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  • Maru54

    I looked it up and during ep I he was actually 9

  • Nikola Smolenski

    Don’t worry, he will become gay in a sequel.

  • Hollyweird just doing its thing, like it always does.

    You don’t blame a dog for being rabid. But you do shoot it.

    • Myure


    • RhapsodyInCrimson

      why did you have to make it pollitical

  • NPC the Clown

    Just remember he was a slave child that was told by men if he was an angle.

  • Rainy Haze

    so many nazis

    • Anon
      • Moving Urbanly

        as a worse than nazi Christian who believes in the extermination of these satanists….I condone this meme projected warp speed into every tranny and techie’s feeble mind

        • Shay Vicemerski

          You maybe aren’t technically a nazi, but I can understand what those people mean.

          Nazies had a belief were everyone who arent ‘beneficial’ to the state/nation should be eradicate. Thrown out. expelled or kicked or killed.

          Some people here follow a certain train of thought where those who have different thoughts, or certain characteristics, they should be exterminated. For the good of the nation or what not.

          They are wrong at calling you nazi. Its technically not true. The people who say that just try to make a connection between you and actual nazis who are universally hated. Or at least hated by the *majority*. Happens to be that some people here actually identify with them so its not a big of an insult to them. Its just that most people couldn’t grasp a person who identifies with nazis.

          • EnvyReaper

            Because they were a retarded ass political party that let a druggie take over and throw their country into a civil war whilst pissing off most of the other major world powers at that time

          • Divosa Uplanovytch

            You just described most commies

          • free_peach

            You confused “not beneficial” with “parasitic and downright pernicious”.

      • stoner tard

    • Mr.Sixes

      No one cares Rain

    • HailTheGodTwains

      Yes, Stonetoss is secretly 80 years old.

    • Bandit Keith

      sieg heil bitch

    • Rando Numba Nine

      Yes and?

  • Anon
  • Mr.Sixes

    Remember padme is only suppose to be like 4 years older, it’s still weird but not as much as having adult Natalie Portman hit on 10 year old Jake Lloyd

    • It’s still weird. Girls always go for older boys.

      • Oh… I wish my crush who is 7 years older than me went for me

      • the real deal meal

        “X always does Y”
        Said despite X provably doing Z

        • Whatever.
          5% are crazier than a barrel full of shaved monkeys, too.

      • Zimriel

        Until they get out of college with that Education degree and teach their first class of 15 year old boys. . .

      • don quixotes fetid corpse

        Till they hit the wall.

    • Carlos Navia

      No, wasn’t Padme already Queen Amidala by then? She was just pretending to be a younger lady in waiting at first. So she not only had gone through puberty, but had already been old enough to inherit the title of princess of Naboo. Its an elementary school boy dating a high school girl, that’s what makes it weird. Although perhaps that’s why even at 9 they make Anakin do some grown up stuff due to being the chosen one. So perhaps avoiding the temptation of being a chad in 4th grade with a gf princess in high school is part of the Jedi training too?

      Of course, the Jedis were all rumored to be pedos in the first place, and the Siths instead do leave descendants? That is, if Ep 9 is not erased from your memory yet, lel. At any rate, the Jedis are kind of right in abstinence, avoid conflict of interest; just needed to be meaner virgins and destroy the Siths that could not be reformed, for some reason the dark side was always one step ahead… Luke changed that paradigm, both a chosen one and one that hard labored on his hero journey. i think thus the Jedi downfall was the stupid commitment to the Republic, what else would fall apart in 30 years…

      • Mr.Sixes

        Yes, but in time of emergency and if there’s no other rulers(I.E. parents dead), a queen can be named when she’s younger. Also There’s nothing in the known laws of Naboo that says 14 is too young to be named queen or it’s irregular even to be that young when named monarch. So trying to use our laws and logic makes no sense to me man.

        • Carlos Navia

          Well guess Naboo is fictional, that’s why I didn’t know it had laws or that Padme was officially 14. Probably some backstory book explains it, in the now discarded EU, I don’t recall it from the movie.

          At any rate, of course Padme could be queen as a teen, there have been child kings and queens in reality too. However most if not all underage rulers have had regents, but Queen Amidala didn’t, she was old enough to participate in the Republican Senate and engage in combat. She didn’t appear like 14 either, more like 16 at least. So idk… but at any rate most romance happens when they’re both adults in ep 2. It’s still weird enough in Ep 1 to be funny though.
          Plus, there’s less taboos in the star wars universe. Interspecies, robotlove, lel…

          • Clawfoot King

   says Padme was born 46 BBY and Anakin 41 BBY so there would be a 5-year difference, so when he’s 10 she’s be 15.

          • Carlos Navia

            Right, it’s easy to explain away whatever did not make sense afterwards on the wikis or books. Doesn’t mean the movies themselves are fixed.

          • MychaelDarklighter

            They don’t need “fixing” It was always this way.

          • Carlos Navia

            Same difference. It was still weirdly portrayed in the movie.

  • Squidz Mackenzie
    • Arthur Hitchens


    • Nice pfp, Dominance of the Canadians over all.

    • Zimriel

      Four up, four down ratings.
      Yeah, I’m torn too. On the one hand, edgy. On the other hand, Gen Xers still into edgy are approaching Boomer levels of cringe.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Did you know this junkyard slave
    Isn’t even old enough to shave
    But he can use the Force they say
    Ahh, do you see him hitting on the queen
    Though he’s just nine and she’s fourteen
    Yeah, he’s probably gonna marry her someday

  • BA-Goatfucker
  • misterYo


  • FunFact_IDontGiveAFuck


  • DatBoi

    I’m pretty sure she’s twelve and they don’t start going at it until Attack of the Clones.

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    Well, that explains the anger.

  • Steffen

    I know it’s wrong. But I probably wouldn’t have minded.

  • MychaelDarklighter

    To be fair, she is fourteen. And they don’t fall in love until he is twenty and she’s twenty-four.

    • Carlos Navia

      Yeah she definitely looked her age, and so did he. Lolol not.

      Also the beginnings are there in the first episode, with some subtleness but there. Though yeah they really only fall in love later when adults. They probably would have started earlier if Anakin hadn’t started celibate Jedi training. Which in hindsight may have been the wrong choice, after all he was too old to start training.

      But then again, the other reading is that stonetoss mocks that Padme was older, and Anakin followed and fell from the Jedi, his natural mighty Force power twisted into the Dark Side for their impossible love… kind of like men thinking it works out when the woman is older, not usually.

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