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  • quickshooter

    Less extreme parties were blamed for causing Germany’s problems. People became more afraid Communists aka Bolsheviks may take over. Moderate parties turned to Nazis to keep Communists out. 1932 National Socialists won 37% of vote, and became largest single party in the Reichstag.

    Hitler demanded the right to become Chancellor, but President Hindenburg appointed Franz von Papen instead. As he did not command Reichstag support, von Papen was soon replaced by General Kurt von Schleicher.

    Schleicher’s government was also unable to control the Reichstag. Anxious to regain power, von Papen struck a deal to make Hitler Chancellor, with himself as Vice-Chancellor. Moderate parties would hold all but three government posts, which would go to National Socialists; one of these would be Hitler as Chancellor. In the hope of creating a stable government, elderly President Hindenburg agreed to plan. 30 January 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

    the lesson of the story? when you bash everyone, don’t be surprised how milquetoast normies go from minding their own business
    to full on brownshirts on these communist thugs
    sooner or later, everyone will be forced to pick a side
    and these Communists aren’t the charismatic side…

    • DatBoi

      I’m a proud American patriot and I’m not siding with either of you wackos. I will agree with you on this though, these violent commie bastards do need a good ass kicking and if I see one engaging in violent behavior I’ll join you in beating the shit out of them.

  • GuyIDisagreeWith

    It’s like you’ve summed up Social Justice in three panels.

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