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  • Pete Zaitcev

    In the real world, U.S. fought Ottoman provinces in Barbary war from 1801 onward — only 25 years after 1776. Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers, argued in front of Congress to start the war. But hey, it’s all in a good meme.

    • Enkidu

      That was just because the Barbary corsairs were attacking americans at sea.

      • Andrew Meyer

        You on FJ?

        • Enkidu

          Sorry, I don’t recognize the acronym, what is FJ?

          • Andrew Meyer

            FunnyJunk. There is a user there that goes by the same pseudonym.

          • Enkidu

            Oh I see, the nickname comes from Gilgamesh’s story so there’s probably a few people using it

    • That was not only in retaliation against privateering and in the interests of self-defense, and not within the term of George Washington or his highly neutral, anti-war successor John Adams, but it was not the only war in which the United States could have intervened.

      In particular, the Ottoman Empire was at war with Russia, Austria, and Tripolitania (Libya). In particular, this meme is relevant to the war with Tripolitania, in which the United States could have intervened, not only due to its already-established alliance with the Kingdom of Morocco but due to the local naval issues, but instead opted for continued diplomatic neutrality while advancing American mercantile interests.

      It’s not just that, either. There’s a direct and distinct difference between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in this regard: The very man who led the revolt in Tripolitania during the term of George Washington was later supported by Thomas Jefferson in an attempt to take over the Eyalet during the First Barbary War. In other words, you are an idiot who doesn’t know much beyond what you can see on a little timeline of American history with wars and Presidents next to dates.

      • wow, an autist.

        • Wow, an idiot.

        • AxiomaticSystem

          wow, somebody who cares enough to provide sufficient historical context to answer a question <- FTFY

      • KingAdrock

        Also the Barbary Coast isn’t the Middle East.

    • John Doe

      President Jefferson even had a Quran in order to understand our enemy (and they are our enemy).

  • BearGlitch

    D-did you just ignore the shit we did in the Philippines and the whole Boxer Rebellion thing? And all the shit in South America and the Caribbean?

    • Emmet

      Did Washington (or any of the US founding fathers) do that?

    • You are this consistantly ignorant?

  • He would have gave a fuck if nuclear bombs and oil were a thing back then.

    • Blarg Blarg

      You are projecting things that your master class, Jews, actually care about onto the founding fathers.

  • Anon

    “We send soldiers to keep pressure on them. We send guys so they don’t come here. To prevent the operational space and timing to commit another 9/11. There’s people over there that wake up every day trying to plan another 9/11”.
    It seems when they take back the troops the terrorist activity spikes in those zones. So what’s the alternative? You’d have to take some preventive measures like at least a travel ban or something?

  • ac05jn
  • DreamsOfCyanide

    priceless face

  • Conner Knoth

    “President Jefferson! Pirates in North Africa are killing Americans!” “Then they shall come to fear us.”
    Reminder that there was a war in the Middle-East involving the United States less than 30 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. Also, the constitutional duties of the armed forces are to protect Americans and American Interests abroad.

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