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  • “hip hip hooray”

  • Griffin

    heh boy

  • Mr.Sixes

    I noticed how all the Anti-fascist always seemingly are able to pick up on these “Dog whistles”…

    • Blackbeard

      And how most of what they think are dog whistles is just 4chan trolling them…

      • Mr.Sixes

        Yep, but for some reason they take it as the real deal and suddenly doing the OK hand gesture and drinking milk is racist/pro-trump

        • Cave Opp

          Wait this is a thing? Please link to anything, I need to see this.

          • Eating peanut butter was ruled “racist” by the Seattle public schools years ago.

          • Blackbeard

            How’s that for a start:


            Or that:


            They are so desperate, their demand for nazis exceeding the supply in such extremes, you can throw them pretty much any bone and they’ll gladly pick it up. It’s hillarious!

          • Quixotes

            “Hey guys what if *chuckles* what if we take an innocuous buddhist symbol and put it on a red flag. That’ll really TROLL THE LIBTARDS EPIC STYLE”
            -Adolf Hitler, 1921

            Hey dipshit, you might not know this but the meaning of words and symbols change overtime and meaning especially changes depending on context. Speaking from experience, sometimes I casually flash the O.K hand sign to this day as a sign of silent affirmation and I don’t get yeeted by “muh fascist anti-fascists”. If I’m at a rightist rally and start flashing it at every minority I see while wearing a black sun T-shirt people will probably react differently.

            What’s important here is that each of these digwhistles has a basis in some white nationalist rhetoric. The O.K sign forms a W and a P for “white power”, Milk is white (fairly tenous but I’m inclined to believe that was intentional), and more recent shit like “Honk Honk” corresponds to HH, to mean heil hitler. In the posts which literally created these dogwhistles, OP outright states the dogwhistle to encourage the /pol/ cabal to adopt it, so you don’t get to act like I’m making these up. I can find the screencaps if I have to.

            This is the cycle of the alt-right; Invent a symbol with a hidden white supremacist connotation, spread it to localized forums where it won’t be disputed, slowly march it into more contested social media like twitter or youtube, make people comfortable to do it in public, let the media report on it so that even people’s boomer parents start using it without fully knowing what it means, then abandon the symbol and act like those who oppose you were just delusional. That last bit is the most important bit, considering you fucks are still cashing the check on milk and the O.K sign 3 years later

          • Billy Boinger

            It’s absolutely adorable how worked up you are about this. I can just about feel the spittle spraying the screen from here.

            If you had two brain cells to rub together–and you don’t, let’s be clear on that, or you wouldn’t have started your wall-o-text with an illustration of Godwin’s Law–you’d be asking yourself why the Left can’t meme, and why Rightist memes hit so hard. HINT: they’re truthy, while the Left has never had anything to offer but pretty lies.

          • Chemical Brother
          • Chemical Brother
          • Quixotes

            I don’t give tl:dr’s to shit-eating chuds

          • Chemical Brother

            Still didn’t read lol

          • Quixotes

            Then I have literally nothing else to say

          • Chemical Brother

            Good, now go home and die

          • Goy-chanberg

            Holy shit you’re stupid.

          • Quixotes


          • We always drive whatever you Leftist idiots invent into the ground.
            Mocking your idiocy is not just a sport, it’s a hobby.

            You forget to mention that peanut butter is racist. And math is both racist and sexist.
            Oh, and air conditioning is sexist.

          • Quixotes

            Why are you still pretending leftists “invented” these symbols for the outrage machine when that’s plainly false? And once again you strawman the actual argument I outlined. The meaning of symbol is largely based upon context. People don’t randomly get their heads caved in by drinking milk in public, I’d probably be on your side if that was actually happening.

            The cases you listed are all what some irrelevant neoliberal tards wrote to keep their useless jobs as journalists. I’m mildly annoyed that you take those example to represent universal leftist opinion especially because it’s such an NPC pre-recorded responce that I’ve gotten from literally like 30 different people online and offline before.

          • Sargi
          • Tamás Polgár

            You’re special, aren’t you?

          • Mr.Sixes
        • MaxRideWizardLord

          We should meme the fаggу rainbow flag in to Hitler worship, that’d be omega kek. In all seriousness, the rainbow is a beautiful thing, and it’s sad that it’s now associated with mental illness, sexual deviation, disgusting pathological abomination perversion and sin against Mother Nature. 8chan, do your job and Make Rainbow Great Again.

      • Malta Korotta

        You’ve got to love Anonymous. He’s got their number, with memes so potent and truthful that instead of debating honestly, Facebook and Youtube and Google and Instagram have to try to ban them all instead.

        “The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” John Gilmore

        “Information wants to be free.” Stewart Brand

        Hilariously, both these people are Boomer lefties who thought only Leftists were going to use the big megaphone they created. Nice try getting that toothpaste back in the tube, though.

    • Cresset

      You can find hidden meanings anywhere if you look hard enough. Have you ever noticed how Trump likes red neckties? You know what else is red? Russia! Putin is literally leading him by the neck. It’s so obvious! Wake up sheeple!

      • Mr.Sixes

        SHEEPLE!? you view us all as mindless servants and slaves, you are racist sir!/sarcasm

    • SalvadorZombie

      That’s probably because you guys are not very good at subtlety.

      • Mr.Sixes

        A. Or you’re always reaching
        B. You’re assuming a lot with “you guys”

  • bankrupt for ideas again?
    dog whistles are necessary because you people would slowly corrupt a normal left-leaning person with your stupid ideology
    the ok sign is a huge one, by normalizing a white power symbol you slowly indoctrinate people who want nothing to do with being a racist

    • co

      This is actually how people think the world works.
      So if I put my index finger on my thumb, everyone will suddenly vote for Hitler.

    • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

      Says the predatory faggot that tries to indoctrinate homosexuality into kids through all forms of media. Project lead into your head instead, you brain-dead fucking queer.

      • Whitey Cruiser

        Sorry your son is gay, bud.

        • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

          Don’t be; unlike you, I don’t plan on touching them that would make them so.

    • Chemical Brother
    • “Dog whistle” is a LibProg dog whistle for “normal, sane, healthy behavior”.
      “You people” is a LibProg dog whistle for “normal, sane, healthy people”.
      “White power” is a LibProg dog whistle for “normal, sane, healthy people”.

      • Malta Korotta

        Remember also that Leftists always project. It’s not just psychological–it’s also a tactic.

        Lenin said, “Always accuse your enemy of things you are already doing. When your adversary points this out, mock him for his unoriginal insults. This will keep the people confused until it is too late to stop your plans.”

        It’s perfectly okay and unremarkable when one far-Left politician after the other takes the great big newsmedia microphone in his hands and says “we’ve got to put on the brass knuckles” (Joe Biden), “kick ’em” (Eric Holder), “we should bring a gun to the fight” (Barack Obama), and on and on and on.

        Because when they say this they certainly aren’t whistling up their party’s paramilitary wing and telling them to go beat white people in the streets with bike locks, with a nod and a wink that sympathetic judges appointed by the Obamas will give them a slap on the wrist and community service for attempted murder. Certainly not. That would be crazy talk, and anyone noticing that this is actually happening over and over is a “conspiracy theorist.”

        Meanwhile, any random off-the-cuff utterance by any Republican since Lincoln, and possibly him too, is a DOG WHISTLE! He’s SPEAKING IN CODE! About whatever it is Leftist kooks and cranks have their panties in a knot about this week. Oh no, Leftists are offended! Their armies of street thugs are offended! Why, they haven’t been so angry since yesterday! “Now, look at what you made us do.”

        Welcome to Clown World.

        • When anything you do gets you attacked for being Literally Hitler, that’s freedom. You can do anything, because the consequences are always the same.

          • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

            Depends on the consequence. We really need to rise up.

    • Cresset

      It’s interesting that you still call it “the ok sign”.

  • Antisemitism lsavirtue

    This is why I don’t dogwhistle and advocate for honesty and directness. I want the degenerates of this world what I think about them, and why.
    This kills them from within.

    They are trained for milquetoast ‘naziism” because its what their masters have invented for them, hoping that, as a side effect, the “actual nazi” would be easily defeated, as well.

    The opposite is the case, as evident from even this comment community on this particular webcomic.
    I’ve got degenerates rolling over like dogs all around me, showing their soft little belly.

    Where snide remarks and sardonic diatribe was before, now there are attempts at dialogue, or faked humanlike conduct, because what I am saying is getting through them fully.

    This is the biggest payback.

    I woke up to Cody Jones whimpering around me feet, asking if I write these responses myself or have them generated, while trying to sound human.

    Hahahahaha. I write them myself, of course. Why would I deprive myself of this joy?

    If you have passion for your work, then you have never worked a single day in your life, so to speak.

    But in all seriousness, this vile filth really has been chronicled and described for a long time now, and it’s not just funny how they react to it, but also preordained.
    The antidote against them works, every time.

    They are shadow creatures, just shine the sun onto them mercilessly. Their own inner filth destroys them from within with each and any move they make.
    This submissive behavior from Cody for example, where he now tries “dismissing discourse” is already destroying him ,because having to talk like a regular human is not in his usual mode.

    Even in his crude attempts to not express himself like a subhuman, he himself is destroying himself, because it is not his nature. He has to suppress all his urges, all his natural proclivities to be scum.

    The subhuman can only survive in the ruined. They need perversions of good things, twisted caricatures of it, just as they themselves are mere grotesque caricatures of humanity, or they cannot thrive.

    This is why you never see “a leftist” behave 100% like an NSDAP member from back in the day would. They would never, and cannot ever wear or use or regard the swastika as the powergiving symbol of prosperity it is, because it is the polar opposite of themselves.
    They could only wear a swastika for mockery purposes, but never for its reality. Strength, goodness, virtue are things they cannot ‘unironically’ fly for them, because then they are not themselves anymore.

    The solution is therefore incredibly simple. They cannot ruin real things, only a twisted proxy of it. Simply bring back the original and they can’t do anything, since it’s the antidote to them.

    Even sincerity in discourse kills them, because all they know nowdays is six million layers of self deceit and ‘irony’ (which is just lies and self deceit under a different name).
    But the antidote always seeps through. Always. And its killfactor is superlative.

    • Antisemitism lsavirtue

      Check out this thread.

      It’s a thread by Alorwin, the pedophile cheetahsona furfag, aka “StonetossBannedMeOnce” etc, you know that filth.

      Just another notch in the belt of truth, on how the subhuman has been fully chronicled and described ages ago.

      Lying about “not giving up” and ” putting people in their place”, when in reality the moment I found his FurAffinity profile, which, unlike his Youtube account, because he was banned by furfags for being a pedophile, he could not delete, made his history private, and then (and that’s why I told him he’s overcompensating) linked to another furfags newgrounds account.

      Well, I called him an attentionseeking furfag who’d rather do backflips over hot coals and glass shards before he ‘blocked anyone’, and, true to his accurately assessed nature, his attention seeking now gave me this.
      On a whim I checked out their subreddit, and, well, the rest is now history. Archived away in my many many files.

      So, yeah. If you doubt that direct purging of these irredeemable, eternal ingrates is a pipe dream, think again.
      I tell no lie. They are nothing new. Their behavior has long been fully mapped, and the antidote to their wretched existance has been known for a long time.
      It’s all a matter of applying it.

      • Malta Korotta

        What kind of evil, disgusting, batshit insane degenerate do you have to be when even furfags reject you? Pedophilia and zoophilia usually aren’t enough with that crowd.

    • Simon Rose

      Thanks for giving me a shout-out, I really appreciate it, y’know? I feel appreciated whenever ya do that so danke schon.

      Look, I really am glad you have a passion for this, because reading your hysterics is really great entertainment whenever I come here. I mean, y’know, Stonetoss’s comics are ok, but this? This is top-tier comedy. Never stop you beautiful madman.

      I gotta be honest, you’re pretty good with words, why don’t you put that mind into more creative use, such as prose, or poetry?

      • Antisemitism lsavirtue

        >pretends to read my writing

        >thinks I will stop doing them because the scum of the earth thinks it’s comedy
        >thinks I will stop doing them for any reason
        Another display of eternal subhumanity right there.

        You see, the golems, the jewified humans, aka the “left” and its ilk, when they become judaized through their subhumanity, they just become sneering clows and spiteful morons.
        They lie and cheat like the jew, but they don’t express themselves like the jew when in a normal situation.
        They’re more like the redfaced, warning hair, problem glasses stereotype that everyone knows when acting on their own.
        However, what “Simon Rose” here is exhibiting, is “The Masters Speech”.
        The last defense they have, aside from shocking their “awful parents that don’t understand them” by becoming a dangling corpse or a blown up shotgun salad.
        Where they tryto actually talk like their masters, instead of their usual retardo soy language.
        The drawback to that, however, is that they actually end up expressing themselves like jews, and jews suffer from chutzpah, a crippling mental illness that disconnects reality from any point they have.

        This example is, again, someone who pretends to “know my writing”, has read much of it, and digested it so well, obviously, that the result was great hilarity.
        While at the same time thinking I would stop doing so.
        >but he said don’t ever stop doing it
        Yes, but look at the end
        > why don’t you put that mind into more creative use, such as prose, or poetry?

        Which means, of course, actually please do stop with this, and write prose and poetry instead.
        Plus, of course, the “this is hilarious” bit, because you know, oy vey goyim you must be mentally ill not to like us.

        As usual, fully mapped, nothing new, same old subhuman hat, same antidote.
        And, of course, same result.

        You, too, could have blustering subhumans, writihing around your feet like I have, with this one simple trick I have been repeating.
        They have no defense against it, as long as you are consequent and keep the antidoted in mind and active.

        Even blustering “Look guys, I’m human after all, I’m not even insulting you” speech is always empty, dishonest, two faced diatribe, because that is the only thing these caricatures of humanity know and are.
        Sincerity, the refusal of irony and dogwhistling, is the best approach. You can still have fun with that.
        I am having fun with that, right now. I”m completely sincere, and having a blast.
        I can call these wretched worms anything, with full honest disdain, including as much of my reasoning, honstly and sincerely revealed to their face, and have a good time doing it.

        This is because I have not forgotten the original. This is because I am not partaking in a twisted “irony”, this is because I am not swilling a thin brew of diluted “dogwhistle”, but instead sup deeply from the unending font of joyful cleansing of filth they represent.

        This could be you, too.
        Tastes pretty good, you know?

  • Mister Twister

    Alternative interpretation: “””liberals””” are akin to dogs (can be trained to obey and attack anyone).

  • shnazzyone

    Dehumanizing homosexuals.

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