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  • Pete Zaitcev

    Uh-oh. Someone watched Nobita’s “3 Questions For Black People”.

  • no like that 😉

  • RutilantBossi

    Cherry picking facts ? We love that game on this website don’t we ? To do an analogy, Italians used to top those statistics in 1900-1930, why ? Poor education and poverty, then a guy, an Italian, called Amedeo Giannini, founded the bank of America which was very generous to fellow Italians and with Money they had access to higher education, guess what happened ? Italians are now one of the top earning ethnicity, earning more than english americans, german americans, chinese americans, Japanese americans, German americans, but you know what’s funny, they’re still behind an ethnicity which isn’t very liked on this website isn’t it ? Iranians and Arabs, Muslims basically. Also Nigerian americans who didn’t have slaves ancestors earns as much as your average German american, as your average Schmidt, also, their crime records are very low, you want to know why ? They have money because Slavery didn’t affect them to this day, having a terrible legacy which directly affected people until 1960, without that terrible legacy they made fortune having a base to work with, and with the money they made they get a decent education and avoid crime… There’s much more behind statistics than just numbers, those are true of course but it’s not a genetic factor, it never is when talking about modern society, it’s is a good thing to know why those statistics are like this, what’s “behind” those numbers.

    • Kawaii Kitsune III

      The poorest White neighborhood (Beattyville, KY) has a lower crime (per capita) rate than the richest Black neighborhood (View Park-Windsor Hills, CA)

      • Ihateweeaboos

        This is absolutely retarded when the actual residents of Windsor Hills don’t commit the crimes. Windsor Hills is right next to some of the poorest and most dangerous areas in LA and their criminals love to attempt robbery in the closest areas with money. Beattyville, KY is not only dirt cheap to live in, but everyone is spread out with their own large plots of land.

        You are comparing the country with an urban area.

        • Rahxephon

          No, we’re comparing humans with animals. We’re not the same species. They will be deported or destroyed.

          • Ihateweeaboos

            This is your mind on anime and the Japanese philosophy. You are nothing, but a puppet for racialism propaganda and probably jerk off to anime girls as part of your brainwashing.

          • Rahxephon

            Not an argument. Nothing you’ve said has anything whatsoever to do with anything we’ve discussed. You were proven wrong. Everything you said is a lie. We’re not the same species. All genetics research shows this.

            P A S T E B I N

            Genetics: Fz5LCmfh
            Diversity: zezXUrNg
            Immigration: 4f23NfnR
            Genocide: qWFSd330
            Myths: I M G U R a/YO289

          • Ihateweeaboos

            FST measurements in your pastebin is wrong and the some of the sources are not only out of date, but locked behind a paywall.

            You tried to deflect my original statement by detracting into what is deemed human and hat was not an argument. If we are going to play the game of deflection I’m just going to point out how much of a retarded weeb you are until you get frustrated and go worship your Japanese masters.

          • Rahxephon

            No, the measurements taken by geneticists themselves aren’t wrong. The five “races” of humanity are separate species. You have no argument whatsoever. Reported for nonsensical, off-topic spam, replying to things that weren’t even said and trying to move the goalposts.

          • Ihateweeaboos

            Very few are geneticists, if any. Looking at the authors most seem to be anthropologists. Research papers are just that, research papers. There needs to be more vetting and research before it is deemed scientific fact. A large portion of research studies are proven false and most can’t be replicated.

            You dumb weeb. The lack of zinc from chronic masturbation is fucking with your brain.

          • Rahxephon

            Reported for absolutely no intention of holding a conversation, being nothing more than a gimmick account, and for paid shilling.

          • Ihateweeaboos

            Yes censor me because I BTFO your stance and called you out for being a brainwashed weeb. You idiots hide from the truth and constantly try to cover it up.

        • Ania Toblerone

          So no matter where blacks are, whether a rich or poor nieghborhood, it’s always someone else doing the crime, not them. Uh huh, got it…

    • Rahxephon

      You’re mentally ill. Go live in Africa if it’s whitey’s fault that blacks in America are rapists, thieves, and degenerates.

  • Chris Redfield

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