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  • DooMaker

    i don get it

    • Brother Zael
      • DooMaker

        at least i got this gif now

    • Pan Kowalski

      The more a woman gets fucked, the more likely she is to have a divorce. Sex ed destroys families

      • KrugalSvylse

        Should read “The more men a woman gets fucked by before marriage…” Getting fucked by her husband doesn’t count. Sorry for being Captain Obvious, but still.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    Something tells me the whole point of “sex-ad” was a method to inject faggotry into children’s educational cycle

    because in a sane society, you wouldn’t learn about the “birds and the bees” from some shriveled old divorcee of a teacher
    but from your parents (Father if you’re male, Mother if you’re female)

    hell, a sane society wouldn’t even send their kids to a (((public))) indoctrination center in the first place
    since school programs are filled to the brim with (((social studies))) and other Marxist nonsense to undermine white values

    • Anthony Leone

      Hey, I learned about the birds and the bees from health class and movies. I’m so grateful I never had the talk from my Dad.

  • Eye of Magnus

    It isn’t wrong, but I think the same thing would apply to both sexes.

    • Albionic American

      Not really. Men and women evolved to have different reproductive strategies based on cheap sperm cells versus expensive egg cells. Also sexual experience, at least up to a point, enriches men, but impoverishes women.

      And women just age sexually a lot faster than men. That explains why some men can start a series of families as they acquire resources and status, while women can’t because their fertility crashes when they reach their 30’s, if not sooner. Carl Sagan fathered children with each of his three consecutive wives, for example.

    • Seth Apex

      nope, men age like wine, women like milk.

      • Eye of Magnus

        Ok, but that doesn’t make adultery acceptable. A man that sleeps around is just as bad as a woman who acts the same way.

        • Lao Yang

          This is a different matter that doesn’t dispute what the posters above said. Adultery ruins and breaks down nuclear families and with it the very fabric of society. Broken families produce damaged children which then go on to produce more damaged children. The whole process can easily spiral out of control.

  • Wu Wei

    Divorce is a social construct you bigot!

    • morgondag

      Divorce as well as marriage are obviously social constructs. You don´t see chimpanzees marrying. That doesn´t tell us if it is good or bad though.

  • Mister Twister

    You cannot force a thot into a loving relationship though.

  • Fantaman

    You can’t make a whore into a housewife. That’s a constant.

    • Zack Wagoner

      “Bu-bububut why won’t they sleep with me?!!!!”

    • Stiffy Weiner



    • Zack Wagoner

      And you can’t make a white supremacist into a decent person.

      • Zack Wagoner

        Actually, that’s unfair to the many, many reformed racists who have managed to pull their heads out of their sphincters.
        Not that I think you’ll ever get there, but one can dream…

  • Lionhearte

    To clarify; “Bride’s number of sexual partners **before marriage**” is the actual statistic. Should be obvious but this isn’t about cucks, it’s about whores.

    • Anna Kalita

      This is why it’s “bride’s”, not “wife’s”.

  • shnazzyone


  • we women have it better than ever
    we can fuck and go and get whatever we want out of a relationship
    that’s just communism you incels
    stay mad

    • Lao Yang

      And then you hit 30…

  • Anthony Leone

    How is this even funny? Is there an unbiased source for that “study”? And a woman is not allowed to have partners, but a man can? I hate double standards.

    • Yuukimaru

      “unbiased” doesn’t mean anything in 2k19. Even your razor for shaving has political bias. (Gillete ad joke)
      Source is Heriate Foundation’s research
      But in blackpill/mgtow communities, people believe it because it’s repeating theme in personal stories, not because of the research.

    • Yuukimaru

      I don’t know what “double standards” means in this context, women initiate 80% of divorces.
      Men and women have different reproductive strategies (speaking of biology here). For men having sex with as many women as possible is reproductive success, and for women having sex with as many men as possible is reproductive failure; Because female can get child(ren) only once a year.

      • Yuukimaru

        That being said, in 2k19 I would advise against having many sexual partners to men as well

    • Makuta S-V


    • You are Not a Victim

      And right on schedule, here you are with your fedora to defend m’lady’s honor on the internet. I’ll be the chauvinist pig with the evil patriarchal statistics that don’t conform to your view of the world.

  • morgondag

    While it´s not completely false, actual statistics are less clear:

    Also while a divorce is a failure of sorts, probably in some cases with the 0-1 sexual partners (particularly the 0:s, because that means the couple themselves did not have sex before the wedding) they live in communities with strong norms against divorce and stay together even when the marriage is actually failed and they would be happier just going separate ways and trying with someone else. So it should not automatically be equated with “marriage more successful”.

  • >Food for Thot
    I see a failed parents here.

  • Zack Wagoner

    Thanks! That means a lot coming from someone with a grand total of 6 upvotes! In appreciation, here’s a downvote, just for you champ!

    • Allen Reynolds

      imagine getting this bothered about people ignoring you.

      you are a mayo tho so you get a pass.

      • Zack Wagoner

        Wicked burn brah

      • Zack Wagoner

        You mean like being on here for five months, and only having 6 likes?

      • Zack Wagoner

        Oh no, the racists don’t like me, whatever shall I do

  • Zack Wagoner

    I used to wonder why I get laid both so often and enthusiastically. Now that I’ve seen my competition: I owe you lads a drink. I will require ID, because supplying drinks to children tends to be a crime…

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