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  • quickshooter

    Less extreme parties were blamed for causing Germany’s problems. People became more afraid Communists aka Bolsheviks may take over. Moderate parties turned to Nazis to keep Communists out. 1932 National Socialists won 37% of vote, and became largest single party in the Reichstag.

    Hitler demanded the right to become Chancellor, but President Hindenburg appointed Franz von Papen instead. As he did not command Reichstag support, von Papen was soon replaced by General Kurt von Schleicher.

    Schleicher’s government was also unable to control the Reichstag. Anxious to regain power, von Papen struck a deal to make Hitler Chancellor, with himself as Vice-Chancellor. Moderate parties would hold all but three government posts, which would go to National Socialists; one of these would be Hitler as Chancellor. In the hope of creating a stable government, elderly President Hindenburg agreed to plan. 30 January 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

    the lesson of the story? when you bash everyone, don’t be surprised how milquetoast normies go from minding their own business
    to full on brownshirts on these communist thugs
    sooner or later, everyone will be forced to pick a side
    and these Communists aren’t the charismatic side…

    • DatBoi

      I’m a proud American patriot and I’m not siding with either of you wackos. I will agree with you on this though, these violent commie bastards do need a good ass kicking and if I see one engaging in violent behavior I’ll join you in beating the shit out of them.

      • Brady

        Being a “proud American patriot” means you are on our side by default. A “fascist” is anybody who isn’t one of them. Just as in in the 30’s a “fascist” was anybody who actively opposed communism.

        • DatBoi

          That was only according to Stalin. The people who put the most effort into defeating NAZIs were patriots, not commies.

          • Painting Guardian

            no, it’s according to the modern left. you aren’t on their side, ergo you’re the enemy. stop LARPing and pick a side.

          • DatBoi

            And the modern left is full of wack-jobs too. That doesn’t mean I’m going to join the NAZIs. I would like my freedoms intact thank you very much. I already have picked a side. I’m a right-wing libertarian.

      • Blarg Blarg

        If you are what passes for a “proud American patriot” then we are truly fucked. Antifa shit-soldiers are mere puppets of the puppets of the ring masters we actually battle to save America. Quite probably more levels of fucking (((puppetry))) actually.
        We need more people to see below the surface, and you seem to have ONLY a surface view.

    • mg

      Ever heard about holodomor or dekulakization? No wonder they feared bolsheviks.

      • quickshooter

        everyone here knows about the Holodomor and the Christian Russian genocide caused by the (((Bolsheviks)))

    • Turbo Beholder

      Yes, but who would sponsor and puppeteer them this time?

  • GuyIDisagreeWith

    It’s like you’ve summed up Social Justice in three panels.

  • friendly pawprint

  • fiberbriver

    you don’t get to use that argument when you openly deny the holocaust, don’t accept trans people as their gender, and believe all gay people are into kinky shit

    • Ethelred

      The joke obviously sailed right over some people’s heads…

    • Zero

      > openly deny the holocaust
      Still have to actually see the comic everyone refers to. Mind actually linking it?
      >don’t accept trans people as their gender
      Neither do they, so they change it on paper and run around gamestop being 6’3 sounding like Mr. T and having a beard, yet wanting to be called ma’am.
      >believe all gay people are into kinky shit
      There’s state records of gay people being more likely to carry STDs, be the perpetrator of child abuse and other kinds of “kinky shit” like bugcatchers, but I guess facts don’t matter these days

      Also amazing, you’re literally advocating violence/murder of people who you deem “wrongthink”

      • Joe The Eskimo

        This one suggests the holocaust wasn’t real.
        Good work on the trans straw man.
        Don’t be a generalizing asshole.

        • Zero

          I mean this clearly doesn’t say it’s fake. And just because a character says it doesn’t mean he supports it 100% either. But I don’t have to tell you or the trans people, y’all are gonna commit suicide soon anyways.

          • Adam

            It’s STRONGLY indicative of it. Somehow there was no mass starvation or epidemics among the larger German populace, yet somehow tens of millions of deaths for their prisoners.

        • Loco

          People who think that’s denying the Holocaust missed the point entirely

          • Adam

            You have no idea what Holocaust denial is. It’s questioning the historical record of the Holocaust for political aims, and surely it’s just coincidence that stonetoss is down-the-line far-right imageboard contrarian yet somehow wouldn’t be on this?

        • Blarg Blarg

          The holohoax was indeed, not real, not like the jew has told you anyway.

    • Archmage Desmond Tutu

      “you don’t get to use that argument when you…” So you’re admitting it’s accurate in that you’re ok with violence for wrong think?

      “don’t accept trans people as their gender” Why do Trans people get to tell everyone else what reality is? It seems the neutral ground is to let each person have their own view of gender. If we were acting like trannies, then we would be running around harassing and and making people legally liable when they mismatch pronouns to chromosomes…but we’re not. We’re just not playing along.

      • Malta Korotta

        “You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts.”

    • Divosa Uplanovytch

      Louis CK is considered alt right now.

    • Dr.Weird

      I do accept trans people as their gender tho, the gender they actually are.

    • DatBoi

      Since when does not accepting delusion make you a fascist?

    • Mr.Sixes

      Except he does, as there many examples of Bernie supporters and marines just on leave getting attacked

    • Antisemitism Isavirtue

      >you don’t get to use that argument when you openly deny the holocaust
      Common argument of idiots: “If the holocaust wasn’t real, then why did the soldiers admit that they were following orders?”

      Meanwhile, not a single signed order of Hitler that even remotely alludes to the holocaust was found.
      Its just one of those things, you know, when your country is completely in the enemies hands, including your families and they got you by the balls.

      Also, go ask some holocaust survivors, in a pitiful tone, if the gas shower rooms were cold.
      They’ll say they were freezing and it was so awful oy gevalt.

      Meanwhile, in the real world, Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide) needs to be heated to 26.5 degrees celsius to reach a gaseous state.
      Which is incredibly toasty. But jews don’t know how the hell hydrogen cyanide works, so they’ll just parrot the “they threw gas pellets at us oy vey” idiocy.

    • Painting Guardian

      lmao you’re a kike aren’t you? they’re the only rats that care about holocaust denial anymore.

    • Blarg Blarg

      The holohoax was a hoax. “Trans” people are gender dysphorics who are not being treated properly. Most gays are into “kinky” shit. They are also diseased and have much higher chances of abuse in their relationships.
      Your worldview is wrong.

      • Malta Korotta

        What if I told you that “gender dysphoria” was a form of body identity disorder, which is itself a form of Cotard delusion?

  • Drew W

    What an odd quote to appropriate.

    I mean, it meshes with my beliefs and is part of the reason I believe what I do.

    But who are “they” in the original quote?

    • Lesbian

      do you really not know that?

      • Drew W

        Recognizing Socratic irony can be difficult.

        • Blarg Blarg

          Don’t pretend to be some centrist. It is not working.
          “A self described Fascist” that is your projection.

          • Drew W

            That’s a fact. The comic author is a facist.

            I’m not a Fascist, I believe in personal liberty. I guess whether or not you consider me a centrist will depend on how much you oppose it.

  • Djdnjdokdh

    Hey, didn’t Martian Magazine already do this joke?

  • Divosa Uplanovytch
  • antifa supersoldier

    “They’re coming for m–I mean all of us, fellow normal people!” – a fascist

    • Brady

      Normal person is precisely what you mean by “fascist”. You won’t ever find a normal person in antifa. With antifa, you can’t even tell the men and women apart.

      • damn, antifa sound awesome

        • Blarg Blarg

          They sound niggardly. Worthless. Toss them into the trash then burn the trash.

          • Drew W

            Go buy a dictionary.

    • Algures Cara de Mais

      So the only normal people are the white people.

    • Blarg Blarg

      You are profoundly ignorant.

  • fascists often honestly believe that they are not fascists. a good cartoon

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Hey! You’re the chick in the first panel!

    • Adam

      This is both true historically and today.

      • Blarg Blarg

        Observably false.

    • Io Non Esisto

      also sjw always jump at the opportunity of bashing people for whatever reason, so you could say this comic has various degrees of meaning.

      I should also add that if everything you have is a hammer, then everything you see will be a nail.

      • using “sjw” unironically is incredibly embarrassing, so choosing to use it is a subtle and skilful way to indicate that you’re being ironic. a good comment

        • Dialgatime321 X

          You do realize that you are commenting on, right?

        • Io Non Esisto

          Being ironic and using “sjw” are not the point of my comment.
          The point is that as people on the “right” of the political spectrum are not aware of drifting so much from moderate (or should I say non extreme?) positions, the same is for the ones on the “left” of it, the measure for knowing when you’re going too much far is when you’re going out bashing people or using violence.

          Be it tankies or fascists, using violence is NEVER a good move. And you and me, we both know that people with the urge to lay hands on others are too much frequent in both parties.
          Do not tolerate violence or advocate for it! Never ever do it, even if it’s a fascist. That Karl Popper paradox is bullshit. Not tolerating intolerance never meant “you’re good to go and whack people on the head as long as it’s fascism in your eyes”.

          • yeah i know irony wasn’t the point of your comment. i’m trying to make it the point of your comment, because your comment was terrible. this “both sides” rhetoric is bullshit and you know it. violence against fascism is fundamentally good and should be encouraged, since it’s, y’know, against fascism.

          • Io Non Esisto

            Dude, violence is NEVER fundamentally good.
            Else you can play with shades and say to anyone that he is fascist to a degree and go beating people up.
            Which is what this comic is trying to say.
            Care to look at a dictionary?
            Definition of fascism on
            A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized, autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible supression of opposition.

            Only because antifas took out the race, nation, economic and dictatorial part and kept severe social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition (often with violence, more often with social shunning and ostracization of opponents), this does not mean they’re less at fault or not fascists.

            If perchance I would stand with everything Hitler stood for, except for the racial and eugenics parts, would that make me less of a nazi?

            So why antifa going around beating and/or being nuisance and ruining the day of random people who do not share their opinion are less fascists only because they don’t advocate for nationalism and race purity?

            How far one has to be his head in its ass to not comprehend violence is ALWAYS WRONG, and if you feel justified by your ideology to use it on people, the same counts for others ideologies and they are no more at fault that you?
            What are laws for?
            What is freedom of thinking (not even speech) for?

            What is civil cohabitation for?
            What is democracy for?

          • “if i stand with everything hitler stood for, except for the defining characteristics of fascism, the thing that hitler stood for, because instead i’m staunchly opposed to those things and am in fact fighting against those who intend to bring them about, would that make me less of a nazi?”

            yes. obviously.

            you looked up the dictionary definition of fascism and then threw it away to make a nonsensical argument????

          • Blarg Blarg

            You are playing with stuff you do not understand, NPC.

          • Logshaman

            Look up the definition of fascism, fascism is, by dictionary definition, a right wing, nationalistic, and authoritarian form of government, you seem to get that part right, but you fail to realize that just because you don’t tolerate the views of someone, doesn’t mean you get to use violence on them, no matter how bad you may think their world view is…, while the general use is someone who is right wing and has intolerable viewpoints, what you forget is that fascists also seek to control what others say in order to push out dissenters, I don’t see these so called “Neo-Nazis” doing that, in fact many “Neo-Nazis” are in support of free speech, which by definition makes them not fascist as they welcome other viewpoints and don’t use violence or shut people out in order to silence opinions.

            That makes you, in turn the fascist, as you seek to use violence to punish dissenters, and to control the populace through violence, fear, and punishment, it doesn’t matter if you are Far-Left, you can still be a fascist as you seek to use violence to further your political goals,/ I wonder who else did that /? But you still want to call us the fascists.


          • neo-nazis actually use free speech as a dogwhistle for enacting ethnic fucking cleansing so. whatever

          • Logshaman

            I don’t see any ethnic cleansing being carried out by Trump supporters, or should I say “Fascists” by your logic

          • try looking at what they’re doing. then you might see it happening.

          • Logshaman

            What? Deporting people who have came into this country illegally? Even I see why we shouldn’t be supporting people who didn’t come here legally, and I am Libertarian Conservative,

            I may be right leaning on economic issues, but I certainly am in favor of foreign aid efforts, which is something many liberals support by the way

            But the American dream should be only offered to people who come here LEGALLY, I am pretty sure Trump supporters right now don’t care if you are Latino or come from Mexico, if you came here legally, nobody would care, but if you came here illegally and are assaulting Trump supporters for wearing MAGA hats in a bar, then wonder why you get deported when it is discovered you came here illegally (look it up, this happened), that is on you!

          • you know laws are fake, right? we made them up.

          • Logshaman

            … Then why aren’t we in anarchy right now? Laws work because people agree to work under them, in order for that to happen your government must be a fair government, why do you think that many fascist regimes either died or are super violent to their own citizens?

          • hmm, sounds like laws aren’t working particularly well, since we’re under a fascist regime again. whoops?

          • Logshaman

            ? Last time I checked our opinions and our personal freedoms aren’t being squashed by armed soldiers putting us in death camps for speaking our minds, where do you live? North Korea?

          • i live in australia, which has concentration camps right now. i was actually talking about the united states, which also has concentration camps right now. in both cases we’ve got a problem.

          • Blarg Blarg

            No, violence against your world view should be encouraged because that would be good.
            It is your worldview that is wrong, hateful, evil.
            The day of the rope cannot come soon enough for people like you.

        • Blarg Blarg

          It is not embarrassing, it is what you are, it defines you, it’s your box that limits everything you do.
          It is a profoundly, infinitely wrong box.

    • Blarg Blarg

      You are infinitely worse than any fascist.

  • Turbo Beholder

    A moderate fool in his natural habitat.

  • Frans Cobben

    Trotskyists hate social-democrats and free socialists!

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