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They see me rollin....


Like when you walk into a store and everyone is behind bullet proof glass.

I recently moved from nearly all-white Prescott, AZ, into the diversitarian sprawl of Phoenix. The banks in Prescott don’t have security guards standing at the doors, while the ones in Phoenix do, even in presumably “good” parts of town.

So you’re saying I should move to Prescott, AZ?

What if I consider east Asians to be honorary Aryans? My city used to be ~70% white and 20% East Asian. It was actually utopian, I’m not kidding. Then all the whites got tricked into voting Democrat and suddenly our nice school district has metal detectors and weekly drug busts. Also now everyone is on heroin.

And trust me, it wasn’t the Asians who did this. They are the only Christians left.


You say that like hating Islam isn’t a point of pride for us, you might as well tell us how much you appreciate a talent of ours or think we’re a pretty cool guy, because islam is for godless goat fucking faggots.


white people are hella racist. a good cartoon

How ironic.

nah, that’s not ironic at all! irony is the presentation of a contradiction between an action or expression and the context in which it occurs. “white people are hella racist” isn’t contradictory, it’s purely factual, so there’s no irony involved.

this has been literary device explanation hour with dani, i hope you enjoyed!

the ironic part was about you. Saying white people are racist, is pretty racist… after all. Black people are all criminal, right? Smh.

Oh I know that street! Ask the short old black guy “wharr da boy at”. Give him $100. He’ll shuffle around for a minute and then disappear when you aren’t looking. After you shout “help! Help! This nigger stole my money!” three times, he’ll tap you on the shoulder and hand you a 20-sack of heroin.

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