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  • Sea level rise has remained steady for the last 800 years since England started keeping records. It’s cooler now than it was back then, by the way.

    There is no data supporting AGW (except the stuff they just make up out of nothing). Every AGW model is bunk – whatever data you feed it, it always shows warming. There has been no warming for the last 20 years.

  • It’s funny how “scientists” measure the earth’s temperature to a hundredth of a degree, using thermometers that are only accurate to ±1 degree. That’s not how measurement science works.

    It’s also peculiar how they keep altering the temperature records, always making the past cooler and the present warmer than reality. It’s almost as if they had an agenda, and were altering the data to fit…

    • jim

      Scientists would never do that, reddit told me scientists are all benevolent hero’s who would sacrifice their lives for human knowledge!

    • TrueWOPR

      Remember, 1970s Lenard Neemoy told us that Global Cooling is a real phenomenon and by 1998 we’ll be in another ice age.

  • Albionic American

    Speaking of climate change, who appointed that creepy Scandinavian girl (a kind of Swedish Wednesday Addams) as the official poster child to scold us about our climate sins?

    • I expect an action figure that solved the problem, not a sympathy figure that empathize the problem.

    • JkvsCosby Memes Jtt

      Stop eating meat and use less water. Me change climate because im a young entitled white girl

    • Brandon

      Something tells me traveling halfway around the world just to say “duh, I printed out the UN report you already have” is awfully inefficient.

      I think she just feels guilty about farts because she’s been fingered as the gas culprit one too many times at school.

      If I came from a s***y country and had s***y parents I’d feel pretty mad too.

    • Divosa Uplanovytch

      The rulling class is doing a play for these Young adult novels where some teenage strunkly Mary Sue defeat the old’s people dominant elite.

  • TCC

    If you fill a glass with ice water, and all the ice melts, the water will overflow from the glass and flood over everything you have.

    • Holyphonic

      Lol no it doesn’t. The volume of water the ice yields is the same as the ice itself displaced. You can actually do this experiment yourself and realize that there will be no overflow. The ice-caps were supposed to have melted years ago according to “science” and its predictions. They were wrong, just like they’ve been wrong for 40+ years.

      You’ll notice that aliens are now starting to pop up in the news constantly and the US Military is talking about them. Strange how, as the climate change hoax is no longer duping enough people, the other suggestion for world government is raising its head.

      “We have to come together to stop X existential threat that’s bigger than all of us!”

      • TCC

        I know. lol
        I was joking.

        • Holyphonic

          In current year, it’s impossible to be sure.

          • TCC

            I drink plenty of ice water, but I’ve yet to accrue flood damages as a result.

          • Logshaman

            Yes, but the ice caps are still big, keep that in mind.

            If global warming were to have actually been that bad according to scientists, what would end up happening is that Florida would actually be underwater.

            I still support the theory, but I think we need to look over the math and get our heads out of our asses

      • John Smith

        That doesn’t change the fact that 2016 and this year are tied for the hottest years recorded.

      • billaros1000

        You know there’s ice that’s on land, right? If icebergs floating melt, nothing really changes, but if ice that’s on land melts, that’s different

    • Mister Twister


    • urmum ske

      you’re forgetting about all of the ice that’s on land though

    • FrJanos

      What if you fill a cup with ice water, and then put a large amount of extra ice on top of the ice water?

      • TCC

        Depends how much more ice we’re talking about.
        Real talk, ice contracts, not expands, when it melts. The liberal idea that we’re going to turn into Waterworld is pure bullshit.

  • 97% of all scientific research says climate change exists, and yet you belive the news sources funded by fossil fuel companies. Do you even think?

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