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Sports is a major cause of obesity.


I don’t get it at all. What’s that in his son’s hands and what does that have to do with football

The son is holding a game controller; enjoying his mindless entertainment. The dad; worried about hos son’s obsessive behavior goes to talk just when he hear his mindless entertainment, football touchdown while enjoying his sugary drinks

TLDR: mindless pleasure; like father like son

Ah, I see why you are an incel, you find masculine activities like enjoy a sport “below you”

Yes, mankind could aspire to higher things.
Entertainment is just that, entertainment. Basing our lives around vapid garbage isn’t exactly inspirational.

Higher things like making trap porn to save the white race?

>Watching other men play a sport is “masculine”
>Uses incel every other sentence to prove he’s *definitely not* a virgin

Hi Reddit

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