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  • THOT regrets far, far too late.

  • quickshooter

    For those who don’t get it.

    1) Two people in bed consenting to sex while a third, unseen, person objects.

    2) Obviously the objector is someone unknown to her (“…And who are you?”)

    3) The objector is shown as an obviously productive man who believes in traditional things (marriage, blue for boys, etc) and notes that he is unavailable to her now.

    4) She regrets her previous decision too late

    This is basically saying that you should think about every action you take as you can’t take them back later and expect people to not hold you accountable for them. More basically, sluts can’t expect to get a good man later.

    • I saw it mentioned that another potential meaning for the balloons is that in the past she aborted his child but now she wont ever have an opportunity like that again

    • nillionaire

      your insane inferiority complex is showing

      • quickshooter

        Spoke like a true emancipated Beta
        keep putting women on a pedestal
        i’m sure one of them will have pity sex with you sooner or later

      • TheLulzWarrior

        A supreme post by a supreme gentleman.

      • TheLulzWarrior
        • Patrick Henry


      • You are Not a Victim

        Your Reddit is showing

      • Patrick Henry

        Your need to follow the lead of head eunuchs and prostitute harem mothers is showing, cuck.

        • nillionaire

          lol I love arguing with you guys. sometimes a smart normie conservative can draw a little blood, but incels etc are so utterly disconnected with reality it’s like a fistfight with a blind guy. you’re out here just swingin’ as hard as you can but it’s nothing but comical whooshes and whiffs

          • Patrick Henry

            Notice that nothing you said was of any substance.

          • nillionaire

            Why would I waste time arguing with someone who places his own clear personal insecurities so directly front and center? Res ipsa loquitur

          • Patrick Henry

            What an ironic thing to say considering you are dooming generations down the line to rape and death with your negligence.
            Try not using circular arguments. I will post this as many times as I have to.
            This is your argument:
            You’re insecure because you’re angry because you’re insecure because you’re angry…
            Try just admitting that you have no argument against anything that I said. You are the one pathetically flailing about trying to win an argument that you started by coming here and shitting out some talking point you have mindlessly been repeating.

          • nillionaire

            15 days after I forgot I even made the comment and an e-mail notification appears to inform me that you were awfully mad

          • Pr4g

            Oh wow, only incels obsess over virginity and “being alpha”

            Your insecurities is showing so much holy shit.

            Are you scared that if your partner isn’t virgin, they’ll think you suck in bed?

            I personally prefer a non-virgin since they know what to do, how to do it and how to enjoy it, I really don’t care about awkward sex.

          • Patrick Henry

            The early Romans obsessed over that too, what pathetic incels they were, huh?
            Try thinking for yourself and not being an NPC.

          • Pr4g

            Yeah and they also believe that in the Roman mythology. Dude you do know we live in the 21st century and now people have the right to do whatever and most normal human being that can live in society don’t care.

            Also lol at that NPC remark, this feels like middle school again with all the name calling “cuck!” “NPC” “Snowflakes”

            Grow up and learn how to speak with people.

          • Patrick Henry

            The stark retardation of the champion of a failing society trying to denounce the ethics of those who built an empire whose legacy influences the world to this day.
            His argument: “Dude, you’re like, so uncool, none of my friends like you, you should just like, do what we do and, uh, like, whatever you want and not think about anything!”
            Anyone who thinks giving retards like you freedom was a good idea is gif related.

          • Pr4g

            Listen, my dude, your only point in all of these posts is to remove the freedom we achieved.

            You want people to be forced to stay with their partners no matter what.

            Tell me if I’m wrong but you are saying that people should stay together even if they hate each other and/or are abusive to each other.

            And this is why nobody is taking you seriously and nobody is actually trying to debate you.

            You can keep spewing your shit about genetic, Roman civilisation, purity and racism but we live in a free society now and most people appreciate the freedom.

            I’m not going to reply to you anymore because I’m 95% sure you’re just a /b/ or /pol/ troll and don’t actually believe what you are saying.

            Good day and keep enjoying your freedom 😉

          • Sunspot

            Dude … If you saw the most delicious looking sandwich in a sandwich shop– I’m talking best sandwich ever– would you still eat it if you knew someone stuck their dick in it?

          • Patrick Henry

            While mine is a connection between your actions and the results on society.

          • TheLulzWarrior
          • Zon Kuthon

            And remember, the modern world is doomed so long as Nuclear Israel exists!


    • An Cat Dubh

      You assume people don’t get it. In reality, they do—they just think it’s really stupid.
      Sane, confident men don’t avoid marrying women because they had sex with someone else beforehand. If a man avoids you because you’re not a virgin, he’s not a secure, confident person and definitely not actual decent marriage material.

      • quickshooter

        you reek of soy mr (((white))) knight

      • Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of me destroying my wife’s virgin puss.

      • You are Not a Victim

        >If those men care about me fucking 20 niggers before I met them, they’re not worthy of marriage anyway! You have to be sane and confident to handle my promiscuity and my lack of pair-bonding ability!


        • Howard

          Agree with u but not sure how to square that belief with the fact I had to go to Africa to find a loyal traditional woman who had only two sexual partners before me…. I recommend all white men get a foreign woman with traditional values and if theyre lucky is religious. even if she’s black

      • Patrick Henry

        Epigenetics disagrees with you.
        Modern endocrinology disagrees with you.
        Would you stick yourself with a needle you found on the ground?

      • The Clansman

        Huh, this is not actually true.

      • Metaphone

        Except women who have had previous partners are statistically significantly more likely to divorce.

      • TCC

        Sane, confident men don’t go for slutty women.
        Why? Because sluts aren’t loyal, and can’t make relationships work. Otherwise they wouldn’t be sluts.
        The more virginal a woman is, the less slutty she is. There’s a negative correlation between the number of sexual partners a woman has had with the number of premarital sex partners they’ve had.

        Sluts deserve every bit of shame they get, and more.

      • Jesher

        If by “people” you mean NPCs, sure, but plenty of people think it’s spot-on and reflects reality quite accurately.

      • Dr.Weird

        Naw, we actually do, it turns out a used up whore is, well, a used up whore.

      • Hajjster

        There’s a difference between a woman that sleeps with a couple guys and a total slut.

        • Zon Kuthon

          All Women Are Like That. They’re all sluts and they all cannot be reasoned with.

      • HeyADeplorableHere

        Surely you are not this obtuse. The point is that good men don’t like promiscuous women. I think most men are ok with a woman having a few sexual partners before, but not the scores that modern women have, and then shame men for being “insecure” and not confident for thinking this.

        Sorry sweetie, sell stupid elsewhere.

      • Ceiling Cat

        Except that we dont. Stay mad, whore. My friends marry whores like you and they regularly party with prostitutes and there is nothing you can do about it.
        Only suffering awaits the sluts.

      • Zon Kuthon

        You’re a cuck and you deserve the alimony you’ll end up paying. JUST!

    • Anthony Leone

      I don’t understand why the woman is being targeted. Why not the guy in bed too? Where is the stable woman of traditional values for him that will disappear?

      • TheLulzWarrior

        >implying they still exist

        • kingoftheworld

          I agree with you, but you still upvoted your own comment

      • Patrick Henry

        Because he successfully passed on his genes while the whore ruined hers via thug pollution.
        Nature does not care about about postmodern values. The one who is wrong is the one who loses.
        I wonder how many little mes are running around in se asia.

        • Anthony Leone

          I have to kindly disagree. How do we know she is not in a long-term relationship with the man in bed with her? Who here honestly believes anyone, man or woman, is going to save themselves until they are married? It simply does not happen much and it has been like this for a very long time.

          And personally, I don’t think it is fair to call the woman a “whore” for sleeping around while the man, who does the same thing, is not being called a “whore”. It is barbaric thinking.

          • Patrick Henry

            Whether she is in a relationship with him or not, his genes still get passed on. Your point is not only an appeal to emotion, it is completely irrelevant.

            You are focused on moralizing. This is a product of you thinking your morals supersede nature. The moralizing of the west will not stop the descendants of bantus from overbreeding and then spreading and genociding other races like they have done to so many of the native peoples of africa. It will not stop India and China from polluting the world to mass extinction of species. And it will not change the fact that bearing children for degenerate men while leaving good men childless is a hard incentive for another medieval era.

            Put your emotions away and think about this logically. If you can even do that.

          • Anthony Leone

            His genes only get passed on if she gets pregnant. The comic doesn’t imply she is going to get pregnant. So if they use a condom or some other method that doesn’t result in pregnancy, then that’s good, right?

            Two grown, responsible adults are allowed to have sex and enjoy a healthy relationship.

            But emotion does matter. We aren’t robots. Emotions play a huge part in the human experience, Mr. Spock.

          • Patrick Henry

            54% of the children in this country were born out of wedlock. That makes the idea that men like this do not have multiple bastards on average almost a statistical impossibility.
            Did you grow up in an intact family? Are you a sadist who enjoys watching children suffer, with no healthy familial identity like you had, as you blithely encourage behavior like this?
            This isn’t even counting the amount of paternity fraud men like this cause. Imagine you could have been a genius, but you’re an idiot because your whore mother had sex with a couch drifting animal instead of her stable husband, and now your genes, thousands of years in the making, are polluted.

          • Zon Kuthon

            No, it doesn’t. All that matters is perfect results. The thug isn’t perfect, the whore isn’t perfect. Burn Them All.

          • Pr4g

            >bearing children for degenerate men while leaving good men childless

            There you go people. This, this is why mr.Patrick Henry is so toxic, all his insecurities were displayed in this small sentence.

            He’s a nice guy that is so tired of good girl preferring bad guys! He’s here being all nice with his race purity, sex shaming and misogyny while all the good girl are getting fucked by Chad! Oh noes!!!

            In all seriousness, if you are actually legit with how you think/feel, you are a walking cliche.


          • quickshooter

            why do your comment reek of (((kugel)))?

          • Pr4g

            Is this supposed to be someone? Or a group? All I could find when I looked it up was a dish.

          • TheLulzWarrior
          • Patrick Henry
          • Ceiling Cat

            >making fun of deformed humans who were born that way
            Modern liberalism, people.

          • Patrick Henry

            Circular argument.
            I’ll demonstrate since you will clearly not understand.
            Your believe this because you’re insecure because you believe this because you are insecure because you believe this…
            I call this ‘the fag argument’ because the gay community trots out the same shit whenever you call them out for grooming children and swinging their privates in public.
            Try actually defending your beliefs instead of using ridiculous post hoc rationalizations.
            My point was: encouraging dysgenics discourages stable societies and human development. You obviously have no counter argument.

          • morgondag

            If he succesfully passed his genes on (actually they could have used contraception, but never mind) then why is he “degenerate”? Your post is totally contradictory. On the one hand you say nature is above morals, but on the other hand you apply your own racially obsessed morality that in no way what so ever is a part of nature.

          • Patrick Henry

            Look outside at all the animals who only go by those standards. Do you see them building skyscrapers? How about civilization? My point was that dysgenics should not be promoted or excused, but nuance seems to fly over your head. Evolutionary success is tacit approval from nature. Traditional family structure encouraged scientific discovery and human advancement, minimizing entropy while maintaining it at a level high enough that the laws of the universe were satisfied.

            We are the apex species of this planet, mimicking the behavior of other animals that failed to reach our level is complete folly and existential masochism. And this has borne out into societal norms. James Holmes was studying for a phd and had no hope of having a family, only to get bombarded with requests for unprotected sex from 10000’s of women in their sexual prime when he shot up a movie theater. That is the level of dysfunction that we have achieved. If this continues, instead of expanding into space and evolving further, we will simply die off after population stagnation in about 40 years like we are E Coli in a petri dish.

          • Key that can open any locks = Master Key.
            Lock that can be opened by any keys = Shitty Lock.

            People won’t value you if you don’t value yourself. Especially for women.

            How to trigger anyone here:ISLAMIC IS THE SOLUTION.

          • Anthony Leone

            I think you are oversimplifying a complex topic. As far as I’m concern, there is nothing wrong with either a woman or man wanting to have sex, but both need to be responsible.

          • Patrick Henry

            So you imply your perspective is definitive, when, by virtue of perspective being independent from others, it can indefinitely simplify everything.

          • morgondag

            As Stephan Molyneux use to say: (a metaphor is) “not an argument”. People are not locks or keys, your post proves nothing.

          • Oh no. Have my apologize.

            By the way, people here are following term called “Coverture”.

          • Patrick Henry

            Coverture makes sense. The basic building block of a civilization is an intact family, individuals alone have no incentive to provide more resources for the country’s next generation.
            Hydroxide and hydronium make water. Alone they cause horrendous burns.

          • Patrick Henry

            Once again you demonstrate your lack of ability to comprehend what he is saying.
            Because women overwhelmingly control the supply of sex in our society, any disasters that occur due to sexual selection rest squarely on their shoulders.
            He is also making a great point about value judgments that you completely ignored because you are incapable of reading past the first sentence before your Pavlovian NAWALT virtue signalling reflex kicks in.
            Do you believe Afghan children being forced to pick the poppy fields are more responsible than the pharmaceuticals in the US pushing opioids as well? Here’s some logic for you: just because a point isn’t true in absolute does not make the inversion true in absolute.

          • Patrick Henry

            Ironically the truth. Islam will succeed because it does not lie to itself about women.

          • WiggaMachiavelli

            The most important thing for a key to do is to work in the lock that it matches. Only a robber would misuse a master key to get in to things that aren’t his. We should hunt down and punish criminals, and we should make sure our locks are more secure and that keys and locks are properly matched.

          • The criminals robber is seems like Chad, devour virgins and make them a woman, as “get laid” as their excuse. As a father or member of the family, it’s a loss.

            And for the hunter/punisher… It isn’t in form of person, but an ideology. It mean the knowledge to determine bad thing and good thing, rationally. Because the one who can understand you well and can protect you is yourself. Educated yourself!

          • Except Polygamy. Which is legal and has both consent and bless from both parent parties.

            …no. Aside polygamy, the marriage itself is a good thing to do. I was implying about sexuality on multiple partners, but the legal way.

          • Dr.Weird

            Don’t forget to tip your trilby after your excuses for female hypergamy have been made, and say hi to your wife’s boyfriend for me after he fucks your bitch, pussy.

          • Zon Kuthon

            You’re a whore who deserves to have acid thrown on them.

        • egothebig

          Ladyboys cant have kids so you’re fine.

      • Romain Segaut

        because here, the only role of the guy in the bed is to represent failure and bad choises

        • Anthony Leone

          I do realize that. But in real life, he should equally be treated the same as the woman. However, I don’t think either of them are doing anything wrong. Most people have relationships before marrying their future husbands or wives.

          • On which state do you living on?

          • Anthony Leone

            Why does that matter which state I live in?

          • Why? A quick geography surveys, ofc.

      • Troy James Martin

        One story at a time.

      • TheCynicalReaper

        Because women are the chief targets of most contemporary encouragement to sexual promiscuity.

        • Anthony Leone

          Seems like it’s time for a change then. (Although, it should have happened a very long time ago.)

      • George

        He likely doesn’t care.

        He doesn’t want the stable relationship. He wants to get it wet as much as he can.

        Most women DO want the relationship. They’ve just been duped into believing that opening their legs is the closest they’ll get.

    • Shieftain

      Did you just take this comment off the voat thread on this comic, or is it the other way around? …or are you and the one who posted this comment on voat the same person?

    • Kakurenjou

      “blue for boys” lmfao ironic considering the fact that blue was originally for girls, and pink was for boys.

  • Alfredo Martin

    Isn’t it about abortion ?

  • An Cat Dubh

    Funny how every sane person reading this thinks the same thing:
    ‘She dodged a bullet lol’

    • Luca Patruno

      The Bullet of a Stabily Life.
      truly, an horrible fate

    • Patrick Henry

      When the muzzies outbreed us, I’ll sell ten of you for one of their daughters.

      • Pr4g

        Yeah, keep dreaming about the future where you might touch a boob!

        • Patrick Henry

          Keep dreaming of a future where you aren’t a retard who ad hominems into circular logic.
          You hate whores because you are a virgin because you hate whores because you are a virgin….
          I got news for you: I go to foreign universities, wave money around and get as much as I want. From women who aren’t fat and don’t want me to choke them.

          • James Knox

            yeah it’s only okay for you to use ad hominems

  • Devilpants

    this is why I’m alone on valentine’s

  • men are flighty, irrational creatures who will invent time travel for the sole purpose of whining at their wives before vanishing for no particular reason, like a shitty misogynistic version of back to the future. a good cartoon

    • ElJugador

      >their wives

      Nice meme

      • describing what the cartoon is literally about as a “nice meme” masterfully highlights how little attention you paid to it. a good comment

        • ElJugador

          did you miss ‘man that *would have* married you’?

          • dude faded away like a terrible back to the future ripoff

          • ElJugador

            because he was a phantom the whole time just like in sixth sense idk

          • who cares whether some dead guy you’ve never met was going to marry you

          • Alfredo Martin

            Yeah, who fuking cares about the true meaning

          • exactly

          • Patrick Henry

            Even if you get the jenny ending of forest gump, you’re still gonna die of aids.
            Aids and other venereal diseases are the universe telling you that you need to die for being a degenerate.

          • interesting concept. so if i don’t have any venereal diseases, is the universe telling me that i need to live? neat

          • kingoftheworld

            >mfw obvious THOT completely missed the point

          • as we can see here, even kings of the world can miss points. remember, nobody is infallible

          • Rachael Martin
          • Patrick Henry

            Visual learner = excuse for retardation.

        • Patrick Henry

          Right over your head. He is saying that you are a degenerate who would rather share the quarterback than stay with one man.

          • i’m a lesbian

          • Patrick Henry

            That explains it too. Either you are a former whore or you have so many androgens flowing being female is completely foreign to you. The complete lack of logic remains, however.

          • okay whatever, have fun not getting to be gay i guess

          • Patrick Henry

            Enjoy it while you can, when the muslims and chinese expand I doubt they’ll tolerate it.

          • chinese and muslim lesbians exist, patrick

          • Patrick Henry

            That’s cute. Keep thinking they’ll tolerate it once the US collapses and they don’t have a gun to their head. That was what I was implying. The chinese will social credit system you out of existence and the muslims will just stone you to death.
            I don’t care because I relocated to a non western country to build a new destiny and white diaspora a few years ago. Do whatever the fuck you want, don’t get mad at me because I pointed out reality.

          • huh, so saying “muslim lesbians exist” is “getting mad at [you] because [you] pointed out reality”

            what is it that you think “reality” is, exactly?

        • Mr.Sixes

          Who says they’re married.

          • the dude said he was “the man who would have married you” before vanishing for no particular reason, like a shitty misogynistic version of back to the future

            the obvious implication is that he’s from a future where he’s her husband, but because she had the sheer audacity to date another man before ever meeting him ever, it’s now completely impossible for them to get married. for some reason. hence he vanishes

          • Mr.Sixes

            “would have”…. Aka not anyone is actually married here.

            Or a future he’d have proposed her and no longer is in her life.

            You have a very limited view on the subject matter

          • it’s made extremely clear that in this timeline she doesn’t know who he is, so they haven’t met. so the implication is that, because she dated the man in the first panel before she ever met her future husband, he will now no longer marry her

            the author’s extremely obvious intention is that women shouldn’t date less “conventional” men, like the fellow in the first panel, because then other men won’t want to date them any more

            which is misogynistic as fuck

            i hope you enjoyed this explanation of the comic above, devoid of my usual snark and sarcasm

          • Mr.Sixes

            Yeah, because the moment they may have had if they dated that’d draw them together has passed or he’s now with someone else.

            Or the other guy, who’d fit her, moved on while she chased after guys who didn’t. Also what’s not conventional about the guy she’s with in the bed? To me he just looks like a guy who dressed up and got lucky.

            Not sure what is exactly misogynistic about it as it doesn’t devalue her as a woman, just says “Hey she missed her chance to be with this person”

          • the whole point of the comic is to insinuate that sleeping with other men before marriage devalues women. we’re on stonetoss dot com. that’s blatantly what it means.

    • You are Not a Victim

      Start at the conclusion: “Everything is misogynistic and I am oppressed, so I will never be responsible for my own failures”; Then work your way backwards. A good way to rationalize anything and everything.

      • damn i can’t believe i failed to marry an anonymous balloon salesman in a trenchcoat. truly a disastrous fumble on my part

        • Patrick Henry

          As soon as western society collapses you will be treated like livestock, and be beaten every time you sob over everything you took for granted.
          This is why you shouldn’t have rights. Unbound, you are an agent of entropy. Considering entropy is movement towards equilibrium and you want total equality for everything, it is the only conclusion.

          • everything in the universe is an agent of entropy, my dude

          • M.D. Geist

            During life there is a choice between creation and entropy. Choosing entropy, as you inferior types do, is all that is evil. Leftism is cope for inferiority. It is because of inferiority that you deny any differentiating standards and hierarchy. Those who chose death should get it and will, if not by us then in hell. Forever.

    • Patrick Henry

      >implying white women will die out, and, unburdened, white men will slaughter all other men and take ten wives each to the point that he can only guide one for three hours a day, tops, from her disgusting nature.

    • Patrick Henry

      Somehow you manage to make this about you getting attention. Guess why chad doesn’t stick around?

    • Assjacket
  • Guy

    Absolutely great comic. Every thot will regret her past when she gets old and needs to settle down.

    • Anthony Leone

      And the guy in bed with her? Why the double standard?

      • The man in the vision is the man he ought to be.

        • Anthony Leone

          That doesn’t answer my question. How come the woman gets the vision, but not the man in bed with her? Why the focus on the woman?

          • Patrick Henry

            Already answered your question in another comment. You won’t accept it because you are the typical arrogant modern human who mistakes technology for his own ability, and even goes so far as to think he is greater than nature.

          • Anthony Leone

            It is amazing how you gave such an inaccurate assessment of someone you don’t even know. Talk about arrogant.

          • Patrick Henry

            Neat, I was offensive enough to your flimsy, contradictory beliefs to shock you from typical strawman/ad hominem liberal to tu quoque. How long until you roll out the circular arguments I wonder.

            Ever think about the consequences of your beliefs? Women are the locks, men are the keys, and there would be no skeleton keys if women were better locks. Your grandchildren will grow up in a war torn world after this comes to a head. All because you thought kowtowing to women for non-commitment pussy was a great idea. Moralizing instead of building virtue is for the weak and diseased. Happiness is a lie in the face of fulfillment. By defending behavior like this, you aren’t attacking men you disagree with, you are attacking the bond between man, mother and child.

            Disgusting. Tip your fedora harder.

          • Anthony Leone

            You think I’m a liberal? How cute.

            The whole “women are the locks and men are the keys” thing may have had its place back in the 1500s, but this is the 21st century. Maybe you should grab a calendar and realize that medieval thinking and the idea of breeding better people went out the window a long time ago.

          • Pr4g

            Why are you so against freedom??

          • Zon Kuthon

            Because freedom only gets abused. Hobbes is always right eventually. Cthulhu Always Swims Leftwards.

      • Patrick Henry

        Would the guy exist if the woman didn’t give it up?
        Now to validate your point of view, we have to assume that either a) all men are rapists or b) some men can control women’s minds.
        Think about the implications of that, if your reddit cooked brain can even use causality anymore. Think about the lack of evidence of either being true.

        • Anthony Leone

          I’m sorry, but you’re validating my point if you are saying that men are rapists or men can control women’s minds. That’s not logical.

          And I don’t touch reddit. Tell me. Do you always make inaccurate assumptions about people you don’t always know? Do you do it to feel superior, even though you are completely wrong?

          • Patrick Henry

            >Point out that female regret doesn’t negate the consent she gave
            >Immediately call everyone rapists.
            You’re one of those special kind of cucks, the ones who think ‘she changed her mind’ is rape and events like grooming gangs are beautiful, aren’t you?
            Tip your fedora harder.

          • Anthony Leone

            Wrong again. Aren’t you tired of just assuming things about me that are completely wrong?

      • Kagami Maeda

        The guy isn’t going to get a decent wife either.

      • T-I-G-E-R-S

        Men stay fertile until they die. They can wife up a women and sire children when they want (assuming they don’t get a heart attack during sex lol). Something women are unable too. Life isn’t fair, deal with it.

        • Anthony Leone

          This has nothing to do with who is fertile.

          • T-I-G-E-R-S

            Well yes it is. The double standard exists because a man can play around with girls well into his 40’s without the need to settle down. If a woman wants a family she has the best chance to do it in her twenties. So the guy in the woman’s bed can dump her anytime without consequences. Like I said, life isn’t fair.

          • Patrick Henry

            Tell that to the children born with down syndrome because mommy just wanted to have fun (read:refused to grow up) in her twenties.

          • Anthony Leone

            That isn’t how down syndrome happens. Maybe you should crack open a science book.

        • Kim B

          ”The idea that robust fertility for a man will continue well past a woman’s decline in fertility is untrue.”

      • George

        He likely doesn’t care.

        He doesn’t want the stable relationship. He wants to get it wet as much as he can.

  • Ambassador Vader

    So she THOT wrong?

    • Patrick Henry

      She THOT too much. Women using THOT is wrong.

  • pepe

    I actually think all of yall have it wrong.
    It’s about abortion.
    The man with the balloons is some exfiance or exbf. She says “…and you are?” because he is unrecognizable now that he is a successful person, indicated by the suit and business tie. The balloons indicate that they were going to have a boy, and she aborted without his consent, causing him to leave her.
    Anyways, that’s my take.

    • Patrick Henry

      Nice, someone with a brain.

  • flow ir in

    i read it as a comment on abortion – bit too meta, i guess.

  • Makuta S-V

    The holohoax thrives in the “muh women”.

  • Makuta S-V
  • Mr.Sixes

    These comments are killing with me!

  • Mister Twister

    I’d go with a more personal interpretation.

  • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

    incel tears

  • donny

    She got off easy, the man who would have married her is a bit of a prick.

    • M.D. Geist

      Because he has standards?

  • Jesher

    I love how you’re not lazy and actually drew every panel from scratch, instead of copy+paste+edit.

  • ac05jn


    • ssgtnelson

      Men opting out of marriage because women have become hoebags.

  • Edriss Scofield


  • kiri

    Yet a man can have sex before marriage, and it’s deemed just fine, he’s not a slut.

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