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I can assure you I did not want to be gay…

I heard that hormone therapies were being developed for people who did not want to be gay, but the study and the doctor who put it together were blackballed. I’m not being snide either, I’d read Milo had a similar sentiment, but the deck is stacked against anyone who wants to leave the left’s plantation.

If you’re happy with who you are, then don’t think I’m knocking that.

You think taking T would help?

I can only guess that it would be like any other lifestyle change which a series of non-stop mini-battles. I’d imagine T would help some people, but it won’t work by itself, its also about not putting oneself in situations to revert to type, finding substitutions for habits (exercise instead of smoking, coffee instead of alcohol, etc), and finding things to put oneself on a path to where they want to be. It’s hard, which is why I can’t get worked up about giving people who are genetically prone to be gay(as opposed to debaucherous perverts, which seems to describe a great many gay men) any grief.

Maybe if there was more research about it perhaps they’d use it on conversion therapy? Perhaps cuz there’s not enough research and it isn’t considered psychiatric medication. But what you say sounds really interesting. Definitely worth to look into. Thank you.

“I don’t want to be a man anymore, I want to be a whammen”
“Ok come right this way we’ll get you started on hormone therapy and get you prepped for surgery to cut yer ding dong off and create a frankenpussy”

“I don’t want to be a whammen anymore, I want to be a big strong manly man”
“Ok come right this way we’ll get you on hormone therapy, then we’ll cut your tiddies out, and get you prepped for surgery to butcher one of your forearms and take a piece of your clit to create a frankenpenis, which we’ll then attach to your poosay”

“I don’t want to be straight anymore, I want to be a lil gay fuccboi”
“Okay come right this way we’ll get you a nice big black cock and see if we can’t convert you”

“I don’t want to have the gay condition anymore…”
“I’m…sorry…there’s nothing we can do for you because we’ll be called ‘-phobes’ or ‘-ists'”

Hot take: I wasn’t born trans. I was made trans by society because society labelled me incorrectly.

Society and more importantly biology is correct, it was you who was wrong.

Right,and that’s why every time i feel hungry i eat as much as i can until i feel no hunger anymore,instead of exercising self control. Because biology is correct.

How stupid do you have to be to think that just because it is biological,it must be the correct answer. In many,many cases our bodies are as retarded as it can get,and we must decide against basic functions,or at least suspend them in order to function properly.

Makes even less sense with society.

Even Hotter Take: You were born a male if you have a penis or you were born a female if you have a vagina. Then Anything-Goes-Liberal society confused you into thinking you were born your opposite sex, causing you to mutilate your body with hormones and surgeries.

Listen, just because you cut your cock off, stuffed a couple of silicone water balloons into your chest, slapped on some makeup and slipped on a dress does not make you a man.

Woke take: your lack of cultural/moral identity created a vacuum in your soul which you’re desperately trying to fill with whatever retarded zeitgeist fad accepts the lowest common denominator.

Bespoke take: that vacuum is meant to be filled by religion.

that’s also the issue with morality today, they cut god out of it, and now there’s no unchanging baseline for the morality they follow so suddenly morality is based on anything and everything and nothing remains static about it and what was not only moral but positive yesterday is toxic and horrifying today.

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