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Brought to you by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin!


Those hormones, blockers, and dilation equipment won’t sell themselves. Precisely the question Big Pharma keeps asking in the boardroom. Hook-em young, keep dependent for life, and you’re off scott-free once they kill themselves.

Of course, once they kill themselves, they’re no longer profitable–but I think some confuse means and end here. Money and power are not the end goal, they are the means. The annihilation of our people is the end goal.

“Our people”?

The White race. You don’t see this “transgender” stuff being hard-sold to nonwhite kids, do you?

Well, the British are the only true descendants of the Celts, so that’s still belongs to us. And please note I’m saying British, not English.

As for the Romans, well they helped a bit. But mostly by nicking ideas from other cultures. “Democracy” came from the Greeks, for example. Though they did make Citizenship separate from Ethnicity, so I’ll give them that.

So what about the fact that North America (excluding Mexico) was settled upon by the British (and French but they don’t really matter because all they ended up with was Quebec) and subsequently fought for and won over by British descendants (and also kissed Royal Ass for in Canada)? Before Trudeau I’m pretty sure Canada had the most pure bloodlines descended from the British in North America, I mean just the fact that North American Civilization was created by the British has to count for something doesn’t it? How could NA not be considered part of “The West” if the same people that want to destroy Europe (meaning Muslim fanatics) want to destroy us?

When did I say North America isn’t part of The West? It is currently it’s biggest example. But American greatness was built on British Values, hence why I said us Brits built civilization. You Americans are just the current holders of the mantle you got from us.

the west is not just White. The East has white Slavs, the west has Indians who may be considered Hispanic in some places. Southern Spain has Arabic-Muslim decent. some Jews are white. Your anything else bit is nothing but a ploy to prevent someone from revealing the holes in your statement. What about the Irish? At one point they were not considered equally white.

The medications that trans women take, for example, are among the cheapest. Notably, they are also primarily used by other people for other purposes. This isn’t a profitable medical therapy, especially if we consider how few trans people there are. Estrogen, for example, is by-and-large used by cisgender women, largely for menopausal symptoms. Trans women aren’t even 1% of those sales.

Also, once trans women have transitioned for over a year on hormones, their suicidality is lower than cisgender men.

Cool poorly thought out conspiracy theory, though.

Brought to you by the (((American Medical Association))), the (((American Psychological Association))), the (((World Health Organization))), the (((British National Health Service))), etc.

From where would evidence satisfy you then?

Someone sane. Which excludes the AMA, the APA, the WHO, and the NHS.

That’s capitalism, you want money you market. don’t like it? Communism never worked, Socialism is never pure, and Anarchy is bloody. Wicked tough choice huh?

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