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  • NPC the Clown

    XI: Not Reddit GoRd!

  • Indra Kaw

    An official edit; not only the text bubbles, but the art too.

  • Scarcat

    Bruh moment

  • col rollbuhler

    Is it a coincidence or (((coincidence))) that Xi can be just a recolor of Soros?

  • Medicat

    gamers are making a bold stand against china by posting “fictional
    character supports hk”,upboating on reddit, and posting funny xi jiping
    winnie pooh pics

    brave heroes – the ccp will crumble

    • Blackbeard

      That’s more about Blizzard censoring gamers on behalf of the chinese..

      • Medicat

        gamers should and must be oppressed. fuck hong kong, fuck westernoids, and most importantly fuck gamers

        • Onyx

          This is so sad, we live in a society

  • QuickshooterMk2

    mfw Stonetoss edited his own comic

    • as934

      DAMN!!! Your fat juicy cock must surely produce some high quality semen!

      • DreamsOfCyanide

        you say it like you want to find out or something

  • Lesbian

    but you dont understand mr stone the cute girls with pepe signs need our tax dollars

    • Blackbeard

      Should have thrown some trans-golems in the mix to tick all the boxes… amateurs

  • Handsome Devil

    It’s funny because they only care about they issue because they heard the word democracy.
    They totally ignore or don’t even know about the protesters throwing molotovs at innocents, beating people to death only because they are from the mainland, demanding the release of dangerous criminals, etc.
    They are using a noble cause to hide their xenophobia, but hey, people in Reddit don’t really care about genocide unless it’s done to a minority.

    At least all of this made Greta be forgotten lmao.

    • Sp00n.exe

      people forget how violently xenophobic hongkongers are of mainlanders – what abuse they give to mainlanders. sad too see such division – how they beat up and blocked the escape of one office worker who said “we are all chinese.”

      but based ha aha epic democracy!!! they touched our gamer muh qt asian woman!!!!! it’s ok that we’re complete cocksuckers because epic democracy!!!! ignore that the protests started because they wouldn’t let a hong konger who stabbed his girlfriend to death be extradited to taiwan for his crimes.

    • M6shikabane

      We democracy.
      Democracy now.
      Where is muh freedom to gay marriage.

    • AFox

      Throwing molotovs at communist shills? Beating invaders from a neighboring country to death? Demanding the release of their political leaders from prison? All so they can protect their country from becoming a puppet while their puppeteers flood them with foreign loyalists?!

      Fucking hell I’m super jealous.

      I don’t care about this fight, but I do see the similarities between their plight and western ones. I would like nationalism to win, not because they are Chinese, but because I find that conclusion more satisfying then watching a people lose their identity cause a corrupt government wishes it so.

    • WYRDA

      Hello CCP shill

      Hong Kong protestors can burn the rest of China to the ground along with all the dogs of the communist party for all I care. Violence is always justified in the pursuit of freedom and national autonomy.

  • Rhode Islander

    Pooh bear

  • The really funny thing is that when you look into the NGOs behind the protesters and gamer rallies, one specific, well known name of a very rich (((man))) keeps showing up.

    • Hammerstrike

      Pure coincidence!

  • elwood p. dowd

    What I liked was the Reddit sperg out when the HK protestors started wearing Pepe masks.

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    RIP Hong Kong

    I always wanted to visit there. I had a korean buddy who lived there for awhile. We were gonna get drinks and score.

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