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The Democrats are quickly heading toward a brokered convention at this rate. But honestly, it’s not too surprising, they have raised two generations of single issue voters and fringe identity groups that refuse to play ball with each other. The left always eat their own.

At least they lock ranks to defeat us Americans.

That’s only because cuckservatives are controlled opposition, who have never made a serious attempt to break up the crazy-quilt of literal crazy that is the Leftist coalition.

Blacks hate Jews hate Moslems hate Mexicans hate gays hate animal rights activists hate environmentalist wackos hate immigrants hate blacks. It’s a house of cards and would all fall down at the merest puff of a breeze if the will existed anywhere on the Right to do more than grumble and shuffle their feet and then go along with whatever George Soros and Michael Bloomberg demands after a couple of years of ineffectual phony opposition.

The only thing unifying them is the hatred of Trump

American Election is worthless, JUSTIN TRUDEAU is still on his throne yet he is doing nothing to give the French what we want. We are the last pure blood of the French. Since Napoleons down fall and King Cuckles X as well as well as Loser Philippe, our nationalistic liberal views have been in a horny eagle death spiral and it mustn’t make us a minority. Trudeau said himself that Canada shall always belong to the French and he better do something for us or else there will be a Quebecois revolution. We need to keep the Superior blood in line by restoring a Monarch of untainted French blood, no “Metternich” like interference. Lady liberty will feed us once more her soft milk, we must raise the future to only know french, it disgusts me to even speak this pig mixture of a language and metropolitan french is a bastardized child of a tongue, levez-vous et faites du vrai roi notre avenir! Americans were lucky to have been gifted the Louisiana region, those French were tainted by the Spaniards. putain de porcs espagnols, Les Anglais ont ruiné notre culture pure.Les hommes blancs français génétiquement conçus pour être forts et résister au froid! vive le France Québec

France did little to colonize its lands in NA. It lost all its land to Spain and England in 1762/63. In 1801, Spain lost Louisiana to Napoleon, who sold it to the USA in 1803 (just before going back to war with England, and near the end of the Haitian revolt).

As for Quebec being “pure blooded” – France didn’t initially send women colonists. So some of the men took local brides until Louis XIV deported 800 prostitutes to service the 3,000 French men.

Don’t despair, Bernouts! “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” amirite guise? Amirite? Senile Joe Biden needs those votes more than Bernie does, so the DNC gave them to him. That’s what good Socialists do, amirite?

Senile Joe’s reaction:

holohoax fairy tales jew bullshit the kikes were the per and destroyed Christian civ in the east with a pincer movement and intrigue not historical factual after their defeat in 1919

you jews masons and satanic mossad nkvd mi cia fbi pedo shits are really about to get hit

The fact that the Democrats are so unwilling to support Bernie despite him having the best chance of beating trump(which is still a very low chance) is exceptionally worrying to me

Bernie is supposed to attract and deflect the young left wing vote, not actually win. He doesn’t want to win. That is why he is already telling his supporters to vote for a guy who voted for NAFTA and foreign wars instead of for the guy who ended NAFTA and is putting an end to foreign wars.

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