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  • David McSpadden
  • Njål Henrik Sand

    Cutting human flesh is generally a, very, very bad thing

  • An Cat Dubh

    Man, agreeing with a Nazi feels like shit.

    • Cresset

      Too bad, that means you’re a nazi now.

    • Niko Games

      Then maybe you should think a little,
      if a “Nazi” is right and then they tell you that they are a “Nazi” and then you feel horrible.. is it that horrible really?
      But ok…

      • An Cat Dubh

        It is because Nazism is an utterly repugnant ideology, commonly espoused by people who mostly just want a flimsy excuse to be violent and claim women as their property. Even if they happen to be right about a few points, like how certain religions are toxic bullshit, infant circumcision is a moral blight, crony banker capitalism is evil (even if they seem to think it’s just ‘Jews’), cigarettes are evil, and environmentalism is good, the ideology is still evil at its core.

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