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  • xanados

    Super intellectual, I’m not sure I can comprehend the deepest levels of this joke

  • SquareTriangle

    these are some pretty demeaning and close minded comics, but I guess they only exist to rile up controversy and attention to your website.

    • ruwei

      These comics are pretty offensive but they don’t seem too heavily biased as they often make fun of both sides of the argument so I like them. Regardless of whatever we are, everything has something stupid about it and I think it’s good to have some self-awareness of that.

      Also, I just think misanthropy is funny in general.

    • Jack

      Or just to get attention on concerning and revealing facts about our society ?

      • Blarg Blarg

        And we have the winner!

    • Blarg Blarg

      “Open mindedness” is destroying this country.

  • Fox Carson


  • James

    Love it. It’s feminism in a nutshell.

  • manuel de santis

    Actually would of been funnier and more related to reality if there was a jew on one side and a cuck on the other holding it up for her.

    • xvtc

      would have*

  • Chris Redfield
    • Smug Level: Zen Master

      Those are jew ants, my guy.

  • Stiffy Weiner
  • Stiffy Weiner

    I’d fuck her

    • don quixotes fetid corpse

      She has penis.

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