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  • Ambassador Vader

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so dead on the money true.

    • rdococ

      Lying dipshit.

      • dakuhonoo

        you’re the lying dipshit here, there are thousands of uk citizenry arrested for their social media posts

  • Nepomucen

    I came here to say I absolutely love the sdskkksasngdshhgjgusdds joke

  • rdococ

    Literally the dumbest thing I’ve seen.

    • DēesseFortuna


    • Afs Don

      Nice job upvoting your own comment, you fucking NiggerFaggot.

      • imapotato

        just shows how his fans act (you a racist homophobe)

        • Afs Don

          So what you’re telling me is that you’re niggerfaggot too buddy ? LIKE OMG IM SOO HAPPY FOR U!!! U GO GURL! 🙂

        • Dr.Weird

          racism and homophobia are good things, you can tell because you’re a gay nigger and a total dipshit as a result.

    • Dr.Weird

      I like how you’re such a trite faggot that the only person you can get to agree with you is literally just you.

    • Niko Games

      How is this a dumb joke? Joke nonetheless.
      And you guys saying “This shows how his fans act bla bla” you aren’t acting very clever and smart either, are you? Yeah. cool.

  • Peter Piper

    Fun fact: George Orwell was an outspoken Marxist who participated in the Spanish Civil War and fought for the CNT-FAI, and gunned down fascists and racists like “Tom Jenkins”.

  • oh shit i’m going to jail

  • Afs Don

    Yes indeed i do.

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