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there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. a good cartoon

I’d rather be unethical than starve to death in some 1984 hellscape.

yeah, that’s what i said. you have to be unethical to avoid starving to death in the 1984 hellscape that is a capitalist society.

Just curious do you even know the plot of 1984? The whole book is a critique of authoritarianism which is the exact opposite of Libertarian Capitalism.

Those are all government policies, not social. The person in question is both socially and economically authoritarian. But by all means, tell me how a system of freedom is somehow less free than a system of forced sharing.

Uh, do you know that Orwell was a libertarian leftist (democratic socialist, to be exqce)? Who was opposed to capitalism?
Animal farm forfexample is a critique towards stalinist authoritarian communism (fuck tankies), not towards communism or socialism in general.

Democratic socialism is a government taking care of its citizens (i.e. social programs). Not, “Let’s completely abolish the government and steal from people because we think it’s more fair.” Animal Farm even specifically shows that Anarcho-Communism bleeds into full blown dictatorial draconian communism.

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