are more likely to get into crime than those with only one or neither?
            I applaud your objectiveness.

          • Nehuen Carbonel

            it was a nice try but im sure it didnt suprise you that it didnt work to make people here challenge what is being told,at least those who did comment

          • jax

            fair few people in places like this that won’t be in places like this next year or over the next five. I’m just here to open that door a crack.

        • Blarg Blarg

          You are just excusing blacks from the very well cataloged horrible things they do.
          Maybe you are just a nagger.

    • dan schneider

      Would you say IQ and crime rates have strong correlation? What about IQ and race? Wait, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is, because it is well documented and accepted by the scientific community, it’s just swept under the rug as an uncomfortable truth. The fact is that american black males account for 7% of the population, and commit 50% of all violent crime. They are vastly over represented. I’m sure your reasoning is all “poverty”. Well poverty rates and IQ are strongly linked too. There’s logical conclusions to draw, but I’m sure thats too problematic for you.

      • jax

        Dan dan dan. Those views are not accepted by the scientific community, that’s just what everyone tells each other on Stormfront. You have not spoken to a sociologist or a biologist, you’ve spoken to a white supremacist on Stormfront. I know the words “supremacist” and “scientist” are quite similar but they mean different things entirely.

        A big problem you appear to have is you value IQ as a reading. You believe that human intelligence can be summerised as a number. That is _far_ too simplistic a model and the idea you can get a read at 12 years old at the entire potential of a human person is classic human hubris.
        You think us cleverer than we are. The fact of the matter is that its super hard to learn stuff through sociology because simple correlations are misleading and our instinctual pattern matching systems get it wrong all the time. That’s a big take-home from sociology research.
        Or to put it more simply: you’re too stupid to understand how stupid you are. Which is ironic because you’re using that stupidity to accuse other people of being stupid.

        • Loco

          “It’s not accepted, because I don’t accept it”
          Every reply you have posted is a waste of everyones time. You know you are selling snake oil when you approach people bringing up numbers from sources with “none of that is true because what something told me and what I deem possible and impossible”
          Stop fucking posting

          • jax

            These ideas about race/IQ are not accepted by the scientific community. I mean sure, maybe they’re accepted by the scientific community of 1850 or something and there’s been a terrible misunderstanding where someone told you guys it was legit but it isn’t but they are not accepted by the scientific community of today. Sure, maybe you can find some dude with a PHD, get them drunk and get a “maybe” out of them or maybe there’s a guy with a bunch of Hitler memorabilia that swears by it. But by “THE” scientific community? No, just no, the race/IQ bullshit is just not worth discussing and bringing it up is just going to make people think you’re a cock.

            I’m selling snake oil? I just want you all to give your fellow man a chance, regardless of their colour or background. The alternative is to fall for the bullshit excuses that middle-aged fascists peddle to gain new recruits by telling young people that the colour of their skin is something worth hinging their identity on.
            You’re more than that, we’re all more than that. Think past this bullshit and start talking about something worth talking about.

        • Blarg Blarg

          You are the only one stupid here, bucko.

  • im not black and i dont know any black people at all but i cannot refute it

  • santa is racist. a good cartoon

    • Stiffy Weiner

      HO-HO HO—OOoooohhh hell no, not the black kids! Ho ho ho!

  • Mitchell Dawes


  • just came here cause I was looking for identity

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