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  • rdococ

    How far right do you have to be to think that social media is socialist?

    • themann235

      not very far at all when you realize they are subsidized by the state.

    • imapotato

      but it has social in it (obvious satire)

    • Dr.Weird

      just far enough right to not be a complete retard.

    • Crayven

      The retard is a holocaust denier…

  • Michael

    When someone does something i dont like in my house, i kick him out. He can do it at his own home, no problem. Or his own thing.

    • themann235

      that’s all well and good as long as you don’t try to claim that your house is a “platform for all ideas” and accept subsidies form the state.

      • Michael

        I am not starting this discussion since it is not my country. I dont think they receive checks from the government though. Maybe tax deals to built a facility at a certain place in competition with another place. However it is a private company not a public platform. I dont see the point in all that nipple censoring while violence and blood is splashing all over without being a problem. As if all americans are constantly prepared to be robbed at the next corner, thats plane paranoia.

        • Taylor Litteral

          The only time I see anything about blood shed or violence is when it involves the left anti marching or something happening in a third world shit hole or the immigrants having done something destructive in western Europe….hmmm…

    • Gaius Giustiniani

      They’re also taking domains of conservatives. Preventing them from publishing things on their own sites.

  • Michael

    Why is that socialistic? The nazis where ultranationalists and not socialists at all only by name. In their 12 years the nutrition and general situation of the lower class did not change and the big guys as Krupp or Flick were still the big guys.They made a totalitarian system that were very close to that of mr Stalin. That is typical for leader driven systems. Some east european states are moving that direction now and that is scary when a group tries to control the media, jurisdiction and finally the population. In russia the FSB has more agents than all the US secret services together with only 40% of the pupulation.

  • Mortification240

    Lol he got kicked off and NOBODY GIVES A SHIT! I love it. Only literal retards who think Info Wars is the greatest news source since Christ himself are upset over this. Sad!

    Alex Jones got cucked by every single damned site on the internet. Hilarious!

    • Gaius Giustiniani

      You cared enough to look up a comic about it and then comment.
      Rent free.

      • imapotato

        we actually came to hate on him 🙂 and thats not a valid point

    • Hell-Nico

      How do you feel 5 months later knowing that they are coming for more and more centrist and rational people?

      • Edriss Scofield

        No they’re not

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Bake the tinfoil cake!!

  • manuel de santis

    We truly are all Alex Jones

  • I fully support censorship of disinfo and propaganda sources, including this webcomic. 80% of your strips are logical. The remaining 20% is paid shilling for some right wing fag who most likely is lining your pockets with jewgold.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    Oh boy. Now all of them can Jack off to tranny porn in unison

  • Mr.Sixes

    We’re breaking the conditioning!

  • Bezzle Bedeviled

    Alex Jones was a professional idiot who had largely disappeared from collective consciousness before his LOUDLY TRUMPETED deplatforming made him a house-hold name again. It’s all just manufactured polarization. You will *never* hear the name of anyone who really matters in *either* the mainstream press or the co-opted alt-media.

  • ac05jn
  • Brennan the Great


  • Ion forbes

    There are whole crap ton of alternative sites.

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