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  • Stephane ParĂ©

    Who’s that supposed to be on the right pane?

    Also, that’s funny considering how the left is trying to censor everything and trying to rewrite history all the time.

    • Eyhhh

      Sam Hyde. Made weird comedy and ended up with a show on Adult Swim called “World Peace”. The show’s first season was very popular but was cancelled before a second could be made. Sam trolled a buzzfeed journalist who in turn spread rumors among the media of his show being an alt-right show with hidden nazi messages. Other people who worked with and at Adult Swim were already uneasy with his right wing-esq Trump supporting politics so this media manufactured outrage was enough to motivate them to pull the plug.

      • Blaster

        Supposedly Tim Heidecker was a big influence in getting World Peace canceled; he has a lot of pull at Adult Swim/Williams Street. Sam actually called into Tim’s radio show and called him out but Tim played innocent.

        • micky debarge

          I love Tim Heidecker before he did this fag move.

  • haffffpppp

    “Karma’s a bitch”? It would be karma if it were Joe Bernstein or Brett Gelman in trouble here. Not James Gunn and Dan Harmon, two people who have nothing to do with WP cancellation beyond being part of The Left.

    • Dr.Weird

      its okay to fuck them up because theyreefties

  • Taylor Litteral

    Turnabout is fair play

  • Blaster


  • Dio


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