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  • seahen

    This joke falls flat if you like Mexican food.

    • ElJugador

      It’s about counterfeiting so lolwat

  • Algiark .

    Is this about that Chinese restaurant that was converted into a Mexican restaurant, which has a mural of pandas wearing sombreros?

    • Kevin Reilley

      Nah, it’s a general trend

  • SS+ Commenter

    This would work better as a 1-panel comic; with the diners in the foreground and the Mexican cooks speaking spanish in the background.

  • evilsandmich

    fyi, this is what it’s like at the local Chinese buffet: Chinese out front, illegals in the back (or maybe not, they were busted for it at one point).

  • Arin

    What I seen in Mexico the Chinese restaurants are run by Chinese legal immigrants, but the sushi restaurants are more like franchises, a lot of them but almost no Japanese working there at last that you can see.

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