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  • Mikołaj Długosz

    I just can’t understand the anti-virgin sentiment.

  • patriarchal landmine

    never pay attention to what females say, think, or do.

  • tglea 1000

    shitty redpanels rip off
    unless you’re the retard that made redpanels in which case holy shit lol

  • I can’t imagine why anybody would have a shitty attitude towards women these days. Must be the patriarchy and sexism or whatever.

  • Amir Tenion

    I recall that initially “incel” would be written here instead of “virgin”.

  • Lola M

    false double standard. Women don’t care if a guy is a virgin, and girls get anxious about being late bloomers as well.

    • Sugawa Nikawa

      Degeneracy over all is just something that is being preached from both sexes

  • Fantaman

    Always assume a woman is lying, at any point

  • Remember, a Slut is a girl who sleeps with anyone.
    A Bitch is a girl who sleeps with anyone EXCEPT YOU.

    • Kagami Maeda

      this doesn’t even make sense

  • Pratim Gupta

    Hello, found the authors main problem and reason behind his frustration

    • BearGlitch

      It’s no wonder he hates the “darkies” so much, they know how to woo a woman without looking like a beta

    • Aqualung

      Projecting isn’t healthy.

      • James Knox

        incel apologetics

  • itsyaboigiraffarig

    I saw this exact comic somewhere else in a different art style. Did you guys make it first, or did you rip it off?

    • Link?

      • itsyaboigiraffarig

        Not motivated to find it, if you want to not believe me idc lol

      • Listewored

        It was in redpanels.

  • I always thought the sluts’ reaction to “I don’t date nonvirgins.” was more “want what I can’t have” than this.

  • manuel de santis

    Didn’t you already use this joke?

  • BearGlitch

    Oh man, an alt-rightist who is an incel? IMAGINE MY SHOCK

    • Radu Gheorghe

      Found the soycuck

      • BearGlitch

        I love my soycuck lifestyle of not blaming women for all of my problems, yes

        • Aqualung

          Projecting is not going to help you get laid.

          • antifa supersoldier

            That’s good advice for the incels, thank you

          • Blarg Blarg

            No, that’s for your murderous kind, maggot.

        • Filmore Bloom

          Yeah, only blame white males for all your problems.

        • Anonymous

          Blame white men instead, right?

          • BearGlitch

            *Blame mankind

          • Anonymous

            Ok, blame men for your problems. Glad we agree, incel.

          • BearGlitch

            I don’t know if you know about this but “mankind” refers to ALL HUMANS you smoothbrain.

          • Anonymous

            Misanthropic then. Totally not an incel now.

          • BearGlitch

            Take that L my dude, you didn’t even know what “Mankind” means.

            Put on the dunce cap and feel the shame.

          • Anonymous

            men, as distinct from women.

            Trying to embarrass yourself more than you already have, incel?

          • James Knox

            human beings considered collectively; the human race.
            “research for the benefit of all mankind”
            synonyms: the human race, man, humanity, human beings, humans, Homo sapiens, humankind, the human species, people, men and women

          • Blarg Blarg

            You are projecting, cunt.

          • Blarg Blarg

            You are the only smoothbrain here, ultracuck.

    • Yukki

      “Pointing out a double standard means you’re part of that standard” Spotted the NPC.

  • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

    r/inceltears 100%

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