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  • Max Wasson

    Lot of “HEH”s going on.

    • Stiffy Weiner


  • Derek Sparling Aitken

    I can assure you I did not want to be gay…

    • evilsandmich

      I heard that hormone therapies were being developed for people who did not want to be gay, but the study and the doctor who put it together were blackballed. I’m not being snide either, I’d read Milo had a similar sentiment, but the deck is stacked against anyone who wants to leave the left’s plantation.

      If you’re happy with who you are, then don’t think I’m knocking that.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        What about Poland?

  • Boldt Boldt

    Hot take: I wasn’t born trans. I was made trans by society because society labelled me incorrectly.

    • Scarcat

      what do you mean?

    • Deep thinking.

    • Blarg Blarg

      Society and more importantly biology is correct, it was you who was wrong.

      • thanos_grivas

        Right,and that’s why every time i feel hungry i eat as much as i can until i feel no hunger anymore,instead of exercising self control. Because biology is correct.

        How stupid do you have to be to think that just because it is biological,it must be the correct answer. In many,many cases our bodies are as retarded as it can get,and we must decide against basic functions,or at least suspend them in order to function properly.

        Makes even less sense with society.

  • AxiomaticSystem

    I was born to go fast

  • paul cook

    Pretty sure autistic people are born that way…. isn’t that a synonym for furries?

    • fiberbriver

      haha. good meme friend. say, why shan’t we poke fun at the terminally ill next and pleasure ourselves at how dumb they are.

  • Thats… no good!

  • Galaxy Space

    when did furries become lgbt for being furries?

  • Miles

    ah yes because I chose to want to rip my skin off every day because I don’t have a penis OF COURSE. People cosplaying as animals are not on the same level as same gender attracted or transgender people, dipshit.

  • Jared Peirce

    This comic is especially poignant to me. You have no idea how much hatred I experience for having two rotors as opposed to just one

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