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  • NPC the Clown

    No lives matters.

    • Major Matt Mason

      Half-life matters!

      • FunFact


      • Jakaze

        Not enough to make the third one, apparently.

        • Lauren Froment


      • Kilátó

        Three-fifth lives matter.

    • identifying with the vilains, gee why am I not surprised on this site

      • Black Spruce

        Often villains are better developed, more relatable, have better motivations, and are more carefully crafted than the good guys. Some of the best examples in my memory would be Ozymandias, Tywin Lannister, John Kramer, Dagoth Ur, and Madara Uchiha. Not our faults that the good guys are often so generic.

        • You realize that most of these guys want to kill everyone and that one of them is basically a marxist, right?
          I mean, in either case, if you were actually confronted to those characters, you’d be scared, to say the least.

          • Black Spruce

            Literally none of those characters want to kill everyone. Not even 2008 Joker. Some of them like Ozymandias and Madara Uchiha wanted to help people, though through brutal means. The fact that you chalk it up to “kill everyone” and “be afraid” and accuse us of siding with your warped view of villains just tells me you don’t think about things very much. Seriously if you watched the Dark Knight and concluded that the Joker was just some mass murdering maniac, rather than an extremely black pilled individual trying to spread his view of truth, then your attention span must be limited to “ooooooh go batman explosion go boom batmobile vrooooooooom!”

          • ” though through brutal means”
            i.e mass murder.
            And recent Joker is a Marxist.
            On the contrary, thinking Nolan’s Joker is anything else than a teenage rebelious wet dream is quite… sad.
            There’s perhaps one line of his in there that’s not pure entertainment and can actually be chalked up to a valid-ish ideology.
            Anyway, what’s his view of the truth?

          • Alistair Grove

            That deep down everyone is a monster, or just like him as he phrases it, and it’s only society that allows them to lie to themselves and others. This is mostly true. However, it fails to take into account a couple of details. The first is that about 20% of people are an exception to the above. And the second and arguably more important is that even if he was right, that’s the whole point of society, to channel our base natures to greater and better ends. At least in theory. Statecraft, like all things made by humanity, is a work in progress.

          • I think this answer says more about you than about the joker character.
            You know how everyone can see themselves in horoscopes because they’re written so vaguely and so broadly?
            Well it’s the same with characters and art in general. you take a raw emotion, like rebellion, and then everyone will stick their own little personality to it, without the character or work of art ever really displaying any of the specifics.
            That’s what makes great art.
            It’s like those people who listened to RATM for decades and only discovered a month ago their song lyrics and band political message were ultra progressive.
            So, monsters, huh?
            I don’t really think so.

          • Alistair Grove

            So I disagree with the Joker on his nihilism, even though I understand where he’s coming from, and to you that’s projection? Impressive Mental Gymnastics there.

            And the point of society is to keep our base natures in check. This has been known for ages and commented on in many places. Ever heard of the expression “Society is only three meals away from anarchy?” Also, just because I don’t think The West is perfect doesn’t mean it’s irredeemably evil. I’m not a Libtard. I can comprehend nuance. The only thing that’s a binary issue is Gender.

          • There is no society, cuckold.

          • lol, gender is not an issue, and there is no society, cuckold.

          • Alistair Grove

            That was a retarded statement even by your standards. Even feminists know we live in a society. They just claim it’s evil. And gender is very much an issue, but that’s irrelevant to the joke I made.

          • Good thing it’s a statement Thatcher made.
            How come I know more about your own country and politics than you?
            Doesn’t it worry you a little bit?
            How was that 48h mute btw?

          • Alistair Grove

            I know Thatcher said it. Or was at least alleged to have said so. But so what? I’m not a Conservative. So why should I agree with what she says?

            And it was irrelevant. But I’m impressed you actually admitted to false flagging me. That’s more courage than most communists. Still a pathetic tactic which proves you lost the argument, but hey, baby steps. One day you might actually be a decent human being if you keep it up.

          • Black Spruce

            You’d be right in saying Ozymandias committed mass murder to achieve his goal (preventing nuclear war). But Madara Uchiha offered peaceful resolution and only killed those who got in the way of achieving his goal. In both cases, their large body count only piled up because they believed it would prevent an immensely larger body count from piling up. None of the other examples goals involved having to kill large scores of people. Not even Tywin Lannister.

            Recent Joker isn’t a Marxist. He didn’t kill those Wall Street guys because they were rich. He killed them because they attacked him and he’s had enough of the constant abuse. The media stirred up the hype by calling the killing an anti-capitalist act and brought out the Marxist hordes with that assumption. As Joker said to Murray. He doesn’t have any political beliefs.

            “You see, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.” That line describes Ledger’s Joker’s motivations entirely. He believes that everyone in society has deceived themselves into believing that they are civilized and principled, while in reality, they are savage and self-interested, and it would only take a little push to get them to show it. “Their morals. Their code. It’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these civilized people, they’ll eat each other.” Joker embraced the savagery as the truth of human nature, and wanted to make everyone else do so as well, to throw aside their delusions of civility. Even Batman understood this near the end.

          • No he is.
            The movie maker said it’s a movei denouncing capitalism.
            Like he might not be consciously marxist, like people posting comments here might not be consciously racist, but they are.
            And he is.
            Again, says the guy who invented him and his story and the world it takes place in
            I won’t discuss naruto world with you

          • Black Spruce

            Kind of like how JK Rowling makes every Harry Potter character randomly gay on twitter or turned one of them black? I’m going by what was in the film. Joker was definitely not a Marxist. I can see the film itself having Marxist themes, I’ll give you that, but the character of Arthur Fleck is not Marxist.

          • More like, that was the take of the movie from the start?
            The director clearly is involved politically that way, and it’s easily identifiable in the movie.
            Perhaps not consciously, but he’s clearly fighting the class struggle.
            He even starts a revolution that deposses the rich, I’m not sure what you need…

          • Black Spruce

            Not a single bit of that movie made me believe Arthur Fleck hated rich people and wanted to start a class war. The director’s desired intention of the film doesn’t change the fact that the director didn’t make the protagonist into a Marxist. All the Marxist themes and events in the film don’t relate to the beliefs of the protagonist. Marxism was the world’s response to him, not his response to the world.

          • A. Nonym

            >The movie maker said it’s a movei denouncing capitalism.
            And the movie maker is a capitalist who’s making money from pandering to Marxists

          • Hveðrungr

            Marxists criticise capitalism.
            Joker criticises capitalism.
            Therefore Joker is Marxist.

            This is an example of a false syllogism. You can see why with a simpler example:

            Dogs have four legs.
            Geckos have four legs.
            Therefore dogs are geckos.

          • That’s not the argument I’m making, that’s a strawman, you’re making me out to make an argument I am not making.
            My argument is:
            1. it does look like a *Marxist critique* of capitalism of a movie
            2. The director (i.e, the guy who made the movie) and the lead actor say it’s a marxist critique of capitalism
            3. What other political ideology is anti-capitalist?

          • Hveðrungr

            1. It doesn’t look Marxist at all. Only someone who’s never read any Marx could think that.
            2. The director did not say it was Marxist, he said it was anti-capitalist.
            3. There are lots of non-Marxist forms of socialism. There are also other non-socialist ideologies such as corporatism, feudalism, etc, that oppose capitalism.

            Your problem here is that, like many others, you’re locked in a binary mindset that thinks that anything that is vaguely pro-market is capitalist—it isn’t—and anything that is vaguely anti-market is Marxist—it isn’t.

          • sorry I can’t find the edit button,
            “i.e mass murder.” which if that, hypothetically being real doesn’t scare you, well you’re either insane or lying or suffering from Urbach-Wiethe disease.*

          • Black Spruce

            Of course I’d be afraid of these characters if they existed (with exception to 2019 Joker because he’s only ever harmed people who’ve severely wronged him). Most of them could have me swiftly killed, or tortured in the case of John Kramer because he’d likely despise my worldview and think a bit of death trap therapy could cure me. It’s a natural human response to be afraid, even if I did completely agree with at least one of them.

          • TRVTH

            >sorry I can’t find the edit button,
            There are a lot of things you seem unable to find, like a conscience, and objective truth.

          • Nice objective argument, mask-off, I really respect you more as a debater now, and your position sounds much more reasonable

          • TRVTH

            At least you admit it.

          • Allison Kaas

            Speak for yourself, pussy.

          • I mean, it’s the director of Joker that says it.
            Not me.

      • Dan Goldman

        Because it is filled with low life scums and racist teenagers. At least its worth it for the laughs.

        • lol, I gather the hypothesis, from your surname, that these people don’t especially like you either, eh?
          Much love, brother.

          • TRVTH

            Get a room, you two.

          • I mean, you’re the one who just jumped out of the closet.
            We’re just done with preliminaries, wanna join, bucko? :*
            I’m not sure your friend here can take much more intellectual rough dry sodomy.
            You’re going to have to do as a main course if you stay on this train’s tracks 🙂

          • TRVTH

            You seem to speak in homosexual metaphors frequently. Is that a topic of special interest to you? Is it on your mind a lot?

          • Martin Ivanov

            What makes me very curious, is why people like you behave in such a manner? You have clearly stated your belief that the majority of the posters here are hateful/racist/villain supporters etc etc.
            With that said, you still come here to post for some reason? Are you a masochist by any chance? I’d call you idiotic, but considering how you got called out for your “butthurt eastern europeans” comment and you kept your ignorant mouth shut, further insulting your intelligence seems pointless.

          • To be masochistic, I’d have to suffer from it in any way. Luckily, my skin is pretty thick, and your attacks are really bad.
            What I do here makes me feel good, for a number of reasons:
            1. the lack of serious argumentation on the other side reinforces my political beliefs. That’s necessary for a lot of people, when they come to questioning their ideology, which is never nice. Coming here, but really, talking to anyone on the far right or even the right, allows me to do that with extreme ease.
            2. Release of frustration. Like veryone, I’m not immune to having little problems in my life, that frustrate me. Coming here and exacting violence on people I deem to be bad for social cohesion allows me to release that frustration, like punching a sandbag at the gym for some. Only that way doesn’t habituate me to physical violence, which I think would be really bad for me and others, and social cohesion.
            3. The few times when I get the occasion of contradicting the ideology behind the comics, or the ideology of commenters, debunking false information they present or simply counter argumenting succesfully the wrong conclusions people make here about realities (like the fact that black people commiting more of certain crimes in a certain context and concluding that they are just racially inferior or nefast) has a good effect on society: people here have their viewpoint challenged reasonably and with good data, and “virgins”, young influenceable people who come here and could take all of this as facts can see the opposing views and the debunking of falsehoods taking place.
            Perhaps I’m preventing some youngsters or fragile, vulnerable people from falling into racism or fascism.
            All of this makes me feel good, and is good for society, social cohesion, and all that jazz.
            You know, it’s all of the others that make the rhetoric equivalent of shitting on the carpet when their wrong viewpoint is challenged, not one person here has challenged my point of view. They wouldn’t even know what it is.
            Have a good one mate

          • Martin Ivanov

            Many people have challenged you, and even presented arguments against your viewpoint, you just chose to ignore them, and present yourself as the “winner”. What you’re doing is patting yourself on your back, on a massive scale.
            I don’t have much of a desire to “verbally spar” with you, mainly because I saw your modus operandi : bring a subject and stay on topic for as long as you feel you have the upper hand, and as soon as there are arguments you can’t deal with – immediately either change the goal post or switch the subject (to a personal one – do I have a wife idiocy that you responded to another poster).
            You present a pointless word salad, which I can only describe in one word – pilpul. You are the textbook definition of a dishonest debater, any interaction with you at all is a genuine waste of time. Consider this an insult if you wish, I am simply stating the facts as I see them.

          • What’s my view point?

          • TRVTH

            Take off your hat and look in the mirror. It’s right on top of your head, Zippy.

          • so, you think you’re countering my ideas, but you can’t name one to save your life?

          • TRVTH

            You said you were blocking me, liar and coward. Do I live in your head rent-free?

          • You present a pointless word salad, which I can only describe in one word – pilpul.
            lmao pilpul

          • you having trouble pointing out what my views are? or are you typing another novel?
            I can tell you, they can be summarized in about 12 words

          • TRVTH

            He also upvotes his own comments, because his mother never told him that it’ll make hair grow on the palms of your hands.

          • and many many eastern european people are butthurt about the USSR, I mean, it’s impossible to not understand or find that out. People pretending that’s racist is not “being called out”, sorry.
            Partly because it’s true, but also because eastern european is not a race lmao, what planet are you guys living on?

          • Black Spruce

            I don’t like him because he defended infant genital mutilation incessantly. Whether his motivation has anything to do with what that surname implies is irrelevant to me.

          • it can.
            Eastern europeans are still very butthurt about the USSR, a lot of them went full on extreme right

          • TRVTH

            >generations of occupation, 40% of each occupied nation’s GDP looted by Soviet invaders
            >tens of millions of young men conscripted and sent to Siberia and worked to death constructing roads or laboring in mines
            >not one family untouched, not one family left whole, from the Urals to the Elbe
            >millions more conscripted forced to serve as Janissaries under (((Russian officers))), sent to their deaths propping up Soviet puppet governments in Africa and Latin America
            >millions of illegal Russian colonists brought in
            >the farm that was family property for centuries became some (((NKVD thug’s))) dacha
            >ethnic minority languages made illegal, children taught Russian only in schools for decades
            >nightmarish militaristic Orwellian totalitarian police state sustained by, torture, mass murder, and the slave labor of dissidents, political prisoners, non-Russian minorities ethnically cleansed from land (((Party members))) coveted
            >a hundred million murdered between 1917 and 1991 by a rogue state whose only exports were refugees, genocide, terrorism, and Kalashnikov rifles, thirty million alone in Ukraine between 1934 and 1940 at the hands of the (((NKVD)))
            >the natural human response of the survivors to this state of affairs is “butthurt”

          • TRVTH

            How many accounts do you have on Disqus, anyway? Do you ever get mixed up and forget which one you’re posting from?

        • ARoofKorean


          SIDES IN ORBIT

      • TRVTH

        Says the poster boy for Stockholm Syndrome.

      • Allison Kaas

        Black people are the villains.

        • how’s that?

          • Allison Kaas

            seething 🙂

          • what?

          • so, you have no actual argument supporting that claim, is that what you’re admitting?

          • Allison Kaas

            seething 🙂

          • “no” is shorter

          • Allison Kaas

            seething 🙂

        • also, flagged your comment

          • Allison Kaas

            hahaha go run to the hall monitor, bitch 🙂

          • wino

      • Mystikar

        You do realize Communists have murdered far more people than any other ideology (including Nazism and Fascism *combined*), right? So if anybody’s a “villain” in the modern world, it’s the Marxists who are currently burning down cities and pushing socialism onto America.

  • Stomper

    Well, they do dispute that now I guess

    Or maybe they haven’t really decided it themselves yet?

  • The Ravenous Lamppost

    “Don’t worry, it’s just an airsoft gun!”

    • Boom, you’re dead, and so is the innocent cartoonist.
      God I love the police

  • Zundfolge

    I used to believe that black lives mattered … then I saw how they behave when you disagree with them and now I’m not so sure.

    I imagine I’m not alone in this.

    • Bidewfus

      Despite being

      • 13/50


        • Maxim Sukharev

          Shhh, you’re not allowed to talk about +57%

          • Bidewfus

            Blacks make up of over 57% of criminals. That doesn’t mean 57% of blacks are criminals.

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that like 95% of them, if not more, live on a welfare, and thus they act like total jackasses. And welfare is a “legal” thief of the money from citizens through taxation; so the blacks are responsible for the fact that most of us getting robbed on daily basis since 90% of them vote for the ‘legal criminals’, i.e. Democrats.

            Unfortunately I couldn’t find much of statistic regarding it, but I just took the facts from this website about total amount of people in the US receiving the welfare support and the 39.8% (close to 40) of blacks that use it up; plus the total number of black in USA by googling it up (the first result says “40 million black people”) and used the mighty math to calculate it up. To be honest, first results were even above 100%, but I assume there is some infelicity because (((Google))) wouldn’t say the true number of all the blacks living in the USA anyway, including unregistered illegal immigrants.

            I don’t wanna look like AnCap by saying that Taxation is a Theft, but Taxation is a Theft.

          • TRVTH

            I would be happy to pay taxes for welfare and financial assistance if it were all only for my people, working-class White people.

            Our lands for our people, our laws for our people, our nation for our people. Everything within the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State. Borders, language, culture, Blood and Soil.

          • Bidewfus


          • Maxim Sukharev
          • that’s completely whack, there’s about as many whites as there are blacks on welfare… according to your own sources.
            But agreed, blacks are statistically poorer.
            I wonder why that is…

          • somernado258

            Please, enlighten us.

          • because lincoln got shot before he could pass 40 acres and a mule, among a multitude of other reasons?

          • somernado258

            There is no proof that simply giving blacks 40 acres of land per family would have prevented all poverty in the black community today and you know it.
            In fact, Oklahoma did exactly that after the civil war, and what we see today is that blacks in the area are poorer than the national and black average in the US. Giving away land did not solve their problems. So stop assuming stuff without evidence.
            You just pulled some bs and assumed “if that had happened, it would have solved all of our problems.”
            And just vague “a multitude of other reasons”? How enlightening.

          • lol, the sheer dishonesty.
            But inheriting close to nothing and having a whole race running with an economic ball and chain in a marathon… would?
            Yeah there’s no way to know what could have been, but it’s overwhelmingly likely it would have helped. And YOU know it.
            Funny you should mention Oklahoma, you’re not telling the full story once again, of course in those areas, the few people trying to make a place for themselves were fought of fiercly and had to fight racists like you, although at the time, you could have basically gotten away with killing them.
            A lot of people still do, but mostly cops.

            “During the Land Rush, it was a growing belief within the African American community that this opening of free land was their opportunity to create communities of their very own, without the influence of racism. Their intentions were to make Oklahoma a state just for them. One organization that took advantage of this movement was the Oklahoma Immigration Organization owned by W. L. Eagleson. Eagleson spread the announcement of recolonization to the black community throughout the United States, especially focused in the South.[24]

            U.S. land office after the Land Rush of 1889.
            One attempt to make Oklahoma a black state was to appoint Edward Preston McCabe as the Governor of the Oklahoma Territory. This would make it easier for black families to settle within the region during the land rush. This plan fell through the cracks, as there seemed to be less and less excitement of immigrating to the new land, and instead McCabe had to settle to being a treasurer in Logan County of Oklahoma.[24]

            The attempts of people like Eagleson and McCabe were not completely futile as their support of the black family did enthuse many to continue to move to the Oklahoma Territory. These movements did become townships, such as Kingfisher.[24]”

            But of course black communities, even succesful, suffer the wrath of the white man.
            Especially when they’re succesful.
            Ever heard of Tulsa?

            I didn’t say it would have solved everything, I said it is one of the multitude of things that would have made your country less third world-ish.
            Of course, hanging racists, depossessing all plantation owners and distributing their land, stop all segregation right away and so many more things that were completely impossible because of how deeply racism is engrained in american “culture” or rather, lack thereof, would have made things better.
            You know there are still segregational laws in place, right?
            Like, I’m not currently teaching you stuff ABOUT YOUR OWN country, right?
            You’re not that ignorant, reassure me?

          • somernado258

            “But inheriting close to nothing and having a whole race running with an economic ball and chain in a marathon.”
            Ask the Asian immigrants who came here with nothing, didn’t speak the language, and now do better than even whites. Ask the Irish as well who now own plenty of businesses and positions in plenty of places. Both were discriminated against.
            You also just assumed an economic ball and chain exists without providing any evidence.

            “the few people trying to make a place for themselves were fought of fiercly and had to fight racists like you”
            I don’t see any evidence of that in what you’ve quoted. If you meant: ” One organization that took advantage of this movement was the Oklahoma Immigration Organization owned by W. L. Eagleson.”
            Then I laugh at you for claiming that a salve-born black man who opened the first black-owned newspaper in Oklahoma was a racist white man who held blacks down.
            In fact, it seems what you quoted does not help your big evil white boogeyman beliefs. Black people simply did not want to make Oklahoma a black state “as there seemed to be less and less excitement of immigrating to the new land.”

            Ah, yes. An incident from almost a hundred years ago in a town proves beyond a doubt that “the wrath of the white man” is still holding all blacks nation-wide down. Fascinating.

          • “Ask the Asian immigrants who came here with nothing, didn’t speak the language, and now do better than even whites.”
            here’s the problem bucko, they’re not.
            And also, people are less racist against asians?
            But they are still poorer than whites on average.

            Extract: 10.1% of all white non-Hispanic persons
            12.0% of all Asian persons
            23.6% of all Hispanic persons (of any race)
            26.2% of all African American persons
            28.3% of Native Americans / Alaska Natives

            Why do you pretend to know what you’re talking about and/or why are you lying about it?

            You’ve misread the quote. W.L. Eagleson was a black entrepreneur trying to make it out.

            here is the jey part you (wilfully?) ignored or missed:
            “One attempt to make Oklahoma a black state was to appoint Edward Preston McCabe as the Governor of the Oklahoma Territory. This would make it easier for black families to settle within the region during the land rush. This plan fell through the cracks, as there seemed to be less and less excitement of immigrating to the new land, and instead McCabe had to settle to being a treasurer in Logan County of Oklahoma”

            Key word “settle to being a treasurer”.
            Even in a black community, black succesful men couldn’t access the top positions of power, even in what is pretendedly an egalitarian moment in history.
            I’m going to let you guess the race of the then governor, William Cary Renfrow. (clue: it’s not black).

            Look, you can pretend to not understand or not see the overwhelming evidence that racism against non-whites, and blacks in particular through an immense string of events and legislation isn’t real, but it’s just a fact, on which all respected and peer aclaimed historians agree, as well as all the other serious intellectuals who study the issue closely.
            Hell even children know this.
            You’re plain ridiculing yourself, and your pitiful attempt at… misreading a simple wikipedia article? are just that, pitiful.
            And indeed, I pity you, greatly.

          • TRVTH


            1 South Asian (incl. Indian and Pakistani Americans) 131,746
            2 East Asian 85,349
            3 White (non-Indian, non-Hispanic, non-Middle Eastern) 67,865

            Every word out of your mouth is a lie, including “a,” “an,” and “the,” isn’t it?

          • you don’t read the comments, or open the links, do you?
            These are numbers of poor.

          • TRVTH

            Oh, look! More data!

            Liar. Coward. Whom do you think you’re fooling? It’s not as though we didn’t all have Internet connections and it weren’t trivial to find this information.


          • TRVTH

            >”the sheer dishonesty”

            At least you admit it.

          • I’m talking about you guys, obviously

          • TRVTH
          • somernado258

            No, but you don’t as well.

            I just read what it was about. It was a restriction made for 9 states and a couple counties to make no change in voting procedures can take effect until approved by specified federal authorities in Washington, D. C.

            This was ruled unconstitutional in 2013 because of numerous reasons, one of which is that the 10th amendment gives the state the rights to regulate elections and another reason is that the tools used 50 years ago to affect the elections are no longer in use, or to quote the supreme court:
            ” Nearly 50 years later, things have changed dramatically.
            Largely because of the Voting Rights Act, “[v]oter turnout and registration rates” in covered jurisdictions “now approach parity. Blatantly discriminatory evasions of federal decrees are rare. And minority
            candidates hold office at unprecedented levels.” Northwest Austin,
            supra, at 202. The tests and devices that blocked ballot access have
            been forbidden nationwide for over 40 years.”

          • try harder darling.


            And thinking that a sentence like “[v]oter turnout and registration rates” in covered jurisdictions “now approach parity. Blatantly discriminatory evasions of federal decrees are rare. And minority” is supporting your claim that racism is dead and/or never existed is, and I cannot stress nor repeat this enough, ridiculous, in the full meaning of the word.

            It’s like calling lynchings and the Tulsa massacres incident, when the equivalent has never happened to white communities, not in qualitative nor quantitave meaningful ways.
            When was the voting power of whites ever suppressed by non-white communities and non-white originated legislations? Can you even grasp how much such an ammount of voter suppression can kill the democracy and the chances of racial equality in the very, very long run for any country?
            Again and again, overwhelming evidence, specialist and intellectual consensus on the topic, yada yada yada, you know the tune, you’re dead wrong.

            Say, do you have any proposal for a solution to the racial tensions and/or inequalities in the US?
            I have a bunch, some of which I have exposed to you.
            All you do is whine, lie, use false numbers, sources, stats, eat hot chips and twerk.
            But do you actually have anything to propose, any solution?
            otherwise I think I might be wasting my time giving you attention you seem to desperately crave.
            Much love son,

          • TRVTH

            >The Grauniad

            a hahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

            >Brennan Center
            >clicky clicky
            >let’s see the board of directors

            (((Michael Waldman)))
            (((John F. Kowal)))
            (((Wendy R. Weiser)))
            (((Jennifer Weiss-Wolf)))
            (((Lauren-Brook Eisen)))
            (((Elizabeth Goiten)))
            (((Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr.)))
            (((Daniel I. Weiner)))
            (((Max Feldman)))
            (((Laura Hecht-Felella)))
            (((Ethan Herenstein)))

            DESPITE BEING ONLY 2%…

          • oh no! Jewish LAWYERS?!?! How did such an atrocity come to pass!

          • TRVTH


          • the lack of shame is staggering

          • TRVTH

            Yours certainly is, yes.

          • TRVTH

            >Calling pest control “massacres”
            >ignoring the fact that the Great Replacement is planned and controlled, and intended to make White men’s votes meaningless

            To head off the obvious “conspiracy theory” response, when Obama and Eric Holder were gloating about “the browning of America” to Oprah Winfrey in front of the TV cameras ten years ago, it wasn’t a “conspiracy theory.” It was an acknowledgement of public policy going all the way back to the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965. It wasn’t a “conspiracy theory” until White men noticed and objected.


            Back to Africa. Back to Mexico. Invaders out. This is our country. Our ancestors bought it with blood and iron, paid in full. America is the spiritual home of the White race, and all of this land is sacred to us. On a planet over 70% covered by water, the United States is only 7% of the world’s land area. The Lesser Breeds Without the Law already have the other 93%. This tiny sliver of earth is ours.

            Remember, kiddies. Our friend here wants us to believe “Asian nations are for Asians. China is for the Chinese. Egypt is for Egyptians. Iran is for the Persians. India is for the Indians. Guatemala is for Guatemalans. African nations are for Africans. But America is for EVERYBODY!”

            Even the United Nations agrees that forcible replacement of a nation’s population is genocide.

          • TRVTH

            Hey, Thomas B., why aren’t you answering me, coward? You said you were here to debate. I guess that’s just another lie from a lying coward.

          • There is also overwhelming evidence that socio economic poverty leads to more crime, not race.
            What have YOU proven? What have you proposed as a solution? What would you do, to make the US a better place?
            Nothing. You guys hate yourselves, and therefore would rather the world burn with you.
            But we lucky many, actually like life, thank you.
            So we’re going to make it better in spite of you lot.

          • somernado258

            “There is also overwhelming evidence that socio economic poverty leads to more crime”
            I agree.
            “, not race.”
            I disagree that race has absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact, we consistently see crime rates higher among blacks than whites even when considering wealth.

            They simply just commit way more crime, and proportionally kill more cops while we’re at it. Most of it is directed against themselves as about 93% of murders with a black victim are committed by blacks, but go ahead, blame the invisible white man for it all.
            On top of that, here is a study that found genes associated with disorderly conduct to occur more in black people than white.

            You cannot deny that race has absolutely nothing with it without tons of mental gymnastics.

          • What is socio-economic misery predicted upon, even outside the US, in Western countries and in countries that have been colonized by westerners?

          • TRVTH

            The presence of Africans, of course.

          • You didn’t quite understand the question.
            What makes blacks poorer?
            I can’t dumb it down more than that, you’re going to have to understand or go back to the sandbox to eat your snot

          • TRVTH

            An average IQ of 55 and genetically hard-coded propensity for laziness and violence, of course. Not that you will ever acknowledge these self-evidence facts. You are, of course, pretending to be obtuse even as you sling around insults and threats in lieu of honest debate and honest answers.

            And you’re not fooling anyone.

          • TRVTH

            “Overwhelming?” That’s a funny way to spell “zero.”

          • says the guy on the political side every renowned scientist and dignified researcher laugh at continuously.
            Tell me, do you think the earth is flat or that man made climate change is a hoax too?

          • TRVTH

            How many upvotes are you getting here, again? I’ll even allow you to include your own, if we’re talking about the popularity of our belief systems.

          • oh no, you mean there are fascists here that don’t like the truth?

          • TRVTH

            Don’t cry. I’m sure that if you just keep on posting lies and bullshit here, your daddy will pay attention to you. Keep on trying, slugger! ⭐ <– gold star because you tried so hard

          • Okay, I will, thanks for the encouragement.

          • Your daily news about the alliance between the police and the far right, or rather, how they are one and the same, and the former is really just a subgroup or the latter

          • TRVTH

            Nice non-response. Looks like you’ve got a theme going.

          • TRVTH

            1. Nice non-response. Looks like you’ve got a theme going.
            2. Conspiracy theories from The Intercept? And you want to be taken seriously? PffhahahahaHAHAHAHAhaha.

          • What is it you want me to respond to again?
            “⭐ <– gold star because you tried so hard"
            Or this?
            "How many upvotes are you getting here, again?"
            You only need to ask a real question for me to respond mate, or even make a relevant, actual argument.

          • TRVTH

            “Toodaloo,” says the liar and coward, as he backpedals. Maybe if you took off those giant clown shoes they wouldn’t get tangled in the bicycle chain.

          • “todaloo”
            This one really gets you mad and answering, huh?

          • TRVTH

            He said, as he continued to trip over his enormous clown shoes, as he tried to run away like a liar and coward.

          • okay, you get your block. Enjoy winning so much lol

          • TRVTH

            Keep on running away, you disgusting lying coward.

          • TRVTH

            I’m living in your head rent-free, aren’t I?

            Why do you keep trying to change the subject, coward and liar?

          • “Conspiracy theories from The Intercept”
            indeed, laughter is warranted. Is the FBI’s report a conspiracy too?
            Do you even know what a conspiracy is or how they work?
            Do you know how hard it was to assassinate ceasar for example? And how many times he was warned? When it was a mere 30 people or so involved?
            I think not.

          • TRVTH

            Given how full of Obama appointees the Deep State is, yes. This is the same Deep State that ignores all the illegal Chinese money going into the pockets of politicians of both parties, declares “no reasonable prosecutor would try to make the case” against Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server that would have gotten any non-Democrat politician indicted on 400+ felony counts, even as they spin fairy tales about the Trump Administration’s “Russian collusion.” As with any other Leftists, every word they say is a lie, including “a,” “an,” and “the.”

            Repeating conspiracy theories from left-wing crank sources doesn’t change the facts. Two and two make four even if The Intercept says that we must account for cultures that assign other values to “two,” the Grauniad says that we must abandon arithmetic because of its “Westist, Testist, Bestist” bias, and the Jew York Times says that math is racist.

            If “the cops work for the far right,” how come the cops stand around with their thumbs stuck up their assholes while an occupying army of Communist terrorists burns the cities down and pulls down monuments that are public property, then swoop down like the wrath of God on any White man who tries to defend himself or his property from them?

            Are you delusional or just one of George Soros’s army of paid liars, trolls, and disinformation agents?

          • TRVTH
          • And?

          • TRVTH

            And you said you blocked me, faggot. Do it or quit whining, you lying little coward.

          • TRVTH

            The US had unprecedented prosperity in the 1920s, yet violent crime rose nationwide, especially in every urban area. When the Great Depression began in 1929, the violent crime rate plummeted. That would seem to contradict your “overwhelming evidence.”

            >What have YOU proven?

            That you’re a liar and coward, and you do not debate honestly or in good faith.

            >What have you proposed as a solution?

            Forty million one-way trips to Liberia and forty million more deportations to Mexico. Then bring the US military back from every foreign nation on Earth and put them on the southern border instead. I couldn’t care less about Afghanistan’s borders, or South Korea’s. Let’s protect our own borders for a change.

            >you guys hate yourselves

            More projection, everybody!

          • “The US had unprecedented prosperity in the 1920s”
            Is that true about every race and every social class?

            “That you’re a liar and coward, and you do not debate honestly or in good faith.”


            “Forty million one-way trips to Liberia and forty million more deportations to Mexico. Then bring the US military back from every foreign nation on Earth and put them on the southern border instead. I couldn’t care less about Afghanistan’s borders, or South Korea’s. Let’s protect our own borders for a change.”

            So, civil war? It’s like you guys are TRYING to lose the battle of ideas.
            I’m not going to stop you tho, I’ll just state, though it’s not needed, that this non-solution is not just obviously bad, it’s obviously impossible to apply.

            “More projection, everybody!”
            yeah, clearly, I hate myself for talking about deporting, executing and putting innocents into camps, you caught me!

          • TRVTH

            Ejecting foreign invaders and illegal foreign colonists isn’t a civil war.

          • It would certainly result in one, if not a world war.
            If you don’t know that, I’m not sure there’s anything else to be said here, or perhaps you understand that’s what I mean and are being disingenuous about my phrasing?

          • TRVTH

            A world war? Who’d dare interfere in the internal affairs of a nuclear power?

            Also, didn’t you say you were blocking me, you lying little coward?

          • TRVTH

            A civil war is what we’ve got right now. It’s been going on since 1965. But a world war? Who, exactly, do you think would presume to get involved in the internal affairs of a nuclear superpower? And how would they get here, when 80-90% of existing naval power on Earth today is the US Navy, and even the “wealthy, powerful” NATO countries depend on us to move troops around the world for them?

            I guess you’re just stupid.

          • “When the Great Depression began in 1929, the violent crime rate plummeted. That would seem to contradict your “overwhelming evidence.””
            Time to learn too, don’t conflate a bunch of complex historical events and factors to confirm you very bad ideological bias, it makes you sound really emotional and irrational.

            As you can see, it contradicts fuckall, but that’s even more self-evident when you want to contradict something as vague and that you have not asked to be detailed as “overwhelming evidence”.
            I mean, in order to counter my arguments, you’d have to want to know them, and you guys really aren’t into knowing what other people are talking about, especially if it’s backed by science and professionals and specialists.
            of course you’d be wrong about every sentence you put together.

          • TRVTH

            Pseudoscience, ladies and gentlemen. He’s decided on his story and he’s going to search for and cherry-pick data to support it, and reject anything that contradicts it, sort of like the Bible-thumpers he despises do when they come up with goofy stuff like “intelligent design.”

            The irony, of course, will be lost on him, even as he projects about “getting emotional and irrational.”

            Disqus needs a laughtrack.

          • I mean, this is basically you misreading reaaaaally simple articles…
            This is really sad for you, sheesh
            No need for a laugh track, I’m already laughing from time to time mate, lol

          • TRVTH

            Why do you keep on trying to lie and obfuscate, when everyone here can read those articles for themselves, you coward? You’re not fooling anyone.

          • I mean, you clearly didn’t! Aren’t you the one that gave me the numbers on poverty and was like “HAH! the asian one is bigger, meaning they’re richer!” when is was like, a count of people below the line of poverty /100.000 people?
            You s*ck so bad at this
            And I really wish ANY of you could read a damn wikipedia article, or could simply read english for that matter

          • oof
            “Effects of New Deal and Falling Crime Rates in Late 1930s
            Violent crime rates may have risen at first during the Depression (in 1933, nationwide homicide mortality rate hit a high for the century until that point, at 9.7 per 100,000 people) but the trend did not continue throughout the decade. As the economy showed signs of recovery in 1934-37, the homicide rate went down by 20 percent.

            New Deal programs were likely a major factor in declining crime rates, as was the end of Prohibition and a slowdown of immigration and migration of people from rural America to northern cities, all of which reduced urban crime rates. Even when the U.S. economy stalled again in 1937-38, homicide rates kept falling, reaching 6.4 per 100,000 by the end of the decade.”

            sad fascist going to be sad

          • gee, the sheer dishonesty, I clearly say 40 acres and a mule is a piece of the solution among a multitude, and you say “”if that had happened, it would have solved all of our problems.””
            Care to discredit your cause some more, sir?
            And riddle me this. If it was so useless, first of, why was it?
            And second, why was Lincoln pushing for it?

          • somernado258

            You seem to lack the basic skill of reading comprehension to skip the last line of my original comment.

          • TRVTH

            Forty acres and a mule? In the aggregate the average African-in-America ALREADY receives $770,000 in government benefits over the course of his lifetime. How much land and how many mules could that money buy today? And I bet it could buy even more mules and more land in Africa.

          • TRVTH

            You mean Lincoln got shot before he could have the Army round up all former slaves and give them a nice, free, all-expenses-paid one-way boat ride to Liberia, right?

          • so, you don’t know what 40 acres and a mule is?
            Just say so, kiddo

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Are you legit retarded? Even the website specifically stated this:

            “(Note: Many people confuse these statistics. This does not mean that 38.8 percent of all white Americans, and 39.8 percent of all Black Americans are on welfare. It means that 39.8 percent of all the actual welfare recipients are Black, and 38.8 percent of all the welfare recipients are white.)”

            Considering there only 13% blacks of ALL people in the USA, and whites are about 70%, these 39,8% of ALL people who are on welfare – is insane high; even then they somehow managed to get higher percent than whites. Are you preschooler or something? Can’t you do the basic math of elementary School?

          • but it’s nowhere near 90% at all, yes?
            And they cost the nation about as much as white people, yeah?
            So why lie about the figures?

          • Maxim Sukharev

            So you legit don’t know how to use the math? Ok, I’ll help you lil’ boy, although I should get paid for giving you math lessons.
            First, we get the number of US Americans receiving welfare assistance: 110,489,000 and the welfare recipients who are Black US Americans: 39.8%
            110,489,000 : 100 * 39.8 = 43,974,622 of total blacks on welfare.

            The amount of blacks in the USA, according to google’s first result, 40 millions, or according the wikipedia: 40,610,815

            43,974,622 * 100 ÷ 40,610,815 = 108.28%…

            You’re kinda right, it’s not 90%, it’s beyond 100%. But considering the (((google))) won’t say proper number about ALL of the blacks in the US, and the possible errors of the thewestsidegazette, I decided to count mixed blacks as blacks, including possible “hispanics” that could be count as blacks, and that’s how I came to 95% number.

          • TRVTH

            The sources he sites don’t even count the biggest welfare programs in Ameri-Kwa today: high-paying do-nothing featherbed government Affirmative Action jobs that pay Shaneequa six figures of White men’s money to be on the “Diversity and Community Outreach Committee” and produce nothing of value, ever.

          • cry harder, “taxpayer”

          • TRVTH

            Why do you take the side of disgusting criminal parasites over those who are paying for all of it?

          • Maxim Sukharev

            “Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop”, huh?
            Thanks you for actually confirming that you’re indeed mentally retarded and send links to irrelevant topics when I just proved you to be bad at math; and actually using the word “snowflake” in 2k20.

          • No problem, and yeah sure, let us just say that this clear cut testimony talking about racial injustice enforced by the police and making sure poor black stay poor has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
            Ah, and since you’re a troll and you’re still my fellow human being, I might as well throw this in there.
            Did you know that what you do is a sign of severe mental health issues?
            Get better mate.
            And since you’re all about hard date, let me click on the link to the actual study in the article, because I doubt you’ll get there on your own

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Your stupidity really hurts to read. A confess of some random “cop” does not change the fact that majority of them defend the leftists, and without cops, the leftists, especially BLM, antifa and other trash of nature, will have no protection from armed citizens.

            It’s like say that most synagogue and LGBT+ communities have lots of pedophiles, therefore jews and LGBT+ are pedophiles, except it’s more close to the truth.

            The rest is just an very obvious projections… At this point it sound like a cry for help.

          • “Your stupidity really hurts to read”
            Indeed then, it is self-loathing and/or masochism.
            Want me to whip you physically, now that I’ve done it rhetorically?

          • Maxim Sukharev

            keep replying and stroking yourself with upvotes faggot, we both know that’s all your pathetic life is good for, despite your cock-sucking mouth you call “wife” that you haven’t arsed to prove to public yet.

          • gee, for a snowflake crying “ad hominem” left and right, you sure have a filthy keyboard hand, bucko

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Since there were not any argument nor topic in the post that I was replying, thus there can’t be any argumentation logical fallacy to begin with, you dumbfuсk. How is it possible for you to be THIS retarded?

          • “Since there were not any argument nor topic in the post that I was replying, thus there can’t be any argumentation logical fallacy to begin with”

            Two mistakes of syntax here, I’m not sure that even if I wanted to, I could understand this sentence.
            (since and thus = big no no, and “there can’t be any argumentation logical fallacy ” did you miss a comma or a fullstop somewhere in there, buddy?)
            Cool down, your fingers are going too fast lmao

          • also, you realize people of eastern european descent is a common and sad, sad cliché, yes?
            Come on. Be better. You can do it.
            Here, listen to this guy

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Oh look, a hypocritical racism toward Eastern European from a generic mistake of mother nature braindead leftist, why I’m not surprised. And yes, I did few of typos and mistakes of my third language that I never had luck to learn in school, because it was 4 am when you bugged me with endless replies instead of enjoying your life or wife or… I mean, we both know you have none of that as you just keep proving otherwise by replying to me (and everyone else) for 10 hours now. Not that anyone with IQ of at least 40 points have trouble of understanding what I said.

            No wonder why “blacks are poor” according to your narrative, because it’s Wednesday morning and you still replying to comments of obscure cartoonist instead of raising your fat ass and getting the full-day job where you won’t even given a five minutes of break like back in the USSR times, just so you could actually donate these money to the black family or even better – build communities with 40 acres specifically for them or whatever, but like generic leftist parasite – you just expect someone else to do that for you while you can enjoy shitposting like true sperging loser under comment section of above mentioned obscure cartoonist’s comics which seems you don’t even enjoy anyway.

          • TRVTH

            I haven’t seen this much projection since the last time I went to the movies.

          • the guy is litterally attacking me on the basis of…. *checks notes* “your girlfriend doesn’t exist”
            I mean, it couldn’t be clearer he’s 13.
            At least inside his head

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Lmao you can’t even keep track of the bullshit you’re farting. You’re the one who brought it, and you yourself suggested that you can prove it once you got burned, so the burden of proof is on you. Personally I wouldn’t care, she must be pretty ugly anyway if you keep enjoying talking to randomers on internet instead of like, getting her on restaurants like decent human being would; but since you refuse to prove, you just show yourself a pathetic hypocritical clown to the public and total loser who was just desperate to have a loud last word when you were put back in to your place, the leftist sump where you crawl from.

            Also funny how it’s now a “girlfriend” instead of a “wife”, which further hints to the truth. You can’t even come up with a clever banter, instead you’re spewing out slops of personal insults that is not even related to the text I type, like some offended manchild you are.

          • okay incel, enjoy that envy

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Deflated so quickly? Cmon, you’re so full of crap that you can project into me, why not dig in deep inside yourself and bring some of childhood trauma as well?

          • lol, tell us more about this “childhood trauma” you just brought up, unprompted, on your own

          • Maxim Sukharev

            You see, about 90% of your personal attacks were directly referring to psychology and list of all sorts of psychological disorder. Considering that you’re so dishonest and indeed a coward, according to all of the BS you’re talking about – you’re so full of crap (in every sense of the idiom) that you can dig inside yourself indefinitely and apply all of that into others; so it’s logical that you would have dig even deeper inside your hidden psyche up to your childhood memories; and knowing your lousy character of a filth, you would bring something ignominious and abject, INCLUDING something as over-the-top nefarious and foul as ‘childhood trauma’. Of course, only if you weren’t been so deflated so quick after people had challenged your endless made up lies and pitiful insults.

            Notice how I didn’t inherently stated that you DO have ‘childhood trauma’, so your implied uno reverse card doesn’t work on me.

          • I’m just poitong out that trolling is a sign of great mental unwellnesss, or so say shrinks, doctors and their studies.
            That I say what you say looks like trolling shouldn’t affect you this bad if you have nothing to hide.
            Look at me, I ain’t taking any of the stupid stuff you say to me to heart, because it isn’t true.
            I don’t really “need” to defend myself.
            I think that also points out some sort of emotional immaturity on all of your ends, it goes together with having a very thin skin.
            Todaloo snowflake :*

          • Maxim Sukharev

            The irony is that everything you’ve described so far – is exactly what you been doing in the last 5 days in this comment section, thus only further proving your projections to be real.
            I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.

          • The same thing could be said about any of you, but that’s the thing with conservatards, they’re projecting that you’re projecting, it’s a real middle school “no you are, no you are” contest, nothing we do here is about policy.
            I’m tired of walking all over you two and having to witness another pond of written diarrhea when I check my notifications, I’ll block you too if you don’t make actual debate arguments.

          • TRVTH

            “Mommy! Mommy! The bad man said something I don’t like and can’t respond to rationally! I’m gonna block him! That’ll show him!”

            Well, we’re waiting. Do it, faggot.

          • Okay

          • TRVTH

            Didn’t you say you’d blocked me? Why are you still responding, coward?

          • Maxim Sukharev

            >”The same thing could be said about any of you, but that’s the thing with conservatards, they’re projecting that you’re projecting, it’s a real middle school “no you are, no you are” contest, nothing we do here is about policy.”

            Oh god, the cringe…

            No, that’s not how psychological projections works, you retard. For it to work, you have to say about the person things that are not related to anything heshe said or typed.
            It’s not my fault that you can’t be consistent on the topic and try to switch it every time you’ve proven wrong, like that time I proven that you suck at basic elementary school math.
            Also, I’m not even conservative lmao.

            >”I’m tired of walking all over you two and having to witness another pond of written diarrhea when I check my notifications, I’ll block you too if you don’t make actual debate arguments”

            You can’t even believe how much irony is in that post… If you want to block me, then, as the other guy just said, – “Do it, faggot”. At least I won’t have to facepalm each time I check my phone and see yet another notification of some random retard saying “every one outside the US know the democrats are capitalist retards, and therefore right wing”.

          • TRVTH

            You keep on saying “toodaloo,” but you keep on coming back and trying to get the last word like an autistic child, don’t you?

            Rent. Free.

          • TRVTH

            No, he’s attacking you on the basis of the fact that you are a liar and you are refusing to debate honestly and in good faith.

            But you knew that, and this is another lie from you. Do you think you’re fooling anyone, when everyone here can scroll up and see exactly what he said and exactly what you said?

          • You mean, you want me to? prove to you that I have a wife?
            Okay, what do I get if I do?
            Your address?

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Look, I’m not really interested to see a pics of you sucking your cock in front of monitor while upvoting yourself. You’re the one who brought that up, so the burden of proof is on to you to prove it, otherwise you will only show yourself a pathetic hypocrite. I owe you nothing.

          • TRVTH
          • TRVTH

            Didn’t your parents ever teach you that upvoting your own posts will make hair grow on the palms of your hands?

          • TRVTH

            pff ahahahahahahahaha

          • ahahahahaah
            Why are you answering every single comment and then posting about stockholm syndrome?
            You don’t get the irony of you coming into this debate you weren’t a part of to contribute nothing but mouth noises?

          • TRVTH

            Why are you coming here and apologizing for and attempting to minimize the laziness, stupidity, and violent criminal nature of Africans-in-America and lying to cover it up?

            Are you scared Rastus and Dayshawn will take your lunch money if you don’t smile when you see them? They’ll take it anyway, and you’re too much of a sad little coward to make them earn it.

          • TRVTH

            Nice non-response.

          • TRVTH

            “Whack?” I’m sorry, is that some kind of slang? I don’t understand your meaning.

            How is it, though, that in a country 80% White and 13% African-in-America, there should be more of the latter getting welfare than of the former? I thought everyone was equal. Is it “racism?” Are White men conspiring to have a government that’s supposed to protect us and advance our interests hold us at gunpoint and give our money to Rastus and Shaneequa? Why hasn’t “systemic racism” resulted in Whites being statistically more likely to receive wealth transfers from the State than Africans-in-America? You make no sense.

          • i mean, yeah, if any of those figures were correct, that’d be compelling, but the number of blacks you’ve put up is below half what the real figure is?
            Are you guys trying to own yourselves?

          • TRVTH

            You’re arguing that 26% of the US population is Africans-in-America rather than the 13% everyone else agrees upon?

            I’m going to need a citation for that.

          • TRVTH

            One third of black males over the age of twelve are convicted violent felons, this in a system that every turn tries not to arrest them, tries not to charge them, tries not to punish them, and lets them plea-bargain away almost every violent felony into a misdemeanor.

        • Dan Goldman

          are you from the same group of people who get butthurt when minorities call all white people racists?

          • shhhh, we’re not allowed to talk about “double standard”

      • ssgtnelson

        What are the stats then?

      • ssgtnelson

        Any time now… any time.

    • TRVTH

      Black lives certainly don’t matter to other blacks. They have been killing one another gleefully whenever white men don’t hold them at gunpoint and force them to pretend to be civilized since time out of mind.

      • Bidewfus

        Yes because every black person has killed a black person.

        • TRVTH

          You do know that over one third of black males over the age of twelve are convicted violent felons, right?

          And that’s in a system that bends over backwards to find excuses not to call the cops the first twenty times they burn, rape and loot, not arrest them the first twenty times the cops catch them, drop the charges the first twenty times they get arrested, plea bargain down to misdemeanors the first twenty times they actually see the inside of a courtroom, all in the name of being PC and “anti-racist.” If the Marxist big-city mayors would get over their case of Stockholm Syndrome and let the cops and prosecuting attorneys actually do their jobs in this country instead of playing social worker, that figure would be a LOT higher.

          • first off, that statistic is likely whack, second, what is your point?
            What’s the solution according to you?
            Third do you think any of this might have to do with poverty, or not at all?
            Fourth, if so, do you think that poverty has to do with racism, inherited or current?
            I mean, the homestead act profited largely to whites.
            40 acres and a mule got Lincoln killed and never got legislated.
            All former slaves had nothing to their names. What are their descendants supposed to inherit?
            Not making general statements here, there are poor whites and rich blacks, but the overwhelming evidence DOES point out that statistically, when you are born black, you have more chance of being born into deep, deep socio-economic misery than if you are born white.
            Does any of this register with you? Or perhaps the vast majority of intellectuals and researchers working on these social, economical, historical topics and fields of study are plain wrong? Or worse, in on the “conspiracy”?

          • Alistair Grove

            There may be less of them, but do poor whites, eg, rednecks, commit crimes to the same level as blacks?

            However, to answer your questions, the problem with poor black communities is fatherless and city life, things rednecks don’t have as much. And yes, there is some systemic racism there. Those areas are all Democrat controlled after all.

            Finally, the leaders of BLM were all born rich, so what’s there excuse?

          • yes.
            When taking into account the poverty levels, whites commit the most crimes.
            Pertinently, BECAUSE of the whiteness of police officers and solidarity, and impunity.
            And why lie about the leaders of BLM, and why would you care anyway? rich people can’t be discriminated against? And if they weren’t, would that make their fight against discrimination any less valid?
            Would you please at least pretend to have a semblance of logic when addressing me?

          • TRVTH

            Are you a liar or are you ignorant?

            The poorest all-White community in the United States is Beattyville, Kentucky. It has less than half the violent crime rate of Unionville, New York, the wealthiest majority-Negro community in the US. Average household income in Beattyville is less than $12,000 per year, as they are too White to get the do-nothing featherbed Affirmative Action jobs that are handed out like candy to those who have the Magical Melanin that conveys so many special rights and privileges. Average household income in Unionville is almost $80,000–almost all of it wealth forcibly transferred by the government from working-class Whites like those who live in Beattyville so that our government’s most beloved pets can have GS13 “Diversity and Community Outreach Committee” jobs that pay six figures and produce absolutely nothing for society or the economy.

          • Ah yes, one example must be representative of a statistical, well known fact, I forgot how middle school debating worked.
            You know, I never got beaten by a righttard in debate, it musn’t be possible ever then.
            What do you mean, that’s not logical?

          • TRVTH

            Nice non-response. You’ve already gotten beaten. You’re on the floor of the ring in a puddle of our own blood and teeth saying “I want a recount.”

            What’s it like, being such a sad little faggot?

          • Alistair Grove

            Would you pretend not to be a Libtard and try debating with a modicum of good faith? Now onto your points.

            If whites commit the most crimes as you claim, then why don’t the FBI statistics reflect that? Let me guess, the answer is Institutional Racism/White Supremacy/whatever buzz word conspiracy theory you prefer.

            A lot of police officers are non white. Or do you think Whiteness means Law & Order, Meritocracy & Capitalism? That’s a very common opinion among communists.

            And the leaders of BLM are three college educated Marxist lesbians, so no I’m not lying. And it matters because they haven’t suffered the problems a lot of poor black men have suffered, yet are building their careers on their corpses. To me this is disgusting, but I’m sure that makes me the racist in your eyes.

          • sheesh, your facebook profile is really cringy, and not a like in sight…
            Are you ok buddy?

          • Alistair Grove

            Meh, I’m an ugly bastard. But I don’t care much about FB anyway. But at least you’ve admitted you’re wrong by resorting to pathetic attempts at personal attacks.

          • it’s too late mate, your account is toast.

          • TRVTH

            Look at the brave, brave Lieberal, gloating about censoring people who point out his lies. That really convinces all of us that you’re here to debate honestly and in good faith, and you’re not just another Red fleeing from the truth like cockroaches in a dirty bathroom when someone turns on the light.

          • I’m merely applying the charter of facebook, this guy didn’t respect the rules, and he got fucked for it.
            Nothing about what he says is the truth or pointing out lies I said, because I didn’t say any.
            On the contrary, publications on his page got removed because they were falsehoods or outright lies.
            Die mad about it, I guess.

          • TRVTH

            The charter of (((Faceberg))), where there are rules, but they’re only applied to “right-wingers” who question The Narrative.

            The selective and creative application of rules is called anarchotyranny, and it is one of the defining features of Clown World.

          • “The charter of (((Faceberg))), where there are rules, but they’re only applied to “right-wingers” who question The Narrative.”
            Untrue, you run into problems if you’re anti-sionist too.
            I don’t say they’re all good, the rules. I say you guys are all bad, and I’ll use even bad rules to get rid of you and make your lives miserable

          • TRVTH

            Watch the liar and coward gloat, ladies and gents.

          • it’s funny that you’d say that, because none of you can afford to tell people in the real life around you what you really think. You’re the ones that are scared of being “yourselves” and telling your “truths”.
            I’m not. I can openly tell people about my beliefs without any legal or professional or personal repercussions, really.
            Again, I’d love to debate with you. Let us pick a topic on which we disagree, a specific, precise one, and use arguments and trusted sources to support our arguments, and not tergiverse or change subjects.
            I’ll “win” every time.
            That’s why there are no specialists or intellectuals that are respected on your side, and really, an even abysmally small number of non respected intellectuals and specialists on your side anyway.

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Maybe that’s because the cops that you keep saying “are infiltrated with “white supremacists” “, actually jail people for their honest opinion, regardless of so called “freedom of speech”? Do you realize that “legal or professional or personal repercussions” happens because a STATE in west civilizations are actually supporting the degeneracy you spread, despite your never ending lies about so called “whiteness state” and now “right-wing democrats” lmao, and yet you’re braindead enough to call people you disagree with a “trolls”. I openly say who I am to the ones I can trust, and I’m not braindead enough to say any info about myself on internet because for above mentioned reason, including because of the censorship that you support.

            Talking about “respected specialistsintellectuals” in 2k20 when leftists own pretty much all of the media in western world, yet independent scientists and specialists get silenced, slandered and sometimes even jailed for revealing a scientifically proven facts, fantastic. It’s not like books such as The Bell Curve gets banned due to censorship around globe, or that the co-inventor of DNA James Watson get slandered and lost premiumpricesawardshonors because he stated scientifically proven facts, right? oh wait…

          • every one outside the US know the democrats are capitalist retards, and therefore right wing, sorry but it’s the basis of political science, and no wonder you can function if you’re head’s all screwed with, say, horseshoes debunked theory nonsense.
            It’s white supremacy that is degenarated, really bad. The idea of race purity in itself is really, badly, genetically unhealthy, ask any epigeneticist.
            “Talking about “respected specialistsintellectuals” in 2k20 when leftists own pretty much all of the media in western world, yet independent scientists and specialists get silenced, slandered and sometimes even jailed for revealing a scientifically proven facts, fantastic.”

            What scientifically proven fact? That blakc people have a lower IQ on average and therefore racially inferior?
            Is that the only legs your argument rests on? Because I can break those in a few words.

          • Maxim Sukharev

            >”every one outside the US know the democrats are capitalist retards, and therefore right wing,”
            ok I had to take a break because you spew so much of retarded BS that it’s just pure cringe and not funny anymore.
            First, I’m not american at all, and I can confirm that nobody outside the US are as retarded as you claim they are.
            Second, everything they stand for is openly left-wing and even they confirmbrag about it. We critique what they “stand for”, in public narrative at least, not what they “truly are”. Does that makes Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, or even Sanders and Marx a “right-wing”? Of course they spew all this communist bs non-sense to masses to fool the stupid goys like you and turn them in to pliable slaves, but that doesn’t make them right-wing. Marx, despite blabing a lot about “muh labor theory of value”, has NEVER EVER worked a single day in his pathetic jewish life in actual labor, he was the “intelligence” that he mostly critiqued as “bourgeoisie”, and lived on money of his fаggоty-pal capitalist Engels who was probably even more fuсked up in head retard than Marx even, because nobody cared about his shitty braindead stories and his pathetic ass was fired from editorial business.
            Third, what exactly makes “capitalist” exclusively right-wing? What about social-capitalists, or gov.capitalists that are by definition are far left wing? Is the USSR was right-wing during period of Lenin or Stalin? Was Cambodia a “right-wing” during Pol Pot, that had the best example of Trotskyist policy? For far can you stretch this dead horse meme narrative of “not REAL socialism”?

            >”sorry but it’s the basis of political science, and no wonder you can function if you’re head’s all screwed with, say, horseshoes debunked theory nonsense.”
            Please say you’re trolling, even for commie that was too much of a cringe.

            >”It’s white supremacy that is degenarated, really bad. The idea of race purity in itself is really, badly, genetically unhealthy, ask any epigeneticist.”
            What these lies and strawman have to do anything with the topic I just said in earlier post?

            >”What scientifically proven fact? That blakc people have a lower IQ on average and therefore racially inferior?
            Is that the only legs your argument rests on? Because I can break those in a few words.”
            Strawman and paralogism. You wanted respected specialistsintellectuals, you got them, despite they are being silenced nowadays. Your whole response is red herring because I’ve proven that the West civilizations in general, not just USA, trying to silence anyone who oppose their cultural marxist narrative. Your lack of response only prove that you agree to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with YOUR narrative, so you can source anyone the government agrees with and other wouldn’t be able to source anyone the government disagrees with because media would just slander them.

          • TRVTH

            Why are you such a cowardly, politically correct, lying little faggot? Why do you apologize for terrorists and criminals? Are you afraid Dayshawn will take your lunch money?

          • go mask off a day in your life, and lose your family friends an job, if you have any.
            I don’t understand what you’re talking about, construct an argument or stfu you monkey

          • TRVTH

            >I don’t understand what you’re talking about,

          • Alistair Grove

            Let me guess, you’ve false flagged my Facebook account because you’ve lost the debate? To bad I hardly use the thing, and it doesn’t stop me posting here, so that’s definitely a swing and a miss!

          • there’s no debate to be had with you people, you don’t know to argue honestly.
            I’ll tell you the same thing I told the other neo nazi. Pick a specific topic you think we might disagree on, I’ll destroy you with facts and logic until you deviate off topic

          • Alistair Grove

            You’ve only been destroying yourself, communist. And you wouldn’t know facts or logic if they burnt down your house. So please keep your projection to yourself. You were the one that started with the personal attacks and other underhanded tactics, which you’re not even denying.

            And FYI, I’m a Libertarian, not a neo-nazi. Those guys are nearly as bad as you.

          • With poverty taken into accounts, whites commit more crimes, and get away with them more.
            Democrats are objectively right wing, I don’t get your point.
            And excuse for what?

          • Alistair Grove

            Not according to the FBI statistics, but you’ve established you’re ignoring them because you’re a communist conspiracy nut. And please note the subject is Violent Crime. White may indeed commit more of other sorts, but that’s not the issue.

            Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ! How far to the left must you be to call the Democrats “right-wing”?

            To claim they’re oppressed and victimized! They’re three rich bitches. They are not from the ghetto.

          • TRVTH

            My point is that ultraviolent IQ-55 African cannibals who can’t function in our society don’t belong here.

            The solution? Permanent surgical sterilization for all non-Whites who wish to live in our society, so that their dysfunctional culture dies off with them. For those unwilling to accept this, one-way tickets to Liberia, or whatever other place is appropriate to their ancestry.

            Yes, people with an average IQ of 55 are, in the aggregate and when viewed as a group, incapable of contributing to the economy or creating wealth by any means requiring greater cognitive wherewithal than picking the white bits off the cotton plant and stuffing them in the sack, and that only if a “Buckra Man” follows them around with a horsewhip to administer a gentle love-tap whenever they become distracted and begin to wander away. And in the 21st Century, robots do a better job of picking cotton, no “field boss” required. Another poster here put it succinctly: the contribution in human capital and economic production that they make to our society has a great big fat negative sign in front of it.

            Fourth? “Racism” is a nonsense word. Do you mean “noticing?” Yes, Africans-in-America have earned the nasty reputation they have. No, it isn’t anyone else’s fault that no one wants to hire them, because that would mean putting up with their laziness and violence. They did it all to themselves and continue to do it all to themselves day in and day out. Without vast sums of wealth transferred at the point of a bayonet from productive White folk and cops to hold them at gunpoint to stop them from killing and eating one another, they’d go extinct in a generation. We are allowed to notice this.

            Should the Homestead Act not have been beneficial to Whites, in a nation that is of the White race, by the White race, and for the White race? For whose benefit should it have been, if not the people’s?

            What are the descendants of slaves supposed to inherit? They’ve already inherited their ancestors’ low IQs, laziness, and propensity to violence. On the average, in the aggregate, each ‘groid born in the US will over his lifetime receive and consume seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars of wealth transferred at the point of a gun from productive White men. What more can we give them? An all-expenses-paid one-way trip to Liberia and mass sterilization of those unwilling to avail themselves of the White race’s largess and mercy one last time suggests itself as a superior and humane alternative.

            Statistically, Africans-in-America do have a greater chance of being born into poverty. This is because they are genetically hardwired to be lazy, stupid, and violent. Their ancestors sat in the tropics scratching their asses and eating low-hanging fruit for half a million years, while our ancestors conquered Europe during the Ice Age, and had to smarten up and learn to work and cooperate or die. It’s genetic.

            Does any of this register with me? I can certainly smell the bullshit from here. Since around 1900, bullshit is the main product of (((intellectuals))) working in the (((social sciences))).

          • SuperSeal

            So lets snip the cocks off of white people since asians have the highest IQ average

          • Camp Campbell Argyll

            How about no?

    • live22morrow

      The life of anyone who would murder over a political slogan… matters much less than anyone else. Regardless of skin color.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Burning Looting Marxists.

    • Jill Kews

      Blacks Love Mayhem

  • Hveðrungr

    Why on earth should all lives matter? Most lives are irrelevant to me, as mine is to them.

  • Cyberman

    White Lives Matter and nobody else

  • Maxim Sukharev

    Philosophical question:
    If a niggеr gets killed in the forest, and nobody’s there to tweet about it, do Black Lives really Matter?

    • ssgtnelson

      … was a cop involved?

      • of course, we said it’s a black person.

        • Maxim Sukharev

          Did you just upvote yourself?

          • yes.

          • Maxim Sukharev

            How the taste of your own cock is like?

          • My wife says my sperm is a bit bitter, but then again I love salty stuff and coffee.
            How’s that perpetual solitude and pathological depression going?

          • Maxim Sukharev

            First time I see person who calls his own mouth a wife, but we are in 2020’s anyway; nothing is a big surprise in the clown world.
            I still don’t know how the projecting in the last sentence of your reply is any related to anything I’ve said so far.

          • If I prove to you I’m married, can I get your address and slap your teeth out of your mouth real quick?
            I thought so.
            Reality doesn’t care about your sadness boy

          • Maxim Sukharev

            Said that I have nothing worth responding, yet double posting with nothing but ad hominem and self-upvoting, how pathetic is your life really are? It’s you who is projecting, not me. Also proving things on internet lmao, go ahead if you want.

          • Alistair Grove

            Threats of violence from a “peace-loving Lefty”. How shockingly unusual.

          • TRVTH

            Threats of violence? Look out, we’ve got an Internet Tuff Guy here.

          • tbf, you haven’t said anything really worth responding, I’m just enjoying making you feel bad about yourself.
            And you, like the conscious asshole you are, come back to me for more abuse because you know you deserve it.

          • TRVTH
          • I don’t shy away from who I am, kiddo.
            My ancestors are proud of me, can you really say the same?

          • TRVTH

            Given the cowardice and dishonesty you’ve displayed here, I very strongly doubt that anyone related to you views you with anything but disgust.

      • Maxim Sukharev

        That was inside the anarcho-communist CHAZ garden, no.

  • )ewish Lies Matters

    • TRVTH

      S H U T
      I T
      D O W N

  • Alistair Grove

    Male Lives Matter.

    Unless they’re communists, of course.

    • how fragile can one person be I ask the lord xD

      • TRVTH

        Look in the mirror and ask why you’re compelled to post nonsensical non-responses to those who speak truth to power, and maybe you’ll experience an epiphany.

      • Alistair Grove

        About as fragile as an average human. Which is far tougher than a Snowflake like you.

        Also, why does “Male Lives Matter” trigger you, but not “Black Lives Matter”? And before you answer, remember it’s black MEN that are dying, not women.

        • LOL because black people in general suffer more than white people and men statistically? And that “black men’s lives matter” is long and, most importantly, very, very dumb?

          • Alistair Grove

            So you admit you think caring about black men is dumb. Racist and misandric, a very common attitude on your side.

            And no, statistically men have it worse. Black men more than white, I will give you, but not as much as some claim. The question is how to help them. I’ve already mentioned bring their fathers back as one such method.

  • StonetossIsAWanker


    • TRVTH

      Get some new material. Because

      • StonetossIsAWanker


        • TRVTH

          We live in your head rent-free, don’t we?

          • StonetossIsAWanker

            Hehe kinda… until I find out how to automate the process

  • A. Nonym

    All Lives Matter
    But some Lives Matter more than others

  • Alberto Soares
    • TRVTH

      For those who haven’t read it, or need a translation, a White woman in Indianapolis made the fatal error of saying “all lives matter.” “Peaceful protestors” from BLM/Antifa shot her in the face in front of her child and left her to die.

      Her name was Jessica Whittaker and her life didn’t matter, not to the (((newsmedia))), which has imposed a nationwide media blackout on the story.

  • Lauren Froment

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