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  • Dabby Woods



  • **clicking noises**


  • Ure Grit


    • Murg

      That feel when you lose the culture war more and more each day.

      • AFox

        That feel when CA cucked every inch, and it still wasn’t good enough.

        Lesson learned, never cuck. Not alittle not alot, cause it will never bear fruit in that barren field.

    • Crayon Eater

      RIP r/CringeAnarchy

  • bigdanny


  • Stiffy Weiner
  • Niek Ooi

    Uwu….this is pretty accurate.

  • im in a discord with several of these (((girls))) and they are all wonderful
    you people need to get woke
    nothing wrong with mental illness in this day and age

  • AxiomaticSystem

    >far right
    >tranny socks

    I don’t get it

    • Mister Twister

      I’ll explain. A lot of “””far right””” people online are just neets LARPing. They don’t actually care for anything.

      • AxiomaticSystem

        Thanks Cap’n

      • TrueWOPR

        Can confirm. In my defense I’ve been job hunting unsuccessfully for 2 years and keep alive via paypal; California fucking sucks, help!

        • Stiffy Weiner

          Send asspussy

          • TrueWOPR
          • Stiffy Weiner

            Jeez man. Do some squats. Find a workout buddy or something. Don’t be the type of guy who HAS to pose.

          • TrueWOPR

            That picture’s a couple years old, I’ve been working out since (jogs, pushups, situps, squats… we lack a gym that isn’t Planet Fitness which is the most anti-gym gym I’ve ever seen)
            Though the results aren’t great – main focus right now is to get enough money to move somewhere that I’m not surrounded by soy and anti-fitness mentalities; so I make due.

      • Toejam Ninja

        Kinda I guess. But any support is good support.
        I have a wife and kids, my wife redpilled me on the fact that all jews are not to be trusted. But not everyone is that lucky, some are stuck in their neet habits like me.

      • Someone Somewhere

        A lot are, but a lot get indoctrinated. Surely you could see many of those “”””larpers”””” at Charlottesville.

    • co

      NatSoc gonna have to disown a lot of people

  • FUCK
  • Mister Twister


  • John Adams
  • PeePeeLarge

    My penis is larger than his tendency to ignore systemic bias.

    • Stiffy Weiner

      tiny boi

  • shnazzyone

    Far right are secret trannies?

    • TrueWOPR

      Or at the very least they’re Traps.

      • oh look funny t slur wow funny slur wow that word is funny wow you’re like, totally making people laugh lmao thats funny watching trans women die because of that word lmao you’re fucking hilarious HOLY FUCK THAT’S SO FUCKING FUNNY )OISJREHIOEJ)%EHJEOI)%PHBJ p

        • TrueWOPR

          Trap isn’t a slur, at worst it’s new slang for what was called a “gender bender” in the 80s and 90s.
          And if you ever needed evidence that trans people have a psychosis problem that needs to be medically addressed instead of giving them necrotic surgery with a 34% chance of causing fesulidges, just look at their suicide rate that you complain about. 40%-54% depending on your source. This is a higher rate than that of Jews in Nazi Germany. And last I checked, the Jews in Nazi Germany weren’t given state funded cosmetic surgeries, protective anti-hate laws, and a world wide protection effort. The only group with a comparable suicide rate to trans people are those suffering schitzophrenia because they can’t get the voices to stop.
          But hey, if you’re going to insist that occasional namecalling despite a global protection effort can lead to a near 50/50 suicide rate, I guess we should all just start calling Jews “Kike” and Blacks “Nigger” regularly and let the genocide take care of itself. That is what you said right? They’re only killing themselves at such high rates because of the stigma and literally nothing else?

          • Yel

            If you are trans and don’t have anxiety of being kicked out, raped (so others can “prove that the gender you were assigned at birth is the gender you are), victims of other major crimes, and not being taken seriously because of your identity, then maybe the rate of mental illness in trans people wouldn’t be that high. The reason that trans people are disproportionately affected by mental illness is because cis people treat them like trash. Also the word “trap” is considered a slur because it dehumanizes trans women and people somehow think that is okay. (Ex: oh look this woman has a d*ck, wow such a trap). It can be financially difficult to afford bottom surgery and top surgery alone costs at least $10,000 USD, and that’s an underestimation

          • TrueWOPR

            Well to dehumanize is only accurate when we’re talking about parasites who insist my tax dollars should pay for their cosmetic surgeries that end in necrosis causing inevitable suicides that will push their other debts onto me as well as their self-sterilization left no next of kin to be responsible.

          • Zon Kuthon

            You should be thrown off a rooftop and into a bog. Allah Demands It.

          • Kirsche

            gender bender is still a thing

        • Just because you literal mongs one day decided to collectively believe that the word Trap is a Slur because it somehow offends you, doesn’t mean that it actually is.

          • Zon Kuthon

            Faggots go in the bog. Die faggot Die.

        • Jesher

          Yeah we should be more politically correct and call them mentally ill.

        • Jesher

          Shut the fuck up cocksucker.

        • The Headpatsman

          WTF is this comment, did the hormone therapy remove even the slightest hint of banter capabilities? I’ve seen so many trannies type out this exact same thing thinking it’s clever, even friends… y’know, when they aren’t being suicidally depressed the other 23 hours of the day.

        • Logshaman

          Dude, chill the fuck out, stop being a spaz on the internet

        • Dr.Weird

          lol, faggot

    • Edriss Scofield

      That was my unfortunate takeaway too

    • Grim View
  • being trans is a vastly superior choice than infiltrating the far right. a good cartoon

    • Especially if you fall in the 41% of those who end up killing themselves! Best way to help the earth!

      • so here’s a wild idea: maybe you lot could just, y’know, stop driving marginalised people to suicide?

        • Orange Crush

          No one’s driving transpedos to suicide except their own self-awareness. They know, deep down, that even Mother Nature finds them abhorrent. That’s why so many of them get AIDS and hepatitis. They know, deep down, that their existence is an abomination, and they seek to correct that. I wonder how many mass shooters are trannies so filled with self-hatred that they want to kill the world along with themselves. Sick, sick, sick.

          • the vast majority of mass shooters are nazis but go off i guess

          • ssgtnelson

            There were, I believe, 41 mass shootings in 2019… a vast majority were gang/drug related. Outside of that, most murder in this country is also gang/drug related. You consistently have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • You clearly don’t know anything don’t you?

    • Aryan National Socialist

      Go back to chapotraphouse tranny.

  • Frans Cobben

    infiltration like the Gestapo or the Soviet-KGB or the Israeli Mossad?

  • Jesher

    This is why I’m not worried about the feds spying on me. I bet they feel my pain and anger 9 times out of 10. They need high IQs to do their jobs, so naturally they’re susceptible to reason. That’s how I got turned… Just like this comic.

  • Ben Yoder

    UwU belongs to us, not trannies, not weebs! US!


  • Maxim Sukharev

    Fake, I don’t see Pony Cum Jar Project.

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