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  • Cosby Bebop
    • Nem

      What a Cohencidence

      • Major Matt Mason

        On Juniper Street.

    • RichardNVulva

      There isn’t anything wrong with an uncircumcised penis. Nothing. I have one. There is nothing wrong with a circumcised penis. Nothing. Let boys and men make a decision about which one they’d rather have, if it even warrants a decision. Taking a knife to a boy’s penis isn’t something trivial. Stop doing something that is effectively a slaves-mark.


      • Jesher

        I was circumcized against my will as a child and I somewhat deeply resent it. Only if I think about it too long though. I don’t blame my parents, but I won’t do that to my sons. I can’t help but think the desensitization has skewed my sex drive.

        • Caffeine Sleep

          Search up foreskin restoration. Its a real thing that you can do with just your hands. It works the same way that those ear things that make yoyr earlobes bigger, but you pull on the remaining shaft skin to create a new foreskin _which isn’t identical to the one you’ve lost buts similar

          • Drew W

            StoneToss is always good for a laugh.

          • TrueWOPR

            yes but stretching the skin doesn’t create new nerve endings.

        • frank-the-dank


          The foreskin is not where the sensation comes from, it comes from the Frenulum

          • TrueWOPR

            and in the vast majority of circumcisions the frenulum is damaged if not removed completely in the process.

          • frank-the-dank

            no, only about a 1/3 of the procedures do that:


            >The frenulum was reported to be cut in 26.7%, 20%, and 33.33% of circumcised patients in various surveys

          • Mental-Tree

            The foreskin keeps the Frenulum securely tucked away along with the rest of your bellend, this prevents constant contact with your legs, underpants and nutts. Without the foreskin you have your sensitive bits in constant contact with everything around them and they thus lose sensitivity.

          • frank-the-dank


          • Mental-Tree

            No you, Mr mutilated cock.

          • frank-the-dank

            nice comeback, mr. no-evidence

          • Flat Iron

            Yeah. I adult circumcisions, when the organ is much larger and developed. We then have more to cut around, sort of speak. Nothing like a pedo mohel or pedo doctor who is slashing away at a baby penis barely larger than the tip of lipstick. They are cutting off WAY more than simply the sheath.

          • frank-the-dank

            not all circumcisions are the same

          • Flat Iron

            The foreskin and the
            Frenulum provides the man with the neccessary sensations for sex. You need the foreskin to feel texture around the shaft and a number of other sensations

          • frank-the-dank

            not true

          • bud389 .

            I can confirm that what you said is completely wrong.

          • Flat Iron

            You have nothing back up what you just said. Maybe perhaps some biased studies that go against basic neuroscience and male sexual physiology. You are nothing but a jew lover looking to get mohels off the hook for their sex crimes against children. Justice will be served

      • Cresset

        Yeah but if you have a foreskin you have to wash it during your bath, that’s what an extra five seconds? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

        • Flat Iron

          Haha. That extra 5 seconds. Imagine the line for family restroom because of some guys foreskin

      • Clawfoot King

        > Let boys and men make a decision about which one they’d rather have

        Men only, ‘boys’ implies it’s okay to let minors make the decision.

        If you want a circumcision or any other kind of genital surgery I think maybe you should be at least 21 before being able to consent to it.

        Maybe even 22, it’s 21 to drink beer in some countries.

    • free_peach

      I come here to enjoy this kind of content. Followed.

    • Kawaii as Fuck


  • iverra

    This infuriates me to no end

  • Alistair Grove

    At least American don’t suck them off afterwards. Only Jews do that.

    • Lord Quas

      Wait what?

      • TrueWOPR

        as part of jewish circumcision you’re to staunch the bleeding through oral suction.
        So if you’re jewish you’re by default complacent with child mutilation and child rape.

      • Flat Iron

        The ritual is called metzizah bpeh. Some rabbis have killed babies through this sort of child rape. No arrests have been made. Because joos

      • Alistair Grove

        It’s called the Metzitzah B’Peh.

    • ac05jn

      congratulations america, you’re 1% less disgusting.

  • Bullshit_Latin_Phrase2931

    Gee, I just wonder what the cause of that could be….
    inb4 tards throw themselves onto the capitalist pyre even if it costs them the “muh jews” rallying cry.

    • Ijustmadethis Jejhd

      Is that the guy from that 3 little pigs book??

    • Love and Justice

      I don’t think the happy capitalist pig-man is behind this one. Probably not a lot of money in foreskin removal: one time external operation without anesthesia.

      Since ancient times, humans have known that removing the foreskin results in markedly decreased penis sensitivity, something that people who get circumcised in adulthood confirm for us today. Much like female circumcision, it was thus practiced to promote chastity, and took off in America in the 30’s as a preventative measure against masturbation.

      For decades some members of the American medical community have struggled to find justifications for circumcision, and the American media has been happy to promote questionable studies in it’s favor. For example, there was a widely publicized African study that suggested lower STD transmission rates for cut penises, but only the cut group was given condoms and instructed in their use.

      I conjecture that circumcision is defended to protect the Jewish community from having their practice banned. Perhaps like a frat-house hazing, it’s a price one paid to get into a group, which makes one value the group more. Circumcision is important for Jewish group identity, so I imagine they don’t really care about gentiles getting circumcised, they just want to keep the gentiles from banning it.

      • Bullshit_Latin_Phrase2931

        I wasn’t talking about the circumcision. “Bugmen” are a consequence of capitalism and neoliberalism.

        • Love and Justice

          If “Bugmen” are urban consumers who base their self-image on material possessions, I think this comic is just using the word as its title as an aside joke on eating bugs.

          While it does involve someone judging different goods and services, I think the point was there’s a guy rejecting unpleasant new ideas while being open to an unpleasant old idea. Thus, the character is being inconsistent, and the audience should reevaluate it’s feelings on a traditionally accepted practice.

      • frank-the-dank

        >removing the foreskin results in markedly decreased penis sensitivity


        “Neonatal circumcision does not reduce penile sensitivity in men, study finds”

        • Flat Iron

          Would you believe that a study claiming no loss of eyesight after cutting piece of eyeballs out? No. But you believe this? You must be a pedophile looking to touch and cut children’s genitals

          • frank-the-dank

            nice non-counter evidence you got there, shill

          • Flat Iron

            I dont need counter evidence when I have common sense. I dont need evidence to know that it’s wrong to rape children. Only a jew would need to be “convinced” that this is wrong.

        • Rolf

          You’re citing a shoddy study that used a sample size of only 62 men, all from a single city. On top of deliberately selecting men without sexual problems – so if there would have been any men with circumcision-related sexual problems, they would have been excluded from this study from the get-go.

          A study that criticizes and politely refutes the study you cited:

      • Harrison Taylor

        actually, they sell the foreskins to make skin cremes. I hear that they can make like 100k from each foreskin during the life of it through the product cycle.

        But yeah it was jews first, then christians, then capitalism.

    • Sargi

      I love the projection. “It has nothing to do with Jews, only capitalist pigs”. It’s both stupid.

      • free_peach

        It is Bolshevism boogeyman, surprisingly there is still people trying to meme it in 2019 when we all know the real culprits of this abhorrent practice.

    • free_peach
  • Major Matt Mason

    Hear about the mohel who only circumcises elephants?

    The pay isn’t very good, but…

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    The tips are big.


    • Bullshit_Latin_Phrase2931

  • Crash

    Ought to be made a capital crime.

    • Flat Iron

      Circumcisers should hunted down and executed on the same day as the trial, all on TV for family entertainment

  • Good point! I like his expression in the fourth panel.

  • Ukanolfkov

    Our body our choice men should not be circumcised without their permission. Period.

  • Bonkey Donk

    They want our smegma cock cheese!

  • ac05jn
  • don quixotes fetid corpse


  • StephenFoster

    A child can’t consent, I.E. don’t do it.

  • CornCup

    Is this normal? I come from a background where this isn’t even a question that gets brought up, like if we are even asked the answer is automatically no

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