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Commies be like “at least it’s not capitalism”

The ironic thing is that these so called ‘Anarcho-Communists’ justify their ideas with dialectical materialism, the philosophy behind Marxism, when the initially when Peter Kropotkin came up with the idea of Anarcho-Communism it was exclusively justified with the philosophy of natural science that species with more cooperation have better chances of survival. Though free market voluntary trade is a form of cooperation so he would have probably sided not with these feral tranny [email protected] Marxists but with Libertarians. Besides ‘The Conquest of Bread‘ was written in 1819 and he lived in Siberia, so Capitalism has made life far better since then.

Commies be like: BuT hE mAdE 1 cEnT mOrE tHaN aVeRaGe!!!!!!

Are you not going to recognize that fascists use the same appeal to emotion tactics as communists do to gain followers though? Communists will say ‘your CEO makes $1000 an hour and you make $10.50’ or something like that to try and appeal to your primal senses and make you feel like your being robbed. Fascists do a similar tactic with things like immigration. Both have some truth to them but they aren’t pragmatic rational responses to life’s problems. And there was the thing that Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party

It is the site of the radical rightists that willingly want to install a dictatorship to own the libs.

I want Putin to be our president.

dude literally has ᛋᛋSheputsterᛋᛋ as a name. There are a lot of nazi sympathizers here and stone toss himself tries to rationalize them in some comics.

People here are against the left but they aren’t different from them. Like the left they too want ‘their camp’ to dictate the whole society how to act. In the left’s case its ‘the capitalists control everything and are the root of evil’, in this communities case its ‘Jews control media and politics we need to do something about it’. different sides of the same coin.

I agree, some people would say something like ‘oh lolbertarian cringe’ when you bring up horseshoe theory but I mean it does have a lot of credibility to it. They both want a violent revolution against certain groups and essentially want the destruction of America. I mean it’s undeniable that Jews do have a major influence in things like academia, media, politics etc. but the key question is why, and diagnose it. It could be tons of different reason and multiple factors and I’m not about to jump to the idea that there is a massive world-wide jew conspiracy. When you normalize by IQ (which Ashkenazi jews tend to have the highest) you see that everyone in that way has the same condition. In particular I think it’s just zionism which in that case there has been many jews to speak out against zionism.

The person on the right could be someone who sympathizes with BLM.

BLM and Communism are both jewish, when it comes down to it they would side with each other.

BLM hate Jews* actually. Would you jump to their cause now that you know that?

And communism is against religion.

Not the only one. I would be astounded if Michael Bloomberg’s greasy little fingerprints weren’t all over the money flowing to them too. Not that there’s ever going to be a real investigation. The Deep State protects its own.

A happy communist is a communist who lives in a capitalist country.

I have literally seen people say ‘North Korea isn’t that bad! That’s just American anti-communist propaganda’. I don’t know how much of a delusional failure you have to be to justify anything North Korea does or thing it’s good but if they really like it, I think we should have a system where we deport communists to socialist or communist countries. I’m sure they’ll have a blast when they get to NK.

I feel ashamed to like BloodStorm comment, but can’t deny the fact that we should send all lefties to North Korea, or perhaps even re-create a communist paradise with a tyrant like Pol Pot to achieve maximum communist pleasure for leftists.

The people who run North Korea has made a deliberate decision to try to isolate their country from the GloboHomo system. And considering that human flourishing in the most literal sense means human reproduction, the North Koreans must be doing something right, because they have a higher fertility rate than the South Koreans. The South Koreans have nearly stopped having kids, and that means they will eventually die off.

The most awful african countries have “flourishing in the most literal sense means human reproduction”, although that doesn’t mean negroids are doing something “right”, that mere means they are function by the very basic instinct of animal filth that they are, to have meaningless sex with first counter-sex partner you meet and have as much babies for “reserved purpose” of natural selection; and 10 of the babies will die in complete misery and insufferable agony of starvation and sun burn at the same time, while other 2 babies will pass equal suffering yet somehow manage to survive. A destiny worse than death. Not something I ever desire for my own people.

Not to mention the babies are “desired” not because they have genuine desire to have babies to love them, but because they see financial and supportive selfish benefit in them, so they grow up without love to begin with. Spending trillions all over African continent has never improved life of negroids; it only made the whole continent to overpopulate with worthless “people” which posses a real threat toward environment and nature itself. Note: the primary reason why Sahara is nothing but a dust now is not because of mUh GlObAl WaRmInG, but because the uncultured animals eat out and waste all of the possible resources with the help of silly leftists Whites that are possessed with humanism sickness and “every human are equal” idealistic plague.

As for North Korea independently; such economical and political system is unviable and will result in collapse once The Only Fat Person In North Korea will simply unable to rob his own citizens anymore as they are simply out of any wealth; so he will be forced to either switch to open market Economy with private business ownership, like literally every single socialist country ever from Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, USSR, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, etc, etc; or result in a complete TOTAL collapse like was in Somali after muslimish socialist project had failed and the whole country turned out COMPLETELY impoverished poor so much, it turned in to anarchy. The only reason North Korea hasn’t collapsed yet is because Russia and China spend billions of their national budged to support the dead corpse of North Korea and doing their hardest to prevent it from inevitable collapse, just like USSR had. The question is, will it revolt in to civilian war with bigger casualties than during late 80’sbeginning of 90’s in socialist countries, or it will results in mass starvation of millions of civilians like it was during the 90’s in North Korea once USSR has stopped feeding them.

As White Nationalist, it’s no way my prerogative nor goal to reproduce more аngry ugIy militant gоoks with ideology that I’m sincerely, with all my being, oppose against. And I don’t know about the rest of the world, but as Russian, donating billions of $ per year to a country that I desire to nothing in common is a god dаmn a lot, and yet we as a country are pretty poor, more poor than even in comparison to some tiny countries like Italy, Nederlands, Denmark or Japan, let alone in GDP and average wage.

And I REALLY doubt that North Korea have average “High IQ”, knowing their nutritional deficiency, crаp education and the fact that majority still don’t understand how propaganda brаinwаsh them to believe that they live in the “most prosperous country in the world”. I’m very suspicious of that number and suspect that it’s fabricated just like the death toll of North Koreans during mass starvation in 90’s which shows ridiculously small number, even though later we find out it was around million. I’m a person of science, and I believe North vs South Korea have same results as East vs West Germany. After mere like 40 or so years, the average IQ of East Germans has dropped by like 7 points, the height of average German was like 3 inch lower, and East German life expectancy was 2.4 and 2.6 years less than that of the West for men and women, respectively. Knowing that East Germany is NOTHING in comparison to North Korea, I’d assume things are far worse. In fact, South Koreas do look FAR more tall than the ones in North Korea, and genetically are more close to Japans judging mere from their looks than North Koreans which have more tannedblacker skin and look more like Chinese.

Also, some asshat marked my comment as spam. :/ Disqus is one huge pile of horse pооp with it’s censoreship and it pisses me off so much that I spend so much time writing big meaningful replies, just to get them all flaggedremoved, and StoneToss never seem to approve neither of them anyway. Makes me want to give up on this website.

It’s more the case that North Koreans can punch, whereas sub-Saharan Africans mainly squat in a puddle of their own foulness with their hands out.

Two individuals with IQs of 55 cannot replace one individual with an IQ of 110–not at anything above the level of menial labor tasks that a chimpanzee could be trained to do, which haven’t mattered on the scale of the fates of nations since James Watt built the first steam engine.

Back during the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, the fertility rate for America was much higher. This was because you were much likelier to either die at birth, or at a very young age, and there was not the medical technologies to prevent it like there is today. So families compensated back then by having more and more kids, meaning there were chances for there to be some huge families at the time. NK likely never pushed out of the era of lots of people dying early.

China has the happiest communist.

Nazis, not communists. There is a difference

Nazis care about nature. Chinese communists do not.

Retard of course they are. Does not change the fact that they are “Communist”; a tyrannical totalitarian regime that keeps most of it’s citizens in a slave-like level. As the defenders of communism laughably state: “It’s not real communism!”. Communism has always been about taking over nations with false promises of equality and ending up with a miserable nation.

(((The Tribe))) can’t bear the thought of any society that organizes itself along any lines that doesn’t have them in charge, whether as (((banksters))) or as (((the Party))). This is why all attempts to create a Third Way or Third Position are denounced in the news and entertainment media–that (((they))) also control, and if necessary invaded from the outside and destroyed by a Bolshevik-Plutocrat alliance.

Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party. There is a reason why they call fascism the ‘parasitic’ economy in economics. It, like communism or socialism, never works for very long and drains the producers from society and brings it to collapse. Just look at Nazi Germany, their economy was about to completely collapse just before the end of the war, it was built upon broken foundation.

*sigh*more Keynesian macro-economics. GNP and GDP are irrelevant if you knew more about the intriquices of economics. Micro-economics are far more accurate. For example in the U.S. the stock market is doing better but that is not representivate of actual economic growth. And on top of it as I have mentioned before it was built upon unstable foundation and was made to collapse.

Bullocks. Hitler’s regime brought Germany from the brink destitution and communist revolution to a super power that could overpower the monster that was the communist Soviet Union. While other Western nations were suffering from the artificial market crash, Germany prospered and allowed it’s lower and middle classes to enjoy wealth. NS Germany even hosted the Olympic games to show itself off.

Also in a truly free anarcho-capitalist society there would be no central banks and very few, if any private banks and they would most likely operate only on a local level since most of the transactions would happen though bartering money would come about naturally or use decentralized forms of currency like BitCoin on Monero.

That’s also why (((Fox News))) and (((Tucker Carlson))) hate Libertarians and Anarcho-Capitalists.

Libertarian free market economics is the reason why the entirety of American industry moved to China.

Libertarian free market economics is the reason why woke neoliberal corporations have more power then the state, and can openly censor the US President.
Libertarians have created a laissez-faire attitude towards culture that have allowed all forms of degeneracy — homosexuality, transsexualism, pedophilia — to spread and destroy every single western country.

Economic nationalism is a perfectly rational response to these issues. Even if we did have a revolution and overthrew the state, the USA would still have every single megacorporation under leftist/jewish rule.

The state is the only possible means by which the right can succesfully oppose corporate judeo-bolshevism and saving the white race, and you want to throw that solution under the bus because what, government doing things is socialism? Come on now.

You do realize that major corporation like Walmart and Amazon lobby for $15 minimum wages and higher tariffs right? The cornerstone of fascism is the corporate state, when the state and major corporations come together to create one. They do this to make it harder for small business to enter the market, that’s why like 1 out of every 15 start ups fail. It’s all intentional to prevent actual competition. I don’t care about people’s ‘degeneracy’ as long as they keep it away from me. I’m a ‘degenerate’ myself anyways so I don’t care. ‘degenerate’ is a subjective term and in America people are way more prudish about stuff than say Europe or Oriental countries. Laissez-faire attitudes weren’t created by libertarians, that was created by culture itself and the inorganic changes were caused in part by state sponsored and sanctioned organizations like child protective services, therapists and welfare. The only thing preventing whites from uniting is the state, when a man tried to buy private property to start a white commune in the Midwest the state intervened. Trump has already put forth a lot of ‘economic nationalism’ and populist economic strategies (although that term populist in itself is contradictory and subjective.) Although I do ask what in particular do you mean by ‘economic nationalism’? For example, what polices would you put forth and recommend to achieve just that?

Libertarian free market economics is the reason why the entirety of American industry moved to China.

Unionized labor, run by communists, and the politicians that are in their pocket, are part of “Libertarian free market economics”?

I’m not so sure about that.

The ones that state “Nazism” to be far right wing are the (((ones))) controlling the official narrative. National Socialism is neither left-wing nor right-wing.


Third Reich openly advocate privately owned business. Third Reich advocate privately owned land. Third Reich openly practice low taxes for both farmers and small corporations. Because of small governmental intervene, the Third Reich alone has born brands such as Hugo Boss, Volkswagen, Adidas, Heckler & Koch, etc, etc. By 37′, the taxation in Third Reich was in general smaller than in the USA’s retarded keynesian policies that were practiced back in these days.

They also claim that “socialism” is mere natural behavior of human species to work cooperatively in order to achieve the maximum goods for everyone in socium. Literally every single libertarian from Locke, Constant to Adam Smith and Hoppe claim the same.

Right-Wing, also, aside from economical spectrum, means the will of people to be close to who they prefer to be, so it’s essentially associated with Closed Border AND Nationalistic tendencies, i.e. Tribalism.

So yes, they are indeed a Right-Wing, in every sense of this word. They are not FAR-right though, since they still had political intervention in the life of citizens, like enforced education and a few government owned business.

Most Politicians and dictators should be disrespected by society. Only 4 politicians I ever liked were
– Adolf Hitler
– Ron Paul
– Jair Bolsonaro
and lastly,
Nathan Larson

Shocking, since you shit-talk NatSoc so much.

I hate communism, but it sucks being charged 722.39 for my lip to get stitched. I hesitated so long in whether or not to go that it got infected.

Like our taxes already get wasted on people unwilling to work, can we make it to go functioning members of society that need a band aid?

Mexico has a per capita GDP of about $800 more than Cuba’s, which makes both countries qualify as “middle-income” in the current classification system. But we usually don’t hear propaganda which calls Mexico a failure and a disaster. The statistician Hans Rosling in his book Factfulness also points out that Cuba has the healthiest population compared to similar middle-income countries, while the United States has the sickest population compared to similar high-income countries. We Americans really have no basis for considering ourselves the most competent people in the world just because we let “capitalists” run things.


Hm who coined the term ‘Capitalist’? Oh yeah the communist jew, (((MARX)))

Communism was funded by the (((bankers))) and had men trained straight from New York.

It’s not serfdom because it’s not based on property rights you dipsh1t. Planned obsolescence wouldn’t happen because they would be true competition, like I said before fascism is the cooperate state. Pollution would be illegal if it enters someone else’s life so you don’t even know the slightest bit of what you’re talking about.

Naive. The end result of a capitalist society are the corporations attaining more powerful than the government. Corporations that are unhindered by government could pollute as they please, cover it up or send their pollution to poorer nations.

Cuba has the healthiest population compared to similar middle-income
countries, while the United States has the sickest population compared
to similar high-income countries

Would that comparison be drawn from the same US sources who now claim that we have had at least 200,000 deaths in ‘Murica from the coof?

We Americans really have no basis for considering ourselves the most
competent people in the world just because we let “capitalists” run

Our basis is that we must be doing a whole lot better than everyone else as all of those “minorities” want to come here and/or steal our money.

Ironically the original communists showed just about the opposite of the libido for the ugly that characterizes current Bioleninism. Trotsky sounds like a proto- transhumanist:

More than that. Man at last will begin to harmonize himself in earnest. He will make it his business to achieve beauty by giving the movement of his own limbs the utmost precision, purposefulness and economy in his work, his walk and his play. He will try to master first the semiconscious and then the subconscious processes in his own organism, such as breathing, the circulation of the blood, digestion, reproduction, and, within necessary limits, he will try to subordinate them to the control of reason and will. Even purely physiologic life will become subject to collective experiments. The human species, the coagulated Homo sapiens, will once more enter into a state of radical transformation, and, in his own hands, will become an object of the most complicated methods of artificial selection and psycho-physical training. This is entirely in accord with evolution. Man first drove the dark elements out of industry and ideology, by displacing barbarian routine by scientific technique, and religion by science. Afterwards he drove the unconscious out of politics, by overthrowing monarchy and class with democracy and rationalist parliamentarianism and then with the clear and open Soviet dictatorship. The blind elements have settled most heavily in economic relations, but man is driving them out from there also, by means of the Socialist organization of economic life. This makes it possible to reconstruct fundamentally the traditional family life. Finally, the nature of man himself is hidden in the deepest and darkest corner of the unconscious, of the elemental, of the sub-soil. Is it not self-evident that the greatest efforts of investigative thought and of creative initiative will be in that direction? The human race will not have ceased to crawl on all fours before God, kings and capital, in order later to submit humbly before the dark laws of heredity and a blind sexual selection! Emancipated man will want to attain a greater equilibrium in the work of his organs and a more proportional developing and wearing out of his tissues, in order to reduce the fear of death to a rational reaction of the organism towards danger. There can be no doubt that man’s extreme anatomical and physiological disharmony, that is, the extreme disproportion in the growth and wearing out of organs and tissues, give the life instinct the form of a pinched, morbid and hysterical fear of death, which darkens reason and which feeds the stupid and humiliating fantasies about life after death.

Man will make it his purpose to master his own feelings, to raise his instincts to the heights of consciousness, to make them transparent, to extend the wires of his will into hidden recesses, and thereby to raise himself to a new plane, to create a higher social biologic type, or, if you please, a superman.

It is difficult to predict the extent of self-government which the man of the future may reach or the heights to which he may carry his technique. Social construction and psycho-physical self-education will become two aspects of one and the same process. All the arts – literature, drama, painting, music and architecture will lend this process beautiful form. More correctly, the shell in which the cultural construction and self-education of Communist man will be enclosed, will develop all the vital elements of contemporary art to the highest point. Man will become immeasurably stronger, wiser and subtler; his body will become more harmonized, his movements more rhythmic, his voice more musical. The forms of life will become dynamically dramatic. The average human type will rise to the heights of an Aristotle, a Goethe, or a Marx. And above this ridge new peaks will rise.

Stonetoss why the hell are you censoring your comments section now? Wtf is this.

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