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  • themann235

    Come on goy, it’s not like evolution effects the brain.

    • Markrod420

      ha!!! best 1 sentence argument against emotional morons ever.

    • Jas

      ….or even exists

    • Gecko

      Pretty funny since the right word would be “affects” and not “effects”. But nice try.

    • jax

      woooooo, some stormfront level shit today. Seems like motherfuckers ain’t smart enough to work out how stupid they are. :S
      Sucks to be you whatever colour ya be.

      • Rockwell

        10/10 rebuttals to statistics my guy, come on even a jewish child could do better

        • jax

          I did not prompt you to bring up Jews. Do you wear the garb of “white nationalist” accidentally or is it on purpose?

          • Blarg Blarg

            Nothing you can or cannot “prompt” will save you on the day of the rope.

          • Dr.Weird

            whatever kike apologist

      • Blarg Blarg

        You are talking about yourself. AKA, projecting.

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