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It’s unfortunate that a bicep shot was the best Kyle could do from that angle, but then I realize he’ll be a right-armed left-hand masturbating gimp for the rest of this life and it does bring a smirk to my face.

Word is he’s back out rioting. $1000 to the hero who pings his left arm. I won’t be satisfied till he looks like Bob Oblong!!!

The irony that on a website that constantly makes comics about how violent the left is, you have people calling for violence.

America is a political cesspit and I’m glad to be out of there.

If Kyle grew up in a country run by white nationalists, he would have done normal teenage boy things like playing sports, learning how to pair up with girls and planning for his future as an adult. Only white nationalists offer to make life for white Americans like Kyle normal again.

more like (((kykle))). also white nationialism is a kosher project. don’t far for it. nationalism is also gay. Just become an anarchist. it’s way cooler and we have freedom.

No thanks. I prefer grown-up white women. The anarchist character Stavrogin in Dostoevsky’s novel (the title depends on the translator: The Possessed, The Devils or The Demons) confesses that he has a boner for underage girls, which goes to show that the anarchist world view attracted sexual predators from the very beginning.

I agree with him, I am also attracted to ‘underage girls’ that definition is arbitrary, they should have bodily autonomy and they actually enjoy sex.

It’s not a slippery slope, we gays just wanna get married. It’s not a slippery slope, we gays just wanna teach your kids our history of how we got married. It’s not a slippery slope, we gays just wanna teach your kids how we have sex with each other. It’s not a slippery slope, we gays just wanna have sex with your——

I am convinced that making claims about a “slippery slope fallacy” is itself a form of the strawman fallacy. Incrementalism has been a political tactic since time out of mind. Only small children ask for everything they want all at once.

Leftist intellectual (((Noam Chomsky))) said that intent can be inferred from predictable outcomes. When our opponents make their plans so obvious that even a child can see, we should believe what we see and not the shrill denials.

also stonetoss is a disnifo shill, the left doesn’t support gun rights, they only support them for (((workers))) and so they can kill rich people and them the supreme dictators takes all their guns after their commie utopia. The gun supporting thing was quotes taken out of context by marx.

Iraqis under Saddam’s regime could legally own firearms and ammo. For some reason America’s 2nd Amendment obsessives don’t want to discuss this anomaly to their claim that an armed citizenry keeps tyranny at bay.


Some say that Saddam was taken down was because he wanted to create a unified gold backed currency and erode the strength of the Petrol dollar. (It’s called that because you need American currency for oi).
Ghaddafi of Libya was also said to have been also attempting his own gold backed African-wide currency

Just some tidbits, a labor backed currency was also proven to work with NS Germany.

Why did Saddam constantly saber-rattle with the USA?

The US gov’t never made it clear what the motivation for attacking Iraq was, but it seemed to have a lot to do with Saddam constantly threatening and posturing against the USA.

Had he not done that then perhaps when Dubya said “Muh WMDzzzz!”, the American people would have responded with “Meh, Pakistan has nukes and we don’t care about that”

I believe Saddam wanted to challenge Iran for leadership of the populist anti-Western bloc within Islam. This required lots and lots of theatrics and publicity.

Perhaps he believed the US was bluffing and there would never be any real consequences other than the occasional random cruise missile bombing raid that never reduced his capacity or will to wage war and only made him look sympathetic to other Third Worlders.

Wasn’t Saddam fighting a long war with Iran that ended in pretty much a stalemate?

Kinda seems like Saddam was all alone in the islamic world as Iran fought a war against him, Kuwait worked with the USA to bankrupt him and trick him into starting the Gulf War, and Saudi Arabia went along with all of it.

I suppose that maybe Syria was in good with him, but did he even have any other arab/muzzie allies?

The Iraq-Iran war was in the 80s, and it may be where his rivalry with Iran started.

As for the Gulf War, I’m not sure anyone had to trick him into anything. I view it as a naked land grab. He was warned by the State Department that the US didn’t care about what happened between Iraq and Kuwait, but use of force would not be tolerated. I guess he took a calculated risk. I think he thought that the US, having just started the enormous drawdown at the end of the Cold War, where more than half the units in the US Army cased their colors, lacked the means to intervene meaningfully.

As for the Saudis, they had spent most of the Cold War with Saddam’s mechanized armies and their Soviet advisors just across their border, and it was assumed that in the event of a war in Europe between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, Soviet paratroopers flying out of southern Iraq would seize key ports and then Iraqi mechanized and armored spearheads would, over the course of several days, link up with them, There would be minimal meaningful resistance by the Saudi military, with which Western analysts were a lot more familiar than Saddam’s, and who, it was assumed, would drop their rifles and flee the instant the shooting started. Saudi Arabia would remain a Soviet conquest until the Marines and the 82nd Airborne came to bail them out.

And as another aside here, we see here one of the ideological divides in Islam. Shi’a hate the Sunnis, those who don’t have oil hate those who do, Arabs and Pakistanis hate each other, Arabs and Persians hate each other, Arabs and Berbers hate each other, and the Arab “socialist states” (that is, Soviet puppet Ba’ath-style regimes) hated the monarchies. The Arab world used to have a lot of monarchies, mostly set up by the British as they were abandoning their Empire after the war, almost all of which, inept, corrupt, and clueless about actually governing without British “advisors” and troops backing them up, got overthrown by the KGB almost immediately, mostly and replaced with Soviet-supported local strongmen like Saddam, Qaddafi, Nasser, and the Assads. Currently the only ones left are the Saudis, who are propped up by American troops and “advisors,” like the Shah was until Jimmy Carter and Cyrus Vance decided to pull the rug out from under him and throw him to the wolves, and Jordanians, who have no oil, so the Soviets didn’t see overthrowing the local royal family and setting up a local puppet government as not a viable expenditure of resources.

Anyway. As it happens, Saddam guessed wrong, and the world got to see the big secret behind decades of Israeli military success: they were fighting Arabs. Strange though it sounds now, during the Cold War, Western analysts for the longest time had this idea that Soviet client states in the Middle East like Syria and Libya and Iraq had powerful militaries, armed with the latest in Soviet gear, “trained to Soviet standards, in Soviet doctrine” and not a cowardly, inept rabble of illiterate Third World peasant conscripts. Right up until the shooting started it was believed that the Iraqis would fight efficiently and effectively instead of dropping their rifles and fleeing. That having been said, I must suspect that, had the balloon gone up in the 1970s or 1980s, Eighth Guards Tank Army and Third Shock Army would have given a much better account of themselves. I suspect the North Koreans might today.

Iraq and Syria both had Ba’athist regimes and were closely allied, and more distantly allied with Libya. All had lots and lots of Soviet advisors at any given time–the beginning of the air phase of the Gulf War had to be delayed while thousands of Soviet advisors evacuated Baghdad, which was not a big enough hint for Saddam to grasp that perhaps he’d erred gravely, nor were diplomatic messages from the Soviet ambassador telling him that the Yankees weren’t bluffing and perhaps he should cool it while he still had a country. He also gave lots of money and weapons to Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations in what could have been an attempt to curry favor with the fickle mobs of Cairo and Beirut.

The sense of impending conflict means business is picking up at the capital’s 43 gun shops

How many gun shops does Washington, DC have?

Shotguns here go for just $100; Iraqi-made “Tariq” 7.65 mm pistols cost
$200. AK-47 assault rifles, the same gun being offered to Baath Party
members, sell for $250.

These prices astonish me. How could Saddam’s Iraq have been so much more into Gun Culture than America?

I mean personally i think the nationalist model could work with potential re-education of groups/races that the system contradicts and in the case of said groups refusing or unable to be re-educated/re-cultured they can simply be deported/ejected from society so as to avoid their beliefs/views from becoming an opposer to the system. Creating the political and physical infrastructure for such a project would also be useful for dealing with white trash. Although you could run such a project in a completely separate political system (Hell, even the typical EU government could pull it off if they wanted to try and deal with their current problem), it would definitely be easier through a nationalist government though.

We ran that experiment for the last 150 years. It failed.
Deport them all by any means necessary. Trebuchet works for me.

Lol, your experiment is not include them in society for the most time and then give them possibility live without doing anything? Look at Russia, despite 100 years of commies that tried to destroy russian nation, almost all natives in Russia assimilated in russian culture.

Demanding equal behavior from people who are not your equals is unjust and unfair. The Negro has an average IQ of 55 and is not capable of contributing to society by any means requiring greater capacity for abstract thought than picking the white bits off the cotton plant and stuffing them in a bag–and this only if a White man with a whip watches over them and reminds them firmly to get back to work whenever their tiny monkey minds wander. We tried for generations to hold them to human standards. They have proven conclusively are not capable of behaving like human beings or integrating into a human society.

But if you are telling us that Russia is better at integrating minorities, please come and take all thirty million of them. You are welcome to them.

please explain

He missed.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

“Fvck around, find out.”

that’s cringe bro, don’t use cringe slogans like that

HAHAH who made this?

I thought you were an anarchist? Turns out you’re just another Fed.

I’m not a communist though

They released a lion that they can no longer control. Now they are paying the consequences.

Kyle did nothing wrong.
If they had taken him down, they would have killed him too, or do you think a pedophile and a domestic abuser would have had the moral considerations not to murder him in a moment of pure rage.

I wonder if all the chaos they are making was really worth it, did it really help the cause? Did it really show that black lives matter? really the “motivation” (and I put it in quotes because it is not) of the Protestants is to show the world that violence is wrong?
No, they didn’t, all of this just let them see what a buch of hypocrites they are.

Just look at him, does he seem like the kind of person who would murder someone for pleasure? The others on the other side …

cmon my hispanic brotha, why don’t you want open borders? why you turn on your own people like this? Most whites want open borders in america now too so now’s our chance.

Most whites DO NOT want open borders. Jews, suicidal bleeding hearts and non-white degenerates would want open borders for white built nations.

you sound like you have 24 chromosomes.

You missed out the mega-corporations on those that want open borders.

Strange, isn’t it? The Left has been obsessed for 60+ years with an idea called “the military industrial complex,” which holds that captains of industry, high ranking military officers, and others in the civil service are conspiring to subvert and undermine democracy and disconnect public policy from the results of elections.

Since–I will give an approximate beginning year for it as 2006–people on the Right in the US have apprehended the existence of a very real conspiracy of high-ranking civil servants and Left Coast tech billionaires to subvert and undermine democracy and disconnect public policy from the results of elections, “the Deep State.” Does the Left congratulate us for coming around to their way of thinking and acknowledging that the threat is real? No. They call it a “conspiracy theory.”

Every year that passes seems to increase the amount of cognitive dissonance it requires to be a Commie.

I think at least some of them have some knowledge of history–and imagine that they’re going to be the ones with big shiny “Committee for State Security” badges and platoons of thugs at their beck and call, to get back at everyone who made fun of them in school.

They’re evil and insane, I think. Whether they are also ignorant, in the aggregate, is irrelevant. They’ve made their choice and have decided not to be reached.

Stonetoss, hard-earned and well-earned congratulations.

You made the line-up on which is angling to supplant Drudge as the go-to site for ordinary common-sense conservatives (as opposed to Repvblican Inc.)

You’ll know you’ve REALLY made it when the J-MSM does a hit piece on you, like they’ve done to Sabo (L.A. based conservative “street artist”), to Andrew Anglin, to anybody who’s able to connect with non-leftists who are still young or (at worst) middle-aged. You’re literally a lifeline here in the Great Clown World of the West where a Scottish university … Scotland! … has re-named a building from Anglo-Scots Age-of-Reason philosopher Hume … to U.S. drug addict and porn actor George Floyd:

Get your ducks in a row and prepare a strategy because … sooner than later with your exploding popularity … the MSM will doxx you and lay out a hit piece.

I just found out about David Hume a few days ago when I was reading a book of his in the bookstore. interesting. He’s a communist though, he’s a modernist and promotes communism and is anti-private property. don’t fall for it,

Once again proving, as if previous experience were insufficient, that you are not just a low grade moron, but a liar.

David Hume was a contemporary of Adam Smith, and created a logical, reasoned discourse on the need for private property, and the abhorrence of equalitarianism.

The only sad thing about this picture is that Kyle missed the lethal spots.

Am I the only one who remembers the black lives matter mass shooter?

He targeted, shot, and killed white people during a 2016 protest. 5 dead, 9 injured.

It’s well past time to declare both Antifa and BLM to be terrorist organizations.

The only problem I can see with this is that it would leave a great many small business owners with no relief and no legal recourse. Most insurance policies contain clauses buried in the fine print exempting them from paying out for “acts of terrorism.”

hurr hating women is based durrr, worship our teenage murderer kyle rittencuck drrrr

Seethe, incel.

Nothing wrong with being a ‘pedo’. Doesn’t mean you molest children. Even if he did, did the child consent? Children should be allowed to consent, it is moral. A ‘wfiebeater’? Did his wife hit him first, then it was justified. I agree though stealing is bad.

In Denmark, 83 percent of voters supported a ban on circumcising boys, yet because it might offend the Jews the government refused to ban it or even debate it.

6,000 people out of 6,5 million, 0.009 percent of the population, were able to shut down all debate about it by claiming victimhood… unbelievable

At first I thought Kyle was based but he is just another police cuck

The “authorities” should not be surprised in the least when they abandon their most basic responsibilities under the social contract, then see people appear and organize spontaneously and organically to do what the State either cannot or will not do.

Our rulers allow rioting, arson, and murder to go unchecked for months. If you were trying to ensure the formation and emergence of an American Freikorps, you could not make a better plan.

You aren’t wrong. Also, in the legal term, there is the concept “disparity of force.”

He was alone and outnumbered against a mob that numbered in the dozens, that were shouting their intent to kill him. With such numbers, even if they had been unarmed, they could easily have overwhelmed him in a moment and killed him, had he not resisted. And they were not unarmed. One in the mob had a handgun and tried to kill him with it. Video made during the incident shows numerous gunshots–most of which Kyle did not fire. People were apparently shooting at him. One tried to bludgeon him with a skateboard with steel wheel trucks and could easily have brained him if he’d hit at just the right angle. Numerous Molotov cocktails were present as well.

Would a reasonable man have feared for his life against such an armed mob? Of course. That is the essence of self-defense law in cases involving lethal force.

Not only should Kyle Rittenhouse be free, he should get a parade and the key to the city.

They only support it as a means for destabilization. The doctrinaires will always want control over the masses in the end, when they realize masses don’t do as envisioned. And for that they will need to make sure only their supporters are armed. If they have their way, they will keep losing support and to keep power they will need to keep disarming the people while arming the police, special services and military.

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