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    The moment the Bolsheviks took power, they rounded up all their malcontents, deviants, and troublemakers, and shot them.

    Every glassy-eyed “Antifa” hoodlum thinks that when the revolution comes, he’s going to be a Party member and he’s going to decide the fate of nations. At the least he thinks he’s going to get a big shiny Committee for State Security badge, a big shiny gun, a platoon of thugs at his beck and call, and he’s going to get even with everybody who gave him a swirlie in high school and every girl who ever turned him down for a date.

    None of them thinks that he’s going to get handed a hoe and sent into the fields to spend fourteen-hour days digging up potatoes.

    None of them thinks he’s going to be on the top of the list of liabilities to be “liquidated” once the Party consolidates power and they’re no longer useful to the Revolution. None of them thinks he’s going to get his door kicked down at three in the morning by a squad of his fellow Bolsheviks and get a gun stuck in his face, then a beating, a short car ride, and a shallow roadside grave. “Unhand me, you illiterate oafs! I’m part of the Revolutionary High Command! Call up the General Staff, they’ll vouch for me! This must be some kind of mistake!” were pretty common last words in Russia back around 1919.

    You’d think they’d study history a little and see that this ALWAYS happens–but then if they had enough working synapses to study history, they wouldn’t be Commies, now, would they?

    • Thadrien

      Wow, imagine writing all of that, lmao bottom text.

      • Wow, imagine not knowing any history.

      • EnvyReaper

        Saying bottom text doesn’t make you funny

      • FunFact_IDontGiveAFuck

        “BOTTOM TEXT” AHAHA lololol so funy HAHAH!

    • Indra Kaw

      Nice copy pasta.

    • EnvyReaper

      You forgot the other two degenerate groups in the comic.

      • Jaqen H’ghar


        • EnvyReaper

          The groups being shown are the troons, the AnCom Antifags, and the furfags, TRVTH was talking about the AnCom Antifags, so I am clearly referring to the furfags and the troons here

    • ImaMeatPopsicle

      John Milius said it best in an interview in the 80s. “It’s grand and heroic to imagine running up the steps of the Presidium to plant a red flag at the top, and it makes for spectacular cinema, but then the bureaucracy takes over…”

      Not a single one of the guys that helped Mao win in ’49 would’ve ever thought that in 10-15 short years they would be pilloried among “The Four Olds” during the Cultural Revolution, harangued by youngsters with little-red-books shouting about how they weren’t true revolutionaries, and being marched off to gulags to die in prison or worse.

      I’ll at the very least give communists some credit for being consistent. On that note they’re quite conservative.

      • TRVTH

        To be entirely fair, Mao’s victory in 1949 had a lot more to do with assistance, covert and otherwise, he got from the Roosevelt Administration and the State Department.

        Reds from the State Department, like John Patton Davies, John Stewart Service, David D. Barrett, (((Sydney Rittenberg))), and (((many others))), made sure that during the war shipments of arms that were supposed to go to Chiang Kai-Shek “accidentally” went to the Reds instead. When they negotiated prisoner exchanges with the Japanese, Nationalist Chinese prisoners were “accidentally” turned over to Mao, who had them shot. Chiang Kai-Shek and the Nationalists were fighting the Japanese and the Communists at the same time, while the Communists had a tacit truce with the Japanese for most of the war and fought the Nationalists only.

        The “Revolution” in China was 99.9% made in USA, mainly by (((the Usual Suspects))).

        In the early 20th Century, US foreign entanglements in the Far East, where we had no interests and which was none of our business, were likewise brought about by the Small Hat People, who first became obsessed with China, Chinese food, mahjong, cheongsam dresses for their ugly hooknosed wives, and Chinese politics in the 1920s. When Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931, and the world saw uncivilized Asiatics mistreating one another brutally, (((they))) were outraged by staged newsreel footage and atrocity stories that they mostly made up themselves.

        (((They))) didn’t give a damn about the (((NKVD))) torturing and murdering tens of millions of White Christian Ukrainians at the same time, of course, nor about Kemal Ataturk murdering several million White Christian Armenians a few years before. Nonetheless they were shocked and outraged. There were eager and sympathetic ears in the Roosevelt Administration, which desperately needed a nice, long, bloody foreign war to end the Depression by getting rid of a few hundred thousand working-class White Christian men who were surplus to requirements. Pretexts were found to cut off trade with Japan, send the Navy into Japanese-occupied waters again and again in hopes of provoking an incident that could be pretext for war, and insult their diplomats over and over and present them with ultimatums until they declared war. Thus almost half a million White men were conscripted and sent to their deaths to install Mao T’se-Tung and prop up Josef Stalin, then give him two thirds of Europe.

    • CLevin001 .

      +1 couldn’t have said it better

  • Indra Kaw

    Nazbol gang, rise up!

  • Thadrien

    haha stonetoss ur so funneh me and my wife’s boyfriend love watching your comics!

  • EnvyReaper

    Lmao I never thought I would actually feel bad for Marx but here I am feeling bad for him.

    • Paul Genovese

      I feel bad for any extreme leader now,

      Hitler would probably kill himself again at the sign of most “neo-nazis”

      • OffAndSphere

        Please explain the joke to me.

      • disqus_PUK4SHOPIJ

        I may disagree with your choice of profile picture on metaphysical grounds, but I’ve to agree with that statement when all I see on my side are a bunch of obese diabetic boomers, FEDS, LARPING FEDS, “ONE RACE, THE HUMAN RACE” type of cucks, and “muh guns” fetishists that will never actually be a treat to the system, I’m really hoping that Corona-chan causes the industrial system to collapse right now.

        P.S.: Uncle didn’t kill himself he just fled to Argie-land, or at very least that’s what I1m choosing to believe in to cope.

        • Paul Genovese

          Well, those aren’t extremeists

          I wouldn’t call people with moderate views extremists :p I was referring to how people pervert extreme ideologys to either be edgy or have a platform

          • Jaqen H’ghar

            @disqus_PUK4SHOPIJ:disqus most of these “neo-nazis” are chavs based on 60s britiish punk culture. Then you have all the edgy teenagers and manchildren that turn to “nazism” because it’s edgy and violent and kewl. It’s like that guy who roots for the villain because he thinks he is as badass as him.

          • Paul Genovese

            Someone is here with common sense


          • free_peach

            I don’t have any fetishist inclination for national socialism, “nazi” doesn’t exist. It is just another fiction, one thing I might say, (((they))) are very good at creating fiction, which explains their over-representation in cinema.

            What I like about national socialism is the idea of a nation and its borders protected, its homogeneous people, the power to issue it is own currency not tied to a global market economy of legalized theft, and finally, its idea that jews are uncivilized to live among other nations and need to be segregated. I love the idea of a wall in Israel, I just wish all jews were inside.

            There is nothing about violence, cool or villainy that would “turn me on”.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Emphasis on the “lumps”.

  • New England Firefighter

    Ce n’est pas bon…

  • Paul Genovese

    Hey, don’t do this to us furs

    Most of us hate communism

    • KesterTank

      Furries are a mental illness and degeneracy overall.
      It destroys basic mentality of children into single minded gray minded spergs.
      >18% of them are zoophiles.

      • Paul Genovese

        thats not true at all, you are taking a statistic taken at a con, its not accurate

        Even if 1 million people showed up, which usually happens at large cons, it wouldn’t be enough to get a full picture

        Most of us are normal, we accept everyone, so people will soical/mental issues feel safe around us

        “It destroys basic mentality of children into single minded gray minded spergs.”, no? lol

        • EnvyReaper

          >>Taken at a con

          I wonder why that statistic would show what it did at a furry con, HMMMMM

          • Paul Genovese

            What exactly are you trying to prove?

          • EnvyReaper

            Don’t feign ignorance, you know exactly what this proves…

            Seriously, I don’t see this s*it happening at Star Trek cons, it probably says something when this is the only fandom (Besides anime but that is a whole different level of degeneracy) that needs to have this specific catering.

            I mean seriously, besides from the fact one person gave HIV to so many other people, look at all those arrows, that means something when one person has sex with at leastnine other people (Besides from the other fact that they are all gay, which also says something about the furry fandom)

          • Paul Genovese

            “Besides from the other fact that they are all gay, which also says something about the furry fandom”, well for one, nothing is wrong with being gay. I do agree homosexuals need to have better control over their sexuality and use condoms at aleast, but thats gay culture NOT furry culture

            We accept everyone despite their quirks, as long as they don’t harm anyone they aren’t hated on. Thats why so many gays join, they are judged by people like you, so they look for acceptance

            Nothing is wrong with that, and if you see even 1 thing wrong with it you are apart of the issue

          • EnvyReaper

            >>I do agree homosexuals need to have better control over their sexuality and use condoms at least.

            That’s what I was pointing at

            >>We accept everyone despite their quirks, as long as they don’t harm anyone they aren’t hated on. Thats why so many gays join, they are judged by people like you, so they look for acceptance

            And in their effort to “accept everyone despite their quirks” you get zoophiles, pedophiles, necrophiles, etc etc etc and just general degenerates joining the fandom and running around doing what they do… in this effort to “accept everyone despite their quirks” everybody is afraid to try to police their own lest they are labelled a bigot… in this effort to “accept everyone despite their quirks” these degenerates form the top of the hierarchy… in this effort to “accept everyone despite their quirks” they also hypocritically don’t… Do I need to go on?

          • Paul Genovese

            we accept everyone as long as they don’t harm anyone

            If they don’t harm anyone, you have NO right to judge them, thats are foundation and its working

          • Infowarrior04

            >if they don’t harm anyone

            Bull. MWFF denied Milo Yiannopoulous. (nobody likes him, but he hasn’t hurt anyone, has he?)

            And that’s not factoring cultural damage. That yeets the “if they don’t harm anyone” rhetoric right through the event horizon.

          • Paul Genovese

            Some leftists have distrupted this order, its causing a lot of debate in the fandom. But for a long time now, we didn’t care, you could like cub, be attracted to animals, have any political identity, any sexuality, kink, mental or physical illness, it didn’t matter, we accept everyone as our own because we don’t care about the all-important things

            The important things are the things that effect us directly, and if anyone is harmed by another

          • EnvyReaper

            It clearly doesn’t work when you have people like Kero the Wolf openly running around and nobody will police them.

            It’s stupid when they police people like Milo but they let pedophiles run around on their Discords, additionally remember the whole ‘cub policy debacle’ on Discord? Find an excuse for that then…

          • Paul Genovese

            Kero was put in court a few weeks ago, the furry fandom alone got him and his friends into jail

            Well, kero was found innocent, but most of his friends got child grooming and animal abuse charges

            Personally im willing to put the kero deal to rest due to the courts final say

          • Paul Genovese

            Cub doesn’t harm anyone, so we can not judge it, it can gross, but we allow it because unlike society we allow people to do as they wish AS LONG as they dont harm anyone

          • EnvyReaper

            So you support what is essentially child porn but with fur, got it…

          • TRVTH

            Does handing out raging multi-drug-resistant AIDS infections like candy on Halloween count as “harm” on your planet?

          • Paul Genovese

            I need more context on what your speaking about

            Homosexuality isn’t the same as carrying HIV and believing so is the reason why we are so closed minded as a society about the actual issue of STDs

          • KesterTank

            Retarded furry.
            The furry fandom was found as the funny animal sclub.
            The fandom was meant to destroy our moral behaviour, our mentality, our culture, our literature, our society. and our relations to animals.

            Only monsters like you act, mimic or mock animals.

          • Paul Genovese

            No? lol

          • JP

            The mentality of the man who asks ‘who am I hurting?’ is diametrically opposed to the mentality of the man who asks ‘what can I do for my people?’

            Abomination is a sign of coming death and destruction to a people. An bad omen. By the time a society tolerates male homosexuality it has already passed from ‘what can I do’ to ‘what can I get away with’. The homosexuality itself is merely one overt sign of that values-change.

          • Paul Genovese

            Its not a abomination but ok

          • free_peach

            Thank you.

          • TRVTH

            And yet the Venn Diagrams continue to overlap: homosexuality, fursuit fetish, bizarre paraphilias of every kind, AIDS, highly contagious viral hepatitis, pedophilia, bestiality, alcoholism, drug addiction.

          • Paul Genovese

            in that case, violent crime, abuse, assult, rape, are all things that overlap with males

            Its the same BS logic

          • TRVTH

            Tell us, what pattern is revealed when you sort the males by race in that thought experiment you just did? Cool it with the
            pattern recognition racism!

          • Paul Genovese

            So now your saying different races are harmful, how retarded can you get

            I don’t harm anyone with my lifestyle, you just can’t accept I exist which is sad

          • TRVTH


          • “we accept everyone as long as they don’t harm anyone”
            Homosexuality and promiscuity are harmful.

            “If they don’t harm anyone, you have NO right to judge them”
            Yes, they commit harm, and yes, we do have a right to judge both you and them.

            “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.”

            “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

          • Paul Genovese

            Homosexuality is NOT harmful, you just can’t handle the fact we exist

          • KesterTank
          • Paul Genovese

            Tell me who i harmed by having gay sex,

            You can’t, because its not harmful

          • free_peach

            Up you go.

          • dont thinkciting a 2,000+ year old book is a good argument

          • You could have stopped at “Don’t think.”

          • huh?

          • And now we can safely ignore anything you ever say here, Paul.
            Insanity admitted, proven, and bragged about.
            So sad.

          • free_peach

            (((SINAI))) health systems. Enough said.

          • EnvyReaper


      • Alistair Grove

        What’s wrong with being a Sperg? Autism is a gift from Kek!

      • Infowarrior04

        Furries were seeded by the New World Order in order to accelerate cultural degeneration.

      • Yeah, he was supporting pedophilia in the gay community and grooming children in another comment.

    • Hating communism is necessary but not sufficient to prove sanity.
      Furries are not just nuts, but a weird, creepy sort of nuts.

      • Paul Genovese

        Not really

        • The insane ones almost always think they are sane.

      • Especially the ones that dress up as Chipmunks and Squirrels.

    • Infowarrior04


      Hornet is one of those loony pro-gay sites, just warning you.

      Nazi-fur/alt-furry is a minority in the furry fandom

      Furries are a bunch of degenerates, through and through.

      • Paul Genovese

        Dude I said we aren’t mainly communist not that we are all alt-right pricks

        Love is love~

        • Infowarrior04

          >love is love

          Found the degenerate.

          I was refuting your point. Doesn’t matter what political affiliation you are. You’re a prick either way. The furry fandom is like a cactus, covered in pricks on both its left and right side.

          • Paul Genovese

            Love is love, you just can’t handle gays lol

          • Infowarrior04

            Homosexuality and its ilk are mental illnesses.


            What kind of moron uses ” lol” as a punctuation?

            If you use “love is love” as an argument, you are an agent of the New World Order, even if you don’t know it.

          • Paul Genovese

            Thats not true at all, lol isn’t punctuation, I use it subconsciously due to stress while typing

            Its sort of like a pause like “um”, its used in order to collect thoughts and relieve stress in a way, I do it without realizing

            Also, being gay is FAR from an illness, you just don’t understand it. How would you like it if everyone said being straight is an illness because they didn’t understand how you felt around females,

            Exactly, its shallow to think like that. Every doctor in the

          • epic gamer man 123 gmaer boy 2

            >when writing a comment
            you must be a shitposter, there’s no way you are a real person, or you’re only stressed out because of all the cognitive dissonance you’re going through

          • Paul Genovese

            Shut up

          • Paul Genovese

            Hit send by accident :p

            Anyways, every doctor in the world agrees homosexuality is ok, just that it is not common

          • “love is love”

            No surprise he’s in the comment section supporting p3d0filia.

      • Paul Genovese

        Also most nazi-furs are just playing around :p, its cute, used to call myself one. Its really just a inside joke

        • Infowarrior04

          My point was that there are antifa creeps in the furry fandom.

          Doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is, if you’re a furry, you’re a prick.

          Your fandom was created by big media and the cereal companies to create more consumers and to introduce degeneracy to our society.

          Rainfurrest, kero, discord babyfur controversy…

          You get it. The furry fandom is degenerate. Cereal mascots are partially responsible for the destruction of society.

          • Paul Genovese

            “Your fandom was created by big media and the cereal companies to create more consumers and to introduce degeneracy to our society”, our fandom started in early 1980s, its debatable when “big media” (media controlled by elites, not necessary democrats yet but just rich pricks) started, but I could make the case it didn’t have much power then

            We look down at that…all of us….trust me
            We doxxed that fucker lol, his friends are in jail because of us,
            “discord babyfur controversy…”
            Baby furs aren’t that bad, they dont harm anyone, although it was hypocritical to ban lolicon but not cub, yet that isn’t a huge issue

            “You get it. The furry fandom is degenerate. Cereal mascots are partially responsible for the destruction of society.”


          • Infowarrior04

            By big media, I mean Disney and Warner. Your fandom officially started in 1980 at NorEasCon when a discussion was formed around Albedo Anthropomorphics. The interest in anthropomorphic animals is something one is supposed to outgrow, much like crying about movie trailers.

            Millennials haven’t outgrown either.

            The NWO would benefit from people being immature, because they wouldn’t be able to figure out what was going on.

            The NWO would definitely have a reason to accelerate the growth of the furry fandom.

          • EnvyReaper

            Furries are literally the reason nobody can look up PokeMon anymore without having to wipe your history. thus having tons of underage kids scarred emotionally when they eventually look it up online.

            >Cub doesn’t harm anyone, so we can not judge it, it can gross, but we allow it because unlike society we allow people to do as they wish AS LONG as they don’t harm anyone

            You are literally defending what is essentially anatomically incorrect animal child porn. What you are describing is extremely harmful and corrosive, “doesn’t harm anyone, so we can not judge it… but we allow it because unlike society we allow people to do as they wish AS LONG as they don’t harm anyone” is such a dumb fallacy I can’t find out where the h*ll you pulled that out of your a*s.

          • Paul Genovese

            Same reason you can’t look up anime without hentai is the same you can’t look up furry related terms

            Its a byproduct of an AI google uses to suggest images.

            “You are literally defending what is essentially anatomically incorrect animal child porn. What you are describing is extremely harmful and corrosive”, who is it harming?

          • EnvyReaper

            Repeat this s*it that you said out loud /

            >”doesn’t harm anyone, so we can not judge it… but we allow it because unlike society we allow people to do as they wish AS LONG as they don’t harm anyone”

            And try to explain why that won’t have disastrous consequences in any context.

          • Paul Genovese

            Thats not how it works, you need to explain how something happens, not how something doesn’t happen

          • EnvyReaper
          • Paul Genovese

            Your acting like im saying these people are A-ok

          • EnvyReaper

            >”As long as they don’t harm anyone, we let them in”

          • EnvyReaper

            > “But they weren’t hurting anybody until they did! So that doesn’t count!” – Paul Genovese

          • Paul Genovese

            They weren’t harming anyone to our knowledge, then word came out about kero and the zoo crew, and we dealt with it accordingly

          • EnvyReaper

            LMAO, no you didn’t, nobody did and a bunch of people actually came to Kero’s defense.

            Nothing was dealt with and last time I checked only one of them went to prison, Kero didn’t

          • Paul Genovese

            Saying “if you are this very general thing you are bad” is a very closed minded statment

          • Infowarrior04

            What’s wrong with “closed-minded”

            Of course my mind is closed to awful ideas.

            Also, there were furries standing in Kero’s defense.

            Babyfur/cub is degenerate and it’s a gateway to let extreme undesirables into the fandom.

          • Paul Genovese

            “Also, there were furries standing in Kero’s defense.”, they were defending keros innocents, not the idea zoophilia was ok. The ones who said zoopfilia is ok were heavily attack by furrys

            “Babyfur/cub is degenerate and it’s a gateway to let extreme undesirables into the fandom.”, like I stated in the past, we accept everyone as they are, we only don’t accept actions that harm others

          • Infowarrior04

            Also, the furry fandom isn’t “general”

            The furry fandom is a niche that was amplified by the New World Order.

          • Paul Genovese

            Not at all, elites could care less about us, your looking at it too closely

          • Infowarrior04

            >could care less

            So they do care about you, unless you meant “Couldn’t care less”

            Common grammatical error.

            The NWO could see what groups like furries could cause to our culture, the NWO wants to destroy our culture, therefore the NWO would have much to gain from amplifying furries.

            That is, if they didn’t outright cause the furry fandom by putting anthro characters on the TV sets, movies, and cereal boxes.

          • Paul Genovese

            The new world order doesn’t exist, it’s an over though conspiracy theory brought from the corruption of the polical parties by large companies and people outside of our interest. The media plays along with their games because they get more clicks from spreading anger and proaganda to both sides

            Making money off of the left and right fighting each other, and getting horrible people into office because of it

            But it has nothing to do with a new world order, very few of the people in power wish for that much change (thankfully)

            The worst are the Clintons, other than that a new world order hasn’t been brought out seince Marxism and Nazism

          • Some Guy

            other than that a new world order hasn’t been brought out seince Marxism and Nazism”

            “Marxism and Nazism”


            You do know Hitler was against Communism and The Red Army was bearing down upon Germany which inevitably started the whole thing?

          • Paul Genovese

            Yes, they are two completely different ideas,

            I’m saying that they were the last for now, Hitler an Marx were basically the last so far

          • Some Guy

            That makes no sense. You and your ilk are degenerates and God has sent coronavirus to purge you of this world.

          • Paul Genovese

            Yes that makes perfect sense

          • Paul Genovese

            However don’t mistake this as me saying there is no corruption in the polical and media world

            There is, a lot of it. However your misinterpreted the facts that came out, it’s much less than what most people think

            Its simply power people doing shitty things for power

          • Some Guy

            >looking at it too closely.


          • Paul Genovese

            Im saying the elites don’t do this

            All they do this try to get power because money, the media helps them because they get money and good boy points

            The people support them because the media supports them, its a system of mutualistism

            They want people angry, upset, fighting, not to bring a new world order but to basically get more money from both sides

          • it came out of science fiction fandom lol, this is common knowledge…..

    • Tin Foil

      Nothing wrong with communism as an ideal situation because Stalin is a Nazi who thinks he’s a socialist

  • Lhassir

    These same people are full on tankies, praising Stalin and his horrendous policies, chalking up his numerous massacres to western propaganda, while glossing over his hardline conservative policies. Some examples being the outlawing of Abortion and Homosexuality, Transsexuality was treated (Accurately so) as a mental illness. They would be among the many caught in the purges without a second glance.

    • TRVTH

      Well, the State went back and forth on that. The USSR made abortion legal in 1920, banned it in 1936, made it legal again in 1955, and there are estimates–if you believe Wikipedia–of between 90 and 105 million abortions performed in the USSR between 1955 and 1970. Abortion is still legal in Russia but is somewhat more restricted than it was in the Soviet era, particularly since 2011.

      • Lhassir

        I was referring more to Stalin era policies. Most far left communists of this persuasion are Stalin apologists.

  • Meme Lord

    I almost feel bad for him

  • Albionic American

    Karl Marx grew up classically educated. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the philosophy of Greek atomism, and reportedly as an adult he would read Aeschylus’ tragedies in their original language for pleasure. He could also quote passages from the writings of Dante, Shakespeare and Goethe from memory. His colleague Frederick Engels showed a comparable degree of cultivation, as well as many of the other early communists and socialists.

    Yet the heirs of this tradition now reject what Marx took for granted as a proper education because their coarse and animalistic minds can’t process the unfamiliar words and difficult syntax that the great white men used to express their insights into the human condition.

    • Then there is the little detail that Marx was remarkably wrong about almost everything.

      • Ashkenazi Fever


        • Ooh! Such a poignant response! My entire world view has been changed by your eloquence!

          • ssgtnelson

            Just looking at Ashkenazi’s pic should tell you all about the quality of his responses.

      • T4M3R

        No he wasn’t

        • ssgtnelson

          So just the executions, the gulags, and torture?

  • brinbrin62 62200

    Same on the far right. Modern neo-nazis with swastikas and SS tattoos would have been regarded as Untermenschen by Nazis, and shot or gassed. It’s never good to refer to past/dead ideologies. And, oh, BTW, today’s Christians would have been deemed as heretics in the Middle Age.

    • Today’s Christians would have been deemed heretics 70 years ago.

      And the Nazis never gassed anybody.

      • disqus_PUK4SHOPIJ

        But I wish they did

    • free_peach

      No one was “gassed”, you would be the first one to be shot by adhering to (((their))) lies.

  • ADHH
    • disqus_PUK4SHOPIJ

      Poor Stalin would be having a stroke right about now

    • Whoever made this is a real artist.

      The expressions crack me up.

  • T4M3R

    You don’t even know what communism means.

    • ssgtnelson

      Neither do most people claiming to be Communists.

      • Soviet☭Loli

        I unironically agree with that

  • RhapsodyInCrimson

    Not all furries are liberals

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    If you listen, you can hear the ghost of Lenin…screaming in agony.

  • Soviet☭Loli

    If you tell your readers that all trannies don’t shave, they will be underequipped to actually recognize trannies irl. Just saying.

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