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  • kingoftheworld

    So apparently Female genital mutilation is legal now. I’d like to see your take.

  • quickshooter

    should’ve changed
    “what’s your take on politics”
    to “what’s your take on immigration”

  • Algures Cara de Mais

    We came to bring diversity to enrinch your culture.

    • Elastic Probe


    • Soviet_ Samuelson


  • Chris Warner

    Coincidentally, everything about America from the decentralized system of government down to the bald eagle is native American shit… At the Boston Tea Party they weren’t wearing native American getup to impersonate native Americans, they were doing it because their concept of freedom lit a fire in their hearts and so in the day it was considered the revolutionaries’ garb. It was only a couple choice Democrat presidents that introduced measures to fuck up the native Americans. We vibed with them pretty well for the longest time. Well, with the nonviolent tribes anyhow. The Choctaw Indians for example were on some major Fuck You/No New Friends shit.

    • Manifest destiny stains any good intentions held by the settlers.

    • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

      No, the Native Americans got screwed over hard, but it is what it is, unfortunately. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they can cull all of California before claiming it as their own afterwards, Idk

  • the pilgrims were murderers and turkey tastes like napkins. a good cartoon

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Depends how you make it. Turkey tastes pretty good if it’s brined and isn’t dry as shit

      • yeah i actually like turkey! i was quoting brooklyn nine-nine :3

        • Stiffy Weiner

          oh fug
          I don’t watch much tv so I didn’t get the reference :p

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