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  • Jim Crow

    Brap groyper, quite accurate really.

  • NPC the Clown

    There should be a couple more panels where Biden is talking to Tom on MySpace and then revealing he’s talking from either a coffin or rocking chair.

  • Longtooth

    Man, I wish that I could vote for Trump.
    However then I would have to live in the U.S.A. and that is just not worth it.

  • the_nigler

    He took a photo with a Bible, what more do you want?

    • Earthworm Jim

      He want’s white people to go to jail for fighting against looters.

      • To be honest, yeah stay at home and don’t pick fights unless it’s self-defense.

  • Mr King

    The groypers are a national treasure

  • eternalweasel

    I don’t get this one. Is this about Trump’s inaction in these protests? Sure, that is odd.
    The average trump voter not doing much? Well, what could they do? No amount of “yeah, that cop did kill floyd” is going to appeal to the raging masses.

    • Chris Redfield

      Medical reports states that George Floyd died from cardiac arrest and he was on fentanyl and had meth in his system. This with the heart conditions he had. The camera’s show that Floyd was so high could barely walk on his own. He was not killed by the police officer. It was obvious that he could breath as he was yelling. He had a heart attack under the stress of the arrest.

      The police were called after he passed off counterfeit money. The store owner gave him a chance to give back what he “bought” and give him his funny money back in the return but he refused. The store owner in the police call mentioned that Floyd was extremely drunk, in reality he was really high on fentanyl.

      • Black Spruce

        Eggshell skull rule. The frailty of an assault victim cannot be used as a defense should that victim die. The stress of having three people piled on top of you, pressing down on your chest, preventing you from inhaling effectively, and cutting off blood flow is absolutely the primary contributing factor to his cardiac arrest. Very similar to the Eric Garner killing.

        • I’ll take “Things that didn’t happen” for $400, Alex.

        • Chris Redfield
          • Black Spruce

            Are you saying he would have dropped dead randomly on the street if the cops chose not to bother confronting him?

          • Chris Redfield

            The stress from getting arrested (and resisting arrest) in conjunction with extreme intoxication from multiple sources and health problems were the cause of his death. If he were left alone, it would not be known how long it would be before he died from a different incident; died from some respiratory system failure of some sort on that day or a month after.

            George Floyd was no victim but a large-sized addict with a long criminal history. It was a coincidence that he died while Derek M Chauvin restrained him Israeli-style.

          • Chris Redfield
          • TRVTH

            >10 months in prison armed robbery
            Remember when armed robbery was a ticket to the electric chair, and not less than a year in gladiator school? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

          • Black Spruce

            Nobody has bothered to prove the allegation that Floyd resisted arrest. The only evidence of this claim is the word of the police. None of the multiple video angles of the incident show any form of resistance from Floyd.

            You’re making two contradictory statements. You claim it was the stress from being arrested in conjunction with his medical issues and intoxication that killed him (which directly implies it was the officer’s fault), while also claiming it was a coincidence that he died while being restrained. Pick one.

          • Chris Redfield

            There is no “picking one”. Instead of getting arrested he could have died on that day or after and get into an altercation with another person or have a fight and died then. He was a long time criminal so this is extremely plausible. No contradictions were made.

          • Black Spruce

            “Could have.” Yes he could have just randomly dropped dead, given his condition. But what’s more likely? That he just so happened to die at such a precise time to make it look like the police killed him? Or that it was actually the police that killed him? NOT BUYING IT. This is the exact same thing that happened to Tony Timpa, and Eric Garner. Positional asphyxia. Something that I’ve been trained to avoid inflicting upon people when restraining them, since I work private security. If I or any of my co-workers did anything even remotely resembling what those cops did, we’d be fired, sued, and imprisoned.

          • Mike

            How about not being a career criminal?

          • Black Spruce

            How about not being a gun grabbing government goon?

          • Ryan DB

            Gave you seen this, this is what the media conveniently cut from the security camera footage: 3 minute of floyd Hi AF resisting arrest hey (PROOF:

          • Mike

            He started the chain events by HIS criminal actions and resisting arrest.

          • Black Spruce

            What criminal actions? Also there is no evidence of him resisting arrest.

          • Chris Redfield

            Counterfeit, theft, and attempting to drive a vehicle while heavily intoxicated.

            “The person at the shop, whose name is redacted, claimed they asked Floyd to return cigarettes that he purchased with the allegedly fake $20 bill. Floyd refused and was “awfully drunk”


            “called police on Floyd after the bill he used to buy a pack of cigarettes was flagged by a money-counting machine as potentially counterfeit.”


          • Ryan DB

            .hey numb nuts, he was on video resisting arrest for 3 straight minutes, (PROOF:
            but you dont know that because thats the three minutes the mainstream media cut from all there segments, and you stupid enough to blindly believe the story MSM tells you even though in all the footage he stubls on the ground at the left side of the vehichle and then *(CLIP)* he magically appears on the right side of the vehichl on the ground being restrained according to a protocol “knee restraint” technique used under the circumstance of someone resisting arrest

          • Black Spruce

            Why do you assume I even watch the MSM, let alone listen to them?

            Also you have yet to prove that he was resisting arrest. If he was resisting arrest, the police would have released the bodycam footage immediately.

          • Allison Kaas

            yes, it is your fault, shouldn’t have been walkin around with hemophilia, bitch 🙂

          • steinhurlcommientator

            oh no dood, not the tobacco

        • Longtooth

          Eggshell skull rule applies to common law, not criminal law.
          Your point is invalid.

          • Black Spruce

            Ah so lower standards for government agents than for civilians, is it?

          • 1. Civilians do not conduct arrests.
            2. If a guy who was high attacked me, I have a right to self-defense.
            3. If, by some convoluted chain of events, I had to actively restrain a drug addict and it caused his death, I would be acquitted (and if I wouldn’t be acquitted, then the system should be reformed so that I would be, and anyone else would be as well)

          • Black Spruce

            1. Citizens arrest is a thing. You might have heard it discussed during the Amau… Whatever tf his name is. Sounds like Armed Robbery.

            2. Floyd never attacked the police.

            3. They did not have to actively restrain him, since we have absolutely zero evidence of any form of active or passive resistance from Floyd.

          • 1. Certainly. If you end up doing such a thing, then a chokehold is fine.

            2. Floyd has actually committed armed robbery.

            3. I doubt that.

          • Black Spruce

            1. If civilians attempted a citizens arrest and did what that officer did, they’d be behind bars.

            2. And the officer had almost 20 complaints filed against him in the past. But neither of those facts are actually relevant to the case.

            3. You doubt there’s no evidence of him resisting arrest? Well you know what to do.

          • Bandit Keith

            FLOYD AND THE COP WERE BOTH FREEMASONS, floyd was a sacrifice to their god lucifer. These people want to bring chaos to gods creation because satan can not create he can only destroy and corrupt. Yeah he was on drugs the masons probably gave him all those drugs before he was sacrificed probably didnt actually feel a thing on all that fenty, this was a planned sacrifice. Floyd has free mason tattoos, the building him and the cop both worked in was masonic. The drugs are just a distraction, left wingers think cops are out there to kill black men, right wingers think its just another black dying from drugs (which it is but there is more to the story). Tell me to take my meds or whatever but go look into this stuff for yourself. You may not believe in lucifer but they do, and they act on it.

          • Allison Kaas

            The armed robbery is relevant and cops are infallible get fucked 🙂

          • 1. This is pure conjecture and based solely on your own prejudiced opinion that George Floyd was murdered, when he died of a drug overdose.
            2. The frequency of complaints against a police officer almost certainly coincide with the frequency that a police officer must work and arrest people; I, if arrested, would most certainly file a complaint in order to make maximum use of my legal rights.

            3. Go provide your evidence then. The fact he was lying to police on camera is itself a form of resistance against arrest, and the fact he was restrained using a means other than handcuffs furthers this. The fact that he was high on multiple controlled substances is just icing on the cake of evidence.

          • Black Spruce

            1. Their actions caused his death. Arguing the nonsense that he’d of dropped dead anyway if the police didn’t pile on top of him just shows that you’re either dishonest or dumb.

            2. Then it must follow that every other cop in that department had a ton of complaints against them. They don’t. You are essentially arguing that police can do no wrong.

            3. That’s not how the burden of proof works. Also he was handcuffed. Stop lying.

          • 1. There’s no evidence for your claim whatsoever; on the contrary, video evidence proves he was never in any danger because of police methods.

            2. Correct. While Hennepin County has only 800 employees, they receive more than 500 complaints per year in Minneapolis alone.

            3. Again, you’re obviously projecting. You claim that I am lying but in truth, you’re the only one who’s lied so far.

          • Black Spruce

            1. Positional asphyxia. If you knew anything about use of force training, you’d know about it. Three people piling on top of a single person can do that.

            2. Those other cops don’t have a ton of complaints against them. Perhaps the department would receive less complains if they stopped acting like thugs.

            3. You lied and claimed he was not handcuffed. You lied and said he died of a drug overdose. You lied and said the restraining methods never put him in danger. You have repeatedly discredited yourself with your lies and shifting the burden of proof. No different than a leftist.

          • 1. Incorrect. No autopsy has ever indicated this; instead, he likely died of a drug overdose due to his mixing of fentanyl and methanthetamine; this is complicated by his additional use of marijuana and his infection with COVID-19 as well as multiple health issues.

            2. Two contradictory claims in one point–interesting.

            3. You lied and falsely claimed that I made that claim in the first place. I claimed that he was restrained by another means–which does not imply that he required multiple means of restraint. The fact that he continued to resist until a chokehold was used simply shows how much he was resisting. Yet again, the lying left lies about its own lies and then lies about its opponents as a means of projection. You continue to present no evidence as you accuse someone of murder–and then claim you have no murder of proof, accuse others of discrediting themselves, and even your own ideology: Leftism.

          • Black Spruce

            1. He died of cardiac arrest. Do you know what a big contributing factor to cardiac arrest is? Stress and asphyxia.

            2. Contradictory how?

            3. You implied he was not handcuffed. That was false. You accused him of resisting arrest with no evidence. You just lied again and claimed I accused the cop of murder. The burden of proof is on YOU and I have yet to see a state worshipping cuck such as yourself argue your points without lying, shifting the burden or proof, or special pleading. You have no credibility, and have everything in common with defenders of antifa.

          • 1. A false claim, which has already been refuted by multiple autopsies.

            2. I guess you’re too stupid to figure it out or just playing stupid.

            3. No, you’re just a liar.

          • Black Spruce

            1. You’re denying the medical reports, are you?

            2. Explain.

            3. Projection.

          • You’re denying medical reports and then projecting your own projection of denial.

          • Black Spruce

            “no u” That all you got?

          • Hey, I’m not desperate enough to use projection.

          • Pedda ZZ

            Why are you saying he did not resist arrest and at the same time say there is no proof? Lol

          • Black Spruce

            Because we run on the system of innocent until proven guilty.

          • Pedda ZZ

            Except not because by saying that he did not resist you imply that the policemen is guilty and so without proof you claim that he acted wrongfully the only right claim would be that we don’t know whether he resisted or not and so can not make a proper judgment on it

            but hey don’t let that cognitive dissonance stop you

          • Black Spruce

            Let’s take your retarded argument and apply it in another context to show you just how stupid it is.

            Woman accuses man of rape. Standard of innocent until proven guilty implies that the woman is lying without proof, so the only right claim is that we don’t know, and treat it like he said she said.

            The officers were the ones who accused Floyd of resisting arrest, and their actions were based on that accusation. It’s up to the officers to prove their claim, not up to Floyd (who is now dead) to disprove.

          • Pedda ZZ

            that’s a wrong comparison

            much more accurate would be a bar fight where both claim the other started the fight, so we tread it as he said she said

            or how about a violent police arrest where the police claim the criminal attacked them while the criminal claims the police attacked him

          • Black Spruce

            The police were the one who initiated the confrontation, and in none of their reports do they claim that Floyd attacked them. All of the accusations come from them.

          • TRVTH

            They’re the police. It’s their job to confront criminals.

          • Black Spruce

            “Criminals.” Their job is to collect revenue and enforce laws. Part of that involves confronting people accused of crimes or suspected of crimes. It’s up to the judge and jury to decide whether or not someone is a criminal.

          • Mike

            Straw man arguments are weak.

          • Allison Kaas

            Rape isn’t a crime women deserve it

          • TRVTH

            Except for cops when Rastus and Dayshawn are running amok. Cops are guilty until proven innocent, especially white cops, who are guilty even after being proven innocent.

          • Black Spruce

            “Cops are guilty until proven innocent”

            Are you on drugs or something? Cops can do whatever they want to whoever they want, however they want, whenever they want. There are two things that protect them from accountability. The first being the blue wall of silence, a kind of ‘no snitching’ rule found in all criminal gangs. The second is the inherent conflict of interests involved in government agencies investigating government agents to determine whether said government agent broke government rules.

            Or are you talking about the court of public opinion? Because the court of public opinion didn’t stop Daniel Shaver’s murderer from being acquitted in a trial where evidence was withheld from the jury, and gets to retire on a very cushy pension on account of “PTSD” from shooting an innocent man to death while he was on his hands and knees begging for his life while trying his best to follow contradictory instructions.

          • TRVTH

            I’m talking about when Africans-in-America run amok and the cop who shows up is white.

            All of these riots are well organized and well funded, by (((the usual suspects))), and the specific instances chosen as pretexts for the phony outrage machine are all carefully chosen to satisfy The Narrative even as even cursory examination–which Africans-in-America are disinclined to attempt, once they’ve been told something is Whitey’s fault, not that more than one in fifty of them has the cognitive wherewithal for this kind of thing even if they had the inclination–demonstrates that it’s all lies, all the way down, from Michael Brown to Rodney King. Note that it’s also always an election year when (((they))) foment riots and insurrection to discourage white cops from dealing appropriately with monkeyshines.

            The objective is to end even the pretext of public order or safety and make America ungovernable and its cities unlivable, because this destroys cultural capital and the first duty of the Party Vanguard is always to destroy cultural capital by any means necessary. “The masses” will not consent to The Revolution until the last vestige of the old order is burned to ash before their eyes while they are forced to watch, or so goes Gramsci’s theory.

          • Black Spruce

            And what does this preaching to the crowd stuff have to do with the incident involving Derek Chauvin and George Floyd? That’s what we’re talking about, don’t get distracted.

            To answer my own question, Chauvin is going to walk. One of the ways the state attempts to placate justifiable indignation in the people is to charge their offending agent with a higher crime than what was actually committed. By charging Chauvin with 2nd degree murder, the state has drastically increased the difficulty of the prosecution’s job. A sane jury (juries are bullshit anyway because guess who chooses jurors) and prosecutor could easily convict him of manslaughter, but to convict him of 2nd degree murder, a much higher burden will be placed on them, especially since there is no evidence that it was 2nd degree murder at all. It could have been, since they were co-workers, but it’s not about whats true, it’s about what you can prove in court. Obviously this attempt at placation failed. Though it did work in the case of Daniel Shaver, the guy who the police played a deadly game of simon-says with and killed him when he got it wrong. The charges placated the angered masses, and the killer cop was quietly acquitted and given a cushy pension because the charges were too high to be able to get a conviction.

          • TRVTH

            I couldn’t care less about Floyd. He’s not one of my tribe, not one of my people. He’s not even interesting to me. I will make the observation, however, having seen a number of these non-incidents blown up into nationwide and worldwide news by the (((newsmedia))), almost always, by some mysterious coincidence, in election years, that sooner or later we always find out that the film was creatively edited with the specific intention of causing riots and mobilizing “de culluhd people vote” when election day comes.

            One autopsy says it’s murder, one says it’s a drug overdose. One commentator says “muh homey din du nuffin,” one says he got caught passing counterfeit money then swallowed his stash and resisted arrest. I will not be the least bit surprised if tomorrow MiniTru tells us that George Floyd died of COVID19. Or that he’s still alive. Or that he was white. Or that he never existed. Whatever is useful for pushing today’s Narrative.

            Ever read Orwell? “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” Look out the window. We’re living it.

            In any event, as a general rule my assumption, when some African-in-America runs amok and gets goodified by the cops, is that he had it coming, if not for what he was doing five seconds prior that the carefully edited footage shown on the “news” does not show, then for any of his prior twenty-eight violent felonies, any one of which would have gotten him a date with the hangman a century ago. He was a flea on the back of a dog run over by a drunken teenager who was upset that his girlfriend gave him the clap. I shrug and go on with my day. I am concerned about what the cops do to people who are White like me, like Daniel Shaver, like Justine Damond. A team of theoretical mathematicians at MIT are still researching the concept of numbers small enough to express the quantity of damn I give for George Floyd and all his kind.

          • TRVTH

            And, soo-prise!

            Floyd arrest body camera video:

            Transcript of Floyd arrest, from body camera video:

            I must be psychic. How did I know that we were being shown carefully edited footage, calculated to give an impression that was 100% wrong, 180 degrees opposite of the truth, with the intent of inciting riots? (“Welcome to the 2020 Summer Olympics and Nationwide Bongo Party!”) It’s almost as if this had happened before, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It’s almost as if the (((news-entertainment-industrial-agitprop complex))) had been lying to us about everything for generations.

          • TRVTH

            To be entirely fair, if we still had the Common Law in this country, Floyd’s first violent felony in 1998 would have resulted in the death penalty for him. There would have been a gallows right beside the courthouse. He’d have been hanged by the neck until dead at high noon the day after conviction–or the same day, if the jury returned a verdict before noon–and none of his subsequent violent crimes would have happened. And no one would ever have heard of him.

      • SuperSeal

        Wasn’t the money investigated and the results came back that it was real

      • Bandit Keith

        FLOYD AND THE COP WERE BOTH FREEMASONS, floyd was a sacrifice to their god lucifer. These people want to bring chaos to gods creation because satan can not create he can only destroy and corrupt. Yeah he was on drugs the masons probably gave him all those drugs before he was sacrificed probably didnt actually feel a thing on all that fenty, this was a planned sacrifice. Floyd has free mason tattoos, the building him and the cop both worked in was masonic. The drugs are just a distraction, left wingers think cops are out there to kill black men, right wingers think its just another black dying from drugs (which it is but there is more to the story). Tell me to take my meds or whatever but go look into this stuff for yourself. You may not believe in lucifer but they do, and they act on it.

        • Chris Redfield

          Humanity worshiped a highly advanced race that created them. The Abrahamic religions teach that our original creator gods were evil and their creators/propagators destroyed or rewrote history as much as they could and still are. Beings like Lucifer/Satan are their scapegoat.

          • Bandit Keith

            uhhhhh no they dont. where does it say in the bible god is evil? Satan is just another name for Saturn. Judaism and Islam have their roots in babylon the quran abides the same laws as the torah they are both satanic in nature

          • Chris Redfield

            The god of the Bible is the one that is evil to the rest of humanity while it’s chosenites are (falsely) prophecized rule over the world in the same book.

            Islam and Christianity are both rooted to Judaism. The fictional characters “Jesus” and Muhammad are both descended from the fictional Abraham, a jew. The first six books of the Bible comes from the Torah. Without Judaism, christianity would not exist.

            In Christianity, the monotheistic god rejects offerings of produce and loves offerings of burn blood (animal sacrifice). In the original story, Abraham actually sacrifices his son to his “god” while Satan was depicted as dissuading both father and son from performing the sacrifice.

            Satan means “truth in ancient Sanskrit. There are other little tidbits but this should do for now.

          • Bandit Keith

            are you from reddit lmao you have as much understanding of the bible and sense of nuance as they do. Jesus was not fictional either the crucifixion is recorded in the anaals by tacitus,
            “But all human efforts, all the lavish gifts of the emperor, and the propitiations of the gods, did not banish the sinister belief that the conflagration was the result of an order. Consequently, to get rid of the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judæa, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome, where all things hideous and shameful from every part of the world find their centre and become popular.”
            believe Jesus was the son of god or not but calling him “fictional” is such a high school fedora lord take lmao. Judaism and by extension Islam have their origins in Babylonian cults, the quran observes all the same laws as the torah. If you have actually read the new testament you would realize Christ was sent as messiah to the israelites and died as the son of mankind for all of us. This starts with the samaritan woman who was not a jew but Jesus granted her the grace of god anyway and it was a shift in his changing attitude towards the temple. There is just so much nuance just totally lost on you with the fedora cutting off all that oxygen to your brain. Muhammed was real too not a fictional character he was a blood thirtsy warlord and an agent of Saturn/Satan

          • Chris Redfield

            The Ancient Romans were well informed. When Jesus was born according to the Bible, a king killed all the children up to a certain age but there is no mention of such a major atrocity outside of the Bible.

          • Bandit Keith

            Bro i literally gave you a source by the romans

          • Chris Redfield

            Did you give a source that the Romans document an event like the birth of Je(w)sus and the event where the Bible states a king put all the newborns to death?

          • Chris Redfield

            Muhammad was a fictional (of Abrahamic line) warlord. The way “they” operate in the past was to corrupt the culture and create mental poisons like they do now with communism and other forms of marxism.

    • Earthworm Jim

      Yeah the federal government are begging white supremacists to start killing blacks so they can change the narrative from black looting to white racism.

    • Dan Goldman

      What about defunding the police and decreasing its powers?

      I mean yea the protest are about racism but it also has to do with police brutality and misuse of power.

      • TRVTH

        This was tried in the 1970s, you know. The experiment has been performed and the results are in.

  • When you have to to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.

    • Zero

      I doubt that a gun in the cowboy times would ever work underwater, especially in soapy water. But the scene was great enough to not care

  • Earthworm Jim

    What do you want? Right wing people to go to jail for defending black owned business and corporations? Right wing need to leave the cities and form their own communities

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    The orangutan is but the calm before the storm.

  • Alberto Soares

    It’s really true that Trump support fell so much?

    • TRVTH

      If anything the riots are hardening attitudes and pushing the rest of the country to the right.

      Not that the (((newsmedia))) will tell you this.

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