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  • Matthew Herzog

    I don’t get it.

    • Idriss Dani Benthami

      He is a jew not white.

      • ComicsFan

        Lol, aren’t jews white? I mean “white” means that someone have “white skin”, not less, not more.

        • Chad T.C.

          Black albino’s aren’t white. If you can accept this obvious fact, internalize the logic used there and then think for 2 seconds

          • AskingKnotSeaJoe

            Jews aren’t asian or albino

          • Ronnie Swoleman

            They’re also not white. They’re…wait for it…Jews

        • Divosa Uplanovytch

          Asians are white to?

        • James

          No, it doesn’t. If that’s what it means, then the whitest people in the world are people from Manchuria (north west China). They often have pearly white, almost translucent skin. It’s just a synonym for Caucasian European.

          • Juan Ivan

            lol. Manchuria is north EASTERN China.

        • Nicholas Blackman
          • Stiffy Weiner

            Ngl. You’re pretty fucking cute

      • Derek Sparling Aitken

        There are Jews of different races. If a white person converts, are they no longer white? Clearly most Ashkenazi Jews are of primarily European descent

        • James

          They’re of Central Asian (Turkic) descent.

        • Birdman

          jews DNA is of asian more of a turkish. khazarian

        • Mike

          They are only White when it’s convenient for them.

  • Stormwatch

    But that’s just a cohencidence!

  • micky debarge

    But, but, you can’t notice.

  • Josh Porter

    Yup, that’s the power of IQ.

    • Anon

      Epstein raping kids was all that IQ spilling out.

    • Allison Kaas

      so what you’re saying is, blacks are less successful because they have lower IQ. so there’s no need for affirmative action. thanks for clearing that up!

  • Jesher

    Neat how someone bought up the domain name and replaced it with a fucking adware page. Did I say neat? I meant fuck google to death Gaddafi style.

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