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Imagine the smell.


I don’t get it

Magic Dirt Theory: The idea that someone immigrating to a country automatically and magically becomes the same as the native population.

OH, Ok, I get it. Basically the idea of auto-assimilation and there being no genetic differences between races, so anyone who opposes unlimited immigration is an uneducated bigot who doesn’t understand “the Global Jobs economy” (translation: We liberal coastal whites need poor browns to do the jobs we aren’t willing to do for us), who is “racist” and denies them their “human rights” to live anywhere in the world (translation: We liberal coastal whites need poor browns to vote for us), and who is a “white supremacist” who wants to create a land for white people and their future children and doesn’t want to maximize “genetic diversity” by mixing brown people in (translation: We liberal coastal whites need brown people to replace white people in white countries only).

Got it. Bullshit theory. Thanks.

Yeah I didn’t get it either until reading this comment. I think Civic Nationalism is America’s best compromise. We won’t get any ethnostate here. And frankly, I don’t even want one. I just want the savages to civilize their own mounds of dirt they call countries. East Asians and educated foreigners in general (non-marxist) are pretty great where I come from.

Blacks need to read into the case of the jew Leo Frank, and do research on ashkenazi names, and ashkenazi facial features, like sneery lips, mouse ears, sleepy eyes, weak chins, etc.

One day the “dear fellow whites” they try to pull won’t even work on blacks anymore. Anyone can develop a j-dar.

I just checked out the wikipedia entry for it.
Do not use wikipedia for it, whew. “Thought she was a black girl” “Notes were found at the body” with pretty much no mentioning of blackmailing the other black worker to incriminate the nightswatchman , the shoe thing is only partial (Frank lied about it at first), etc.

Wikiepdia must burn.

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