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  • David McSpadden
  • Njål Henrik Sand

    Cutting human flesh is generally a, very, very bad thing

    • Emmet


      • Njål Henrik Sand

        that’s hardly general, There are exceptions after all

  • An Cat Dubh

    Man, agreeing with a Nazi feels like shit.

    • Cresset

      Too bad, that means you’re a nazi now.

    • Niko Games

      Then maybe you should think a little,
      if a “Nazi” is right and then they tell you that they are a “Nazi” and then you feel horrible.. is it that horrible really?
      But ok…

      • An Cat Dubh

        It is because Nazism is an utterly repugnant ideology, commonly espoused by people who mostly just want a flimsy excuse to be violent and claim women as their property. Even if they happen to be right about a few points, like how certain religions are toxic bullshit, infant circumcision is a moral blight, crony banker capitalism is evil (even if they seem to think it’s just ‘Jews’), cigarettes are evil, and environmentalism is good, the ideology is still evil at its core.

        • JP

          holy shit you are literally peak reddit.

          fucking absolute buttmad faggot. get over your own ego and just admit that ‘nazi’ is a misnomer and that right wing ideology is the only way to save whats left of western ideals and civilization.

          • An Cat Dubh

            How fucking deep in your bubble do you have to be to think that this is ‘peak Reddit’? This is what the overwhelming majority of people think of you.
            And no. Liberalism, multiculturalism, all that shit you hate? Those ARE Western ideals. If anything, your reactionary masculist tribalism sounds more like failed areas in African and the Middle East to me.

          • Blaster

            Multiculturalism was never a western ideal, and classic liberalism is nothing like what people think today who call themselves “liberals.”
            Western civilization didn’t get to the top of the world by encouraging degeneracy and eagerly importing foreigners.

          • Cresset

            His point is that the “nazis” aren’t really nazis, it’s leftist propaganda designed to demonize conservatives. Many people believe it because the propaganda is working as intended. The logic conclusion can be seen here, with you feeling bad about agreeing with the “nazi” on something that isn’t even politics related (circumcision). If this weren’t an anonymous internet message board, you probably would think twice about saying it, because you’d risk being associated with the “nazi”. There, now the “nazi” is the only one in the room who is saying circumcision is bad.

          • Endurable

            I can guarantee he’s shaking with tears while typing this. But while we’re here, why don’t we talk about those ideals. How, then, is the south getting more republican as it gets less racist? You can’t have both “muh multiculturalism” and “muh liberalism”, these two (((ideals))) completely contradict each other in the long run.

          • Chris Redfield

            Liberalism, multiculturalism, and feminism are cultural marxist ideals.

          • “literally” stfu

        • Dr.Weird

          you’re a fucking faggot lol

        • Chris Redfield
        • Merchant_Uprising

          >Ad hominems,ad hominems
          >Yes,regarding crony capitalism,class collaboration seems to be one of the weak points of Naziism since it can lead to cronyism,but seriously what other choice can we have? Abolish private property and send our people to gulag? Vote for billinoaire-endorsed candidates? At least in a corporatist system the State have leverage over the bankers and can actually control them.
          >Women as property? The Western world that viewed woman as nothing but sex objects is the real mosogynist here! That’s why feminism always started in liberal environ-the women found out that in the free,egalitarian society they are nothing but wage slaves for the nation and objectified by capitalists seeking to earn their pennies among thirsty men.

        • Niko Games

          “Claim women as property” Sure buddy! Get back to discussing when you hear others out too etc., rather than just listening to yourself. It’s not evil at the “core”, nothing like that shows it. You almost got it..

        • Blarg Blarg

          Everything you have been told is a lie.

        • Ceiling Cat

          National Socialist Germany was the one of the first states to implement welfare for single moms and widows.

      • Or maybe the Nazi says agreeable shit constantly so that dim-witted turds like you are left unprepared and agree with them when they pull a surprise move and say some blatantly retarded Nazi shit. He does it every few strips. Not Nazi shit, but StoneToss pulls out right wing basic bitch logic every 4-10 strips.

        • Edriss Scofield

          This is the reading I’m getting too since there’s some genuinely funny stuff mixed in here but without any real consistency

      • Christopher Troisi

        you mean being right right? or like a clock right?

    • Hell-Nico

      The most hilarious part about your comment is that it wasn’t even ironic.

  • Emmet

    Female circumcision is not only remove the foreskin but also the (rudimentary) phallic head of the girl.

    • Gush Gosh

      Depends on the circumcision.

    • ac05jn

      sometimes it is a ritual pin-prick, which is still illegal. every male genital mutilation completely slices through the most sensitive part of a man’s body, and usually it’s without analgesia.

    • Deus Dex

      So would it be okay to circumcise women if it was just the labia minora, as it actually is in many forms of female circumcision?

  • Erohiel

    I don’t really agree with circumcision, but male and female ‘circumcision’ are in no way comparable. If a male got the equivalent of a female circumcision, they’d lop off half your penis and you’d never enjoy sex or be aroused ever.

  • OK stonetoss, you seem like a good guy now…

  • Flat Iron

    Nazis are good people

  • Indra Kaw

    I’m a Muslim and being circumcised (Kithan) is a way for me to free myself from Najis.

    If you aren’t a male Muslim; there is no reason for you to get circumcised or me to get you circumcised. Mind your own business.

    • Edriss Scofield

      It’s still incredibly stupid no matter what religious reasoning is behind it

  • I have a great idea for a comic for anti-circumcision. I messaged you on Twitter. Please let me know if you’re interested.

  • ac05jn
  • Edriss Scofield

    I didn’t expect to find the answer to something I’ve always wondered about but never bothered to ask here, but thanks for explaining why people don’t just cut it preventively.

  • Nonsense_Fence127

    i got circumcised so god can have a lil snack 😉

  • pedophile sodomite

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