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  • CMK

    What’s the shoe that the cowboy is licking supposed to represent?

  • NPC the Clown
  • Indra Kaw

    Why it’s purple? What does purple mean?

    • don quixotes fetid corpse

      Red and Blue make purple.

  • Alistair Grove

    Well what do you expect? Boots don’t clean themselves.

  • QuickShooterMk3

    what a nice (((centrist))) tier meme
    which is ironic since he also made this mocking the (((centrists)))

    • Lhassir

      Someone hasn’t read his about page. You’re on par with the lefties who call him a Nazi.

      • QuickShooterMk3

        Stonetoss has been straddling the fence for years but only last year he has dropped the jew-naming bomb and also went through the effort to mock sir jew jew c*m trumpstein
        he strikes me as a libertarian who used to be a liberal but then got redpilled

        why do i say that? because when stonetoss came to voat, he became buttmad for some reason banned a bunch of users from his sub (not JIDF shills, but regular voaters for racism or some $hit)
        and then proceeded to nuke his account and went back to Twitter

        i still to this day don’t understand what was his reasoning for leaving voat
        but i assume he was not ready for our hardcore community

        • TRVTH

          Seems pretty tame compared to 4chan.

        • Hammerstrike

          > Leftypol meme (attempt)

        • Twilk9

          “Thinking swearing means youre hardcore”

          What are you, 12

          • QuickShooterMk3

            imagine being triggered by “bad words”

          • Twilk9

            Lol who’s triggered?

          • QuickShooterMk3

            your projection game is weak AF my little jewish rat

          • Twilk9

            Hahahahaha oof ouch

          • UnitedInGlory

            Go back to /pol/, drop dead, and take the rest of your kind with you. Disgusting natsoc rat

          • QuickShooterMk3

            lmao cry me a river jew

          • free_peach

            We shitpost IRL now jew, get used to it. Serves you right for banning us from our safe spaces. You’re going down.

        • Maxim Sukharev

          He’s like libertarian that hate jews and degeneracy, but at the same time do not associate with nazis and make fun of a lot of libertarians while still promoting too much view supporting both Nazi and libertarians?? I’m confused.

          • QuickShooterMk3

            he’s an optics cuck because he doesn’t wanna get deplatformed and lose his $hekels
            which is understandable but at the same kinda cowardly

    • it’s satire. this guy makes political satire. dunno why you’re all working yourselves up over self-parody as though it’s hypocrisy. have some awareness

      • QuickShooterMk3

        You upvote your own comment?

        • problem? why wouldn’t I like my comments? they’re good.

          • Arel R

            but they aren’t?

  • ANON

    “Foot In Mouth and Head up Asshole”
    “So what you talkin’ ’bout”

  • kingoftheworld

    Centrist tier meme. Can you go back to doing stuff like this now?


    I don’t speak for the author and I’m not sure what he’s trying to say. Centrists he mocks as fools, and those inhabiting the four corners he mocks as hypocrites.

    Perhaps he means that “freedom” and “liberty” are illusions, except insofar as we have a choice about whom we will serve–the State, in the top half, a bizarre and warped conception of “justice” at lower left, or the fat little banker from the Monopoly game at the lower right.

    One also notes that, whether it is their intention or not, those in the bottom half of the chart create the conditions for people to demand change resulting in the systems in the top half of the chart.

    It seems to me that if the only choice I have is whom I will serve, I will serve those who will help and protect my people, and the extended family that is my race, and preserve our borders, language, and culture. Because something else that is missing from political discussions like this is the fact that governments come and go, but blood and soil are forever, and in the long run, nothing else matters.

    • Alistair Grove

      Only Memes are Eternal, Normie!

    • Allison Kaas

      The lesson is that humanity was a mistake.

    • Vladim Eisenberg

      It’s simpler than that. It’s a somewhat self-mocking joke pointing out that in the end, everyone bows to someone so let’s keep some healthy self-awareness going.

  • Chris Redfield
  • qqrrsstt

    I think this one — Foot in Mouth — is the best one yet. And that’s something, because they’re all good.

  • Biz Ditch

    Can we get a version with centrists licking the foot of a grill?

    • don quixotes fetid corpse

      They should lick a fence.

  • Jacfar

    Rise above secularism. Submit to God.

    • don quixotes fetid corpse

      ((bedouin yodeling in the distance))

  • Robert Kenneth Kirchoff

    As usual, right-libertarian is still the best place to be.

    • don quixotes fetid corpse

      We might be licking a billionaire’s shoe, but at least we’re getting paid. The other guys just get a bullet.

  • Yes

  • CornCup

    In defense only the top 2 are actual boot lickers

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