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  • Ebola

    BROKE: Pro life and pro choice
    WOKE: What race is it?

  • Iustin Vioara

    Excuse me for being dumb but I don’t get it

    • Alistair Grove

      Planned Parenthood was established to kill black babies by an avowed racist. So of course a “confederate” would approve.

      • TRVTH

        Well… “racist” and “racism” are nonsense words. Pattern recognition is part of what it means to be human.

        More to the point, human beings are inherently, instinctively, tribal and territorial. It is grotesque to pretend otherwise.

        • Dan Goldman

          nonesense words in what sense?

          • “Racist” means a Liberal disagrees with you or doesn’t like you. Except when it has no more meaning than dogs barking because they heard other dogs barking.

          • TRVTH

            Essentially. It’s an attempt to pathologize normal healthy human thought. In the 21st Century “racism” has become the equivalent, culturally, politically, and legally, of accusations of witchcraft.

        • Alistair Grove

          There is a difference between pattern recognition and wanting to kill babies. Also, yes we are tribal, but tribe doesn’t have to be on ethnic grounds. We have a lot of options there.

          • TRVTH

            I’m not saying I want to kill babies–Gosnell did that, not I. That having been said, pattern recognition allows me to see that nits grow up to be lice, and he did society an enormous service. A million men like him would fix a lot of the problems in Ameri-Kwa.

            As for the rest, a race is an extended family, no more, no less. Our instincts tell us to favor our people over others, because this gives our own genes the greatest chance to thrive. If a tribe is not a people sharing a common birth and origin, I do not know what the word means. “Nation” comes from the Latin “nasci” and “nat,” meaning “birth.”

          • Alistair Grove

            Babies aren’t problems. Single mothers are. That’s what needs fixing.

          • TRVTH

            A foreign culture incompatible with ours is the problem. Diversity plus proximity always equals war, and the longer a state keeps the lid on, the bigger the eventual detonation.

            Culture is downstream of biology. Man creates culture, culture does not create man. Each breed of humanity creates the best civilization of which it is capable. Skyscrapers or mud huts. Choose one. Choose carefully. Trying to combine the two gives you mud huts. See also, Detroit.

          • Alistair Grove

            True. Though it isn’t a purely one way street. Culture does shape men, or at least the ones that come along after. It’s way we get the strong men/civilization cycle.

            As for your question, I would obviously go with the sky cocks.

      • Jay Zed

        Fake and gay. Nogs are impulsive and kill their babies, it had nothing to do with the founder of Planned Parenthood.

        • Alistair Grove

          Then it was established to make it easier, even if they were doing it anyway. Same difference.

    • ihaveabomb

      Abortion impacts African Americans at a higher rate than any other population group. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an Abortion Surveillance Report. According to that report, black women make up 14 percent of the childbearing population. Yet, 36 percent of all abortions were obtained by black women. At a ratio of 474 abortions per 1,000 live births, black women have the highest ratio of any group in the country.

      • QuickshooterMk4

        black women make up 14 percent of the childbearing population. Yet, 36 percent of all abortions were obtained by black women. At a ratio of 474 abortions per 1,000 live births, black women have the highest ratio of any group in the country.

        so many murders, robberies, r*apes and other crimes prevented…
        i salute these brave negro women for being crime fighters at it’s inception

        • Pink Axolotl

          Killing babies is not “preventing crime”, raising them with values and principles on the other hand …

          If your argument to determine whether or not the life of a baby should see the light is based on the social context of the parents or the community to which they belong (regardless of whether their community has a huge rate of violence) then you have arrived to the point where in the name of nationalism / patriotism you cauterize your conscience to endorse such an aberration, which in this case is to murder the most innocent beings on the planet. Cynicism at its best.

          • TRVTH

            “Babies” are human. These were all Africans, carried by African-in-America mothers who found their existence inconvenient and went to Gosnell, De ‘Bortion Man, to de-pregnant-ize them so that they could go back to turning tricks and smoking crack cocaine. No humans were involved here, except at the end, when Gosnell’s business practices even sickened the illiterate street junkies he hired to tell his customers they were “nurses” and one of them dropped a dime on him and the cops came for him. Why are you blaming Whitey? How is any of this Whitey’s fault? This is how they have always treated one another whenever White cops with guns don’t hold them at gunpoint and force them to play nice.

          • Pink Axolotl

            I do not know Gosnell’s story, but my comment is not about him or his actions unknown to me.
            I am talking about abortion itself, I am not interested in who is doing it.

            Clear up my doubts, I don’t want to make any asumption:
            Do you think Africans are human?
            Do you think babies are human?
            Do you think killing unconscious humans is considered murder? In this case, killing a fetus, a baby in the mother’s womb (and I’m not talking about people in a vegetative state from which they will never emerge, that’s another matter).
            Do you think whites are superior to other races?

          • TRVTH

            Human babies are human. If Africans were human they’d act like it. If they were human they’d have an average IQ over 55. If they were human they would have invented the wheel or a system of writing. If they were human they’d either not commit almost all the violent crime in every place they’re permitted to infest, even when they’re tiny minorities, or they would at least take responsibility for it–but they say they’re not capable, which means they’re not moral actors and don’t have human moral standing, and I take them at their word. So no. They’re on the same level as any other invasive pest species of vicious animals.

            And if you don’t think White civilization is superior, why don’t you go live in Guatemala or Ghana or Bangladesh, to escape from “racisms?” Why does the whole world want to live in the nations White men built?

          • The Krampus, el banano que viv

            You are blatantly lying, everything you are saying can be easily disproved. Larpers like yourself are a cancer to fascism, swallowing jewish lies as food.

          • TRVTH

            Open the window, get out of Mom’s basement, and look at the TNB on display everywhere Africans-in-America are, then tell me again that you doubt that Gosnell did civilization a service.

          • QuickshooterMk4

            Nice alt (((bloodstorm)))
            i guess shilling for pedophilia made you nuke your own account?

        • TRVTH
    • This person wants non white fetuses to be aborted, because non whites are inferior to whites

      • True. Especially in the USA, where they shouldn’t be in the first place. What’s your point?
        Do you often point up and declaim that the sky is blue, or remind passing strangers that water is wet?

        • The point of my comment was to explain the joke to Iustin Vioara. Also, I disagree that non whites are inferior to whites.

          • That’s OK. You can be wrong.

          • Pink Axolotl

            I agree with most of the things stonetoss says, but he’s completely wrong on this. The genocide of babies is not justifiable in any context, “termination of pregnancy” or “population control” are euphemisms for what is done in genocidal clinics.
            But also what this comic implies is that the murder of babies is justifiable depending on the ethnic group to which they belong. Killing a baby because of the parents’ mistakes is evil. Blacks don’t commit as many crimes because they are black and systematic genocide is not going to stop that problem.

          • TRVTH

            If you waved a magic wand and removed all Africans-in-America from the continent, you’d reduce the violent crime rate in the US by over half. Removing Mestizos of Latin American descent would reduce the violent crime rate by over half of what remained. The violent crime rate in the US would go down to what it was before the First World War.

  • Jim Crow
    • Alberto Soares


    • Shieftain

      lol that looks like it’s drawn over a screenshot from the last of us 2

  • Albionic American

    We need to press our adversaries in every public forum to give us straight answers about the F-word: What do they want regarding the flourishing of normal white people? Because right now, only white nationalists offer to defend white people’s interests.

  • Abortion is the leading cause of death among blacks. Proof that they’re doing the jobs we decent folks don’t want to do.

  • Major Matt Mason

    “Hi-ho, Kermit the Gosnell here!”

    • TRVTH

      I was originally shocked and disgusted to hear what he’d been accused of. Then I learned who his patients were, and I want to give him a medal.

      • Pink Axolotl

        Can you explain it to me?

        • TRVTH

          He’s stopped more crime than the city’s police department.

          • Pink Axolotl

            Doing what

          • TRVTH

            He had a lucrative career for many years of eliminating the cause of crime in Filthydelphia: Africans.

  • last two weeks havent been good for stonetoss, gotta make some more hits

  • Pink Axolotl

    Aboritist Doctors Are Legal Serial Killers

    • Sam Trevor

      They are 100% helping our demographics. Change Serial Killers to Heroes. Thanks.

      • Pink Axolotl

        Killing babies is not “helping our demographics”, it is justifying genocide by cynically trying to give it a political connotation. Talk about theory all you want, give the act the attributes you want, but you can never, ever justify the aberration that takes place every day in abortion “clinics”. After you see what was done in that place … the euphemisms you assign to abortion, be it “interruption of pregnancy”, or “demographic control” crumble before the violation of the safest place on the planet with the most innocent beings that exist being killed by one more product of the evil human heart.

        • Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.

          • Pink Axolotl

            Of curse god

            Sure we have control of destiny hahahahaha, as if you have control of your own life.

        • TRVTH

          If there’s a nest of wasps in your back yard and they’re stinging your children, do you kill them? Or do you stay your hand because the insects are “innocent?” How about poisonous snakes? Are rabid dogs “innocent” too? Nits grow up to be lice.

          • Pink Axolotl

            I would be willing to kill all the animals you mentioned, but you made a mistake, and it was using born (and grown) animals to exemplify why the killing of unborn human babies is justifiable.

            An animal is not “innocent or guilty” because it is an unconscious being. Only sentient beings can be attributed with charges of a moral nature. It is the power to say “I”, or to be able to say it one day, that makes us human (obviously in conjunction with our anatomical / physiological characteristics).

            One cannot decide to deprive a baby of the chance to live because of the parents.
            Blacks don’t commit crimes because they are black, they commit crimes because of the set of bad personal decisions and terrible education they have received. Bad parents breed potential monsters through their ideological system and their catalog of principles and values ​​and this does not apply only to blacks. Whites too, Asians too, Latinos, etc.

            Are you going to tell me that because they are black they are biologically predisposed to be murderers?
            Do you have an objective guarantee that white babies won’t turn killers too? We don’t have it, all babies are in a neutral state.
            Most of the antifa members are white, so is abortion okay with whites? What contributed to the decision of those bastards to become like that?
            Their parents gave them everything they wanted, from an early age they gave them the telephone or left them watching television to stop bothering them, they never taught them hard work, they never taught them discipline, they never instructed them to read quality material, never stopped them from consuming garbage and listening to garbage. It is the same with blacks and Latinos. Both communities have a terrible value system, both Latinas and blacks raise their children like little kings, they never meditate on why things are, they don’t analyze their own behavior, they live superficially, their analytical capacity is on the ground, What do you expect from a group that lives with a brain but doesn’t think?

            (By the way, white women get stupider every day so it’s not like white women are the exception to what I´m saying.)

            The solution is not to carry out genocide of babies, the solution is to be found in what neither you nor apparently anyone here is willing to do, so, following the law of least effort, they prefer to murder them before doing something.

            How do you objectively determine good or bad? Do you have any objective standards?

          • TRVTH


          • The Krampus, el banano que viv

            Black are genetically more prone to violence, so the right wing larpers are trying to push the idea is ideal to kill them even when they aren’t even born.
            As if that stops the Jewish hegemony Brits themselves established in the last centuries.

          • TRVTH

            Western Civilization has more than one problem. I of all people should not have to point out to you that reducing everything to “the Jewish conspiracy” is illogical.

          • Sam Trevor

            I agree 100%. I basically wrote a long response to him but it was deleted. Guess it was not politically correct.

        • slither16

          Not raping women is killing babies.

  • ArmChair

    Still racist, white people should be allowed to kill their population too.

    I didn’t know stonetoss was a leftist.

  • CMK

    Is Stonetoss banned from Twitter?

    • TRVTH

      I haven’t checked but it would not surprise me. Twitter and Faceberg are getting pretty damn bold and fearless with the banhammer as the election approaches. They want to silence anyone and everyone who might contradict The Narrative.

  • HatThing

    notice how he puts shitswirl hair on gay people in his comics

  • Albionic American

    I bet the guy in the Confederate shirt has avoided fecal contamination throughout his life.

  • Juras

    In Poland we are having now some interesting pro-choice protests if it comes to abortion and termination of pathopregnancies.
    Our Constitutional Tribunal declared abortions as non-constitutional due to violation of human rights and that includes pre-natal stage as well.

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