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  • Maxwell Macdonald

    Hate speech is free speech.

    • Matt

      Doesn’t mean it’s worth saying

      • Maxwell Macdonald

        According to you.

      • Bismark

        Doesn’t mean it deserves legal consequences.

  • Burn a fag today.
    But don’t inhale. The smoke is bad for your lungs.

  • 12judges

    Hate speech is a farce. It’s a made up phrase used by mental infants in an effort to designate themselves as a protected class of person, beyond reproach.

    The lowest form of life is a person that gleefully attacks you when they can get away with it yet shrieks vehemently if you strike back when they can’t get away with it. These people are known as ‘cowards’.

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    • “Hate Speech” is a way to censor.

    • for whatever reason, the flow chart lets you go directly from question 1 answer b to “congrats: you’re a decent person”, without ever going to question 2. a good flow chart

      • The chart is designed to expose hypocrisy and operates on the premise that you’re a good person: until your own behavior displays otherwise.

        So if you answered Question 1A, you’d already be morally lacking, thus, a negative moral judgment is placed on you.

        If you answered 1B, that displays a certain level of moral character, unless you hypocritically change your answer when you get to question 2.

        If you answered 1C, that may or may not by morally just: depending upon whether or not you hold true to that principle. if you failed to hold to the principle of answer 1C, then you would have displayed that the answer was simply an excuse to play favorites.

        See how that works? Super simple, but remarkably complex when examined in detail. I rather like how it turned out.

        • you don’t actually get to question 2 at all if you answer 1b though

          the arrow from 1b leads you directly to the “congrats: you’re a decent person” ending

          that’s what i was pointing out

          i don’t know why

    • Why not promote violence against the groups that are already violently attacking us? Immigration is invasion. Invasion is war.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    What does the American flag stand for?
    Wars for Israel? Wars for central Bankers?

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    lt’s only cloth

  • Albionic American

    Not that long ago pop psychologists said that we should express our feelings so that we can live authentically.

    Only when normal white people do that by expressing their misgivings about handing our country over to diversitarians and people with broken sexuality, they face accusations of “hate speech.”

  • Albionic American

    Transgenderism reminds me of Cotard delusion (look it up). If you met a guy who insisted that he’s dead, a ghost, a zombie, a walking corpse with his internal organs removed, etc., you would recognize immediately that this guy suffers from a serious mental or neurological disorder.

    But when a guy in middle age announces one day that he has always felt like a girl on the inside, and he has decided to “transition,” we face all this gaslighting about accepting his delusion at face value. Ironically we often hear this nonsense from men who accomplished difficult things in traditionally male fields, like starting a satellite radio company, winning Olympic gold medals in male sports, making science fiction films, etc. These men have usually married and started families as well, so they could function sexually with women like regular guys before their mental illness overwhelmed them.

    • rkfg

      And after that they proudly declare to the world how women advance technology and progress. Here’s the advancement, here’s the “””woman””” who did it. This shit only undermines real achievements of real women, hopefully the sports situation will make it more clear.

    • every one of your comments adds 1 percent to your insecurity level
      you’re at least over 200% at this point

  • hell yeah, burn america. a good cartoon

    • Stiffy Weiner
    • Speg.

      Classic cucked privileged male, really doesn’t know how lucky he is yet hes the evolution of “White males suck… why because they do” heh, hitting up with the gentic fallacy across America you absolute bitch cunt.

      • …… i’m a girl…… my name’s danielle?? it’s on my profile????

    • Elastic Probe

      you’re right, we need to remove countries and establish an anarcho-primitive society.

      • i’m really more of an anarcho-communism kind of girl, but i like your energy! :3

        • Jerry91

          So you’re unintelligent and hold mutually exclusive views. You can’t have communism, which forces sub-sustenance levels of production, and anarchy, which is complete freedom. Because no free person will ever choose to live in a communist society except for the few who live in opulence by running the system.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    They’re both hate.

  • emer gent

    intersectional eff ayy gees

    stonetoss is the Shakespeare of our time

  • Albionic American

    I guess the men guilty of “hate speech” wear real shoes.

  • Kill all white people

    • Mister Twister

      Are you joking?

    • Antisemitism lsavirtue

      jews are not white, but, I agree with you, they all need to go.

  • Mister Twister

    You forgot the stars, you lazy phucke!

  • Arctic Chill

    Imagine being this much of an incel.

    • ssgtnelson

      Oh good, anime furries are white Knights too.

  • Cody Jones

    Funnily enough, both of those are, in fact free speech. So stop with the ironic victim complex you insufferable twat.

    • Jackson Peds

      Counter-point: You guys first.

  • Alex Anderson

    Let’s follow the logic chain. American flag represents the American government who is endorsing and promoting the LGBT ideology as official US ideology. Therefore both flags have the same ideological meaning. Both pics represent the same meaning equally.

    • Jerry91

      I like the way you think, as far as addressing the LGBTQIAAPedo++ demand that we can burn American flags but if we disagree with them we need to be put in jail.

      However, that’s not ‘the’ logic chain, but ‘a’ logic chain. As applicable as it is to their idiocy.

      The problem with making it universal is you are arbitrarily deciding what the US flag stands for.

      For many of us, it stands for the Great Experiment and the Constitution. For us, the many decades of communist corruption, pedophilia, subversion and violence on good Americans is NOT what the flag stands for, as they’re trying to destroy what America was and should be.

      So there’s that.

  • One represents a country, the other represents a type of person. It’s not about the cloth itself.

  • M7MD55

    One is hating a country’s government for what its doing to its people, the other is hating a group of people because they are different, dont get me wrong, burning flags is not a good way to deliever a point, it just tells the other party that youre trying to make a note to frame you as a bad guy

    and to be honest, comparing those 2 flags is like comparing apples to rotten oranges, one has infiltrated every 3rd world government and nooses around their throats incase they ever attempt to rebel, while the other just wants to be accepted and treated with respect like their fellow humans,you are defending a government that gave up on its citizens for profit and money, they accept shush money whenever a business like google or apple fucks up and let them be, the worst thing lgbt people do is having yearly parades that are uncalled for in some countries

  • John Javier

    Hate speech itself is free speech snowflakes.

  • Screw Free Speech. It’s about True Speech

  • Garuda Darkblack

    This has aged well. More relevant than ever.

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