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  • Christian Nationalist

    Funny how we seem to get only one type of freedom with these Libertarians.

    • Paul Genovese

      no such thing as “types” of freedom, just amounts

      • Poor, deluded fool.

        • Paul Genovese

          Maybe try saying something intelligent instead of personally attacking me

          Or maybe you can’t

          • How do you measure “freedom”? Is there an organized convention for measuring this quantity?

          • One does not argue logic with a furry faggot, for the same reasons as one does not play chess with a pigeon.

          • Mike Larionovski

            no opposable thumbs?

          • Paul Genovese

            Or maybe it’s because you can’t,

            Because you know you couldn’t, so you try to cop out while sounding smart, how pathetic

          • Look up “degrees of freedom”, then come back when you can logic and understand the world outside your sweat stained costume.

    • TRVTH
  • Lhassir

    Good times create weak men, and soon, weak men will create hard times.

    • CMK

      With this lockdown, they already have.

      • Alistair Grove

        Yep, but it’s necessary. Just another step in bringing down society.

        • CMK

          I’m convinced that this lockdown is the final step; the government will use the economic collapse and hysteria over this virus, combined with the people now being used to having their most fundamental rights taken away, to create a totalitarian state. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not counting on it.

          • TRVTH

            Remember, standing in line at the supermarket is A-OK, but standing in line to vote will kill another six gorillion people. I’m already calling it. They’re going to keep moving those goalposts, they’re going to try to keep the nation on house arrest, until the elections, and they will either try to cancel the elections or force states to permit mail-in voting–which will in turn allow the Democrats to mail in as many phony ballots from dead people and homeless drifters as necessary. The Republicans are likely to do what they always do–grumble a little and shuffle their feet, then go along with it.

            HONK HONK

          • Whatup

            my state opens in 12 days. I hope by then I’ll still be able to critizise China without being detained

          • CMK

            You’d better hope that you can criticize your own state government without getting detained. China is the least our problems.

          • Alistair Grove

            They’ll probably try. But whether they succeed is another matter. In America no chance, but Trump won’t try it. Some of the governors is another matter, of course. In the rest of the world, I think England will be OK, though parts might fall, like London. Scotland is probably fucked, as is most of Europe. Canada could go either way, with parts falling but others resisting.

            Either way, we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Whatup

      I think personally you can smoke it. But do it in moderation. Thats the key to all of life

  • NPC the Clown

    Simps to girls and simps to the government.

  • the_nigler

    >not coom and toke it
    missed chance tbh

    • free_peach

      It is more like coom and tuck it now.

  • Seth Apex

    Make one with a baker saying “Crumb and take it” (on the flag Is a rolling pin)

  • あきら

    Should’ve been “Coom and toke it.” Rewrite this comic.

  • QuickShooterMk3

    It’s obvious isn’t it? Weed makes you mellow, more relaxed and unable to act aggressive
    the perfect drug to sedate the population while millions of $hitskins pillage their nation

    though i doubt we’ll ever see a full legalization, the jew pharma industry would be pretty bankrupt if people could grow their own painkillers/sleeping pills/anti-depressants at home

    if anything, it will be legalization of the worst kinds
    the kind that discriminates whites and forces you to buy weed from criminals

    example one:
    in the city of Boston, only blacks are allowed to open up a recreational marijuana store and there is a strict only have 10% or less white employees policy or they get denied by the state. Many have been turned down due to them being white with that being the only reason they got turned down and forbidden to open a store. – the only one approved and the mayor only approved because ‘he didn’t want to appear racist

    so if you’re going to buy weed, you’re going to buy anti-white N*gger weed that is no doubt grown in the worst conditions possible

    and if you dare grow it yourself, the ZOG’s will be on you like flies on $hit

  • Cas

    Por que no los dos?

  • I am anti-pot because it makes men weak. we need to restore the monarchy

  • what is the thing on the other flag supposed to be? A condom? gun, cannon? ffs someone please tell me!

    • Deus Dex

      A cannon.

  • Lauren Froment

    gay weed cake ftw

  • Cas

    Por que no los dos?

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