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thots = patroled


i don get it

Something tells me the whole point of “sex-ad” was a method to inject faggotry into children’s educational cycle

because in a sane society, you wouldn’t learn about the “birds and the bees” from some shriveled old divorcee of a teacher
but from your parents (Father if you’re male, Mother if you’re female)

hell, a sane society wouldn’t even send their kids to a (((public))) indoctrination center in the first place
since school programs are filled to the brim with (((social studies))) and other Marxist nonsense to undermine white values

A sane society would see their faults and want the best education possible. Not that that’s what’s provided but egotistical parents just create ignorant kids. If a parent thinks they know everything about sex they’re just egotistical.

You don’t need to know everything about sex to teach your children sexual morality and responsibility. Lmao. Oh I guess I’m not qualified to tell my daughters that promiscuity is directly correlated with broken homes and therefore crime and weak men and therefore a weak society, since I don’t know how to teach her tantric spinal orgasms. 🙁

It isn’t wrong, but I think the same thing would apply to both sexes.

Not really. Men and women evolved to have different reproductive strategies based on cheap sperm cells versus expensive egg cells. Also sexual experience, at least up to a point, enriches men, but impoverishes women.

And women just age sexually a lot faster than men. That explains why some men can start a series of families as they acquire resources and status, while women can’t because their fertility crashes when they reach their 30’s, if not sooner. Carl Sagan fathered children with each of his three consecutive wives, for example.

nope, men age like wine, women like milk.

Ok, but that doesn’t make adultery acceptable. A man that sleeps around is just as bad as a woman who acts the same way.

This is a different matter that doesn’t dispute what the posters above said. Adultery ruins and breaks down nuclear families and with it the very fabric of society. Broken families produce damaged children which then go on to produce more damaged children. The whole process can easily spiral out of control.

You can’t make a whore into a housewife. That’s a constant.

And you can’t make a white supremacist into a decent person.

Actually, that’s unfair to the many, many reformed racists who have managed to pull their heads out of their sphincters.
Not that I think you’ll ever get there, but one can dream…

The “white supremacists” as you call them are intrinsically better people than you could ever be.

Quite, negro, your betters are speaking.

What are you going to do if I’m not “quite”? Please, don’t keep me in suspense, I’m ever so afraid.

You’re kind of an idiot bruv, we’re here to laugh at the conservative maymay comics from this artist not get triggered at someone saying something about Jews or the fact that most girls are being taught to slut nowadays.

Ironically, you both are triggered by the broader overarching notion of “freedom of association”.

If i want to hang around well-cultured blacks of succinctly enunciated english and a western mindset, or pro-western Jews, i can and i will.

If i don’t want to hang around ghetto apes and trans-pedophile pronouns, i don’t have to pretend they aren’t degenrate filth.

Socialists, nationalist or globalist, abhor free speech and free association. You each are a reflection of the other. Socialist lemmings.

“Jooz did it!” and “you are a racist!” are equally weak slave morality.

I’m not sure you understand how NOT to discredit your own position.

I’ve heard that something called “thinking” works to help sort out your personal problem,
but I also realize that that may be expecting too much from you going forward, so I will lower the bar for you.

Let’s try something you CAN understand, instead; if you think calling people “racist”, “bigot”, or any other trendy buzzword somehow invalidates arguments you personally disfavor, you’re going to have a bad day. Those words are meaningless, bankrupt of any of the moral value you are hoping to project.

Granting for the sake of argument that I am a bigoted racist, I don’t feel bad for it initially, and your remarks cause me no remorse for being so. In fact, remarks that look like yours make me feel better about my prejudices, because I immediately recognize that you have nothing but empty insults on your side, which is the hallmark of a loser who is emotionally invested in a losing position.

Hint: NatSocs and other alt-right types nearly mirror your own rhetoric.
You are the Nazi you think you hate. If you want to punch Nazis,
start with yourself.

“The facts disprove my retard fairytales, and I refuse to acknowledge them. Therefore, racism.”

Bloody brilliant logic. Fine. I’m a proud racist. I’ll be the white supremacist you need to feel good about yourself. What the fuck are YOU going to do about it, little faggot? Are you going to cry about racism some more?

It’s amazing how useful you idiots are to Jewish supremacists. I’m actually triggered by your profound ignorance. XD

Gee, I’ve upset someone who shits themselves when brown people are around, what a challenge…

You don’t even know why being a white supremacist is “bad”.
Your evaluation of what is “decent” is therefore moot.


we women have it better than ever
we can fuck and go and get whatever we want out of a relationship
that’s just communism you incels
stay mad

How is this even funny? Is there an unbiased source for that “study”? And a woman is not allowed to have partners, but a man can? I hate double standards.

I don’t know what “double standards” means in this context, women initiate 80% of divorces.
Men and women have different reproductive strategies (speaking of biology here). For men having sex with as many women as possible is reproductive success, and for women having sex with as many men as possible is reproductive failure; Because female can get child(ren) only once a year.

That’s a poor excuse for the double standards held by the people in this comment section, because most of the times humans have sex, it is not with the intent to reproduce. Furthermore, we all know how much you’re gonna cry if those ”succesfully reproducing men” all get hit with child support 😉
Women ”initiating” divorce is also a meaningless stat. Maybe men are happy to lack respect for their partners, cheat on them and string them along, and women have to break it off.

Lol dumb roastie sex junkie. It’s okay I’m addicted to pot, we all have our weaknesses.

But seriously, people who routinely have (non-committed) sex for fun are incapable of making love on a deeper level. You burn out the full potential of your psycho-sexual energy for a few hits up front. You lose the capacity for true mate bonding and will always be unsatisfied because of it.

Also it’s bad for societal cohesion. I 100% would never want to raise a child around liberal sex attitudes.

And beyond that, men shouldn’t slut around because we’re supposed to retain our semen except for procreation. The lack of semen retention is why most, if not all, the men you know are weak spineless chumps. And I think you know they are.

And right on schedule, here you are with your fedora to defend m’lady’s honor on the internet. I’ll be the chauvinist pig with the evil patriarchal statistics that don’t conform to your view of the world.

Yes, I do love my fedoras. You need to have style.

But what’s not in style is to have double standards. Why blast women but not men?

Men and women are different. How cucked in the head do you have to be to be unable to cope with this?

Besides, man-whoring is degenerate filth too. You’re ruining someone else’s daughter, and possibly someone else’s future wife.

Not only that but you devalue sex to some cheap thrill like a cigarette or videogame.

I slept with some women as a teenager and young adult, and it was wrong. The “sexual experience” just warped my head. I never learned how to make love because all I knew was how to “FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT” like some degenerate dindu.

Although it’s not that the sex was inherently evil; rather, our culture’s attitude toward sex encouraged me to have it in as unhealthy and toxic way as possible.

If we were conditioned to at least date for a few months before having sex, maybe things wouldn’t have been such a miserable shitshow.

And for the record I made them cum so fucking hard their backs would arc a foot off the bed. That’s me leveling with you disgusting perverts who would otherwise call me an incel for not tolerating their filthy broken nonsense.

While it´s not completely false, actual statistics are less clear:

Also while a divorce is a failure of sorts, probably in some cases with the 0-1 sexual partners (particularly the 0:s, because that means the couple themselves did not have sex before the wedding) they live in communities with strong norms against divorce and stay together even when the marriage is actually failed and they would be happier just going separate ways and trying with someone else. So it should not automatically be equated with “marriage more successful”.

Thanks! That means a lot coming from someone with a grand total of 6 upvotes! In appreciation, here’s a downvote, just for you champ!

imagine getting this bothered about people ignoring you.

you are a mayo tho so you get a pass.

I used to wonder why I get laid both so often and enthusiastically. Now that I’ve seen my competition: I owe you lads a drink. I will require ID, because supplying drinks to children tends to be a crime…

Largely, women are being raised to want to procreate with apes (you) instead of looking for actual long-term, society building relationships.

Jealous, cuck?

“Jealous, cuck?” said Wagoner, licking his lips as he watched his girlfriend’s husband grow erect through his panties. “I’m gon’ eat dat ass WYTE BOI” he grunted, trying to re-excite his limp penis as it gracelessly flopped in and out of the albino wildebeest the other man called a wife.

The way you type sounds shareblue/mediamatters as fuck.

I used to be like you — well, no, I was far more successful — but, I used to revel in women begging to drink my cum or suck my dick or for me to fuck them. I used to feel like the king of the world for fucking other guy’s girlfriends.

But now I see I was just a disgusting piece of filth, like you. And for me to continue playing this game by your rules would be a race to the bottom of standards and decency.

Have fun with that sissy porn my dude. We all know that’s why you throw around cuck so much. XD

And with your attitude on sex, a cuck is exactly what you will become someday. That’s the endgame of liberal male sexuality.

I throw around cuck because you idiots think it’s the nuke of insults, a bon mot worthy of Frazier that instantly wins the argument in your diseased little brains.. I don’t actually sleep with that many people already in relationships; it’s just that when women have a choice between me and one of you Neanderthals, I win every time.

divorce is awesome. a good cartoon

There is a difference between double standards and showing the stronger statistic, it’s a fact that on both sides more sexual partners means less love but it’s stronger on the female side of the coin. If you reallywant you can ask Stonetoss to make a fourth panel about men being manwhore societal stains.

Good luck to any fellow future tradwives, by the way, 17 and going strong despite rape threats from immigrants!

I invited you to “call me on it”; you’re the one claiming racism is this great evil. You’ve yet to show why that is.

In the meantime, “laughing” is all you’ll ever do. Speaking of being a little bitch, and a liar (normal for you, certainly).

How did your mom not get the coat-hangar as soon as she conceived?

I know you don’t. In fact, I’d go so far as to conclude based on your inability to defend anything of any real value that you actually don’t care about “racism”, and are probably a closet racist yourself.

In fact, yes, I think you ARE a racist. No wonder you refuse to adequately refute Nazism.

Since you can’t argue against racism, or present any credible threat to Nazis,
my bet is you’ll stand there laughing as they rape your family and put your head on the curb.

It’s okay. Some of us are prepared to fight nazis. Being an impotent fuck-muppet will be left to you.

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