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...these (wrist) wounds will not heeeaaaaaallll...


I have never ever met an atheist/paganist/wiccanist/etc. that wasn’t one in order to be 3 edgy 5 me. They’re not religions, they’re adolescent methods for trying to get under someone’s skin.

Also veganism. Veganism isn’t considered a edgy ‘religion’…but it damn well should be.

I am an atheist and a lot of us aren’t atheists to be edgy. As for satanists, well they don’t actually believe in satan, they just use satan to piss off christians.

Anton LaVey was a carnival conman who re-invented Satanism to trick hippy dippy college chicks into getting naked.

His buddy Thomas Aquinas was a CIA spook and pedophile who went on to create the Temple of Set, the $cientology of Satanism.

Peter Gilmore keeps the CoS on life support because its an easy 200 bucks to swindle off edgy atheists for a little red card, membership for an organization that NO LONGER EXISTS.


The Satanic Temple is an Antifa front group whose sole purpose is to use frivolous lawsuits to harass Christians. At last Anton was just dicking around. These fuckers are pure evil.

Grow up. Satanists are scum, have always been scum, and always will be scum.

I am a satanist, and I really believe in my gods. Usually I have no problem with christians (but much more with muslims, heh). And yes, all religions are largely cruel in essence (and mine, in some way). There are no “good gods” – unless everyone don’t cares about these gods, of course. And if someone talks about “peace and goodness” – they lies.
But I understand what you are talking about.

(I am sorry, my English is poor, so I use google translate, please be kind to my mistakes.)

Pseudo-intellectual justifications for why you’re a godless faggot.

“Godless faggot”?)) You’re funny) Some arguments maybe? No?

I used to be active in some online atheist communities. The reaction I saw after 9/11 was very sobering.

Before: “Religious people are uneducated idiot zealots and we hold them in contempt. They’re the stupid superstitious villagers who wanted to kill Dr. Frankenstein.”
After: “Except for the poor misunderstood Moslems, who would happily stone us to death for denying Allah if we were to say we were atheists in public in Tehran or Mecca or Islamabad. Billionaire oil sheikhs and hereditary aristocrats are VICTIMS of Western imperialist blah blah blah BLAH blah blah blah…”

But then I always found it ironic that people whose obvious life philosophy, when you look at what they do rather than what they say, is to become the Randian ├ťbermensch, tend to be emotionally attached to the idea of gaining the approval of a deity, while those most vehemently opposed to these things instead make a little tin god of the State, or Society, or, even less satisfactory, the vague conceptual ideal of “mankind.” (“Oh, I love mankind! It’s people I can’t stand.”) I always thought it’d be more consistent if those were reversed.

And don’t get me started on my astonishment that White men who claim to be racially aware put their faith in a belief system that says Africans and Mexicans and all the rest of the Third World invaders have some kind of invisible, intangible something called a “soul” that is as valuable to God as yours or mine, therefore we are obligated to turn the other cheek and kneel beside the ditch with our heads bowed in submission rather than raise a hand in our own defense. Asatru folk are a little more consistent here, but I never met one who seemed to me to be serious and not playing a game of “Let’s Pretend to be Pagans.”

Me, I put my faith in my people and my people alone. It’s not always rewarding and it gets pretty lonely sometimes. But then, two and two make four regardless of how we feel about it, or whether another figure would be more personally convenient for us.

Your comments, your excellent comments.

To quote some wigger somewhere who’s “culturally appropriated” Ebonics and its phrasings and blended it in w/Millenial-speak … “Yo Bro I Luv Ya (No Homo)”. Whoever “Stonetoss” is, he approves your being here; I know I do.

> And don’t get me started on my astonishment that White men who claim to be racially aware put their faith in a belief system that says Africans and Mexicans and all the rest of the Third World invaders have some kind of invisible, intangible something called a “soul”

Why is that hard to believe? Enemies are enemies, whether they have souls or no. Forgiveness and mercy are two very different things.

Besides, part of the reason we want to turn them away from white civilization is so that they can go home and make their own civilization better. They benefit from this as much as we do.

All of recorded history suggests that if they were capable of making a civilization of their own at all–never mind a better one–they’d have done so at some point in the last quarter of a million years.

If such a thing as a “soul” exists that elevates our kind above the beasts, subhumans don’t have it. Which is just as well, because such a thing would lead the Usual Suspects down irrelevant paths, decrying the immorality of pest control.

Christ taught to help yourself before you help others
“Pull the plank out of your own eye before pulling the speck out of your brothers’ ”
None of christ’s teachings, as far as I know, conflict with the idea of homogeneous ethnostates.

Turning the other cheek toward a personal attack is a source of power, to fail to execute a duty to defend civilization is something else entirely.

TRVTH, if you look at the content of christ’s teachings and the contexts in which he applies them, it is obvious that you strawman what he said. He’s teaching personal ethics and conduct that God expects from every human being, not a system of governance.

And I’m guessing you’re a poorly-informed “Wotanist” or Neo-Norse Pagan?

Tell me, have you made a trip to the temple in Uppsala recently?
How many conquests have you made?
How many battles have you fought?

I’m sure you’d compare yourself to Ragnar Lodbrok (A real viking who sacked paris) or his son Siggurd Snake-in-the-eye by muttering something about pure nordic genes, alluding to ancient viking conquests (Something-something heritage), but in reality your false gods wouldn’t even consider your desire to enter Valhalla.

“By their fruits you shall know them”

Pagan? No. I have met some neo-Pagans. As I said, every single one of them seemed like a small child playing a game of Let’s Pretend. They aren’t serious people. I can’t take them seriously.

As for me, personally? I have never seen a god, nor even heard a definition for the term that wasn’t at odds with logic, language, and what we know of the natural world, so I do not spend much time thinking about the concept. I read Mencken, Spengler, and Revilo P. Oliver rather more than Nietzsche or the Eddas, for whatever that is worth. What does that make me? That was a rhetorical question. I don’t care about labels.

Jesusism has its positive aspects, but they are nothing that did not exist among pagan Western cultures that preexisted Jesus and the Church for millennia, long before Jesusism–a foreign, Semitic splinter-cult–was imposed upon Europe’s people by the sword. And while, perhaps, it is possible that a temple of Jupiter in an Imperial Rome that survived longer might have condemned Giordano Bruno to be burned at the stake for his speculations about the stars, and they might have threatened Galileo Galilei with the same for heliocentric astronomy, at least they are likely to have couched their condemnations in terms of these concepts being offensive to their Gods, and spared their victims, and the population, from condescending claims that they were protecting the public good from dangerous witchcraft. Then, too, in Imperial Rome it was understood that human lives were not the priesthood’s to give or take, but, rather, the State’s, which might be a small improvement. Some Roman officials were as mad as any of the mad Emperors, but some were intelligent men who could have been reasoned with, which is more than can be said of Bellarmine and Madruzzo.

For this next bit I will, necessarily, paint in broad strokes, but hope that you take my point. Jesusism, or, rather, its high priests, taken in the aggregate over the past fifteen or sixteen centuries, seem to have an arrogant, grasping affinity for the levers of power that I find offensive, and historically I do not see quite so much of this in the pagan world. Popes for centuries declared themselves the final arbiters of all power in Europe. A thousand years ago, any shaman who strode into the palace of Harold Bluetooth and declared himself king of the world would have found himself hanging by his neck from the rafters before the laughter stopped.

In any event, as I said, I have never seen a god. It’s all so much swamp gas to me, but I hope I may be forgiven for noticing that followers of a certain Jew-derived faith that has become very powerful in the modern world have spent centuries demonstrating a most disagreeable sort of… oh, what’s that word I’m looking for? It’s an unpleasant trait, one combining arrogance and audacity. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Chutzpah. That’s the word.

But, to return to first principles: what I believe in is my people, who tamed the lightning, split the atom, and put a man on the Moon. I care about my people–White people. This is my race, my extended family. What encourages my people to flourish and protects them is good. What hinders or endangers my people is bad–and I count Jesusism, with all its talk of forgiveness and going to the cross as gentle as a lamb, obeying Caesar’s orders without so much as a word of reproach for your executioners, as a hindrance. What does not affect my people is not of interest to me. I don’t care about anyone else, not even enough to hate them, because hatred would require a level of interest and emotional investment that are not present. Factored into this is that the world has finite land and resources, therefore it is a zero-sum game.

If a nest of poisonous serpents were near your home, and one of them bit your child, destroying the nest and all others you could find would be the appropriate response. Elaborate oaths of revenge against one particular serpent would not be appropriate, productive, or rational.

Real atheists, as opposed to the fantasy atheists Christians talk about, have made enormous contributions to civilization:

You have to wonder why these atheists would have bothered if they suffered from the nihilism, despair, anomie, etc that atheism allegedly causes.

Those “fantasy atheists” you speak of, we call those college students who took Philosophy 101. They don’t lack a god figure they just worship themselves, they think they understand anything and everything simply because they were exposed to new ideas and concepts, yet they’re too stupid to understand why Pascal’s Wager is retarded and why Nihilism is self-destructive.

This actually kind of cringe

stfu cringefag go back to Reddit

woah it’s mr internet tough guy, I’m so scared. /sarcasm

Keep talking, everyone already knows how much of a retard you are. /cocksucker

Yeah what a retard. /ihavecommitedvariouswarcrimesinthemiddleeastandiwillbearrestedtommorowmorningbythefbiafteranattackonmyheadquarterslocatedinsaudiaarabialedtothediscoveryofmylocationandtheciatrackingitiwillnowbeinhidingforevoruntilmyhumanlifeisnonebutafaintmemoryinthebackofsomeonesphotoframeduetothepoorlifechoicesihavemade.

I’m not particularly spiritual, but the discipline required to have and maintain faith in a God, and apply said gods principles is difficult and requires regular practices of restraint and self control. Obviously not every “faith” requires stringent dedication, but Chaos and faith in the antithesis for the sake of spite requires none. It’s a purposeless poke in the eye, and serves nothing but the ego of the individual engaging in these borderline nihilistic practices.

NGL as a gay drag furry im so sorry the drag queen story hour thing exists, like, I really wanna appolize, IK I didn’t cause it, but still, im so sorry

You do realize that sodomy exists purely to destroy the nuclear family values
why do you think there are people who go out in the street and show how f**king perverted they are?

tis not a show of “pride” but of decadence

“You do realize that sodomy exists purely to destroy the nuclear family values”, I don’t care what your family is

That alone destorys your argument

Greek thought, whose main exponents are Plato and Aristotle, is the basis of European civilization, this quote comes from Plato’s symposium:

The pre-Abrahamic world knew the philosophers of the school of Athens such as Anaximander, Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle, Aristarchus, Socrates, whose thinking is the basis not only of European and World civilization, but is also the basis of philosophy in mathematics today

Satanists basically profess a heretical form of Christianity. They just differ from other Christians about the real hierarchy of the gods in their religion. I guess you could view the various founders of Satanist cults as low-rent versions of Martin Luther or John Calvin.

Completely wrong on every detail, except for the hatred of Christianity shared by Satanists and Atheists.
Satanists hate God, and rebel against Him.
Protestants hate the Pope, who is not just a man, but a very powerful politician who claims to speak for God, but often advocates for the adversary. (Especially the current office holder.)

Atheists give Christians the creeps because we look like an invasion of time travelers from an advanced civilization in the future – the “Jesus who?” age – after Christianity has disappeared.

You don’t give us the creeps. You thumb your noses at the basis of the only decent culture in the history of the world.
Athiests are nothing but anti-civilizational nihilists. At least the Muslims are open and honest in their hatred of us.

You are the first panel of this comic.

I’d love to say that there’s normal atheists who simply find the idea of a god ‘silly’ and ‘unrealistic’.
…But then I looked at the comments. Why do they all type like they just finished browsing Reddit after watching Rick & Morty?

Nazis are satanists in the truest form, I am not using either as a pejorative and they seem to combine chaos and order together.

Well god did say don’t be racist so….

The best evidence that God is anti-racist that I know of from my reading has been that God zapped people for criticizing Moses for taking on Zipporah as a wife.

And that has a lot of different interpretations.

And the rest of the bible doesn’t match the anti-racist argument.

God cares about people regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, and social status (Deuteronomy 10:17-19).
“God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right” (Acts 10:34-35).
“We were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one bodyÔÇöwhether
Jews or Gentiles, slave or freeÔÇöand we were all given the one Spirit to
drinkÔÇŁ (1 Corinthians 12:13).
“If you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakersÔÇŁ (James 2:9).
About the age to come, we see a heavenly picture: ÔÇťa great
multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes
and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the
LambÔÇŁ (Revelation 7:9-10).
Jesus removes hostility and introduces harmony (Ephesians 2:14-18).

whites mix with other races they become not white
asians are smarter than whites
blacks are stronger than whites
brown birth rates are higher than whites
jews are richer than whites
why are whites the superior race?

Asians are whipped dogs who are incapable of independent thinking.
Blacks are dumb violent apes who rely on White people to survive.
High birth rates are destructive and are only a result of poverty and stupidity.
Jews use nepotism to take advantage of the higher moral standards of their host nation. Anyone could do this.

Whites are superior because almost every innovation and advancement throughout history, and into today, accomplished by white people.

The White race is the one that produces the greatest men who advance civilization. Nikola Tesla was the greatest genius produced in the last 100 years while Albert Einstein was a fraud and falsely proclaimed to be great.

so white people are so dumb that they fall for Jews invented Marxism propaganda and that’s why the white suicide rate, alcoholism and drug addiction is so high.

Asians are less creative than whites and indeed produce lower scientific output per capita and per GDP.

Africans have lower strength density in their muscle mass than Europeans (There’s a reason all the world’s greatest lifters are germanic…)

Jews are better at capitalism. Then again, The real world isn’t capitalist. Zionist influencers just jiggered Europeans into adopting the weak system. Natural law still points to us.

I’m not a supremacist, but you did get all this wrong.

Every race has its advantages and disadvantages. I believe all the races on earth have value and uniqueness, and should be preserved in their own ethnostate.

Europeans are more vulnerable to sunlightEuropeans have a greater psychological tendency to align with and assist multi-ethnic empires which may contain them.
Africans have a greater psychological aversion to aligh with and assist multi-ethnic empires which may contain them.
Jews have greater non-geometric numerical reasoning skills.
Many different races have a variety of different adaptations that they’ve evolved over the hundreds of thousands (or tens of thousands, depending on what evolutionary background you believe humans have) since the origins of humankind from earlier hominids.

so white people are so dumb that they fall for Jews invented Marxism propaganda and that’s why the white suicide rate, alcoholism and drug addiction is so high..

I’ve read all the comments and there was no Nazis saying Christianity is a conspiracy by The Jew to Pussify and Cuck Whytes. I must say I’m very disappointed.

Great comic as usual, good commentary.
The rollover text though strikes me the wrong way…

Cutting is something people engage in to relieve stress. it’s addictive.

I don’t know of any correlation with satanism. Mostly it’s people with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt.

Speaking as someone who recovered from it.

Meanwhile, Christians/Muslims/Jews worship the same bloodthristy warlord god. one spreads his words through words and guile, one spreads through the sword and one through control. Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah watching his supposed kids killing each-other and other religious groups be like

>not understanding basic theology

>Believing in the same lies of the middle eastern god (who acknowledged existence of other gods but only ‘ME ME ME’ for him), who is not even native god of Indo-European people

So… worship nature and cut the hearts out of children to appease the Druids?

Yes, being a Christian is being a counter-revolutionary, it always has been. The Satanists (Jews) are succeeding in taking the world kicking and screaming straight to hell, and most Christians are so ignorant they think they’re their friends.
On YouTube search “Marching to Zion” by Framing the World for a documentary exposing them straight from their own mouths, you won’t regret watching it. To join the only fight that matters search for “the bible way to heaven” on YouTube by Sanderson1611.

The nicest guy I ever met was a satanist. Dude wore the standard 90s edgy satanist t-shirt and had the dumb haircut, but this guy had enough class to announce that he staying outside of a Church we got dragged to by the school to avoid offending any Christians and the priest.

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