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  • StonetossBannedMeOnce

    Looking forward to the day automation steals every job and robots are people.

  • Indra Kaw

    i lol’d

  • That’s funny right there.

  • StonetossBannedMeOnce

    Still a moron, tossy?

    • Martin

      Still assblasted, tranny?

      • Dabby Woods


    • Jackson Peds

      Up yours, trannyfaggot furry!

    • Chemical Brother

      Good, good, let the butt hurt flow through you!

    • co

      Adds suffix to sound cool

  • Albionic American

    Our elites have bet the country’s future on mentally inadequate people who can’t sustain an advanced civilization. The Food City supermarkets in Phoenix serve the Hispanic parts of town, and they don’t carry magazines, not even in Spanish, because the so-called New Americans don’t read:

    In fact I suspect this realization lies behind the proposal for a Green New Deal: Our elites want to simplify and dumb down the current energy system because they know that they won’t have enough of a smart fraction to run it when the country rolls over into a diversitarian dystopia in another couple generations.

    Nuclear power, especially, looks like the energy system of the mind from an Ayn Rand novel. It makes a high cognitive demand on a society, and it will have to go in the coming era of a dumb brown America.

    • Vincent Hart

      It would simply be one more item for them to steal, although the magazine racks are vanishing everywhere for a variety of reasons including poor sales.
      What’s most telling is the number of items locked in plastic cases due to undesirables stealing and reselling to corner stores. Most of THOSE businesses receive tax breaks, the owners buy stolen goods, and stock things like soda via EBT fraud.

      • Herman the German

        Don’t worry, here these magazine racks are vanishing as well(europe).
        That has something to do with people reading them less, but also because more people realized most magazines are just spreading lies.
        Many people stopped reading and buying them, the only reason their sales haven’t dropped to the bottom is because most doctors still get them to have something to read in their waiting rooms.
        Other than that, they would sell almost none at all nowadays.
        (also plastic cases became usual here too on stealable materials…)

  • QuickshooterMk2

    if only… these Spics cross the border and receive free welfare, education and healthcare

    all without lifting a finger, courtesy of uncle Schlomo…

    while in the Labor Market they fire hard working whites in order to make for the “affirmative action” quota…

    • UnforcastedStorm

      “these Spics cross the border and receive free welfare, education and healthcare.” They don’t, though.

      • QuickshooterMk2

        prove that they don’t jew

        • UnforcastedStorm

          Well, you said “cross the border”, so I think you have undocumented immigrants in mind, in other words, not US citizens, so they can’t get any of what you mentioned because, to my understanding, only US citizens are eligible for welfare, education, and healthcare.

  • NPC the Clown

    Man, Cyber Punk 2077 is really looking good.

    • Speg.

      Heh, Seems you need a consultant. Fuck pc culture evaporating the gaming world.

      • NPC the Clown

        Does not COMPUTE! @3$?×*-

        • JkvsCosby Memes Jtt

          Oh Clown world *white people laugh intensifies as an audience of the mentally unstable take their last breaths as they are submerged into a bottmless pit of socialist Americans to forever be laid upon*

  • i love the spanish, but i am glad they stay in america. we don’t really need them up here in canada. but they absolutely should be allowed access to any part of the us for no cost, it would be inhuman to deny them.

    • Griffin


    • Soviet_ Samuelson

      Would it be inhumane to not accept complete strangers into your house?

  • Mexibro

    Maybe if they were used to endure exhausting, back breaking labour for scraps they would be ideal candidates for the jobs.

  • TrueWOPR

    The left pays for mexicant’s, the right off-shoars to china.
    I welcome the automation uprising. The rest of you can just learn to code.

    • Lesbian

      learn to code is in the top 10 memes of all time

  • greg the libertarian lizard

    Haha, this is such a funny. I hate Mexicans! LOL! #FreeCrowder

  • Frans Cobben

    The Luddites in England in 1820 fought against mechanic weaving machines(without result, look at Manchester 1840)

  • Dr.controverse

    Robots don’t put millions of dollars into the economy, all while not taking advantage of social programs that require citizenship. :Forehead:

  • Blender (Futurama) is made in Mexico.

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