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  • I’m against the 1% but not my 1% low fat mocha latte.

  • there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. a good cartoon

    • Loco

      Ok retard

      • you’re welcome, extinguish

        we’re calling each other firefighting verbs, right? that’s the game?

    • DatBoi

      I’d rather be unethical than starve to death in some 1984 hellscape.

      • yeah, that’s what i said. you have to be unethical to avoid starving to death in the 1984 hellscape that is a capitalist society.

        • DatBoi

          Just curious do you even know the plot of 1984? The whole book is a critique of authoritarianism which is the exact opposite of Libertarian Capitalism.

          • yes, i know the plot of 1984. capitalism is inherently authoritarian. thanks.

          • DatBoi

            Never underestimate the power of the disabled.

          • um. okay, i won’t?

          • DatBoi

            It’s a quote from In Living Color.

          • DatBoi

            How? Do you even know what authoritarian means? Or have the HRT drugs just melted your brain?

          • by definition, yes, and no, respectively.

          • DatBoi

            How is capitalism authoritarian then? I also find it funny that you support censorship, removal of private property, and disarming of civilians but you have the balls to call someone else authoritarian.

          • by definition!! like i said, silly!

            and lol what

          • DatBoi

            Okay, so clearly the HRT has melted what little was left of your brain. Arguing with someone as dense as you is a waste of time.

  • Stiffy Weiner

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