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Strange how every race has a different average height, color, and hair type, but EXACTLY the same level of intelligence...


Come on goy, it’s not like evolution effects the brain.

woooooo, some stormfront level shit today. Seems like motherfuckers ain’t smart enough to work out how stupid they are. :S
Sucks to be you whatever colour ya be.

10/10 rebuttals to statistics my guy, come on even a jewish child could do better

I did not prompt you to bring up Jews. Do you wear the garb of “white nationalist” accidentally or is it on purpose?

No amount of intelligence can warrant you being a societal parasite, on top of which of course jews will score higher on tests scored by a majority jewish populace, if you haven’t noticed the majority of jewish culture is a combination of hand jobbing eachother, sucking baby dick, and cheating to get their way.

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