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  • Meme Lord

    I mean….yeah? Neither antifa nor fascism nor communism nor identitarianism nor any other political movement are actual organizations, just ideologies. this is just kind of a simple truth. organizations may adopt these ideologies as their own, but they don’t pretend to be the sole arbitor of that ideology.

    • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

      Which makes Antifa’s, a political organization, attempts at fighting fascism, an ideology, all the more pointless; they might as well be going after the CEO of racism, while they’re at it.

      • Maxwell Macdonald

        It is pointless, they just don’t understand that

      • Nuke Mecha

        But this Netflix movie intended to make whites feel guilty and PoCs hate whites told me otherwise.

        With time travel and shieeeeeeeet

  • Albionic American

    The rise of white nationalism must drive these progressive utopians nuts because it has happened in a Hayekian fashion: Spontaneously, organically, across a wide swath of white society, and without central planning – indeed, in defiance of all the central planning to impose upon us at gunpoint our elites’ arbitrary and artificial ideology which makes racism the most horrible thing in the world.

    The fact that so many white men show the ability to resist all the gaslighting, indoctrination, propaganda, shaming, bullying and even threats of bloodshed directed against them to beat them into submitting to an Opposite World fantasy, says something encouraging about the sovereignty of the human mind. White nationalists have become the Winston Smith-like heroes in their own dystopian novels.

    • Alistair Grove

      Don’t forget the White Nationalist women. How else will you make White babies?

      Other than artificial wombs, of course. But most White Nationalists hate them. At least the ones I’ve spoken too.

      • Meme Lord

        I believe white nationalist men hate feminists due to their role in corrupting the morality and culture of white societies, not necessarily women.

        • Alistair Grove

          Why did you bring up feminists? Yes, we are united in hating them, male ones especially, but it’s still a tangent.

        • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

          That and corrupting other white women, media, etc.

      • Nuke Mecha

        Don’t confuse hating women with imposing discipline on them.

        A father that hates his children would let them do anything.

        • Alistair Grove

          At what point in my post did I say I hate women? Or even say other people do? I said White Nationalists hate artificial wombs. And this is because they love white women so much.

          • Nuke Mecha

            Apologies, friend.

            I read your post incorrectly.

          • Alistair Grove

            No problem. I often do post MGTOW stuff, I just didn’t then.

      • You are Not a Victim

        Not believing in egalitarianism =/= hating women

        Realizing that a long-term ethnostate cannot exist as long as women can vote =/= hating women

        Our “liberated” women consistently vote for globalist, Marxist, and Jewish laws and policies without failure, and hemorrhage money from the government despite being ’empowered workers’. After a good century, they still don’t pay net taxes as a group, and the average woman costs more in social programs than she’ll pay back in her lifetime.

        Actual “white nationalist women” would embrace traditional femininity, and the role of women in a healthy, functioning society as mothers and wives- not as (very half-assed) competitors for men. She would realize that men and women are very different, and knowing these differences- she would know that women being given equal or greater authority than men on the basis of “it’s just not fair” would just be flat out fucking stupid.

        The equality experiment was a disastrous failure. It was for race, and it was for sex. And they know it, too, which is why the only argument you see levied against this simple acknowledgement of biology are a slew of Reddit buzzwords and accusations of moral wrongdoing.

        • Alistair Grove

          Where the fuck is all this straw manning coming from? Jesus Christ people, at no point did I anything that you are accusing me of.

          As for your points, women voting is not the only problem with society. The West is full of Soy Boys, after all. And remember, despite women be the majority voters, we still got Trump and Brexit. Well, last one not yet, but that’s nothing to do with the electorate.

          Yes, white nationalist women are very traditionalist. Congratulations on noticing that. However, they still tend to be very outspoken, at least the ones I’ve met. Tradition women =/= meek and submissive. Even Muslim women can be screeching harpies after all.

          Finally, equality was never the goal. Feminism has always been a Marxist plan to destroy society. And it’s working. Whether things can be turned around in the West? Who knows? At least more men are realising how toxic most women are.

          • Zon Kuthon

            Whatever, cuck. Soyboys were a fault of mothers who raised them. Trump is ineffective. Brexit is cucked and won’t happen.

            Good Things Don’t Happen. Everything will always be misery and whites will simply die out because nobody is willing to stop being squeamish. And if anyone fights back or votes hard enough, Israel will NUKE THE WORLD!


          • Alistair Grove

            OK so I’m staring to think you’re a Troll. Fair enough, but let’s get to your points.

            Yes mothers are to blame for a lot of these problems.

            The God Emperor has done a lot. He’s not perfect, but he’s the best we’ve got without going full Black Pill.

            You might be right about Brexit but that won’t stop me fighting.

            Yeah, that’s an unrealistic amount of Black Pill, so see first sentence.

      • Zon Kuthon

        All Women Are Like That. Women are always traitors unless they don’t have rights.

        • Alistair Grove

          Yep. You’re a Troll.

    • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

      I don’t think natural is the most accurate term for it. Sure, it’s more natural than the Left’s self-defeating, parasitic philosophy, but white nationalism only started gaining traction this decade after 2012, which is when the Left completely lost their minds.

      • amplifact

        pretty much. it’s only fashionable right now because young people see the moralistic insanity of the mainstream left and go “shit, how do I distance myself AS FAR AWAY from that as possible?”

        I don’t believe white nationalism will get much long term traction from all this though (civic maybe), because if it ceases to be a statement against the dominant culture then it will come to be viewed as just as preachy and smothering in its own right.

    • Zon Kuthon

      That’s not good enough.

  • beethoven


  • Major Matt Mason


  • Alistair Grove


    • Only Imperial storm troopers are this precise.

    • Maxwell Macdonald

      Yeah I’ll pass on actually thinking, you know who else thought?
      Hitler. let that sink in

  • Mister Twister

    Communism is an ideology, true.

  • Steve

    No, not at all the same! See, “Anti-Fa” is “Anti-Fascist”. It’s in the name.

    On a completely unrelated note, what are hot dogs made of?

  • Filmore Bloom

    So adding white nationalists to list of threats actually does nothing?

  • Manatas Manatas

    Antifa isn’t an ideology. If you say that you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
    Anti fascism. They act anti fascist. That doesn’t sound too complex. Why do people like you keep intentionally misunderstanding that … I wonder

    • ssgtnelson

      When your only defense of insanity is, “But muh definition.”

  • Zon Kuthon

    Liar Liar. Set yourself on fire. Women don’t walk backwards. If your husband allows you internet time, he’s a cuck.

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